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Started March 23, 1993, the DANDOM DIGEST is the original Internet resource written by, for and about Steely Dan fans.

[ Actually, independent studies show that reading the DANDOM DIGEST induces greater worker productivity and workplace satisfaction. ]

The DANDOM DIGEST is in no way connected with Steely Dan and/or their glorious OFFICIAL STEELY DAN NEWSLETTER. Nevertheless, it is believed that you will eagerly anticipate every edition of the free-of-charge "Dandom Digest" and that you will want to join the list of approximately 3,000 other Dan Fans who already subscribe, read and contribute writings.

Content in the DANDOM DIGEST includes the latest unofficial news and rumors about Steely Dan and associated musicians and artists; album and song interpretations and discussions; trivia; information about fan gatherings all over the world (referred to as "Danfests," "Danventions," "Wing Dings," etc.); television, newspaper and media sitings of Steely Dan; and lots of opinions. Because they have significantly influenced Steely Dan, you will also find tangential discussions of Jazz and Blues. During tour season, there are fan reviews of concerts called "Spoilers"— appropriately named since the reviews often divulge set-lists and spoil surprises before others have had a chance to see Steely Dan perform in their area. (Some DANDOM DIGEST readers wish to avoid such "Spoilers" and they are clearly marked in each edition of the DANDOM DIGEST.) The Digest also occasionally sponsors written contests often of a humorous and satirical nature.

All in all, each DANDOM DIGEST encapsulates on a lot a levels what is happening in greater Dandom.

The views, thoughts, verbal attacks, and other expressions featured in each DANDOM DIGEST reflect only the musings of lunatic emailer with nothing better to do but hero worship and copiously follow every micromovement of the musical duo Steely Dan. SD, hoops, his relatives, pets, his employers, DANDOM DIGEST, Apple Computer, etc., are in no way responsible for any moral or legal transgressions.

Frequency of Delivery
The DANDOM DIGEST comes out as frequently as every day during Steely Dan tours, or as infrequently as once a month (or even less) during periods of extreme Steely Dan inactivity. Typically, each edition of DANDOM DIGEST is about 300-400 lines of text.

Subscribing & Unsubscribing
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Dandom Mail List-Individual Post format
The DANDOM DIGEST started out as a mail list where each individual writing was sent to the subscribers as the author submitted it. This "mail list" or "individual post" format of receiving the content of the DANDOM DIGEST was available from 1993-1999; In 2008, it became available again on a limited basis; currently about 40 fans of the approximately 3,000 get the individual posts as they are submitted. For the time being, those on the mail list, getting the individual posts, also are required to get the DANDOM DIGEST because the content of the Digest still differs from the individual posts . If you wish to get the Mail List/Individual Post option in addition to the regular DANDOM DIGESTS, please

Dandom Digest Archives
Currently the DANDOM DIGEST archives are not available, but will return sooner or later. When last available, the archives reached all the way back to August 1993.

If you have copies of the mail list posts and/or DANDOM DIGESTS from March to August 1993, or have a way to efficiently access QuickMail files, please email the DANDOM DIGEST's facilitator/enabler at

Non-Delivery Problems, Content Concerns & Other Problems
If you have any other questions or problems concerning the DANDOM DIGEST, please Email the facilitator/enabler/publisher at

Whether you are a reader or a contributor, thank you making the DANDOM DIGEST a success.

Jim McKay
a.k.a. hoops

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