[ 5/8/01 ]
I spent all weekend at the Hallmark graduation card racks trying to find the perfect verse
to express our collective feelings on the front page of dandom.com
...and then I realized...a contest!

"Write a greeting card sentiment congratulating Donald and Walter
on their achievement."

This could be fun...


[ 8/9/01 ] P.S.: Better late than never!???

Now that "Hell Freezes Over"
And we've all done "The Dance"
I'm so thrilled 'cause I've got
Steely Dan in my pants.

Jeffrey L. Bromberger

Congratulations Donald & Walter!!!
Better than the Grammys,
Better than the Hall of Fame,
Enjoy the Big Berklee Bash
That they're having in your name!

Can you hear me Doctors????

Karen R. Lippincott


They've got their degrees!
Someone pass me a hankie!
Ya think Eminem's learned
The true meaning of "skanky"?

Jeffrey L. Bromberger


Go up East" friends all said you'll just love it
To snap up that award that you covet
Donald mused then exclaimed
"A School of Music?--How lame!
We both made it without so go shove it.

Jerry Mammoser, D.C.


Berklee threw us a party,
Better than the Academy did.
Two slightly used diplomas,
Tell me, what am I bid?

Jeffrey L. Bromberger


Well, William and Mary wouldn't do,
And you pretty much blew off your old school
But at last we can all be justly proud
Of this new pair of Doctors in our crowd.

(Wait, waddya mean you don't take insurance?!?)

[ Mind you, this sounds better when one imagines it being recited by one of my relatives from Flatbush... ]
/the Mam'zelle in her guise as Tante Duck

Ellen T. Brenner


Congratulations Don and Walt
You've done us proud
I remember when you were just Parker's Band
Now you're reknown throughout the land
As the guys who make up Steely Doc Squared

Paul L. Jonasse


Hall of Fame, Grammys,
It wasn't so hard.
Ph.D.'s from Berklee,
Well, so much for Bard

Jeffrey L. Bromberger


Smirk and Gearslut doctors two
Join rank with physician Wu

Wreathed in laurel industry green
Enshrined in the temple Roll & Rock
Certificated by academe

Enrobed, tammed, and hooded in ivory phallus regalia
Honors a plenty for Fagen and Becker

Adulation to the Magnificent One
The One and only One
All hail, Steely Dan!

The Wicked Librarian
Congrats to fellas & fans!!!


Submitted by
Bruce Buckingham & Jim McKay


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