November 11, 1999
Two and a half months before the release of "Two Against Nature"

 Dr. Wu's Remedy for "Mycoxaphalia"...
or Mrs. Wu's



 Do you know?

Harden your attitude

Stiffen your resolve

Steel yourself for the second coming

  Viagra is illegal
in much of Southeast Asia
 A cock-solid investment

Bake shops there sell
Blackmarket Viagra...

 get more bone than your dog blue cakes  

 burn your candle
at both ends

gives you plenty of wick...

 Maybe we all need

a little blue cake

 get your slice of the action

Can you eat your cake...
...and have it too?

 you can't have your cake and eat it too
 ...actually, we really need
the new steely dan album

light the candle

put the lock upon the door...

 [in the mean time]  R e c i p e  

 G R E A T

  B L U E

 V I A G R A

 C A K E

[ A S I A N ]
 Serves two or more


2 eggs from vegen-fed hens

1/3 cup fresh butter

1/3 cup whole organic milk

2 cups whole wheat cake flour

30 drops FD & C Blue 1

2 cups fresh Viagra

Beat ingrediates gently but rapidly with whisk until stiff. Pour into greased pan. Bake slowly in hot oven until done. Release from pan when finished.


2 cups of butter creme

1/2 cup powdered cane sugar

20 drops FD & C Blue 1

1/8 cup whole organic milk

Again, beat ingrediates gently but rapidly with whisk until stiff and well mixed. Smooth over cake with rounded knife in gentle circular motions.

Decorate liberally with Viagra tablets and silver non-perils.

Insert candle and light.

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