Goodbye "Steely" Dan Rinehart

Champaign-Urbana, IL. Dec. 23, 1999.
Those of you at the 1996 Chicago area shows will remember "Steely" Dan Rinehart. He and his wife, Suzanne, had the huge white Montero sport ute that we had a Danvention out of at Alpine on Aug. 3, 1996. Donald and Walter were kind enough to meet with us, including Dan and Suzanne, at the "Midwestern" World Theatre on Aug. 2, 1996.

Suzanne emailed that Dan passed away overnight at a St. Louis hospital of leukemia. Suzanne plans to bury him wearing the SD T-shirt D + W autographed for him back stage at the World Theatre in 1996.

Maggi tells me that she has already been enjoying the bejeezus out of Two Against Nature up there--I'm sure Dan is experiencing the same ecstasy.

You can email your thoughts, memories and condolences to Dan's Wife Suzanne at I am certain that she would appreciate them.

Dan will definitely be missed, especially during this upcoming 2000 tour season.

The following is from the Official Steely Dan Web Site, Aug. 1996, courtesy of Steely Dan:



Hoops and the troops, backstage at the midwestern "World," Aug. 2, 1996.
L to R: D.F.. Maggi McCoy, Suzanne Rinehart, W.B., Dan Rinehart, Jim "hoops" McKay, Kurt Kessler.

The following are recollections of the Chicago-Area Shows which appeared in the Dandom Digest in 1996:

The Rineharts' Recollections of the Shows

Hoops' Recollections of the Shows

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