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Date: Wed, August 03, 2011, 12:30:04 ET
Posted by: game, Q

Even for a hard core like me, this wasn't too easy.

Date: Thurs, June 30, 2011, 23:04:42 ET
Posted by: Selfish Gene, The X-Roads

Oh Ray--or is it "LRay" now?

Surely you realize how ridiculous it is write "Couldn't have said it better myself" at the close of a post where in fact you made it point to try to do exactly that--say it better yourself?

Lurker Ray: A legend in his own room. Just ask him.

Date: Thurs, June 30, 2011, 21:37:54 ET
Posted by: Lurker Ray, Malibu - Setting Up To Be A Postcard 4th Of July


My first trifecta starts next Wednesday
in Santa Barbara and then onto 2 nights
at the Greek in LA. All with my 1998

With the top down of course.

"What a dream summer!"

"Visiting beautiful places and listening to the best music!"

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Date: Thurs, June 30, 2011, 19:08:06 ET
Posted by: Ghia Girl, NJ

So, I�m finally going to do it. A Steely Dan vacation. Driving from NJ, in my 1974 Karmann Ghia up to Canadaiuga, NY, then heading to Tanglewood. Might pick up the Danbury show, if I can get cheap tixs. Then Bethlehem, PA and rounding it out with two Beacon shows. What a dream summer! Visiting beautiful places and listening to the best music!

Date: Thurs, June 30, 2011, 16:37:18 ET
Posted by: Klaus and the rooster, Ohio

Wow we are really coming around!!/ only a couple days before our boys kick it off and not one post on the chance of hearing Dr Wu!That has gotten old the last ten years' now I wonder if our Boys will play Anyy World and by the way I would sure love to hear Dr Wu. I would also hope they break out Pretzel Logic. Sorry for stirring the pot Hoops. Klaus

Date: Thurs, June 30, 2011, 14:32:43 ET
Posted by: Dan Belcher, Louisville, KY

Funny, the second half of The Royal Scam is one of my favorites. I would say Side 2 of Pretzel Logic, except the title track keeps me coming back to it...

Date: Thurs, June 30, 2011, 13:39:02 ET
Posted by: fagenism, -

It is that time of the month again, noble steelers. Time for the random fanboi question.

What is the one album side from the Dan/Don catalogue you find yourself listening to the least?

For me the answer is easy: second half of The Royal Scam.

Over and out.

Date: Thurs, June 30, 2011, 09:48:16 ET
Posted by: Greg M, White Plains, NY

part 2 of Walter's interview is up:

Date: Thurs, June 30, 2011, 01:12:10 ET
Posted by: Adorable Ghost, Central Coast CA

Ok, who's goin to the Santa Barbara show in a week? Anyone I got the chance to meet in Santa Ynez a few years ago??? Any Danfests planned?

Date: Thurs, June 30, 2011, 01:11:46 ET
Posted by: Adorable Ghost, Central Coast CA

Ok, who's goin to the Santa Barbara show in a week? Anyone I got the chance to meet in Santa Ynez a few years ago??? Any Danfests planned?

Date: Wed, June 29, 2011, 22:54:56 ET
Posted by: Bob, Texas


Only 10 DAYS and counting until the return of The Dan.

What a great summer this will be.

Date: Wed, June 29, 2011, 20:26:27 ET
Posted by: The Dean, St. Augustine Beach

Mr B, Jon's site (under construction as you note) has a link to his Facebook page. That page has an "Events" link:

And here is a direct link to Walter's interview. Thanks for the tip, Mountain Man. Leslie West? :#)

Pretty interesting, actually. It says there will be more today, but not there as of this post.

Not a knock, as Walter is always quite knowledgeable and humorous. But I'm a bit surprised how often he says "Um" or "Uh" when he is speaking. It's just something I don't expect from someone of his intelligence and experience in front of a mic.

Date: Wed, June 29, 2011, 16:04:22 ET
Posted by: mr belzoni, funway west

does anyone know where i can find the dates of the fall j herrington tour, his website is under construction thanks mr. b

Date: Wed, June 29, 2011, 13:20:10 ET
Posted by: J. Porcaro, we

The Purdie Shuffle lite:

Date: Wed, June 29, 2011, 11:29:55 ET
Posted by: mountain Man, Seattle

John Fisher interview Walter Becker
(scroll down)

Date: Tues, June 28, 2011, 14:47:28 ET
Posted by: angel, LA

Good to see you!

Not going to up North that far. Santa Barbara is as far north as I will be going. Enjoy the show. :-)

Date: Tues, June 28, 2011, 14:33:15 ET
Posted by: SF DanFan, Still waiting

There is a big gap between the Oct. 1 date in Bean Town and Oct. 14 in San Diego. Here's hoping for a few more Golden State dates to pad their wallets, including a stop in SF at the Fillmore or some other bay area venue. Right now, Saratoga is a non-option.

Date: Tues, June 28, 2011, 11:36:05 ET
Posted by: Dennis, San Francisco

Have tics to Seattle show I can't use. Anybody interested?

Steely Dan
WaMu Theater, Seattle, WA
Sat, Jul 2, 2011 08:00 PM

Order for: Dennis Runyan
Seat location: section SEC EE, row 4, seats 12-11
Total Charge: US $ 148.70

Date: Tues, June 28, 2011, 11:18:59 ET
Posted by: tommytomato, Columbus OH

Thank you H or (J)...whichever you prefer.

For me, few things in life are more exciting than a new Dan tour and what possibilities the setlist holds. Have a safe trip and enjoy the show!


Date: Mon, June 27, 2011, 23:00:31 ET
Posted by: H ,




Date: Mon, June 27, 2011, 20:40:59 ET
Posted by: tommytomato, Columbus OH

Anybody tweeting or reporting the setlist from Seattle show this Saturday?

Date: Mon, June 27, 2011, 19:39:30 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, from here to eternity


I absolutely agree that there is probably no master plan.

I hope you're right about EMG being way to literal a title to be the swan song, but I don't exclude the possibility that they chose to name the album after that particular song just in case fate, for some reason, should prevent them from actually making another one.

Yes, it is indeed a sad topic. I've been fumbling with these thoughts for a while, as you probably understand, but haven't had the heart to air it out here until now.

I guess there's some things better left unknown, and in this case it's no one to ask anyway, as nobody knows, of course.

Thanks for the input, I needed someone of my kind to remind me that there is probably a well justified hope after all.

That goes to The Dean, as well.

I'll stick to the old saying; The pessimist usually gets right in the end, but the optimist has a lot more fun along the way. :)

Date: Mon, June 27, 2011, 18:16:01 ET
Posted by: fagenism, -

@Jazzassin re: Everything Must Go being The Dan's swan song.

This is a truly sad topic for me to think about, but for what it is worth I will share my speculations.

Becker and Fagen have an astonishing body of work behind them, which many fans consider flawless. I can not think of any other artist that comes even close to getting this level of affection from their fans. Releasing new material at this point would certainly mean running the risk of hurting a level of artistic integrity that is unmatched; one that will be appreciated for generations to come. It is understandable if the thought of creating a tenth album gives the maestros cold feet.

Having said that...

Everything Must Go is way too literal a title to be the swan song. If anything, it leaves me rather optimistic about another outing - or at least, this was the case when it was first released, a mere three years after its predecessor.

The bottomline, for me, is that anything could happen. I really do not think there is a masterplan in the Dan universe. Random events affect even perfectionists; The Second Arrangement is ultimate proof of this. I choose to have faith there will be a tenth album at some point.

Quoting Fagen himself, when asked about whether he is an optimist or not: "there really is no choice, is there?"

Date: Mon, June 27, 2011, 17:43:32 ET
Posted by: Casual Fan, Orlando


Thanks for the quick response. I'll definitely consider it an option in case I can't do the NC trip.

Date: Mon, June 27, 2011, 16:00:50 ET
Posted by: Lurker Malibu, At Work On Such A Lovely Day

Casual Fan,

The Open Sky is a lovely little open
air outdoor theater at the foot of the
mountains. It is even smaller than the
Beacon with a seating capacity of 2500.
The sound is terrific and there isn't
a bad seat in the house. Room rates
average about $99.

It's little wonder that with
the fair & decently priced tickets:

$150, $75, $65 or $50

That they went so fast this weekend.

Though I still think the best value
of the tour is easily Interlochen,
Michigan. Amazing acoustics,
amazing scenery and an amazing top
ticket price of $65!

Wish I could be back in my home state
in August for that show.

Date: Mon, June 27, 2011, 15:24:58 ET
Posted by: GE,

Loooong time member of the old yellowbook but haven't been around for a while. Obviously.

Traveling to Portland OR this upcoming weekend for the show. Anyone going to be there from the old yellowbook days or anyone else for that matter. any meet ups/Danfests planned?



Date: Mon, June 27, 2011, 14:20:48 ET
Posted by: Casual Fan, Orlando


I've got tix to the Durham, NC show, but work may present a scheduling problem. The new show in San Diego intrigues me, for a variety of reasons. Anyone have anything to advise regarding the venue? Open sky? I look online and all that's available right now are bleacher seats on the side....

Any thoughts appreciated.

Date: Mon, June 27, 2011, 14:19:51 ET
Posted by: Lurker Ray, Malibu

Hey BullyG,

Those are also 3 of my favorite
PF movies!

Like I've always said,

I like your style Dude.

Let's not forget, "Murder By
Death" and "Mickey & Nicky".

And my I suggest, "Gaslight"
starring Ingrid Bergman, Charles Boyer,
Joseph Cotten, and 18-year-old Angela
Lansbury in her screen debut. ;O)

Date: Mon, June 27, 2011, 13:17:06 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, not exactly a rock star

Thanks for your reply.

The down-under leg is a very good argument. I strongly doubt that I have "special sensory" skills, I guess I'm just thinking too much sometimes (and too little at other times, indeed).

I know there's been talk about a new studio album, but nothing more specific, I think.
When 2VN came out, I imediately thought "Ok, there will be at least one more, then! 'Cause they would never end their final record like this! Yippee!"
"West Of Hollywood" ends just like someone powered off the mixing console before they were finished working on it, or something like that, imho. And I took that as an intended signal to the listeners - a promise of more to come.

Then we got EMG, and this time the end was really majestic. The lyrics to that title track is also very "this-is-the-end"'ish, and they in fact named the album after that last song.
So my first thought after the first listen was more or less like "Well, so now it's over, I guess. Can any serious artist even make a record at all after this insanely good album, and with this song ending it? Impossible!!"

Let's hope it was just me being so enthusiastic I hardly believed what I heard, and that there was in fact no such message intended from D&W.

I'm sure we will get the new solo album from Don sooner or later, as they have in fact been cooking up something alredy at Mr. Leonhart's cave. But this year? No. No time to finish it before next year, I think.

When it comes to comprehensive touring, I have a feeling that they, or at least Don, don't exactly love it.
They have to, because the massive changes in the music industry and the way people relate to music nowadays makes it hard or impossible to make a living just by selling records like in the heydays.

It sometimes seems like Don is more comfortable sitting in with Levon i.e. than to do SD concerts. He is a dead serious perfectionist when it comes to his and SD's material, bless him, and I have no problem understanding that it's more relaxing to do more informal appearances in other contexts.
I don't think he ever liked to be a "Rock Star".

This is one of the reasons I've been a bit worried about the future of the Dan.
And months after months on the road can wear out more robust people than him, as well.

I guess we'll all just have to wait and see, and I really hope my worst case scenarios don't come through.

"Live in the studio DVD" is the most sexy words I've heard for a long time! Listen up, Don & Walt. We want a "Live in the studio" DVD!

Date: Mon, June 27, 2011, 12:03:25 ET
Posted by: The Dean, St. Augustine Beach

Well Jazzy, I understand your thinking, but I doubt this is the end. Or more to the point, I doubt they plan for it to be the end.

First of all, I think the question was asked directly to Don at one point. (I don't have time to Google it now.) And if I'm not mistaken he has commented about a future SD album (as well as the solo projects).

And if the SS lists were really the end, isn't the Aussie/NZ tour a bit anti-climactic?

With that said, the last "end" (Gaucho period) wasn't particularly planned. So perhaps you are sensing things are different than they were 10 years ago, for the boys.

I'm hoping for at least one more studio album and perhaps a high-quality DVD of a live show in a controlled atmosphere (maybe live in-studio, or something). After that, I'll probably wish for one more. (Sounds a bit like one of my favorite drinking sayings: "We'll have one more and then we'll have one more.")

Date: Mon, June 27, 2011, 10:51:00 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, oh well.

As long as she schmecked it once in a while, I guess the misinterpretation was of little importance. ;O)

Btw, any thoughts on my worries about SD giving us the goodbye look, or should I say "goodbye kiss" with these ss nights?

Date: Mon, June 27, 2011, 10:20:19 ET
Posted by: The Dean, St. Augustine Beach


No definitive plans yet. My best bets are the shows in NYC, Boston or San Diego. It will likely be a last minute thing, but I am really hoping to make at least one show.

And to think I felt so proud when my former German girlfriend said (or so I thought) I had a "fine shmecker". :#)

Date: Mon, June 27, 2011, 09:33:28 ET
Posted by: Klaus and the rooster, Ohio

Jazz/ Thank you my steely friend for the definition. You are indeed a feinschmecker of all things Dan. Hey Deano are you going to any Dan shows this year? And Young Wu where are you attending/ I would love to meet you perhaps you could clue my children in to the merits of Pretzel logic. 23 days and counting/ after 10 shows you would think this shit would be old hat but I am excited to take my twin brother and older brother for there first live taste of Steely Dan! And the third row to boot. I am also entertaining the idea of San Diego in OCT This band of Rent party /shuffle brats is going to break me one of these days for sure.

Date: Mon, June 27, 2011, 09:33:26 ET
Posted by: Klaus and the rooster, Ohio

Jazz/ Thank you my steely friend for the definition. You are indeed a feinschmecker of all things Dan. Hey Deano are you going to any Dan shows this year? And Young Wu where are you attending/ I would love to meet you perhaps you could clue my children in to the merits of Pretzel logic. 23 days and counting/ after 10 shows you would think this shit would be old hat but I am excited to take my twin brother and older brother for there first live taste of Steely Dan! And the third row to boot. I am also entertaining the idea of San Diego in OCT This band of Rent party /shuffle brats is going to break me one of these days for sure.

Date: Mon, June 27, 2011, 04:45:24 ET
Posted by: the bullgoose, sweet home bonalbo, Australia

Hey Lurkman,

'Serpentine, serpentine!' ( with accompanying gestures) has long been used by Family Bullgoose members goosing somebody into action, along with Phil Silvers', 'Go ahead. You're in no danger' from Mad Mad Mad Mad World. I was always impressed by Falk's performance as the husband who wouldn't let his wife go crazy in 'A Woman Under the Influence'.

I'd like to think that Columbo cracked the Gaslighting Abby case

Date: Mon, June 27, 2011, 01:38:33 ET
Posted by: Mary,

I don't understand why Peter Falk has been brought up here at all. I liked his show. Sorry he's dead. But I don't see the connection to Steely Dan.

Date: Sun, June 26, 2011, 22:18:59 ET
Posted by: Beast w/o A Name, Columbo, NJ


Get a load of this...

Thanks for the laugh. The St. Peter joke got me.

Date: Sun, June 26, 2011, 20:00:25 ET
Posted by: Tony, Jersey Shore

Can we show some respect for someone who has passed on.
RIP Peter Falk

I got row 17 for The Borgata. See you there..

Date: Sun, June 26, 2011, 12:18:25 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, german lesson

It's a german word commonly used all over northern europe, meaning one who has the knowledge, experience and well developed taste to really appreciate the best of whatever, like food, wine, music, arts and so on.
Translated to english it would be "fine taster".
So there. ;)

Date: Sun, June 26, 2011, 11:33:27 ET
Posted by: Klaus, ohio

Hey Jazz/ Whats a feinschmecker?

Date: Sat, June 25, 2011, 21:27:14 ET
Posted by: PETER FALK, -----

Two nuns are hard at work painting the monastery. It is very, very hot and one nun says to the other, "Do you think it would be evil if we took our habits off since we're working so hard and it's so hot?" The other nun said, "Well, we're all alone and no one ever comes here, to the monastery, so it will be fine."

So the nuns took their habits off and were painting in the nude when all of a sudden, a knock was heard at the door. "Who's there?" they cried in a panic.

"The blind man," came the reply.

"Well," said the first nun, "if he is blind, it won't make any difference."

So the nuns opened the door.

"Nice tits!" said the man. "Where do you want me to put the blinds?"

Date: Sat, June 25, 2011, 21:26:01 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, The Goodbye Look?

3rd row in front of Jon, that's sounds like a deal for a guitar feinschmecker.
At the Molde, Norway gig in 2007 - my latest SD show, I was standing (outdoor venue, no seats, just lawn) appr. 6 yards from center stage, slightly over at Don's side.
Wearing a red fez and a black home made print T-shirt reading "Even This One Must Go".

@Everyone here:
Is there anyone daring to think there will ever be another full "World Tour"?
Or Touring at all? I don't mean single gigs in the US now and then, but real touring.
Could the special setlist nights with rarities, dawn and 21 century actually be a kind of "goodbye look"?

I have read a lot of comments here lately from folks with a much better base for analysis of what's really going on than I have, and it seems like different aspects of the cash grab theory is more or less consensus, and very few seems to believe their doing special setlists just to be nice.

It's obvious they have to have some variation to fill 7 nights at the Beacon, but still I can't get the goodbye look theory out of my mind.
If I were a really pessimistic guy (which I'm not), I would also add to my argument that the word "embassy", which is closely connected to this tour, only occurs in one SD related song; "The Goodbye Look"...

I really, really hope I'm wrong, and would be happy to hear someone telling me D&W will probably keep on touring until they're horizontally carried out of the stage area.

The only thing I would like more than that is if they actually made another studio album, but speaking of goodbye looks I must admit "EMG" also always sounded to me like one.
"The Last Mall" as the album starter and the majestic title track finishing it, and the general feeling to that album always makes me think so, even if I love it as much as every other SD album.

Not my intention to push a depression upon you, my fellow Danfans, but I am really wondering quite a lot about this.


Date: Sat, June 25, 2011, 21:24:43 ET
Posted by: ST PETER, -----


Next Sunday there will be a taffy pulling contest at St Peter's,
and a peter pulling contest at St. Taffy's.

Date: Sat, June 25, 2011, 21:12:52 ET
Posted by: PETER SCHMIDT, -----






Date: Sat, June 25, 2011, 21:11:05 ET
Posted by: PETER GRIFFIN, -----







It's called:

"One More Thing...about Peter Falk..."

Date: Sat, June 25, 2011, 21:09:58 ET
Posted by: PETER GABRIEL, =----


Date: Sat, June 25, 2011, 21:09:35 ET
Posted by: PeterFAN, =----


Date: Sat, June 25, 2011, 21:08:55 ET
Posted by: Me too, -


Date: Sat, June 25, 2011, 19:27:44 ET
Posted by: The Dean, Where have all the mushrooms gone?

Wings of Desire is a very good film (I also like Wenders' Until the End of the World). I have mixed feelings about Cave, though. Right now I can't recall the soundtrack.

Perhaps Hunter McCracken is related to Phil. :#)

Date: Sat, June 25, 2011, 17:46:32 ET
Posted by: Marty, K

Just the the movie The Tree of Life that had a great performance by a young unknown actor named Hunter McCracken. Any know if he's related to Hugh?

Date: Sat, June 25, 2011, 17:22:27 ET
Posted by: peter falk,

Strange and beautiful Peter Falk film by German director Wim Wenders with live music from Nick Cave and the Seeds:

Wings of Desire

Takes place in Berlin before the wall fell. About angels and losers.

Date: Sat, June 25, 2011, 17:04:48 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, Cash Only Island

Who needs Antony & The Johnsons when we have old Tiny Tim records? :D
(And why is a tiny piece of good blotter so hard to find these days?)

Date: Sat, June 25, 2011, 15:30:55 ET
Posted by: Lurker Ray, Malibu

Apparently Uncle Milty pulled a lot of trim in his day

Including Marilyn Monroe

Just take out enough to win

Milton was a bear

A bear that walks like a man

Cause he wants your ass

So go to where a bear hibernates

And enjoy the cosmic soup

Have a great weekend & enjoy


Date: Sat, June 25, 2011, 15:19:27 ET
Posted by: Nicholas Urfe, Phraxos

Ah, Jazzassin, if only I lived on Phraxos, and if only the Waiting Room awaited on the far side of the island. But there are appearances to keep up, etc.

That said, it is not unusual to hear Steely Dan piped in as background music at major supermarket chains in the U. S. Any time I hear it happen, I look around to see if anyone else is smirking at the irony, but, alas, have not yet spotted a kindred spirit that way.

Date: Sat, June 25, 2011, 14:20:51 ET
Posted by: Klaus and the rooster, ohio

Deano/ You hit the bad thing on the button/ the last time I seen the Dan there it rained the whole time' had to buy rain ponchos but still enjoyed the music. I too know the story or legend of Uncle Milties unit and thought of that while reading the book. Something hot about Aimee if you read the book/ maybe the good girl /bad girl deal. Who knows except Uncle Miltie and if I remember the book right He was suitably impressed.

Date: Sat, June 25, 2011, 12:03:15 ET
Posted by: The Dean, St. Augustine Beach

Nice score on the seats, Klaus! Nothing quite like being upfront at a Dan gig. The zoo sounds like a great spot for a concert. Is it covered in case of rain?

The Aimee Semple and Milton Berle hookup always amused me. Perhaps she heard the rumors of Milton's mythic member and wanted to check out the thing herself.

Date: Sat, June 25, 2011, 11:25:55 ET
Posted by: Klaus and the rooster,

Almost Gothic/ Aimee Semple Mcphereson' look it up on Google. Scored third row in front of Jon for the July 20th at the Toledo zoo!! How bout that Deano and Jazz!Any bluebookers there look me up/ I will prob have on My Fagen long sleeve T.Now that I look at it I think I spelled Aimees name wrong' I really must work on my spelling. But first I must go see Don and Walt. Read a interesting bio on Aimee Semple and the Milton Berle story was worth the read. Klaus P.S. Young Wu' This will be my 4th concert at the Toledo Zoo [the city I grew up in] The third time for the Dan and CSN once and it is really a pretty cool venus except for the long walk to the pisser that bothers me way more than it would your young self.The third row makes it much longer so I will have to keep it to twelve beers or less. Will look for my Steely Buddys from Kentucky Dan ETC

Date: Sat, June 25, 2011, 10:52:34 ET
Posted by: Carlos Cajones,

Peter Falk may have had a glass eye but he had stone balls.

Date: Sat, June 25, 2011, 10:15:46 ET
Posted by: Gullywater, B&F's Lawyers love Gullywater

Hope to see someone from the Blue at the Bethlehem PA gig! Stay hot and fly high!

Date: Sat, June 25, 2011, 07:46:02 ET
Posted by: Steve,

Peter Falk had a glass eye .

Of all the mystery movie shows, Columbo was the highest rated.

Any Batman fans out there?

Date: Sat, June 25, 2011, 07:42:22 ET
Posted by: Steve,

Peter Falk had a glass eye .

Date: Sat, June 25, 2011, 00:20:30 ET
Posted by: Lurker Ray, Malibu

Columbo -

"Must say I found you disappointing; I mean your incompetence. You left enough clues to sink a ship. And for a man of your intelligence, you got caught in a lot of stupid lies."

Must say thanks for the dedication Jimmy.
But what was with the "More To Come"?
I think even the tanner in Bumfuke has that
one. Why don't you give the folks "Gullywater"?
I mean really, it's the only song that really
matters no? Donald owns it and it to this day
is a travesty that it was omitted from "Citizen".

I mean even a crappy FLASH is better than no flash
at all.

Date: Fri, June 24, 2011, 23:43:31 ET
Posted by: Steve,

Brian Haw is dead.

"Peace out!"

Date: Fri, June 24, 2011, 19:53:27 ET
Posted by: Bobby Brown lyrics...,

Saw and heard Dweezil Zappa and band in Stockholm, Sweden 2009, and he played Bobby Brown. But only if we promised to sing along.And yes, the audience, men and women, sang the lyrics.

It's still the Zappa song that pops up on radio playlists here in Sweden. A BIG hit when it came and thanks to it being played 30 years later new genrations of Swedes get the chance to hear - and learn - the song.

A friend of mine told me her young daughter 6-7 years old started singing it full blast in the grocery store to the amusement of other customers.



Date: Fri, June 24, 2011, 19:48:53 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, :D

@The Dean:
Re: RIP Peter Falk

Your reply: Dice 6

Date: Fri, June 24, 2011, 19:00:09 ET
Posted by: moray eel, approaching

...and, of course, Almost Gothic...

I'm working on gospel time these days
(The summer - this could be the cool part of the summer)
The sloe-eyed creature in the reckless room she's so severe
A wise child walks right out of here
I'm so excited I can barely cope
I'm sizzling like an isotope
I'm on fire so cut me some slack

First she's way gone then she comes back
She's all business then she's ready to play
She's almost gothic in a natural way

This house of desire is built foursquare
(The city - the cleanest kitten in the city)
When she speaks it's like the slickest song I ever heard
I'm hanging on her every word
As if I'm not already blazed enough
She hits me with the cryptic stuff
That's her style - to jerk me around

First she's all feel then she cools down
She's pure science with a splash of black cat
She's almost gothic and I like it like that

This dark place so thrilling and new
It's kind of like the opposite of an aerial view
Unless I'm totally wrong
I hear her rap and brother it's strong

I'm pretty sure that what she's telling me is mostly lies
But I just stand there hypnotized
I'll just have to make it work somehow
I'm in the amen corner now
It's called love - I spell L -U- V

First she's all buzz then she's noise-free
She's bubbling over then there's nothing to say
She's almost gothic in a natural way

She's old school then she's like young
Little Eva meets the Bleecker Street brat
She's almost gothic but it's better than that


Date: Fri, June 24, 2011, 18:58:21 ET
Posted by: The Dean, Manatee Bar,.

"-Absolutely, Sir. Thank you very much, Sir."
(Walks to the door, then turns around)
"-Uh... Just one more question, Sir. Where did you get those shoes?"

RIP to a great actor.

Date: Fri, June 24, 2011, 18:31:12 ET
Posted by: Jim Steele, B&F r pervy, man

Actually, if you guys want a real Becker and Fagen song regarding the dodgy topic of sadomasochism, look no further than the early song "Take it Out on Me."

"My complexion waxing whiter
Pull the wire a little tighter
Time goes quickly when you're occupied

"You know it's not a sin
For you to lock me in
And throw away the key
Take it out on me"

"Cigarettes and copper tubing
Touch a nerve no longer moving"

These are pretty explicit for the 70's standards! Man, did Kenny Vance really expect to sell this song to the AOR/Jay And the Americans crowd with lyrics like these? ;)

Royal Scam's Everything You Did is also really smutty (though not quite concerned with the same extraterrestrial gratification as the pain/pleasure principle!)

Date: Fri, June 24, 2011, 17:37:57 ET
Posted by: Lutz, SF

That's hilarious about Bobby Brown!
Reminds me of some Karaoke bars in Asia...

Date: Fri, June 24, 2011, 17:33:13 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, light me up

Re: PTBYS lyrics

Ok, it could of course be a case of double meanings. Taken in consideration D&W's humor, I guess that particular interpretation of the lyrics didn't avoid their attention when they wrote it either.
I still wouldn't say that S/M was the main subject, just a bonus effect for those who appreciate either S/M, bizarre humor or both.

I remember in my school days at about 15, Zappas "Bobby Brown" was very popular in Norway, and they used to play some music through the big speakers in the schoolyard between classes... Many of the girls between 13 and 16 used to sing along to the lyrics, which of course are quite sleazy explicit stuff. Not everyone understood english good enough to know what they were singing, but it sure was good fun for those of us boys who did!
The teachers hardly listened anyway, so it kept on that way during a whole spring term.

Phraxos must be a nice place. Here in Norway, the don't even play the Dan in elevators, nor say the grocery stores. :D

Date: Fri, June 24, 2011, 17:02:28 ET
Posted by: Nicholas Urfe, Phraxos

About the lyrics at hand, I have no brief.

But does anyone think that D&W would consider S&M off-limits, or that they couldn't write a song about it and have the great unwashed whistling along. If so, you only need look as far as Everyon's Gone to the Movies. How many people in the grocery store know they are humming along to a song about the seduction of the under-aged.

Date: Fri, June 24, 2011, 15:58:29 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, Re: RIP Peter "Columbo" Falk

-Absolutely, Sir. Thank you very much, Sir.
(Walks to the door, then turns around)
-Uh... Just one more question, Sir.

Date: Fri, June 24, 2011, 15:15:47 ET
Posted by: Lurker Ray, Sunny Malibu

RIP Peter Falk

He crawled like a viper through
our suburban streets.

"Serpentine Shelly! Serpentine!!"

Date: Fri, June 24, 2011, 14:07:16 ET
Posted by: Jim Steele, proud

@The Jazzman: Oh I'm totally joshing everyone saying that "Slave" is about S&M! I hope I'm not throwing people off with these semi-sarcastic/semi-factual video descriptions I've been putting lol! Just trying to capture the sardonic spirit of D&W!

Date: Fri, June 24, 2011, 13:09:25 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, rainbound

I too hear "loving", which absolutely makes sense to me.

And Jim S,
I don't know whether you were 100% serious about the lyrics refering to S/M like you say in your comment on Youtube, but I can't imagine it is.
It's really just about unselfish love, i think.
If you were just making a joke, it's cool and I see your point, and I apologize for underestimating you.

Your comment about Circus M is forgiven, and btw, I've lost count on how many times I myself have had to apologize for stupid things I've said and done here. Latest example a couple of days ago.

Happy Bluebook Anniversary!, and thanks for letting me in again. :)

Date: Fri, June 24, 2011, 12:48:23 ET
Posted by: The Dean, St. Augustine Beach

Sounds pretty clearly like "lovin' too" to me.

Date: Fri, June 24, 2011, 12:35:00 ET
Posted by: slave lyrics,

Thank you Mr. Steele for posting this song! Fits so well with their pre-Steely songs.

Can someone clear up the lyric in the second verse:
"History, has taught me of freedom and ???? too"
Sounds like the syllables "low them", then sounds like the background singers sing "Loving too". Neither makes sense though.

Always fantastic to hear new music from the guys.

Date: Fri, June 24, 2011, 11:53:27 ET
Posted by: Jim Steele, Sorry for the Flamebait

@The Dean and Jazzassin: I feel the need to apologize, the comparison of this song to Circus Money (the song, FYI) was immature and unneeded. It was just a scapegoat to use to compare Walter's misplaced disowning of forgotten material like PTBYS and Runnin Child (not to mention, the serious hate train going around for the non hit songs of Can't Buy a Thrill in between misters Dias, Fagen and Becker too) with him favoring the more recent stuff (which is just the slightest bit, and I'm not to sound harmful or anything, more sleazy, albeit still as masterfully good)

Date: Fri, June 24, 2011, 11:27:55 ET
Posted by: The Dean, St. Augustine Beach

Thanks for the upload, Jim S. I got your email in response to my comment. I will touch base later. I also guess I need to change my settings as I don't want people emailing me from Youtube. It's fine that you did, but as a rule that isn't for me. I don't do the social media aspects of it.

And Jazz, I noticed the same thing, with regard to the guitar solo. Not the same, by any means, but the similarity is definitely there.

This song, particularly this version I suppose, doesn't do too much for me. It's adequate and better than what many produce. But I understand why it didn't make the cut for SD. I'm not sure why Jim S. choose to bash Circus Money in order to praise this.

Date: Fri, June 24, 2011, 11:04:56 ET
Posted by: FF, X

I see on that PTBYS 45 that it notes the duration of the intro. I guess that was for DJs?

Date: Fri, June 24, 2011, 09:47:14 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, comparing the candy

Check out the guitar solo on PTBYS that starts at 02:23, and compare to the one on Midnight Cruiser at 01:09...
Same same but different!

Date: Fri, June 24, 2011, 09:28:06 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, Norway

@J. Steele:

\m/ (^_^) \m/

Date: Fri, June 24, 2011, 08:18:19 ET
Posted by: Jim Steele, PTBYS upload

This upload is dedicated to and intended for Lurker Ray. I'm done with flaunting stuff and being stingy 'round these parts. Enjoy, slaves.

Date: Fri, June 24, 2011, 07:49:48 ET
Posted by: jonn3, IYpibP

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Date: Thurs, June 23, 2011, 23:14:52 ET
Posted by: hoops, chicago, with the power back on

Hey kids;

I tried to combine the best of both delightful entries from Bruce of New Zealand and Denise from New England; but Denise's wasn't easily dissectible. So here's what the final is like--Bruce's idea developed with some influence on the background from Denise. Subtle humor is almost always a requirement.

Look for the Danfest page by the end of the weekend.

Best wishes and many thanks to all, especially Bruce and Denise.


Date: Thurs, June 23, 2011, 22:33:46 ET
Posted by: hoops, on the quick

Thanks, Doc and Dean!

Date: Thurs, June 23, 2011, 15:58:52 ET
Posted by: WW, G

Jim Steele,

I once burned Catalyst, a 2 CD set of early years stuff, onto a single CD. I had to leave something off to make it fit, and that was the song.

On a similar note, last night I listened to 2Vn while doing 45 minutes on the exercise bike. I nixed Cousin Dupree and it timed perfectly.

Date: Thurs, June 23, 2011, 15:23:00 ET
Posted by: Lurker Ray, Malibu


Thanks for the great news!

I wonder if they plan on doing
any more special nights when
they return stateside?


Happy Anniversary hoops &
there will be a VERY special
present for you coming sometime
next week.


Date: Thurs, June 23, 2011, 14:48:23 ET
Posted by: Jim Steele, More [goodies] to come

IMHO, this following song is my favorite track from SD's formative years! Of all the time I've spent browsing pages devoted to the Dan I've heard nary a word of praise for this delightfully quirky song. Just listen to how bone chilling and ominous it is when they sing "And when the seventh day at last is done... more to come!"

Any interpretations for this particular line and how it relates to "Billy Burroughs being still on the nod" or the "shaking world" that's "sucked into the sun"?

Date: Thurs, June 23, 2011, 12:41:57 ET
Posted by: Don Patrol, Mtl

Hoops, Emphatically agree with your comments.Know that I thank you for this place to hang out. All your work is greatly appreciated by this Danfan! Can't wait for the tour to begin!!

Date: Thurs, June 23, 2011, 11:29:12 ET
Posted by: @fagenism: "Any trans-atlantic travel planning going on?",

Yes. And no. And yes. And maybe.

An evening of Rarities or 21st Century Dan or evening of whatever-Steely Dan in the US of A is mighty tempting.

Have studied my bank balance, scrutinized the hotel deals and available flights without booking anything so far.

Maybe I should treat myself to a trip.

Decisions ... decisions...

As far as influences goes I we could add Tapper Zukie: Man Ah Warrior to the list for being among the artists/records that inspired Walter's Circus Money album.


Date: Thurs, June 23, 2011, 10:51:21 ET
Posted by: Lutz, SF

Thanks for the San Diego update, so they are coming back out here like a couple of years ago - great news!
It's also a little closer to Australia from here.

Date: Thurs, June 23, 2011, 06:55:29 ET
Posted by: steelydoc, near the Tower updated with new October 14 San Diego of the page says 'new date(s) added for mid-October....there is also a venue change for one of the shows down under..

Date: Thurs, June 23, 2011, 03:50:43 ET
Posted by: yvokvyyt, SFUPEbIGdpbBOvQI

uwMxW1 <a href="">wzgjjhratpbs</a>, [url=]owspnphufjrj[/url], [link=]zfielhbxaljn[/link],

Date: Wed, June 22, 2011, 19:00:33 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, message recieved & confirmed.

I stand corrected. Will turn my brain on again now. Maybe inflate it a bit and paint it green too, so it looks more like a real pea. ;)

Date: Wed, June 22, 2011, 18:46:57 ET
Posted by: hoops, chicago

BTW: The deal with YouTube, as I have responded before, is that a) it is impossible for me to check everylink and YouTube actually has a very responsive administration for such issues, if anyone has complaints about the content, including issues of copyright. I refer all to and hold responsible for all issues concerning the copyright and legality of the content on their site.

Date: Wed, June 22, 2011, 18:32:41 ET
Posted by: hoops, chicago

Back ten years ago I wrote:


Wanted to address the boots comment:

When the Dandom Digest was started ..., I had to use University computers for it since the Internet wasn't ubiquitous like it was today. I was also part of a copyright committee there. So that's a lot of the reason why boots (are) hush-hush.

But the truth is, not only are such technically "illicit" recordings a reality, they are often key to fully understanding and appreciating the work of an artist. Any good Beatles book mentions and discusses their unreleased, unfinished recordings. Several of my colleagues are noted musicologists. Many of them recognize the value of such recordings and possess them. But do they distribute them in their classes? Of course not.

There's been a few times when I have helped record companies select bonus tracks for CD reissues. I found that those who produce these re-releases mostly consult the people and fans who are very familiar with and have the bootlegs even though they ironically don't sanction them.

One thing I don't get: some people can't talk about unreleased recordings without offering them like a fool screaming "doses!?" at a Grateful Dead show. Now that's not a cool thing.

Do I think Walter and Donald have boots of their favorite players? Most likely so--but they don't offer them on the net.

Hey, boots exist and should be talked about for the whole picture. But for your own benefit, fly low and be cool.


Hey, it was ten years ago today that the BlueBook was opened. With several hours, the bootleg discussion came up. It's been discussed ever since and it really pisses me off because it unnecessarily costs me time and money. The policy has been the same since day one, 6/22/01. I get sick of discussing it. If you really want to express appreciation for the Blue, then please respect the policy and don't even post arguments about boot.

It's OK to discuss boots, but not OK to tell how to get or offer them, to request them or otherwise directly or indirectly post about distribution possibilities.

I have about 12 reasons for this fact one of them used to be that my day job was to enforce the copyright of content for the web servers at a major institution. I could go on and on, but, to the last three posters: the rationales you offer are off the whole picture on this, nor would I expect you to understand them all. But it is the rule here.

The Bluebook is great for certain things--but for bootlegs, it sucks, sucks, sucks, big time, hugely, etc. Don't like it? Try one of the other of dozens, hundreds, thousands of Steely Dan fan pages. We don't do it here. The BlueBook is NOT good at it. The bootleg issue continued to be debated in past after I have made such points. Because of my time constraints, it ended up a couple of times that I had to turn off the Blue for a few days until I could have more time to address the concerns.



Date: Wed, June 22, 2011, 17:52:53 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, ---

Jim S,
Now we're talking!
But it's a pity we're not allowed to link to uploads of the goodies here, as imho it would be a lesser sin to share with those with really special interest and knowledge here at the Blue, than with the whole goddamned world on YouTube.
However, someone obviously spies with their little eyes on every possible site where SD rarities may occur, and taking legal actions against siteholders to make it go away and scare others from trying to do likewise. Don't be surprised if your or other uploaders accounts on YouTube will soon be deleted, as well.

So, to everyone who's afraid of missing out on the party in the future:
Stupid me, I thought I could get away with murder. My latest rarity link and the following responses was deleted after a few hours.

I apologize, Hoops. I really thought it was ok. The legal spies are probably here as well, and I hope you ain't getting in trouble for my stupidity.

@Augie, DC:

Date: Wed, June 22, 2011, 17:20:34 ET
Posted by: Augie, DC Baby!

It seems that YouTUBE isn't the only place TAKING stuff down!

So why is it okay to post YouTUBE stuff but not MP3s????

Seems like a dumb double standard to me?

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb

Date: Wed, June 22, 2011, 16:47:31 ET
Posted by: Jim S., In Mourning

Ohhhh, bring back TengwarElectron, tell Becker and Fagen's lawyers that it ain't no drag! I'm uploading a new song every couple days in his/her honor!

This recent happening on Youtube raises a big question: Why is every band save the Steelies so much more relaxed about rarity distribution? Really B&F! Don't you want bigger Yachts? Then release a rarities collection/live album once in a blue!

Date: Wed, June 22, 2011, 16:29:59 ET
Posted by: angel, LA

Hey thanks guys. I was kind of finding a bit of the old around, but not much. Melegorm/TengwarElectron viewing was a nice way to spend a bit of time. I just found it interesting that within a week of someone mentioning his clips of 2nd Arrangment, he disappeared. Oh well.

Date: Wed, June 22, 2011, 09:11:13 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, Running Man

Pixeleen has a Runnin' Child beat runnin' through part of it.... ;)

Your suggestion about the finishing of the Gaucho album makes sense to me.

Jim S,
I join in the choir and thank you for sharing Runnin' Child.
As you know, I already had it, but think you ought to have some credit for sharing with the whole Danfan community.

No, no danfests in the scandanavian hall of shame. I really don't know enough diehard fans to put on the guestlist. Me and a handful of friends sure had a ball before and after both gigs in Norway (2000 & 2007), but it was hardly what you could call real danfests, I guess.

Date: Wed, June 22, 2011, 09:00:44 ET
Posted by: The Dean, St. Augustine Beach

Thank you, SS. Melegorm is the name I was looking for. The good news is some of his videos are still around on competing video sites: dailymotion, vodpod, strimoo, etc.

Do a google video search for Melegorm and you will start to discover them.

Date: Wed, June 22, 2011, 08:07:10 ET
Posted by: Peteb, UK

Jazassin, my ha'pennysworth on the alternative Gaucho tracklisting is that you are on to something by putting T2A in on side 2 and leaving 3WM out (thinking the unthinkable!). With the listing changed thus, the whole album lifts into a different vibe, more like Aja, in fact. I remember when Gaucho came out, the criticism was that it sounded tired and the subsequent split was not surprising. The background to the troubled making of the album reflects that, and one of the biggest blows of course must have been the loss of the up-beat T2A. Instead, the icy nihilism of 3WM became the keynote of Gaucho as it eventually appeared - actually, 3WM was the track that first turned me on to SD in my misspent youth.

At a wild guess I'd say that 3WM was a WB baby; DF got tired of WB's then-current problems, finished the album for him while he was in hospital and took his own ideas off to make the soon-to-be released Nightfly. Any takers?

Date: Wed, June 22, 2011, 07:46:47 ET
Posted by: peteb, UK

Jim Steele, thanks for showing the way to Runnin' Child - I had no idea about this one and it's a beaut! Even the stuff Don and Walt threw out, like this, would have been lead track on most 70's albums, the one flickering claim to fame of a million forgotten bands. Awesome. Damn, I'm all shook up now, can't do any more work... better go and listen to The Royal Scam.

Date: Wed, June 22, 2011, 06:39:56 ET
Posted by: SS, Hk

Runnin' Child has a Pixeleen beat runnin' through part of it.

Date: Wed, June 22, 2011, 02:50:21 ET
Posted by: SS, HK

Yes, TengWarElectron was the much-respected Melegorm on YouTube.

He did an outstanding job putting visuals to SD songs. I have no idea why he has twice been shut down.

Date: Wed, June 22, 2011, 01:41:35 ET
Posted by: suedave, Opening night

Glad it is just a part of history:

I remember the day well. Very depressing and no one to share it with who cared. Glad to have found this board years later.

Date: Tues, June 21, 2011, 23:38:36 ET
Posted by: Lurker Ray, Malibu


"Now Lurker Ray, I got the idea that you think the ticket prices are too high and the shows are rip off and a bad idea."

The ONLY shows I EVER said were too high were the NYC shows. Period.
Why would anyone here think that a Steely Dan show WAS a bad idea?

"Some of this stuff you posted below is just rude"

Really? I was the one attacked. Piled on. I said nothing to these "sisters and brothers", THEY attacked me. Yet you delete my posts and still leave the remnants of the crap by the other so called, "children".

We all know this is your place hoopsie and we thank you for it, but
I'm not looking for ANY support from anyone here, never have, never will. So you don't like my attitude. That's fine. But I surely have not been here all of these years to try and deceive people or scam some sort of monetary gain. So yeah, I still think that the NYC shows are too expensive, but at least I would never try and make money off of the work of Donald & Walter.

So if you must spin your moral compass here every now & then, how about doing it without your blinders on once and a while?

And thanks for folding the laundry Lutz. You missed a sock.

Date: Tues, June 21, 2011, 17:14:50 ET
Posted by: The Dean, Manatee Bar. Bellying Up To The Bar.

If recall correctly (always a dicey supposition) TengwarElectron was the successor to another deleted YouTube user (Melgoran?) who also made montages to Dan tunes and uploaded some rarities. I suspect it was the same human and feel there is a good chance he/she will reappear with a different handle.

Date: Tues, June 21, 2011, 17:01:28 ET
Posted by: angel, LA

TengwarElectron's You Tube channel is gone. Anyone know anything?

Sad to see, because he did a nice job with the photomontages.

Date: Tues, June 21, 2011, 15:14:58 ET
Posted by: Young Wu, Buffalo

Ok... with two weeks or so until the shows start, I ask another question: What one or 2 deep cuts do you think we will see throughout the tour?

Every tour has a couple... 2008 in particular. What's 1 or 2 you could see them pulling out for to satisfy the diehards?

King of the World and Your Gold Teeth II could be two I see them throwing us.

Date: Tues, June 21, 2011, 12:11:45 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, double what??

In my last post on the Gaucho track list, I expressed myself as if Alive In America was actually released as a double vinyl.
Myself, I have only an ordinary CD-version, but at the moment of writing I thought I remembered something about AIA also being relesed as a double, special heavy-weight vinyl edition. This is not correct, and I apologize for whatever confusion this wrong info may have lead to.
My bad.

Date: Tues, June 21, 2011, 11:39:19 ET
Posted by: Ben, Indy

The mention of The Yellowjackets jogged my memory. They're coming to Indy, along with other great artists, for our annual Indy Jazz Fest this September.

Date: Tues, June 21, 2011, 11:37:14 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, making lists

RE: Gaucho alternative track list,

I tend to agree with PGE on his suggestion that "The 2nd Arr." should ideally have been the 2nd track on side 2 of Gaucho.

If we stick with the criteria that "Were You Blind That Day/3rd World Man" was added to the track list because T2A was deleted, it's only fair that it's 3WM which has got to go.

That makes this track list:

Side one

Babylon Sisters
Hey Nineteen
Glamour Profession

Side two

The Second Arrangement
Time Out of Mind
My Rival

Then we have the possibility that Hoops points out in an earlier post on this topic, that T2A was set to be the opener.

"Gaucho" was always to have seven tracks, set to open with "Second Arrangement."
"Were You Blind That Day" was not to be on the album, but after the erasure, it was re-worked and added to the album as, of course, "Third World Man.")

If T2A Is the opener, then what's the order of the rest of the songs?

I suggest the obvious, to keep the list as true to what became reality as possible:

Side one

The Second Arrangement
Babylon Sisters
Hey Nineteen

Side two

Glamour Profession
Time Out Of Mind
My Rival


I guess we would all have loved to hear those outtakes decently recorded and released, but remember that Gaucho came out in the vinyl days, and if all of those songs was supposed to be included, they would've had to make it a double album.
Taken in consideration D&W's self-criticalness, it's no surprise they never made one. (The live record AIA not included).

Btw, the YouTube profile "TengwarElectron" is now deleted, which means his popular uploads of 3x "T2A" is now history. Sad for those fans who relied on YouTube to be their main source for SD outtakes, but i guess also kind of satisfying to the two beloved artists who was never quite comfy with those songs being on YouTube in the first place.
Then again, we never know what others may find the time to upload later on... ;)

Date: Tues, June 21, 2011, 11:05:01 ET
Posted by: The Dean, St. Augustine Beach


You may want to check out some Sonny Rollins, too. Better yet, catch him in concert if you can.

As you probably recall, Lester (AKA Fagen) has a copy of "Sonny Rollins and the Contemporary Leaders" next to his turntable on the Nightfly cover.

I like this pic:

Date: Tues, June 21, 2011, 10:30:17 ET
Posted by: Mike,

Gaucho could've worked just fine with The Second Arrangement occupying either the first or second track (with BS as track #1). I never understood what was wrong with including Kulee Baba, The Bear, I Can't Write Home About You, Kind Spirit, etc. but then Don & Walt always did have their own perspective as to how things should be.

Thanks for posting Runnin' Child. I'd never heard it in its entirety until now.

Date: Tues, June 21, 2011, 09:56:26 ET
Posted by: fagenism, -


Thanks! Interesting you mentioned Horace Silver as I thought about him the other day listening to Rikki. Will download something by him. By the way; did you guys over at the dark side of our little peninsula ever organize a danfest?


Currently listening to the new outing by my favorite quartet The Yellowjackets. With Will Kennedy back in the band, it is just a ride. Having your favorite pianist, drummer and saxophonist in the same group is quite the treat.

Date: Tues, June 21, 2011, 07:58:01 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, oldies/goldies


RE: "What are some of the influences Don and Walt have mentioned during the years, contemporaries and/or oldies?

Some names they constantly seem to drop in interviews are Duke, Miles, Parker et al, but are there others, perhaps less obvious?

I will start. I remember Walter mentioned in a Circus Money feature that he likes the late Elliott Smith.


What about Ray Charles?
And don't forget Horace Silver, who was also recommended by Hoops a while ago. Don & Walt borrowed the theme for "Rikki" from his album title song "Song For My Father".
Silver's records are well worth a visit, and to me, the right one-word description would be "Detetective-Series-Soundtrack-Jazz". (Deckarjazz!)

Date: Mon, June 20, 2011, 17:19:05 ET
Posted by: Jim Steele, Atomic Rooster- Best Band Name EVER

@The Dean: Oh I uploaded that song (hence the obvious Steely Dan referencing username) and yeah, to paraphrase my own thoughts in Beavis and Butthead talk "huh huh prog rock is cool!"

Does anyone notice the beautiful chording sequences in Runnin Child, btw? Dunno if that's their MU chord going for the length of the song but their brilliant harmonic trademarks make so many SD songs instantly distinguishable even without vocals.

Date: Mon, June 20, 2011, 16:54:04 ET
Posted by: The Dean, Manatee Bar.

Jim Steele,

I think Runnin' Child is one of the better early unreleased tunes, too.

I also noticed the person who uploaded this vid (TheFunkyDriver16) also "liked" an Atomic Rooster tune (although not one of their better ones). Still I thought that was pretty cool.

Date: Mon, June 20, 2011, 16:39:41 ET
Posted by: Hadley T, Connecticut

Tell me what's happening

Date: Mon, June 20, 2011, 14:54:28 ET
Posted by: Jim Steele, New Jersey Native!

Hi, here's a great rarity I like and it's called Runnin Child. Esteemed songwriters, Gus Mahler and Tristan Fabriani wrote it and they still play in their concerts to this date! (Special note: The latter statement is as real as Robert Fripp having an affinity for getting his picture taken.)

Enjoy, my Steely Dan acquaintances! Especially you Lurker Bro!

Date: Mon, June 20, 2011, 13:56:04 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, Slap bassing

As you probably have discovered by now, Fever Dreams ARE currently active. In Norway. In someone's head.

Nice writer, Pynchon. Recommended.

Maybe this has been posted before... Not sure, so I give it a go:

IF the information below the video is correct, this is Chuck Rainey, Skunk Baxter, Jimmy Smith, Ed Greene and a handfull of singers doing a funky disco-like version of Josie.

I have no idea where or when this was done. If anyone knows anything more about it, it would be nice if you throwed in som info.

Date: Mon, June 20, 2011, 13:42:11 ET
Posted by: The Dean, St. Augustine Beach


I figured you knew who CB was, but given your comments I wasn't sure.

You really were out there on that one. :#)

Too bad Fever Dreams is no longer active.

Date: Mon, June 20, 2011, 13:29:14 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, throw out your Golden Fangs and see how they roll

I am perfectly aware of Cathy Berberian. That's why I know my associations were merely that.
But since double meanings and obfuscation is not strange to D&W, I allowed my mind to go a little further along that line, and what I found was the Golden Fang.

No trip to NYC for me this summer. I guess I could afford to buy the flight, have a hotel room for two nights and a ticket to one show if I wanted, but I find the whole package to be a bit more stress than relaxation, so I'll stay at home, i think.
If I could extend my stay and go to more concerts, I would surely have thought otherwise. But my wallet says that's not possible now.

I'm really excited to find out what's really in the concept of special setlist nights anyhow, and looking forward to read reviews.

Date: Mon, June 20, 2011, 12:32:37 ET
Posted by: fagenism, -

It is one of those times again; this humble steeler is in need of new grooves to sink his teeth into.

So. It got me wondering... What are some of the influences Don and Walt have mentioned during the years, contemporaries and/or oldies?

Some names they constantly seem to drop in interviews are Duke, Miles, Parker et al, but are there others, perhaps less obvious?

I will start. I remember Walter mentioned in a Circus Money feature that he likes the late Elliott Smith.



Re: NYC gigs. I'm so excited I can barely cope. Any trans-atlantic travel planning going on? Jazzassin, PGE et al?

Date: Mon, June 20, 2011, 12:08:28 ET
Posted by: The Dean, St. Augustine Beach

And here's Cathy showing off her mastery of the roulade in this bizarre (and amusing) interpretation of The Beatles "Ticket to Ride":

Date: Mon, June 20, 2011, 11:59:40 ET
Posted by: The Dean, St. Augustine Beach


You do know that Cathy Berbarian is a real person, right?


"Catherine Anahid Berberian (Attleboro, Massachusetts, July 4, 1925 � Rome, Italy, March 6, 1983) was an American composer, mezzo-soprano singer, and vocalist. She interpreted contemporary avant-garde music, Armenian folk songs, Monteverdi, The Beatles, and her own compositions. Her best known work is Stripsody (1966), in which she exploits her vocal technique using comic book sounds (onomatopoeia)."

Here's a taste:

Date: Mon, June 20, 2011, 11:11:47 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, brickhead

Just some funny Dangential connections - mostly inside my mind, maybe, but anyway:

I'm into reading this double brick-sized 2006 novel "Against the Day" by Thomas Pynchon these days.
In this novel, Pynchon mentiones the "Barbary Coast". Not the coast of the Mediterranean Sea where the Berberians/Barbarians once resided, of course, but rather the old red light district of San Fransisco (which got that name during the Californian gold rush in the middle of the 19th century, when the Aussie immigrants came to town, i think).
Anyway, I came to think about Cathy Berberian, the singer mentioned in "YGT", telling myself this is only a coincidence, and not some double meaning of Cathy "Berberian" - which could've been slang for a "working girl"... (yes, I know this is bs)

Then, thinking of the full lyrics to that bridge on YGT:

Tobacco they grow in Peking
In the Year of the Locust
You'll see a sad thing
Even Cathy Berberian knows
There's one roulade she can't sing
Dumb luck my friend
Won't suck me in this time

Year of the Locust? Where else is does a locust play a significant role in SD's world?
Right, it's on the cover of "Katy Lied". Katy / Cathy? Same girl?

On Katy Lied, track no.7 is "YGT II".

There's not that many different kind of teeth in this world that ever had their songs written by Steely Dan, but the gold version of teeth did actually get TWO songs. Just mentioning it, before I quote from a review of Pynchon's latest novel, "Inherent Vice" (2009), which I have not yet read myself:

"And at the center of it all, there's the Golden Fang, which is certainly a ship but may also be a drug cartel, or a syndicate set up by dentists for tax purposes, or the secret power that controls the world."

I don't know if I even want the world to be that coherent...! :D

Date: Mon, June 20, 2011, 10:56:13 ET
Posted by: Young Wu, Teardrops on the City

Sometimes life is just insanely amazing. Steely Dan in Canandaigua July 23rd, and then Paul McCartney in Detroit the very next day.

So much awesomeness packed in 24 hours. I don't know if I can handle it.

Date: Mon, June 20, 2011, 04:25:01 ET
Posted by: Still Sparkin', Hong Kong

Anyone planning to go to the Danbury, CT show on Monday, July 25 ?

Wild good fortune might put me very close to that spot at that time, and with some planning I think I can wrangle an evening of freedom during my business trip.

I'll leave my email address if anyone has ticket advice or wants to be in touch. Cheers

Date: Sun, June 19, 2011, 23:29:55 ET
Posted by: Lutz, SF

Thanks, Mr. Hoops for putting this sourpuss in his place.
This Lurker type always makes sure, fans here know he has enough dough for it all. But tickets are too expensive for him.
Probable feels like Robin Hood, fighting for the rest of fans here.
You get what you pay for, maybe he needs to go see more SD cover bands. Although he bitches about them too.
Sounds like one of those "expert stalkers" Walter and Donald are trying to avoid.

Date: Sun, June 19, 2011, 20:50:24 ET
Posted by: hoops, chicago

First of all, all of the shows still have a handful of tickets held in reserve--not just "SRO" i.e. Standing Room Only. These, as Dean pointed out, are held for promos, the band, promoters, etc. Of course, getting your mitts on the very limited number of tickets might be a bit more of the roll of the dice. The tickets are almost always released during the afternoon, often a day or two before the show via Ticketmaster (and the like) or on the day of the show at the box office only. So it's chancey but possible.

Now Lurker Ray, I got the idea that you think the ticket prices are too high and the shows are rip off and a bad idea. Yeah,...myself and everyone else is getting the idea that you don't like it.

So L.R., could you give it a rest? Say we all agree with you that ticket prices you have to make it even more miserable by repeating it again and again in dozens of different ways? You're getting worse than the wife from hell.

Some of this stuff you posted below is just rude...even if you're right, it's no way to treat Steely sisters and brothers. Give it a rest, fly low and be cool. If you need to post that ticket prices and the setlist sucks, limit to once or twice a week. If you can't do that get a support group. That's not here.


Date: Sun, June 19, 2011, 17:52:12 ET
Posted by: Holden "Jim Steele" Caulifield, I think I'll change my name!

Date: Sun, June 19, 2011, 17:35:23 ET
Posted by: JS, Your Gold Teeth vs. Your Gold Teeth II, which is better? GO! ;)

Date: Sun, June 19, 2011, 11:42:07 ET
Posted by: the medical science kid, someone's hat's too kuwai anymore

how the eff does lurker ray know how to work youtube?

Date: Sat, June 18, 2011, 22:36:30 ET
Posted by: Greg M, horns

Bumpus, Brecker, Moore, Clemons - now that's a section.

Date: Sat, June 18, 2011, 22:11:52 ET
Posted by: DC madame , K street

"Sold Out" houses and tickets:
Dean is right.

Date: Sat, June 18, 2011, 20:58:40 ET
Posted by: E, Street

RIP Clarence Clemons.

Date: Sat, June 18, 2011, 17:11:11 ET
Posted by: Lurker Ray, Malibu


In all of my years in the theater
& entertainment industry, the term
"Sold Out" has meant just that,
"Sold Out". There might be some SRO
tickets but if the venue is "Sold Out"
with a sign on the marquee or posted at
the box office, it is in fact, "Sold Out".

I believe if you try and buy any seats
for let's say the upcoming Saratoga, CA
or Louisville, KY you will in fact find
that these shows are indeed "Sold Out"
and you will be "SOOL" if you think you
are going to find a ticket.

Of course the NYC shows aren't SOLD OUT
yet because of the prices. I've been saying
that all along. But I also think it also
has to do with the venue and the location.

Just out of curiosity, who else here
went to the Roseland shows in 1995 or

What was the very latest you were able
purchase your tickets? Not including
scalpers or people selling extra tickets.

What "Rarities" night shoulda, coulda been:

52nd Street's the junction and general
admission holds even more than the Beacon.

Date: Sat, June 18, 2011, 14:28:40 ET
Posted by: PL, T

Royalties for Don & Walt?

Date: Fri, June 17, 2011, 19:54:43 ET
Posted by: The Dean, Manatee Bar

Hey, W1P,

You can buy the poster here:

Date: Fri, June 17, 2011, 19:39:31 ET
Posted by: Freud's, Droid

Imagine it, The Dean admonishing Ray with "You can look a bit foolish when you try to twist everything to fit your views". The irony is staggering.

Date: Fri, June 17, 2011, 19:05:36 ET
Posted by: W1P, Sunset Strip

So I'm checking out the Whisky A Go Go website and I come across a page that has old Whisky posters with one for Steely Dan, December 6-10, 1972 with special guest "Woodpecker" Here's the URL Damn the Dan for playing July 9th. There's some other show I have to attend that night. Looks like 7/8 for me (not the time signature)

Date: Fri, June 17, 2011, 18:47:51 ET
Posted by: The Dean, Manatee Bar. Shots, Please.

Ray, what you say makes some sense. But some venues hold back some tickets from immediate sale. They may be for the band, promotional purposes, etc. Virtually every sold out show has some tickets available after it has been sold out. I don't think this show is sold out yet, but there will be good seats available later that aren't available now. That's pretty much the way it works at most places. You can look a bit foolish when you try to twist everything to fit your views. My guess is, the shows will sell out. If they don't it won't be because of price alone. Just IMO of course.

Date: Fri, June 17, 2011, 18:11:46 ET
Posted by: Lurker Ray, Malibuuuur - June Gloom


You are probably the smartest one here.

In these terrible and tough times money
really is an "object" and an important know for silly things like
food, gas, rent......that is is you are
lucky enough to still have a job to earn

Date: Fri, June 17, 2011, 16:13:47 ET
Posted by: angel, LA

Gus: Email bounced back. See previous message, for mine.

W1P: I own 2 Ambrosia CD's (Life Beyond LA and Greatest Hits) and may I state that the song from Rhode Island "Still Not Satisfied" is a guitar lover's dream track... :-)
I have seen them in concert 2 times. One time, right below the "stage". Good shows both times. Especially for almost nothing, price wise.

Very happy that I did not put my lot in for a Beacon show.

Date: Fri, June 17, 2011, 15:39:54 ET
Posted by: Lurker Ray, Malibu


We'll be coming straight from dinner
but I will see what I can do. She
has already picked out the restaurants
for the trip and I am just going to
act as if my AmEx was stolen and
give in. Unfortunately she doesn't
seem to understand that sometimes a
great dinner in NYC is just a couple
of slices. So glad that you were able
to get those great seats so late in the
game, but let's face facts, a historic
show like "Rarities" night should have
been sold out long ago with only SRO left.


That amazing Chet Atkins 1987 PBS special
is now also available on CD. It's a really
great listen. Did anyone catch Ambrosia on
Jimmy Fallon? They did two songs and the
young'ins were ready to write them off as a
Yacht Rock goof but they tore the roof off
the place. They are out on the road this
summer. Highly recommended.

Gaucho -

I still think that Time Out Of Mind
would have been a better closer than
Third World Man. That long and tasty
Knopfler fade IS a closing track IMO.

Date: Fri, June 17, 2011, 14:01:57 ET
Posted by: W1P, LA

I agree that Toy Matinee is no Steely Dan. Then again, it's kind of like saying that Luke Walton is no Kobe Bryant. Pivot. Our LA PBS station has been running a 1987 Chet Atkins TV special called "Certified Guitar Player." I'm not a huge fan of country but I know a number of rock guitarists have cited Chet as a major influence. This show had people like Mark Knofler, Michael McDonald, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Emmylou Harris and the Everly Brothers -- a very nice collection. But what blew me away was a performance of Sunrise that (unbeknownst to me) had originally been recorded by Chet with George Benson. David Pack from Ambrosia played Benson's parts and I was really impressed with his playing. I've never been a huge Ambrosia fan but this might cause me to take another look/listen

Date: Fri, June 17, 2011, 13:58:10 ET
Posted by: angel, LA

Just got the message, Jim and Gus. Look for my email...though I am clueless as to why anyone would want me to.

Anyone hear from my Roseland Husband? He going to anything on the left coast?

Idle thought...I wonder if I will have to dress up for a concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl. lol

In a Live From Daryl's house final mention. One of the shows featured Diane Birch. I really love how she sings and I broke down the other day and got her CD from 2009. Some of you might like to check her out, at least on the episode, which is still in the archives. (Google Search LFDH)
Beautiful, talented as all get out and gee, she even flustered Mr. Hall. ;-)

Date: Fri, June 17, 2011, 13:20:47 ET
Posted by: PGE, AAARRGH! Hang on! Nog �r det v�l �nd� sj�lva den!

THIS is the side 2 I was meanig to post:

Side two

"Second Arrangement"
"Time Out of Mind"
"My Rival"


Date: Fri, June 17, 2011, 13:18:04 ET
Posted by: PGE, Vinyl decision

Side one

"Babylon Sisters"
"Hey Nineteen"
"Glamour Profession"

Side two

"Time Out of Mind"
"My Rival"
"Second Arrangement"

Final single "Time Out Of Mind" b/w "Third World Man"


And a quick "Hello!" to Nicholas Urfe of Phraxos, who yesterday mentioned the tangible Scandinavian quota on the Blue.

I was going to write something grandiose about how we like modern day Vikings set sail on the Internet just to find a friendly shore here on the Blue, but leave it to Jazzassin or some other of my Scandinavian brethren who have a better way with words...

(Meanwhile: No pillaging!)

Date: Fri, June 17, 2011, 11:47:49 ET
Posted by: The Dean, St. Augustine Beach

Gaucho opening with anything other than Babylon Sisters is unthinkable!


Seriously though, BS really makes the album POP right from the get-go, IMO. I just don't think Second Arrangement would be able to to that. Of course, this is based on many years of hearing things the way they are. I'm sure I'd think differently if I heard a different order for all these years.

I think I would have put it between My Rival and Third World Man. But that would disturb the structure in the traditional (old fashioned) vinyl album structure. Side 2 would be too long (or perhaps I should way Side 1 would seem too short). I guess you could re-arrange the album (what a terrible thought) but what would you move to Side 1? Gaucho kills as a Side 2 intro.

The other simpler option would be to make it the last song on Side 1. Based on the perspective of having heard the album countless times, that might be the least disruptive to my world view.

Date: Fri, June 17, 2011, 10:33:16 ET
Posted by: Greg M, White Plains, NY

Hoops - if 2d arrangement was to be included along with 3d world man, (which IMO is the perfect Gaucho...) where would YOU have liked it to appear?

Date: Fri, June 17, 2011, 10:20:45 ET
Posted by: hoops,

I'm trying to remember where I've read this -- I believe it was two sources put together that led me to the following:

--"Gaucho" was always to have seven tracks, set to open with "Second Arrangement."
--"Were You Blind That Day" was not to be on the album, but after the erasure, it was re-worked and added to the album as, of course, "Third World Man."

I can't say I would have liked the album to begin that way.

Really though, I'm racking my brain as to the interview(s) where this was all discussed. I'm sure I've read it in one or two places, interviews with someone connected with the making of the album. Anyone with better brain cells than I?

As always, I believe riffs, progressions and more were salvaged from "Second Arrangement" and were heard on subsequent SD and DF tracks.



Date: Fri, June 17, 2011, 10:11:06 ET
Posted by: Donna Oleanders,

Greg M. -

The LP's closer - right after "Third World Dude".:)

Date: Fri, June 17, 2011, 09:56:54 ET
Posted by: Greg M, The Second Arrangement - thoughts 1 of 2

If fate had turned out differently, and the Second Arrangement was not brutally erased in what can only be described as gross (and heartbreaking) negligence, where does one think it would have appeared on the Gaucho album?

album closer?
side 2 opener?
somewhere in the middle?

thoughts? =)

Date: Thurs, June 16, 2011, 22:06:41 ET
Posted by: steelydoc, near the Tower

Lurker Ray:

Just to clarify: I didn't say that there were plenty of tickets to Rarities Night. I said that I went online and that the first pair that popped up for me was in the 8th row, just left of center, so I grabbed them.

Over the years I have found that it's best NOT to buy tix on the first day...I've gotten real close by waiting and having great seats pop up. I have no idea how many tix remain for Rarities night. Also, I have no idea how Ticketmaster distributes the tix online, it just seems like they hold back great seats and have them available after the first day of sales.

I have found getting Borgata tickets through to be a big pain. I had 4 seats in the 4th row for this summer's show, only to have the Borgata/Comcast server crash as I was checking out. Now there are no decent seats available.

Ray, send me an email and hopefully we can meet before the Rarities night show.

Date: Thurs, June 16, 2011, 20:55:09 ET
Posted by: CJB, YVR

2Picture Deal:

Think Fast, troll.

2003's "Everything Must Go" tour featured no opening act and two sets.

Set Two began with "The Steely Dan Show," which I caught wandering back into Toronto's Molson Ampitheatre (9/14/2003, rescheduled from August after massive Toronto power outage) with my beer. Great show, BTW.

Date: Thurs, June 16, 2011, 20:06:31 ET
Posted by: Aussie Gaucho, Melbourne

Lurker Ray,

I am a life long fan of the Dan, having been introduced to the music by a muso friend back when I was a teenager in the late seventies.

You can probably imagine that we have been starved of the Dans presence in OZ until 2007 when we were eventually lucky enough to experience them live for the first time. Back then, I was fortunate to have landed front row seats at the Melbourne and Sydney concerts and was even luckier when I met some of the touring band at a small venue in Sydney the night before the Sydney concert. Since that Australian concert series back in 2007, I was convinced that we would never see the Dan in OZ ever again! How wrong I was!

The Australian concerts back then were great but I�ve always dreamed of seeing the Dan in NYC � A place that I have dreamed of visiting all my life! Also, so many of the SD songs make reference to NYC and iconic places like �Dean & Deluca� that I would like to experience. So when the Beacon concerts were announced, I stayed up to all hours of the night (time difference to NYC) and purchased the 4 concert package featuring the �21st Century Dan Concert� � which was going to be a massive highlight for me. OZ would/could never experience such a concert, so travelling to NYC was the only way.

The next day or soon after, the Australian tour was announced. Sigh!! - What A bitter-sweet moment. But in hindsight - more sweet than bitter as I also have tickets to the Melbourne and Sydney arena concerts and that means a total of 6 Dan concerts in the space of a month. That, I think will be it for me. I don�t think the boys will ever grace us with their presence in OZ again and by the end of October this year, I would have had my life long fill of �Live Dan�.

Other that the disappointment of the changes to the �21st Century Dan� concert, 2011 is going to be a great year.

I'm looking forward to meeting some real New Yorkers and Dan fans when I�m in town later this year.

Date: Thurs, June 16, 2011, 19:59:42 ET
Posted by: 2 Picture Deal?,


When was last time you were at a show old chum?

They haven't done a two show set since the Bush administration!

[I'll stand you a drink between sets any time, BEFORE the dulcet tones of the "Steely Dan Show" start wafting out of the auditorium]

Date: Thurs, June 16, 2011, 19:04:19 ET
Posted by: Lurker Ray, Malibu

Aussie Gaucho,

If it is any consolation, there
is NO WAY that they were going to
do 2VN & EMG in their entirety in
the first place. "21 Century
Night" was always advertised as -

"21st Century Dan: Featuring songs from 2003's Everything Must Go and 2000's Grammy Album Of The Year Two Against Nature � plus additional selected favorites and hits."

"Featuring SONGS from"

Each of those projects contains
9 tracks for a total of 18 tracks
and 18 to 20 songs is an average
night for the boys lately.

But I DO feel your pain. And D&W
could care less about this decision
or the way this tour has been handled.

Just out of curiosity, did you buy
the NYC tickets before the Aussie
Tour was announced?

Date: Thurs, June 16, 2011, 17:49:44 ET
Posted by: Aussie Gaucho, Melbourne, Australia

First time poster and feel compelled to do so.
After having spent many thousands of dollars (Aussie dollars that is) for my son and I to fly to NYC just for this series of Steely Dan shows at the Beacon - and having bought a 4 concert package of tickets for the two of us, I am extremely disappointed now that the last concert of this series has changed from having a focus of "21st Century Dan" to now being a Hybrid concert with a focus on Royal Scam. NOT FAIR - why would I pay so much money to see Royal Scam twice in such a short period of time. Come on Guys, please reconsider your decision! � I�m sure there are many thousands of fans that would love to hear Two Against Nature and Everything Must Go in their entirety + selected hits. Please Reward us loyal fans that have supported this "21st Century Dan" concert!!!!

Date: Thurs, June 16, 2011, 17:02:16 ET
Posted by: Mike in NYC, NYC

Thanks for the responses. I did not expect the whole set of 21st Century Dan to be made up of the newer material but was hopeful most of it would. Now with Royal Scam plus added, I am worried I'll only get a handful of such songs. If they drop the newer material altogether, I will certainly look to get my money back, or exchange/trade for the Rarities show.

The thing is, I've seen SD a number of times since 1994 and was (ok, still am!) looking forward to seeing what I haven't seen too many times before. Plus, I happen to prefer the newer material at this point to the older material.

I am not a ranter and rarely post here, though I enjoy reading the BlueBook and am grateful for it (and the music, of course) but for $173.00, it was just too annoying and disappointing.

Date: Thurs, June 16, 2011, 16:14:48 ET
Posted by: Lurker Ray, Malibu

Mike In NYC,

Beware, according to steelydoc,
plenty of good seats are still
available for "Rarities" night
also. So don't be surprised
if we eventually see another
"augmentation" over at,

"Rarities + Aja"

"Greed + The Beacon" = Not enough
people buying tickets.

Remember when Donald was upset
after the LA show because people
were able to stand and dance in
Vegas & Temecula yet they didn't
or couldn't in LA? They obviously
LOVE that vibe, so why not go back
to Roseland?!! General Admission
affordable tickets & all of the shows
surely would be sold out by now.

So I guess this recent luster dampening
"augmentation" is just "Shuffle Diplomacy".
And what about the folks who bought the
entire 7 show package? Now they have 2
nights of "Royal Scam" in 3 days.

"Savoir Faire is every-waire!"

Date: Thurs, June 16, 2011, 16:00:56 ET
Posted by: The Dean, Heading to the Manatee Bar


I can understand your consternation, to a point. Did you think the ENTIRE concert was going to be 21st Century selections? That's not the way any of these special setlists have worked so far (based on the past tour). Typically it is the special setlist plus "selected hits" or something to that effect. Instead you are getting Royal Scam as the extra filler. IMO, that's a huge upgrade, but I can see if you would have preferred the "greatest hits" filler.

I completely understand if you are upset if they drop the 21st Century setlist altogether.

BTW, my guess is "Rarities" will also include other stuff, though the website has yet to be changed to make that clear.

Date: Thurs, June 16, 2011, 15:58:13 ET
Posted by: Nicholas Urfe, Phraxos

Tom - I and a few Steely bros. will be at Thackerville. Although it often appears that the Blue is populated only by the urban, the urbane, the Scandanavian (thanks, PGE), and the Down-Under, there are at least a few of us salt-of-the-earth types. I suspect that there will be several from the Blue at Thackerville.

Date: Thurs, June 16, 2011, 13:43:56 ET
Posted by: Mike in NYC, NYC

I know I'm not the only one unhappy at the set lists suddenly being altered, but it really is distressing to see the one night I was very excited about and spent $173.00 for a ticket to, suddenly augmented from "21st Century Dan" to now include "Royal Scam."

I paid that money to see the recent work that I love so much, not half a show of that and half a show of an album that I now find less than compelling. So they are doing this to sell more tickets? To this fan, that show has now lost a bit of its lustre; if they suddenly decide to drop the 21st Century content all together I will return my ticket for full refund to Ticketmaster.

If anyone from the SD camp actually reads these postings: Guys, this is BS. What's the problem, have we not made you wealthy enough all these years? I love the music, and always will; hate being jerked around at these prices.

Date: Wed, June 15, 2011, 23:54:25 ET
Posted by: tom, here

anyone attending Thackerville OK show?
I'll be at that one.

Date: Wed, June 15, 2011, 19:00:36 ET
Posted by: The Dean, Manatee Bar. It's Happy Hour!

OK, I finally checked out the Minutemen's version of Doctor Wu. As you might guess, I wasn't too fond of it. But I guess I can see where it might be "interesting" to some. The vocals (I wouldn't call that singing) were just horrific.

But like Jazzassin, I listened to a couple more of their tunes, and they really weren't all that bad, for that sort of thing.

Date: Wed, June 15, 2011, 17:43:48 ET
Posted by: opener, boston

Is Sam Yahel still supporting in the US? Did Brian Blade play with Sam Yahel in the past? If he is- WOW THIS IS AN ADDED BONUS. Makes the ticket worth it now in my mind.

Date: Wed, June 15, 2011, 16:50:12 ET
Posted by: Dugan,

Hey old timers....anyone out there have Q's email? Many thanks in advance...

Date: Wed, June 15, 2011, 16:02:51 ET
Posted by: Gus Winterbottom, El Segundo cubicle

Thanks, Jim

Date: Wed, June 15, 2011, 14:09:27 ET
Posted by: Ben, Indy

Here's some info that's new to me about the Cincy show:

The Deep Blue Organ Trio's opening the show (and according to their website, other July shows) AND there's a free pre-show wine tasting.

Sideways + Steely Shuffle = Smiles

Date: Wed, June 15, 2011, 13:29:28 ET
Posted by: hoops, sorry about the call out


Please contact Gus Winterbottom.



Date: Wed, June 15, 2011, 12:50:16 ET
Posted by: angel, LA

I was also going to mention the show with Nick Lowe on "Live From Daryl's House". I only listened to it once and tried it again yesterday. It's fun and interesting...but not me, I guess.

Though they did do some good harmony work along the way. :-)

I just booked one of the Hollywood Bowl concerts in July to see Hall and Oates. They aren't getting any younger and I would like to see them once in my life. I KNOW it's just gonna be hits, but being I have never seen them at all, that's OK this time.

3 days after this concert, is Steely Dan. Why do these things always come in bunches? lol

If you are into LFDH, the new episode for this month will turn up today at 8PM. I love the 15th of the month! I just hope Daryl bringing the web show to TV in the fall, doesn't ruin it.

Date: Wed, June 15, 2011, 10:15:52 ET
Posted by: The Dean, St. Augustine Beach


I with you on Toy Matinee. It isn't bad, by any means, just lacking that something special (IMO, of course).

As for Nick Lowe, I have only seen him live once, with Rockpile. That was one of the worst performances I have ever seen. They sounded like a bad bar band. Needless to say, I have not listened to much of his stuff since then. Maybe I will have to try again, in the near future.

Chris, I typically like the SD covers that do not mimic the original (at least I like them more often than the covers that do). But this one was simply too monotonous musically for me to appreciate. But there is a reason for that, apparently.


"...Steely Dan is the best band of the 70s, hands down. They write the best lyrics... they're just the best band -- there's nobody who even comes close. So if I do one and somebody who won't listen to them because the production's too slick or because the harmonies are too multi-layered or the chord changes are too complicated or they don't like time signature changes, then I can do the song and point out to these people that this is a great song. If you hear the way I do it and can get into it then you might ask yourself, "is it my bias that's preventing me from enjoying a great song?" And then maybe you'll go back to the original source and I feel that's my goal there."

Date: Wed, June 15, 2011, 05:33:12 ET
Posted by: hoops, Chicago

Several Steely Dan fans have spoken highly of Toy Matinee through the years. One even kindly sent me a full, legit copy--another sent me a home CD copy. ("Thank you" to you-know-who-you-are.) Even though they made only one album, I note that there have been special audiophile re-releases, etc. So it's hard to ignore.

That said, I kinda see why Danfans like Toy Matinee...they come off as musicians' musicians. But every year or two, I play it and I'm left cold. Perhaps it's the songwriting. Perhaps it's something else. I've tried to really like the CD, but I still get left cold by it. I'm open to the possibility it will click with me but that has not happened--yet.




Date: Tues, June 14, 2011, 18:20:38 ET
Posted by: Nick Lowe, Stuff

Date: Tues, June 14, 2011, 16:50:08 ET
Posted by: Josey, North Attleboro, MA

Love Toy Matinee and the late Kevin Gilbert! There are two other tunes on that Toy Matinee well worth checking out: "Last Plane Out" and "Remember My Name". Also, check out Keving Gilbert's cd THE SHAMING OF THE TRUE! He died before it was finished...drummer Nick D'Virgilio and a few others got involved in making it complete. Great CD!!

Date: Tues, June 14, 2011, 15:14:20 ET
Posted by: Steve M, Scotland

RE: "try "The Ballad of Jenny Ledge" by Toy Matinee. If you didn't know better, you might think it was the Dan".

Just did, superb, never heard of them before. I think I'm going to enjoy checking out the rest of Kevin Gilbert's work.

ps: Alway's felt "And so it goes" had a strong Lizzy feel, never really considered the connection to Reeling before but now you mention it..........

Date: Tues, June 14, 2011, 14:11:34 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, holiday in Cambodia

Used to listen to Lowe a lot in the '80s myself. He once said about songwriting that "most good songwriters has one good song that they write over and over again. Myself, I have two; one slow and one uptempo".

"So it goes" is a good example of what someone (don't remember who) once said: "Everyone steals. The mediocre steals from other mediocres, and real talents steal from other real talents".

Thinking of the punk scene... Back in the 80's I also listened a lot to artists like Dead Kennedys and many other of Jello Biafra's millions of projects (Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbours + more), Violent Femmes, and avantgarde jazz-punk stuff like John Zorn. It was something about the rage and the political and social contexts in wich the punk scene existed that appealed a lot to me back then.

Nowadays, I like the music to be decoupled as much as possible from every other aspect of life, and Steely Dan is standing there on top of everything, pure and refined. And they look so good upon that hill.

Date: Tues, June 14, 2011, 13:55:48 ET
Posted by: W1P, LA

Hey PGE, try "The Ballad of Jenny Ledge" by Toy Matinee. If you didn't know better, you might think it was the Dan. Everyone send out some good thoughts for Clarence Clemons.

Date: Tues, June 14, 2011, 13:29:40 ET
Posted by: PGE,

First time I've heard this song compared to Steely Dan:

"It helped that Nick Lowe's debut solo single was a great record � So It Goes was a brilliant, breezily craven rip-off of Thin Lizzy's The Boys Are Back in Town and Steely Dan's Reelin' in the Years"

Hear it here:

What do you think?

Quote from this article on Stiff Records first release.

The label's original publicity line "If it ain't Stiff..." and so on, made me smile back then. Still does.

Date: Tues, June 14, 2011, 11:39:06 ET
Posted by: Chris, nh

Speaking of covers you all probably won't like:

I enjoy it, probably because it doesn't try to mimick the original whatsoever. And that dude has a great voice.

Date: Tues, June 14, 2011, 11:23:40 ET
Posted by: CJB, YVR

Bullgoose and Jazz,

Thanks for your gracious & classy replies. I'll stand you a drink between sets any time, BEFORE the dulcet tones of the "Steely Dan Show" start wafting out of the auditorium.

2 and a bit weeks and counting 'til Seattle...

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Date: Mon, June 13, 2011, 21:16:04 ET
Posted by: steelydoc, near the Tower

first day of rehearsals today, according to a facebook post by Ready Freddie

Date: Mon, June 13, 2011, 20:29:09 ET
Posted by: the bullgoose, sweet home bonalbo, Australia


Fair point, well made. I like the cut of your jib, young fellow-me-lad, my initialled nemesis. No offence offered or taken.

It's probably time I called off the herring-fuelled berserker, Jazzass, but it is reassuring to have him around watching my back like a norse Batman while I sleep here in the Southland.

It's true I haven't listened to the tune again, but it now appears that I'd missed the point: the Mini Men were in fact delivering a swingeing blow, a significant and ironic jab to the vitals of crusty old farts who wasted their lives learning to sing and work their instruments ever better.
That's valid. To a degree. But for irony and real social comment it is eclipsed more than seven times somewhat by Chain Lightning, don't you think?

That's the thing about SD: they constitute a benchmark, a gold standard, a three minute mile. There are those who can do the music, but they can't come up with the words. There are those who can do the words, but they can't come up with the music. I keep looking, because Don and Walt are not immortal. Someone will turn up. Maybe they have already been born- in North Korea, Guatemala or Oxnard perhaps, but I'm reasonably certain it's not the Mr Minutes, Kanye West or any rapper that I've heard.

The Minute Men have tacked up their shingles in a 'pull my finger' funny sort of neighbourhood. No great skill involved, just audacity. That's valid. I like a fart joke. But in the case of Dr Wu the stink outlasted the laughter, and that's not a neighbourhood I'll be revisiting in a while.

But credit where credit's due; at least the Minute Men aren't Nick Cave, and for that I thank them.


Date: Mon, June 13, 2011, 20:29:00 ET
Posted by: the bullgoose, sweet home bonalbo, Australia


Fair point, well made. I like the cut of your jib, young fellow-me-lad, my initialled nemesis. No offence offered or taken.

It's probably time I called off the herring-fuelled berserker, Jazzass, but it is reassuring to have him around watching my back like a norse Batman while I sleep here in the Southland.

It's true I haven't listened to the tune again, but it now appears that I'd missed the point: the Mini Men were in fact delivering a swingeing blow, a significant and ironic jab to the vitals of crusty old farts who wasted their lives learning to sing and work their instruments ever better.
That's valid. To a degree. But for irony and real social comment it is eclipsed more than seven times somewhat by Chain Lightning, don't you think?

That's the thing about SD: they constitute a benchmark, a gold standard, a three minute mile. There are those who can do the music, but they can't come up with the words. There are those who can do the words, but they can't come up with the music. I keep looking, because Don and Walt are not immortal. Someone will turn up. Maybe they have already been born- in North Korea, Guatemala or Oxnard perhaps, but I'm reasonably certain it's not the Mr Minutes, Kanye West or any rapper that I've heard.

The Minute Men have tacked up their shingles in a 'pull my finger' funny sort of neighbourhood. No great skill involved, just audacity. That's valid. I like a fart joke. But in the case of Dr Wu the stink outlasted the laughter, and that's not a neighbourhood I'll be revisiting in a while.

But credit where credit's due; at least the Minute Men aren't Nick Cave, and for that I thank them.


Date: Mon, June 13, 2011, 19:17:23 ET
Posted by: SF DanFan, Outside Mr. Chow's

Alas, not tix available for the saratoga, CA show so I'll be unable to see the boys this time around. However, sw them twice in LA and 3 times in SF last year, so I've had my fill. Enjoy fellow Dan Fans!

Date: Mon, June 13, 2011, 18:13:53 ET
Posted by: Lurker Ray, Malibu - Welcoming Back The Sun & Heat

steelydoc �

"good seats still available for the Rarities Night at the Beacon, I grabbed a pair in the 8th row today..."

So glad to hear you were able to get some great seats. I�ll be in the 10th row and I still am putting the Neosporin on my wounds left after the $500 mugging I received. All from the comfort of my desk and I haven�t even stepped foot in the Big Apple yet.

That show should have been sold out over a month ago. I mean really, the Beacon only holds 2900 souls. It�s confirmation that especially in these difficult and incredibly hard times in America, only us lunatic fans are willing to get mugged and submit to the insane, crass and greedy cash grab that is The Steely Dan 2011 Beacon run.

I also secured some great seats today. I bought 2 great seats to the "Book Of Mormon" and the top price was only $137 and that show just won the Tony Award for best new musical last night!!!!! I also think the Beacon still turns people off, especially the locals who have been there before and that has kept people from dumping their money to see this years string of Steely Dan fundraisers for orphaned Bard grads. All one had to do was to watch last night�s Tony Awards live from the Beacon to see that if you are not on the main floor in the first 20 rows, you better bring your binoculars, a pillow for your straining back or some Diamox for altitude sickness.

So good seats are still available for "Rarities" night. I�m sure it�s just a matter of time before we see that they have also "Chunked Up" that night with a new update at "Rarities - Plus Aja" could be next. Or maybe if some of the fans are lucky, they will drastically drop the prices as the shows draw near like they had to do at the Beacon in 2009. If they had priced these shows fairly instead of the using the gluttonous approach, they wouldn�t be having this problem. And there is nothing worse than going to a show and finding out the guy sitting next to you just bought his tickets at the window before he walked in and paid a third less for his seats.

Date: Mon, June 13, 2011, 16:55:12 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin,

That was a good answer! Musical preferences and likings are indeed hard, sometimes impossble to explain or justify, and I guess it's not much more to say about that.

Anyone who dismisses a given band or song speaks only for him/herself of course, but it's often much emotions and strong opinions involved in being a fan of this or that, and sometimes the temperature rises above normal. It should be no surprise though, that punk versions of SD songs will recieve mixed responses here, since they as a rule will have little or nothing of the typical qualities that applies to the Dan's music, and some of us are pretty nasty sometimes as well. I can be.
But nasty is ok as long as it's humorous, isn't it? Personal attacks is not cool though. I can't speak for our aussie brother of course, but I'm still convinced it was never meant as an insult towards you personally.
It sure was insulting to The Minutemen, but hey, that's the cost of releasing a record; some will love it, some will slaughter it. In this case I, like the bullgoose, have blood on my shirt, indeed.
Besides, The Minutemen was a punk band. Insults and provocations are their home ground. I'm sure they can take it.

I hope people will continue to post links to all kinds of SD covers anyway, and as long as there are no personal attacks on eachother involved in the responses, everything is fine.

Out of pure curiousity I listened to 5 more songs from that album by The Minutemen, and it's a fact that they don't suck half as much as I thought - when they just stay off Steely songs. Especially the bass player and drummer has some good stuff going on sometimes. But those qualities for some reason wasn't present in their Wu cover, imho. Punk bands as a rule freely admits their musical limitations, and TM doing Dr. Wu seems more and more like a some kind of internal ironic humour to me. Or maybe It's just me wanting it to be that way, so I won't go into a serious depression over it... ;)

It will never be my cup of tea, though. I've NEVER said it before, and now I say it again: Don't open your mind too much, or your brain will fall out. ;)

Date: Mon, June 13, 2011, 16:54:54 ET
Posted by: steelydoc, near the Tower

good seats still available for the Rarities Night at the Beacon, I grabbed a pair in the 8th row today...

Date: Mon, June 13, 2011, 15:50:01 ET
Posted by: CJB, YVR

Wikipedia has lots more information about "Double Nickels on the Dime," including lots of reasons for the Minutemen's importance to independent music in the 80s/90s and beyond, eloquently expressed by folks closer to the "scene" than me:

Date: Mon, June 13, 2011, 15:43:16 ET
Posted by: CJB, YVR


Good question. A cover of "Dr Wu," however sloppily removed from the original, is a brave and decent thing for a group of straight-up balls-to-the-wall SoCal punk musicians to have recorded AND PUBLISHED in the early 1980s. It says in unequivocal terms to the Minutemen's fan base, and to the hardcore crowd in general, "There is more in the world of music than the 'hardcore genre,' or the 'punk genre,' or musical genres in general." It also says, again unequivocally, "You can sound like one thing, while also liking things that have no apparent relationship to your 'sound' at all." It's a brave gesture of inclusivity and openness, and I was a bit disappointed to hear it dismissed off-the-cuff as "rubbish," a term I have also heard applied, by my rap- and alterna- leaning friends, to tracks like "True Companion" or anything ever sung by Walter Becker.

SD is probably my favorite band ever, one I've seen 6+ times and travelled all over North America to catch. But also I like the Minutemen (not to mention Ornette Coleman, and Albert Ayler, also accused in their day of of sounding like "rubbish"). And Destroyer, MF Doom, the Bee Gees, and lots of other musicians that the crowd sees fit to routinely blow off or dismiss.

Date: Mon, June 13, 2011, 14:48:03 ET
Posted by: Ben, Indy

The 7/15 show at The Murat in Indy is also sold out. I'd like to grab a tic for Louisville, so maybe some seats will open as the date approaches. The Nashville show has some tickets left, and that venue looks pretty cool.

Date: Mon, June 13, 2011, 14:29:54 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, haven't a clue, as usually.

Lighten up, man. The bullgoose never dissed you. He dissed The Minutemen. As I read his comment, the part where he described you as "a kindly soul", was probably the one part that can be taken literally, and since you never said anything about your personal feelings about The Minutemen's version, no one could guess you actually liked it.

Personally I don't find the bullgoose's comparisions exaggerated at all, just hilariously funny. When you used the term "eccentric", it sounded like you just wanted to express skepticism in an ironic way.

Of course it's ok to have a broader and eventually different taste in music than some of us bitter old farts over 30, and no one should have to defend their musical taste either, but it would be interesting to hear in which way you think this version is cool for musical reasons. Please educate me!
To me it sounded excactly like as if The Minutemen wanted to prove beyond doubt that they can't play well, can't sing well, can't re-arrange a fantastic, classic piece of popular music well, and can't record their poor attempt well, either. So what's left to like? The absurdity of such a band actually doing a SD cover? Maybe The Minutemen is just being ironic as well? I haven't a clue, so I really need help to understand their greatness.

However, if you after all in fact agree that it's musically worthless, ironic or not, it would be equally interesting to hear in what way the bullgoose's comment was not funny.

TO Danfan,
Tracic news about Big Man Clemmons. I read an interview recently where he said the first stroke made the ongoing tour a living hell for him. Let's hope for a recovery.

Yes, the Shuffle Diplomacy Tour could actually be the last tour, even if D&W still seems to be healthy and strong. Everything comes to an end, and everything must go. I hope it's not yet.

Date: Mon, June 13, 2011, 13:25:14 ET
Posted by: TO Danfan, So sad

I have expressed here a few times my equal love of SD and Bruce.

I now sit here totally stunned and sad at the news that Clarence "Big Man" Clemons suffered a massive stroke and clings to life after brain surgery. Get well Big Man....I just read you are showing miracle improvement.

I attended the last show of the Bruce '09 tour in Buffalo with rampant rumours beforehand that it would be the last E Street Band live show. Bruce seemed to put those rumours to rest with his comments at the concert. Alas, it may now be true for all the wrong reasons.

So my fellow Steely Dan fanatics, if you don't have tickets yet for this tour just never know if it is the last one.

Date: Mon, June 13, 2011, 13:23:08 ET
Posted by: Another, Scurvy Brother

Speaking of less-charitable reviewers, Robert Christgau called the Minutemen's "Dr. Wu" cover his favorite thing on their "A-" record:

"I have my faves throughout, topped by a Steely Dan cover that wouldn't have survived first weed, and I'm not sure I'd like them so much at a different pace."

That's right, Christgau admits it's not great--but it is a lot of fun. I think "eccentric" was the right word.

Date: Mon, June 13, 2011, 12:48:36 ET
Posted by: CJB, YVR

Hey Bullgoose,

You must be right. You sure sound right. I mean, as right as those guys who regularly post here dismissing that new-fangled "rap" thing that the kids are into nowadays, the kids who never saw that show at the Record Plant, or that other show at the Borgata. That Kanye fellow, the one who ruined Kid Charlemagne, wasn't he on "South Park?"

Anyway, thanks for setting a young whippersnapper straight. Hope you enjoy the winery show.

Date: Mon, June 13, 2011, 10:36:03 ET
Posted by: tp, texas

anyone attending Thackerville show?

Date: Mon, June 13, 2011, 10:35:01 ET
Posted by: tp, texas


Date: Mon, June 13, 2011, 08:26:30 ET
Posted by: Dan Belcher, Louisville, KY

El Sup, looks like you're right. The Louisville Palace show is already a sellout. That's fantastic. Good thing I already have my ticket!

Date: Mon, June 13, 2011, 08:02:21 ET
Posted by: the bullgoose, sweet home bonalbo, Australia

Thanks, Jazzass; Sage of the Fjords

Date: Mon, June 13, 2011, 07:10:40 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, just blew a funnyfuse. I can never laugh again.

"The Bluebook - Steely Dan fans message board, and a page where the bullgoose sometimes tells less developed species what's what".

Fantastic! :D :D

Date: Mon, June 13, 2011, 06:04:44 ET
Posted by: the bullgoose, sweet home bonalbo, Australia

Hey, CJB,
You certainly are a kindly soul. That's plain to see, inasmuch as you referred to The Minutemen's assault upon Dr Wu as, 'eccentric'. Less charitable reviewers might characterise it as,'lamentable', 'ill-advised', or more accurately, ' an egregious offence against taste, decency, the auditory nerve and the common good'.

The spaniard, who proclaimed himself a bullfighter after having once honked a bicycle horn; the kid who found a picture of a Band Aid wrapper and decided it qualified him to perform open heart surgery; the Alaskan politician who felt qualified to pronounce on international affairs because her latest rifle came packed in shredded newspaper, none of these clowns would be more out of their depth than the Minutemen were when when they decided to bite off Dr Wu.
No I didn't like it. Not at all. But that might be just because it's rubbish.

Date: Sun, June 12, 2011, 18:18:40 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin,

Klaus, I tried to email you right now, but got a delivery failure.
Could you click on my handle and send me a mail, or use this:

jazzassin at gmail dot com

Date: Sun, June 12, 2011, 17:00:26 ET
Posted by: Klaus and the rooster, ohio

Jazzman/ I too dont have a clue how to work the melodica but will enjoy having one on display. Wow a early Hagstrom is indeed a score bet it sounds great! Are you going to get a chance to see our boys this year? Must be a major investment from Norway/ would enjoy meeting you some day. Maybe if you come to Detroit or if I come to Oslo?

Date: Sun, June 12, 2011, 13:52:32 ET
Posted by: Phrad,

Guy who builty Ticketmaster in 1980s did NOT sleep through a Steely Dan concert circa 1993, but did sleep through the Rolling Stones and Neil Diamond.

Date: Sun, June 12, 2011, 13:19:02 ET
Posted by: CJB, YVR

Anyone heard this eccentric cover before? I hadn't.

3 weeks to Seattle...

Date: Sun, June 12, 2011, 10:53:53 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin,

That's good news! Hope the Carvin plays as good as it looks!
I've got my hands on an early '50s Hagstr�m accoustic archtop w/ a DeArmond mod.1000 external pickup. It's marvellous, and I'm in love!

Melodica? That's nice, but I always thought it should be called "Melancholodica", due to the character of the sound. ;)
Always loved them, but I really suck at playing anything with black & white keys. :D

Yes, that was Rick D. soloing on Chain Lightning of course, and also slide on Show Biz Kids, and rhythm on My Rival, Greenflower Street and The Nightfly. So the man is really a versatile and merited SD guitarist who seems to know exactly what to do in different contexts.

Young Wu,
I totally agree to every word. Though Rick D and everyone else on stage were excellent players, they couldn't do much to compensate for the somewhat boring repertoire or the fact Ringo's vocal at times were so off-key it was a pain...

Lurker Ray,
That impossible dream of D & W alone on stage doing those songs was a beautiful image, even if it will never happen in real life. The mere thought of it gave me goosebumps.

But "internal monologue", you say? Thanks, now I got a name for those voices that I hear. I thought I was just slightly becoming psychotic, but "internal monologue" sounds much cooler, of course! :D

RIP Alan "Mr. Fabulous" Rubin.

Date: Sun, June 12, 2011, 10:45:56 ET
Posted by: ESP,

Don't know if anyone posted the following link. Great studio trumpeter Alan Rubin passed away this week @ 68. He played trumpet on DF's Kamakiriad:

Date: Sun, June 12, 2011, 10:16:26 ET
Posted by: Hutch,

SaxMan - How was the Rosenberg show?

Date: Sun, June 12, 2011, 07:56:40 ET
Posted by: tudkltc, GiEzTCVloSdvTsa

8kTwYA , [url=]mlscsmihcwfc[/url], [link=]wljbbaguozua[/link],

Date: Sun, June 12, 2011, 01:05:43 ET
Posted by: Young Wu, Buffalo

Jazzassin, I saw the current edition of the All Starr Band last summer. Paid 20 bucks for lawn seats. It was cool seeing Ringo, but the show wasn't very good. Bland baby boomer pop played to death on the radio.

Overall, not too bad... but I think I overpaid.

Date: Sat, June 11, 2011, 23:21:53 ET
Posted by: Klaus and the rooster, Ohio

Jazzman/ Right you are my friend' Sloopy is a unofficial anthem for the Ohio State Buckeyes. [ please no jokes from the Michigan fans]. By the way Jazz I ordered that Carvin FG1 and even got a melodica ala Donald that the wife found at a garage sale! If I am not mistaken isnt the smoking guitar solo in Chain Lightning Rick Derringer?

Date: Sat, June 11, 2011, 19:29:50 ET
Posted by: uqpydd,

agoKol <a href="">bckzqctffkcd</a>, [url=]lokeeohpzhye[/url], [link=]oadmarygddmi[/link],

Date: Sat, June 11, 2011, 18:28:15 ET
Posted by: Lurker Ray, Maliburrrr - While Other Cities Sizzle

�Chunked Up�?????

So the NYC sales for a �21st Century� night did not go so well?
I still think that NYC isn�t the best place to be doing multiple nights. They obviously didn�t learn their lesson in 2009 when ticket sales were so soft for many of the nights in NYC that they had to bring in Larry Carlton to help put butts in the seats. LA is sold out except for a few stragglers and the Greek has twice the capacity as the Beacon, so that is like selling out 4 shows and you will see that Boston tickets went like hotcakes if you check the Telecharge site and they have only been on sale for a little over a week now. The Big Apple these days can be a daunting draw and a financial drain and just a plain hassle. I think even locals are often reticent to come into the city to see shows.

Or did The Donald & Wally (Or just �one� of them) decide they did not want to have to perform/learn that many tracks, including �deep cuts� off of 2VN or EMG? Each of those projects has 9 tracks, but so does
�Royal Scam�. So that means easily just about half of the show now will be Royal Scam. I was so bummed that I was going to have to miss �21 Century� night and now I am not so sure I should be that broken up.

Did they ever consider the lucky folks who bought the entire 7 night package? So now these fans are going to have to see Royal Scam twice in the span of three nights? At least perhaps they will do Royal Scam the last part of the closing night. Many here agree that starting a show with KC just doesn�t play in Peoria.

I would love to hear what the lucky fans going to all 7 shows think about this latest �Chunky Diplomacy�.

How about "Chunking Up" the other shows across the States & Canada this summer!! Now that would be worthy of lame update.


�Canyon Ladies� � So true!!


That�s a big honking �IF�. But I too have my fantasies about
�Rarities� night. Like the one involving just Donald on the Rhodes and Walter on the bass and they both sing �You Go Where I Go� & �Stone Piano�.

Pure fantasy. But we all have fantasies. But sometimes it's better to keep our "internal monologue" to ourselves ;O)

Date: Sat, June 11, 2011, 18:18:50 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, vaguely Dangential, but anyway...9 hours since anyone's last post

Dan affiliate Rick Derringer just played at the Norwegian Wood Festival in Oslo tonight w/ Ringo Starr & His All Star Band.
They did both Rick's old hit "Rock'n Roll, Hoochie Koo" and "Hang On Sloopy" (which I think is kind of a "national anthem" for the state of Ohio, right Klaus?) Not fantastic by any means I'm afraid, though The Zehringer can still rock.

Date: Sat, June 11, 2011, 09:16:18 ET
Posted by: Rei, Norway

If The Rareities night is going to include songs like Second Arrangement, Kulee Baba and Kind Spirit, I think it's going to be a very special night.

Date: Sat, June 11, 2011, 04:05:53 ET
Posted by: cbwhlybtx, yhknsBOXQBhufYi

Bzcm1k <a href="">isydudtaeobc</a>

Date: Fri, June 10, 2011, 21:50:28 ET
Posted by: M/O/D/P, Toronto

Thanks for the "Circus Monkey" story, Jazzasssin! I appreciate the much-needed smirk. Here are a couple of my own.

Back in June 2008, I travelled from Toronto to NYC to see SD at the Beacon, and at the time I had only a digital download of WB's latest solo offering. I figured I should also get a hard copy, so I asked for one just prior to showtime at the swag booth. The response of the girl who sold me the disc was priceless: "Yeah, yeah, the Circus Monkey! I been sellin' a lotta this one tonight!" She pronounced it "Soy-cus Monkey", and with a fair degree of Brooklynese enthusiasm I might add. I didn't have the heart to correct her.

Later that same evening, after Sam Yahel's set, I overheard the folks in front of us talking about - you guessed it - a shiny-noo CD from Walter Becker called "Circus Monkey". From the tone of the conversation, I gathered that they hadn't actually heard it yet. After hearing them refer to the title erroneously around a dozen times ("Circus MONKEY? What does he mean by that?"), I helpfully chimed in with the correct title. "NO! It's MONKEY!", I was told emphatically by the Knowledgeable SuperFan who later, during the headliners' performance, regaled all of us within listening distance with rivetting stories of her personal and work life whenever the band played a song she didn't like or recognize. My guess is that she still calls the thing "Circus Monkey", that is, if she calls it at all.......

Date: Fri, June 10, 2011, 20:59:04 ET
Posted by: El Sup, Louisville, KY

Looks like the 8/17 Steely Dan show at the Palace theatre in Louisville, KY has sold out.

El Sup

Date: Fri, June 10, 2011, 17:28:03 ET
Posted by: The Dean, Manatee Bar. It's Happy Hour!

The first time I heard Canyon Ladies I thought, "Walt and Don wrote a better Rolling Stones' song than the Rolling Stones."

Date: Fri, June 10, 2011, 15:21:28 ET
Posted by: Augie, DC Baby

Lurker Ray} Thanks for the Navasota! That was totally bitchin!!! And the whole LP to boot. Very cool of you.

J. Steele Chicago} Thanks for tune! But you were right, pretty crappy. When are you going to upload "Proud To Be Your Slave" so
we can downlaod it? Is it any better than "Tell Me A Lie"?

Thanks again guys and have a great weekend!

Date: Fri, June 10, 2011, 14:27:50 ET
Posted by: PaulaJo, NY

Thank you Jazzassin. I hope a digest comes out soon!

Date: Fri, June 10, 2011, 13:04:58 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, not here, not there - but somewhere


Excerpt from the page where we write comments:

"Unless it is within 72 hours of a particular show, all offers & requests for tickets should be emailed to"

If you sent an email with your offer to the DandomDigest, Hoops will probably include it in the next issue of the DandomDigest, which is a newsletter to which you can subscribe.

This is the BlueBook, and your offer will not be visible here, I think.

Date: Fri, June 10, 2011, 12:53:17 ET
Posted by: SaxMan, New York

Going to check out Roger Rosenberg tonight at Smalls Jazz club in NYC.

Date: Fri, June 10, 2011, 12:45:40 ET
Posted by: PaulaJo, NY

I sent a message regarding Tanglewood tickets I had for sale to dandom digest. How long before anyone will be able to see this? It said there is a ticket exchange but I don't see a link. Did I do this properly or did I skip a step or something?

Date: Fri, June 10, 2011, 12:00:15 ET
Posted by: Lem, H

I usually buy creamy peanut butter. But the other day, for some reason I opted for chunky. Dan Karma for sure. Anyone know if it was Skip Gildersleeve's idea.

Date: Fri, June 10, 2011, 11:11:51 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, Circus Monkey

Just a fun fact post:

Here in Norway we have a subscription based streaming service called WiMP (Wireless Media Player).

Until a few months ago, Circus Money was wrongly named "Circus Monkey".
I e-mailed them, and after a while it was corrected, though.

Circus Monkey.... close, but no cigar, WiMP!

I guess Walter would've laughed his guts out over that one.. :D

Date: Fri, June 10, 2011, 10:36:46 ET
Posted by: Nicholas Urfe, Phraxos

6-11-2003 - EMG released.
6-11-2008 - C$ released.

6-11-2011 - Alas, we wait.

Date: Fri, June 10, 2011, 10:10:55 ET
Posted by: Lavigne, QsxrmkgoCoJ

Hey, you’re the goto expert. Tahkns for hanging out here.

Date: Fri, June 10, 2011, 09:04:00 ET
Posted by: steelydoc, near the tower has been updated: the final Beacon show has been "chunked up" as D and W say.....

Date: Fri, June 10, 2011, 07:21:10 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, making a 2nd arr.

...and here are all of them:

I guess I had actually heard all three of them before, just forgot that 19 sec. excerpt without lyrics.

Date: Fri, June 10, 2011, 01:58:28 ET
Posted by: 2nd Arrangement,

Three versions:
1. Full band with lead and background vocals
2. Piano/Rhodes demo with lead vocal and different lyrics
3. 18 second snip of alternate arrangement, no vocals

The reason for the placeholder lyrics is because they never completed the final lyrics and abandoned the song after the attempted re-recording.

Hoping for final lyrics in NY.

Date: Fri, June 10, 2011, 01:17:06 ET
Posted by: Gus Winterbottom, behind the curve


Actually, I had not listened to the Inside MusiCast interview as of last night (it is running as this is written), so I didn't understand the context of your question about the real lyrics. It will be interesting to see how (or if) this question is answered at the Beacon (or sooner?)

Date: Thurs, June 09, 2011, 17:37:52 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, Oh, we have both kinds. Both country AND western.


It was just a suggestion. I really don't know what software Jim S uses for conversion, so it was more or less a shot in the dark.
Like yours, my system has normally no problem with differing between stereo and 2 ch. mono, or to tag the files properly.

But this file is actually tagged stereo, yet what I hear is 2 ch. mono...

That said, I must reluctantly admit I hardly trust my own ears anymore, as my right ear's hearing has become slightly reduced and got a moderate tinnitus instead.
And the stereo mixing and separation is often a bit less than ideal on a lot of recordings from the 60's/early 70's. (Sometimes quite "experimental" use of the stero technology as well, to say the least... kind of "bass-in-left-channel-and-drums-and-vocal-in-right-channel-with-piano-and-guitars-in-the-middle type stereo :D)

Let's hope Jim S will check in and answer the more interesting question about the flipside, at least. If it's like you say, that the stereo version is better, it would be nice to hear that one too, if that's really what's on the flipside of the single.

I'm really not a country guy, so for me it's mostly because of the songwriters D&W, that I care to listen to it anyway, but it would be nice to compare the two versions. Always interesting even when it's not my primary cup of tea. And all things Dangential is mandatory.

Not a country guy? Ok, I dig alot of country as well, but another kind of country... Bluegrass... and Hank Williams III (madman no 1!!), i.e. But that's for another forum, I guess.

Date: Thurs, June 09, 2011, 16:12:02 ET
Posted by: Lurker Ray, Malibu


Yup, I've had the same exact lyrics
for years. I think we all have.
But you did actually listen to the
Mounsey interview right? He said
that Donald laughed in his face and
said the lyrics to Second Arrangement
were placeholders! Basically
gibberish according to The Donald.
So again I ask, "What are the real
lyrics"????? We will probably now
never know.


That's odd, because whenever I
convert anything MONO and/or burn it,
it plays back MONO and my media player
says so. My bigger question still is,
"What is the flipside"? The reason I ask
is because the original STEREO version of
TMAL is the way the song was actually
recorded and sounds the best. The MONO
version was for AM play and not for the FM
market back in the day. You can clearly
hear the difference, and unlike let's say
many Beatles recordings where the MONO
version is often better, that would not be
the case with this 1975 recording.

Date: Thurs, June 09, 2011, 13:52:07 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, Not a guitar...

...more like a piano w/ no black keys, except this one plays a G major scale, not C like on a real piano. But the the half-notes not used in the G major scale is not possible to generate in this doodle guitar, as far as I can see.
A bit disapointing. I wanted to play the intro to Josie.

@KD, Chris:

Three versions?? Interesting. Is there any possibility anyone could point us to the third version, alternatively upload it somewhere if it's not already out there?

Date: Thurs, June 09, 2011, 13:18:49 ET
Posted by: Les, More info

Each row on the keyboard plays the scale if you hit the keys in sequence from left to right. So letters don't correspond to traditional notes. Can only record up to 30 seconds according to ABCnews...

Still neat, though, imo...

Date: Thurs, June 09, 2011, 12:49:45 ET
Posted by: Les Paul, More info

You can strum the guitar with your mouse pointer or you can press keys, presumably certain letters match their traditional corresponding notes. No idea how to sharps and flats or chords. I'll leave that to the musical types around here.

Date: Thurs, June 09, 2011, 12:43:49 ET
Posted by: Les Paul, Google Doodle

Hey, check out the Google Doodle on the main search page...

It's in tribute to my 96th birthday and lets you not only strum the guitar strings, but also do a quickie recording of your musical attempt just by toggling the black "record" box (the red light turns on/off).

Here's my worthless little clip I recorded...

But I have no musical talent. I wonder if anyone who does can actually play something worth hearing. Or even a snippet of a Dan tune. Go check it out while you can and feel free to share your result back here if you come up with something good.

I think it's the best Google Doodle ever!

Date: Thurs, June 09, 2011, 12:41:35 ET
Posted by: Chris, nh

KD, THREE versions you say? I have heard two - one with a full band that sounds like it was "finished" (the version they re-recorded when part of it was deleted) and a piano/bass demo with different lyrics. What's the third?

Date: Thurs, June 09, 2011, 10:11:27 ET
Posted by: Greg M, white plains

Ray, I tried to email you but it wouldn't go through. Please email me. Thank you.

Date: Thurs, June 09, 2011, 09:36:27 ET
Posted by: scuffy, london

Normally a lurker here but wanted to point this interview excerpt out. They clearly considered playing Second Arrangement live in the nineties so I'd say it's a probable for the rarities night.

JAM!:Did you revisit anything like "Second Arrangement" or some of the songs that didn't end up on "Gaucho"?

Becker: Well, "Second Arrangement", we have a pretty good recollection of. We looked at it at one point thinking we might want to play it live, and there were some other tunes from that period where we have tracks that we cut or that we worked on a little bit. But we weren't considering doing any of those for this record. The whole idea for us was to write new songs. If we wanted to go back and finish songs that we wrote in the '70s ...

Date: Thurs, June 09, 2011, 03:58:03 ET
Posted by: KD, etc

It kills me how much I still obsess over 'The Second Arrangement,' and its backstory does nothing to inspire the interest. The song is that brilliant. Returned home earlier this week to incessantly listen to all three versions over and over for almost an hour.

Date: Thurs, June 09, 2011, 00:58:26 ET
Posted by: Gus Winterbottom, Torrance, CA


Following is a Bluebook post (by the Rajah, if I am not mistaken) from around April 30, 2007. At least that is the date my file was created.


The Second Arrangement may have been Balkanized by Don here and there into smaller bits and pices, yes, Nightfly but no Steely Dan song came close to this great lyric as far as it speaks to the stone cold young man crawling like a viper from woman to woman:

Pour out the wine, little girl
I've got just two friends in this whole wide world
Here's to reckless lovers
We all need somebody
Stashed in the yellow Jag
I've got my life and laundry in this Gladstone bag
You should know the program
Just one red rose and a tender goodbye
[One last goodbye]

And I run to the second arrangement
It's only the natural thing
LaRue steps out with no regrets
A sparkling conscience
A new address
Then I run to the second arrangement
The home of a mutual friend
Now's the time to redefine the first arrangement again

It's a sticky situation
A serious affair
I must explain it to you somehow
Right now I'll just move back one square

Here comes that noise again
Another scrambled message from my last best friend
Something I can dance to
A song with tears in it
Old friends abandon me
It's just the routine politics of jealousy
Someday we'll remember
That one red rose and one last goodbye
[One last goodbye]

Very different sentiments here than, say, Great Pagoda, what? Yes, Ethel, decades do change even the most unconscionable piggy bank shaker. Here's one last red rose and a tender goodbye to the stone cold taker that was.

Date: Wed, June 08, 2011, 22:33:29 ET
Posted by: shark de ville, up on the hill

J. Steele & L.Ray... thank you. you guys rule!!!

Date: Wed, June 08, 2011, 21:32:20 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, with a big, retarded smile. Drooling.

@Jim Steele & Lurker Ray,

Thanks for your kind sharing of these gems. I really appreciate it.

Btw, I guess the "stereo" tagging of Jim's TMAL mp3 file is just how his software/media player tags everything by default. The source may be as "mono" as it gets, but as long as it's split into two separate channels when played back on a stereo turntable, and bussed into the stereo input of a computer, the media player thinks it's stereo even if those two channels carry identical signals. It's "Dual Mono", really.

Re: Mounsey.... That was entertaining, partly shocking, and I agree to Ray and fagenism's thoughts on the subject.

Personally, I can't change history, and I love Don and Walt for being exactly as excentric as they were/are. But then again, I'm not a hired session musician.

Date: Wed, June 08, 2011, 20:29:42 ET
Posted by: Lurker Ray, Malibu


When I play your MP3 it says �Stereo� but your pic shows the Mono side and it sounds Mono. What is your 45 backed with?

Yo scurvies, Yo dudes, here is a link for a great song written during the same period but recorded 3 years earlier and it actually rocks. �Canyon Ladies� by Navasota another �obscure country-pop group �. How can you not groove to this tune?! Part Joe Cocker, part Rolling Stones and part Steely Dan. Killer horns & (actual) strings by Donald & Walter, featuring background vocals by Howie Kaylan & Mark Volman (Citizen Steely Dan!) Clydie King, Shirley Mathews and Jackie Ward and Donald plays piano on the track. Laural Canyon Ladies? Benedict Canyon Laies? What a time to be in LA.

As a matter of fact here is the ENTIRE album. Cause you just also gotta hear the last track �Spring Creek�. Another track with killer (actual) strings by Donald & Walter, featuring background vocals by Howie Kaylan & Mark Volman, Clydie King, Shirley Mathews and Jackie Ward and again Donald plays piano, but check out the strings at the end!! Dixie Dregs meets Steely Dan. All done on the ABC Record dime.

And don�t miss, �Ballad Of A Young Man� featuring Jeff Skunk Baxter on Pedal Steel and Donald on piano and again background vocals by Howie Kaylan & Mark Volman.


RAR Password(Keeping it real�)is: sam1957

Nice full artwork scans & credits here:


Re: the Mounsey interview. So what are the actual lyrics to �Second Arrangement� � (allegedly Fagen's favorite tune)?????

Crazy. So I guess there is no way that is coming to �Rarities� night? Jesus Mounsey, are the lyrics to Kulee Baba also just �place holders�??!!!

Date: Wed, June 08, 2011, 19:43:07 ET
Posted by: The Dean, Manatee Bar. It's Happy Hour!


Email sent. Please let me know if you don't receive it,

Date: Wed, June 08, 2011, 17:48:49 ET
Posted by: Port's, Minneapolis

The Minneapolis setlist: The Fagen Band Tour March 2006

Green Flower Street
New Frontier
Teahouse on the Tracks
Home at Last
Black Cow
Maxine (with the Steele Singers on vocals)
Goodbye Look
Third World Man
Mary Shut the Garden Door
Misery Blues in the Morning
Brite Nite Gown
Pretzel Logic

Viva Viva Rock and Roll

Date: Wed, June 08, 2011, 17:20:46 ET
Posted by: fagenism, -

Re: the Mounsey interview.

Listening to the Gaucho anecdotes, I can't help but feel that there was something pathological about The Maestros' perfectionism towards the late 70's. Did the massive acclaim of Aja get to their heads? Who knows.

They brought in a full band of top-notch session players just to be able to piece together a drum track from 20 "perfect" takes (acfording to Mounsey et al) yet they did not have the energy to go back and re-record The Second Arrangement (allegedly Fagen's favorite tune) once it was deleted? There is something about the Gaucho equation that seems a bit off to me, and quite frankly I think you can hear it in the end result.

Date: Wed, June 08, 2011, 12:50:28 ET
Posted by: Rash Brash, Poster with ADD

inb4 anyone makes a joke bout hoops spanking jim steele and his stupid words

Date: Wed, June 08, 2011, 12:35:35 ET
Posted by: J. Steele, Chicago," "On location," "Ooo-La-La!", "How's my little girl?", etc.

Yo scurvies, just uploaded the rarity Tell Me A Lie by the Sound Alikes for you dudes! For those who don't know, it's a highly obscure song that Walter and Donald wrote for the equally obscure country-pop group, The Sound Alikes. I also made a great scan of the 45' for y'all to see. Enjoy and as Fagen and Becker once said in their early days, they'll certainly be "more [rarities] to come!"

TO HOOPS: If this kind of song sharing is not allowed, please remove this immediately and give me a spanking and a time out. Otherwise, enjoy!

Date: Wed, June 08, 2011, 10:11:45 ET
Posted by: Young Wu, Buffalo

Ray, thanks for all the Fagen info... that San Diego set is disgustingly good. Tomorrow's Girls... you lucky sonofabitch.

Date: Wed, June 08, 2011, 09:02:01 ET
Posted by: itfnntcog, wlxoqabepamzhh

XXpUYo <a href="">zuowxoojxirs</a>, [url=]xeomopkkbeqn[/url], [link=]doizbwahhfip[/link],

Date: Wed, June 08, 2011, 08:05:50 ET
Posted by: steelydoc, near the Tower

@The Dean : please send me an email, have a question for you...thanks

Date: Tues, June 07, 2011, 18:19:44 ET
Posted by: Lurker Ray, Malibu

Young Wu,

Yup, Donald really mixed it up on his 2006 Solo Tour. He dropped �H Gang� early on even calling it �A piece of sh*t� during an early tour sound check. �Snowbound� made its last appearance in Vegas and �Maxine� had only been done in Minneapolis until the tour reached California. Then it never left the set list. I got to hear �Maxine� 4 times and each of the 4 shows I saw in a two week span � not once did I have to hear the same set list! True �Shuffle Diplomacy�. Donald even rebounded from a rough night vocally in Oakland where he only did one track off of �Morph� and got back in the saddle to close out the tour in terrific voice. Donald did play �Tomorrow�s Girl� and �Tea House� was played early on in the tour. At the San Diego show we got a double dose of �Karma� that night. Like I said yesterday, I would much prefer a Donald Fagen Solo Tour this summer and we would have probably gotten some new stuff nightly as well. Oh well.

Temecula March 25, 2006

Here at the Western World
Green Flower Street
The Nightfly
New Frontier
Home At Last
Black Cow
Goodbye Look
Third World Man
Mary Shut the Garden Door
Mis'ry & The Blues
Brite Nightgown
Black Friday

Pretzel Logic

Wiltern LA March 27, 2006

Here at the Western World
Green Flower Street
The Nightfly
New Frontier
Home At Last
Black Cow
Goodbye Look
Third World Man
Mary Shut the Garden Door
Mis'ry & The Blues
Brite Nightgown
Black Friday

Pretzel Logic
Viva Rock N Roll

San Diego March 30, 2006 (Only Outdoor Show)

Here at the Western World
Greenflower Street
The Nightfly
New Frontier
What I Do
Home at Last
Goodbye Look
Tomorrows Girls
Brite Nitegown
Black Friday

Pretzel Logic
Viva Rock N Roll

Santa Barbara March 31, 2006 (Final Night Of The Tour)

Here at the Western World
Greenflower Street
The Nightfly
New Frontier
What I Do
Home at Last
Goodbye Look
Black Cow
Mis'ry & The Blues
Brite Nitegown
Black Friday

Pretzel Logic
Viva Rock N Roll


Glad to see you are finally getting into the �Day Glow Freaks� project after initially writing it off�.

�after the struggle to overcome the initial unfamiliarity�

As I told Gabe, I still think this great project would benefit from a running order change and I still do ;O)

Date: Tues, June 07, 2011, 18:02:26 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, is not on Twitter, either. That's for sure.

Gabe, Dean,
I can't imagine it's him on Twitter.
With Walter, it's easy because he informs on his website that every WB site other than his official and his myspace site are fakes, and links to his myspace.
Of all the 1001 reasons I have to suspect it's not SD's Donald on Twitter, one should be observed with special interest: No link to that Twitter profile on Donald's official page. Just my two cents.

The only contradicting argument I can find is the fact that both HoopsMcKay and are actually following this probably fake Donald on Twitter, but still....

Hoops? What do you think?

Date: Tues, June 07, 2011, 16:55:03 ET
Posted by: The Dean, Manatee Bar. It's Happy Hour!


I'm guessing Hoops probably knows if that's SD's Donald. My guess is it is not. The voice just doesn't work for me. But what the hell do I know?

Date: Tues, June 07, 2011, 12:43:29 ET
Posted by: Port's, Minneapolis


Thanks for the update. I knew I had seen it somewhere. I went to see the Gospel at Colonus at the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis and it was very good.

Date: Tues, June 07, 2011, 12:21:24 ET
Posted by: Gabe, Columbus

@Jazzassin That is an awesome story. Thank you for pushing my stuff around and especially for giving it a few listens. I'm grateful!

BTW, does anybody know if the @DonaldFagen Twitter account is really him?

Date: Tues, June 07, 2011, 11:53:42 ET
Posted by: donny, oakland

western world
home at last
black cow
goodbye look
third world man
misery blues
brite nightgown
black friday
pretzel logic
viva viva

Date: Tues, June 07, 2011, 09:19:11 ET
Posted by: The Dean, St. Augustine Beach

Here ya go, Port's:


In the Summer of 1983, Donald Fagen saw a show at the Next Wave Festival in N.Y called The Gospel at Colonus, which was based on an adaption of Sophocles' "Oedipus At Colonus." The show was set in a black Pentecostal church and Donald loved it. He paid for engineer Daniel Lazerus to see it too. On viewing the show, Daniel wondered if anyone had spoke to the show's writer and arranger Bob Telson about possibly recording it. Later Daniel approached Bob Telson in the orchestra pit and asked him if anyone had been interested in a recording deal. Bob said no, but mentioned that there had been a considerable buzz about the show, and that the great David Byrne (Talking Heads) had expressed some interest. Daniel later spoke to Donald Fagen who approached Warner Bros. Anything that Donald Fagen showed an interest in was always taken seriously. Eventually Donald Fagen, Bob Telson, and Daniel Lazerus were producing the album in Clinton Studios. Gary Katz also became involved in the recording. The album was recorded quickly, but in the mid '80's there wasn't a big demand for Gospel music, and even with the Steely Dan connection, Warner Bros were unable to promote the album sufficiently enough to make it successful. Nevertheless the album features some beautiful singing, and includes musicians like Hugh McCracken on harmonica and slide guitar. Donald Fagen, Gary Katz, and Daniel Lazerus provide background vocals on the album.

Date: Tues, June 07, 2011, 09:12:09 ET
Posted by: Port's, Minneapolis

Sorry- mistake - It was the Steele family that sang Maxine in Minneapolis. They did work with Donald in the 80's on the Gospel at Colonus. I'm not sure what Donald had to do with the production but I remember hearing he had some input.

Date: Tues, June 07, 2011, 09:02:29 ET
Posted by: The Dean, St. Augustine Beach

I'm still looking for Fagen's setlist at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland. So far I can't find it. I know it's around here somewhere.

I do remember he played Maxine (just fantastic) and only played one song (I think) from Morph. I also remember sitting next to a middle-aged African American man who was screaming "H Gang" all night and was quite upset it was not played. He couldn't understand how the song currently being played the radio wasn't performed in concert. I think they may have actually used H Gang in the local radio ads for the concert on one particular station.

Anyway, when/if I find the setlist I will post it. I probably posted it the day after the show, if those archives still exist.

And, Jazzassin, your story regarding Day Glow doesn't surprise me. I have shared the project with a few friends I thought would enjoy it, and indeed they did. It still isn't my cup o tea, really, but it grows on you (at least it grows on me) after repeated listening sessions. I think it will be a winner for anyone who has some affection toward house music and the like.

Date: Tues, June 07, 2011, 08:35:35 ET
Posted by: Port's, Minnepolis


Yes, I was at the Fagen show in Minneapolis. I'd have to say that hearing Maxine performed by the Staples was the highlight of any concert I've seen.. not just Steely Dan. It may be my favorite Fagen solo tune, and as far as I know it's only been played a handful of times at best.

Date: Tues, June 07, 2011, 06:59:47 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, Day Glowing Freak, too


I think I was a bit quick at the trigger when I at first didn't respond very positive to the Day Glow Freaks project.
Nevertheless, I gave it a couple more spins, and after the struggle to overcome the initial unfamiliarity of these well known samples in a not-so-well known setting, I must admit it really grows on you.

Last weekend I was doing the lighting for a private outdoor party of about 200 people. There was live acts as well as DJ'ing, and the DJ was a friend of mine with over 20 years of experience as a House DJ - a pioneer in that game, actually.
Before the guests arrived I gave him a CD with the 320 kbps version of Day Glow Freaks, and told him to listen and maybe use some of it during his set if he liked what he heard. I think maybe 2/3 of the entire album was played that night, and boy did it hit the crowd! This was a bunch of more than average music loving people, musicians and very experienced house party enthusiasts, and the whole night was a massive success.

So if the album is now being downloaded by an unproportionately large number of people with norwegian IP addresses, you know the reson why. :D

Date: Tues, June 07, 2011, 00:55:17 ET
Posted by: Young Wu, Buffalo

Security Joan and Philly Updraught... thank ya very much. Looks like awesome setlists. Toronto was the show I was gonna go to, but alas... it was not meant to be.

He didn't play much from Kamakiriad, did he? Only one or 2 songs per show. Any performances of Florida Room or Tomorrow's Girls?

Date: Mon, June 06, 2011, 21:58:48 ET
Posted by: Security Joan, Philly

Young _ Wu, Love that Fagen was mixing it up in the 06 tour. Here's the setlist I have from Toronto:
Green Flower Street
New Frontier
Brite Nightgown
Home at Last
Black Cow
What I Do
The Goodbye Look

Misery & the Blues
Mary Shut the Garden Gate
Pretzel Logic
Viva Viva R & R

Date: Mon, June 06, 2011, 21:26:52 ET
Posted by: Updraught, Philly Area

Young Wu:

Setlist from the Donald Fagan Band, Tower Theater, 2006

1. Here At The Western World
2. The Nightfly
3. Green Flower Street
4. Teahouse On The Tracks
5. New Frontier
6. Third World Man
7. Home At Last
8. Band Intros
9. Snowbound

1. H Gang
2. What I Do
3. Black Cow
4. The Goodbye Look
5. Misery and the Blues (Jack Teagarden)
6. Mary Shut The Garden Door
7. IGY
8. Pretzel Logic
9. Viva Viva Rock and Roll (Chuck Berry)

Date: Mon, June 06, 2011, 21:24:31 ET
Posted by: security Joan, Philly

@young_wu are you looking for the Fagen set list from '06? If yes, I have it and will post it ... let me know

Date: Mon, June 06, 2011, 20:33:31 ET
Posted by: Denise, Hinktown

Bruce of New Zealand, love your entry.

Thanks, Hoops, but I can't take credit for all of the Photoshop work: some is from a good subscription stock art site.

BTW, the font is called Jazz and if you look closely, there's little piano keys in the type. SD used this on their web site graphics last year.

Date: Mon, June 06, 2011, 20:10:34 ET
Posted by: Young Wu, Buffalo

Ray and/or Port's... either of you remember the setlist from Fagen's solo show? I missed that tour and still regret it.

Date: Mon, June 06, 2011, 19:31:22 ET
Posted by: Lurker Ray, Malibu


How can you not love the 1996 tour
with Wayne Krantz? Right?!

I also totally agree about the
Fagen 2006 Solo Tour. In fact
I would gladly trade my LA & NYC
"Trifectas" this summer for a
Donald Fagen Solo Tour instead. I
saw 4 nights in 2006 and three of
those nights I was in the first 6
rows. And I never paid over $72 for
a ticket.

So you must of seen the 2006
Minneapolis Fagen Solo show? With
the cast of "The Gospel at Colonus"
singing "Maxine".

Still bummed that no one ever
recorded that show that night.

Date: Mon, June 06, 2011, 16:17:38 ET
Posted by: Port's, Minneapolis

Although hearing Dr Wu in Chicago at request nite was my favorite moment, my favorite Steely set was in 1996 in Minneaplois.

EVERYONES GONE TO THE MOVIES(Walter & Don on vocals)
JACK OF SPEED (Pre 2vn sung by Walter)

My overall favorite set list was Fagen Band in 2006. Hearing all the solo material and especially Maxine was the as good as it gets.

Date: Mon, June 06, 2011, 15:51:34 ET
Posted by: Young Wu, Buffalo

Quick little question to throw out to the group in the month before this potentially mindblowing tour starts... what is the best Dan setlist you have ever experienced?

I've seen them four times, but all since 2006, so it's pretty much been greatest hits with a couples album cuts thrown in. 2008 may be an exception with The Royal Scam, Everything You Did, Gaucho, Parker's Band, and New Frontier.

So, what's your best ever? And any crazy choices you never thought would appear?

Date: Mon, June 06, 2011, 13:08:02 ET
Posted by: hoops, chicago. on the quick

Really you should subscribe to the Dandom Digest but here's the link to the interview with Rob Mounsey


Subject: Danfest 2011 Graphic Contest

We're getting a late start on the Danfest page. So far we have two entries in the contest to design a graphics concept and motif for this year's Danfests. The theme seems to be "The Swank Ambassadors of Dandom & Their Lush Attach�s," the idea being that we, as diehard fans, carry the message and music of Steely Dan to new fans to hand down through The Ages, long after we are gone.

Entry 1 is more about concept than execution:
It comes from Bruce Cameron of New Zealand. View it at:

Entry 2 is about hot Photoshop chops although I'm a little uncertain about how its concept and appearance are unique to the theme of "The Swank Ambassadors of Dandom & Their Lush Attach�s." It's by Denise of Massachusetts. View it at:

Get your entry in by the end of the week so we can get the Danfests 2011 on the go. Send them to

Best wishes and many thanks,



Date: Mon, June 06, 2011, 13:06:21 ET
Posted by: hoops, chicago. on the quick

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The following are the subjects of the Dandom Digest for May 11-June 5, 2011:


- Thanks for your Patience
- DAN announce Australian and New Zealand Tour Dates
- shuffle diplomacy
- SD to Tour Australia & New Zealand with Steve Winwood
- Official Steely Dan Newsletter: I Got Mine-Did You Get Yours?
- Boston Dates Shuffled Diplomatically; WV Added
- Danfest 2011 Graphic Contest
- Rob Mounsey Interview
- Re:(2): Jon Herrington @ The Bitter End 4/23
- Everything Must Go (The Movie)
- Upcoming Appearances by Jon Herington


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Date: Mon, June 06, 2011, 07:44:07 ET
Posted by: Updraught, Philly Area

Went to see Paul Simon at the Merriam Theater in Philadelephia Sunday night. Very good show, very good musicians. Sitting in a row in front of me was Jon Herington, busman's holiday, I guess.

Date: Mon, June 06, 2011, 06:03:57 ET
Posted by: PGE, @Doc Mu etc

All this coffee must've affected my spelling and eyes :)

a) Insert "post" where appropriately in my previous post

b) Doc Mu: I can't find the Mounsey interview you're referring to. Please point me in the right direction.

Date: Mon, June 06, 2011, 05:50:01 ET
Posted by: PGE, @The Dean

The coffee-line from Negative Girl was just my attempt at being funny, make a quip.
In fagenism's initial he/she mentioned psychoactives drugs and caffeine is counted among those.

Date: Mon, June 06, 2011, 02:52:29 ET
Posted by: qauuyobwbpj, US

VBZ1dm <a href="">bquhofhetbfj</a>, [url=]wnsbuanxtonb[/url], [link=]mkylqczvktwf[/link],

Date: Mon, June 06, 2011, 02:51:41 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

re; the Mounsey interview. Wow, I never knew the 2nd Arrangement lyrics were dummy lyrics! The story about the arrangement for Babylon Sisters is an amazing anecdote as well. Donald never asked for a second one! ...and then onto the fiasco known as the recording of the title track from Gaucho, where master session men were crushed just for a drum track they spliced together from 20 bits.

It's a shame Passionfruit is out of print. That and Blue Pacific are arguably among Michael Franks' best.

Date: Mon, June 06, 2011, 01:17:00 ET
Posted by: henrod, NY

I ponied up to see all four Beacon shows in 2009. This summer, only 2. I got (shitty) seats for Rarities and 21st Century Dan. Can't friggin' wait.

Date: Sun, June 05, 2011, 16:09:58 ET
Posted by: Pree,

Jackie -

Did you do a little too much trippin', poopsie?

Date: Sun, June 05, 2011, 16:03:07 ET
Posted by: Jackie, Shorts

Pree - not a chance

White Men = White Cross speed

The other interpretation that I've championed is that KC is actually an amalgam of both Owsley & Manson (both Charles and both Great, in their minds at least) and that the "white men on the street" is just as it says and signals the end of Manson's allusions of a race riot.

Date: Sun, June 05, 2011, 14:38:32 ET
Posted by: Pree ,

Jackie -

"Look at all the white men on the street" = "clean". "White" = Clean.


Date: Sun, June 05, 2011, 14:07:11 ET
Posted by: Jackie, Shorts

"Look at all the white men on the street" - speed

Date: Sun, June 05, 2011, 11:56:41 ET
Posted by: Aaron Pizzicato,

RF -

Nix on needle reference. Ruthie's a puttana - the "red" door is a "hot" door.

Date: Sun, June 05, 2011, 09:55:48 ET
Posted by: Aaron Pizzicato,

Fagenism -

It IS cocaine DF is citing in "Neg. Girl" - note the lower case "c".

Date: Sun, June 05, 2011, 09:29:07 ET
Posted by: fagenism, -

What is the punishment for misquoting Dr Wu? Am I still welcome here? May I still attend future shows and/or danfests?

@RF: Great finding!

Date: Sun, June 05, 2011, 07:53:43 ET
Posted by: RF, US

It's been suggested that "the silver key to open the red door" refers to sticking a needle in your vein.

"I stare into my coke." Looking at the lyrics on the official page, "coke" isn't capitalized. Therefore, they aren't referring to any brand name beverage. It would have been Coke�.

Date: Sun, June 05, 2011, 07:29:51 ET
Posted by: fagenism, -

Please forgive my iPad typing (or lack thereof).

Date: Sun, June 05, 2011, 07:27:11 ET
Posted by: fagenism, -

@Lurker Ray:

I stand corrected on Jack Of Speed. The T-shirt anecdote was hilarious; any chance this kid ships to Sweden? (Oh, and why don't you make a T-shirt saying "I corrected a Steely Dam T-shirt?)

@Scurvy Brother:

The line from Daddy Don't Live reminds me a bit of "I wait, I smoke, I stare into my coke". I always associated this line with cocaine for some reason, despite the fact that the poor protagonist s probably just enjoying enjoying an innocent soft drink. (Fagen is notorious for drinking Coke during live shows, as we all know.)

@The Dean:

The thing about desperately trying to get back to that elusive rush, gets me thinking about the following line: "I was waiting for the taste you said you'd bring to me". Amazing how a few words can convey such bottomless sadness. Once again; thank you, maestros.


We discussed a couple of more songs. I always felt that Razor Boy was about someone losing everything to drugs, not unlike our friend Jack Of Speed. And - if you forgive the speculation - a part of me always felt that Trans-Island Skyway was a tribute to pot:

- I was born yesterday (the pre/post-initiation distinction is common among tokers)

- The farm in the back is hydroponic

- Now breathe in and sigh out

Date: Sun, June 05, 2011, 01:26:02 ET
Posted by: suedave, moment of silence

kzkzkzkz, thanks for posting that video, that was a great view of a great song.

Sorry to hear about my one of my favorites, Ray Bryant passing. Moment of silence.

Date: Sat, June 04, 2011, 22:33:48 ET
Posted by: Elgin, Boston

Catherine Russell gigs this week w/her band:

New England
Wed June 8 Discover Jazz Festival,FlynnSpace at Flynn Center for Performing Arts, Burlington, VT 8:30pm
"Some of the biggest advance buzz about the festival this year surrounds jazz/blues vocalist Catherine Russell" - Burlington Free Press

Philly area
Sat June 11 Catherine Russell headlining State Street Blues Stroll,
The Media Theatre, Media, PA 8:15pm

Date: Sat, June 04, 2011, 19:28:21 ET
Posted by: The Dean, Manatee Bar. It's Happy Hour!

Yes, Jack of Speed is about speed (crystal, meth, etc) I think and not ecstasy.

Chasing the dragon can be used with respect to heroin or morphine, but I think the most traditional use of the term is connected to smoking opium. Basically, you are chasing the feeling you get from the first high---but it is every elusive.

But, PGE, you stumped me, I must admit. "Coffee and a kiss"? What am I missing? Probably something obvious and I'll be shaking my head once you explain.

And, Another Scurvy, I think you hit the nail on the head there.

Date: Sat, June 04, 2011, 17:45:58 ET
Posted by: Another, Scurvy Brother

@Lurker Ray / Fagenism

I agree that a speedy substance is beneath the Jack of Speed.

Interesting though that "rolling" has been used to mean ecstasy in the SD catalogue too:

"This tab looks iffy, she says it's good /
Roll with the homies, knock on wood"
(Slang of Ages)

Also, for your consideration:

"Lucy still loves her coke and rum /
But she sits alone 'cause her daddy can't come"

Since Fagen and Becker are poets extraordinaire, I don't think that they would have made the sophomoric mistake of changing the usual "rum and coke" to the awkward "coke and rum" just to fit the rhyme scheme.

So, the coke is one substance, the rum another -- not a cocktail.

Date: Sat, June 04, 2011, 17:11:24 ET
Posted by: Lurker Ray, Malibu


It was nice to see your brother got the "The fine Colombian" reference correctly as weed. Many younger members here in the past have thought it was cocaine. I even had to contact a T-Shirt maker in the UK who was selling "Steely Dan T-Shirts" and he finally changed the artwork he was using for the phrase.

But I also think your brother totally missed the clear and ominous warning in the "Jack Of Speed". I know many younger people here might connect the term "rolling" with dropping some ecstasy, but the "Jack of Speed" is clearly about an individual under the influence of meth, crystal, ice and or "The Jack Of Speed".
It's all right there "breaking bad" in title.

Here is another fans nicely written take I found from 2006:

"The "Jack of Speed" is an addict under the influence of speed, meth, crystal, etc. Very popular these days, and the downfall of many a good man and woman. Unlike many other drugs which are anti-social right from the beginning, speed seems to fool people into thinking they are productive, initially. Then, one day they're at a party, and spewing political hogwash (speed addicts often come across as arrogant, pompous blow-hards), or intimidating their loved-ones, or simply skating backwards at the speed of light socially, losing friends, property and time in the process. The shriek express represents the swift and unwavering progression of one's demise when under the drug's spell, as fast and predictable as a speeding locomotive, and with his "new best friend at the throttle", Jack won't be the one deciding when the ride is over .

The last verse is a warning to the loved ones to save yourselves, before it's too late. The attraction as well as the sure destruction of the drugs are so strong and bewitching, that anyone wishing to make it had better just plug their ears and run, as fast as you can, in the other direction."

Of course ALL Steely Dan songs are open to numerous interpretations, and that is why we love them, but I hardly believe that "The Jack Of Speed" is about the perils of ecstasy.

The perils of "speed/meth" vs. "ecstasy"?

No contest.

Date: Sat, June 04, 2011, 16:59:52 ET
Posted by: PGE, Psychoactively yours!

Lunch with Gina. Nothing subtle about this reference to a psychoactive drug:

"Coffee and a kiss
Maybe later maybe never"


Date: Sat, June 04, 2011, 11:57:54 ET
Posted by: fagenism, -

Had a conversation with my brother the other day about more or less subtle references to psychoactives in the writings of the dynamic duo. Granted that analyzing lyrics is a fuzzy science at best, here are a few suggestions. Fellow steelers are more than welcome to add.

"The fine Colombian" - weed

"Teddy's rolling now most every night" - ecstasy

"But yours was kitchen clean" - LSD

"Tonight when I chase the dragon" - heroin

Date: Sat, June 04, 2011, 11:21:06 ET
Posted by: cubano chant, havana

Ray Bryant passes on today

Cubano Chant lives forever

Date: Sat, June 04, 2011, 09:09:26 ET
Posted by: Brutus Charisma,

RE SD Tribute Band:

The only real major picks I have w/ the group is the lead singer's rhythmic timing (while singing the melody) and enunciation - neither are really that strong.

That's one of the main things that separates DF/SD from cover bands.

Date: Sat, June 04, 2011, 04:53:11 ET
Posted by: TRIBUTE, New York

Check out this YouTube video of our brand new "STEELY DAN" tribute band based in New York!


Visit us at:

"LIKE" us on Facebook at:


Date: Sat, June 04, 2011, 04:53:02 ET
Posted by: TRIBUTE, New York

Check out this YouTube video of our brand new "STEELY DAN" tribute band based in New York!


Visit us at:

"LIKE" us on Facebook at:


Date: Fri, June 03, 2011, 23:46:10 ET
Posted by: kzkzkz, way up there

While we're at it...this video was taken from my seat at the Beacon-last row, last seat, top right corner, upper balcony.

There really isn't a bad seat in that room when the Dan play. I've sat everywhere there. I have other vids from other nights, other years posted too. From other locations. Not a bad seat in the house.

Date: Fri, June 03, 2011, 13:42:04 ET
Posted by: steelydoc, near the Tower

hey kids! don't forget: if you are in the Philly area tomorrow, Saturday June 4, Jon Herington is doing an early set at Havana in New Hope!! Show starts at 600PM - 730PM. A fun time will be had by all....come out and meet some SD friends and hear some great music from Jon and his band.

Date: Fri, June 03, 2011, 13:29:31 ET
Posted by: Chris, nh

Setlist help - I should provide a disclaimer though - I sit in the very back row of EVERY Steely Dan show I've been to, so I'm used to it.

Also, that night I was the highest I've ever been (or ever will be) in my entire life.

Date: Fri, June 03, 2011, 11:32:40 ET
Posted by: setlist help, Boston

Chris- thanks. Good to know! Maybe it's worth sitting there and going to 2 shows!

Date: Fri, June 03, 2011, 10:34:20 ET
Posted by: Chris, nh

Setlist help, I sat in the VERY back row of the balcony in 09. The sound was impeccable and I didn't feel too far removed at all.

Date: Fri, June 03, 2011, 09:15:44 ET
Posted by: lnornroit, UfnEfGDGInzUmLj

iESiyM <a href="">kkvuwzrbntcz</a>, [url=]jwbnumtlfqzl[/url], [link=]ddiadjxigezt[/link],

Date: Fri, June 03, 2011, 00:38:38 ET
Posted by: Don Patrol, Mtl

This is for Cat Russell fans in the northeast.She'll be at the Flynn Theatre in Burlington Vt,on Wed. June 8th. Think the players with her are the same as when she opened for the boys at the Mtl Jazz Fest.Can only say I enjoyed the sets immensely! Wish I could make it, but I'm working that night.

Date: Thurs, June 02, 2011, 20:47:04 ET
Posted by: setlist help, Boston

Has anyone been to the Wang? How's the seating? Is Balcony adequate or do you feel considerably removed, more so than the second half of Orchestra?

Date: Thurs, June 02, 2011, 20:40:43 ET
Posted by: setlist help, Boston

Hey Ray,

how'd you get that pricing info?


Date: Thurs, June 02, 2011, 20:08:16 ET
Posted by: tommytomato, Columbus OH

Once again Ray, I couldn't have said it better. What a disappointment. I don't even have a favorite song. I am attending the request night in NYC but now with much lower expectations. Maybe I'll be surprised. D & W must get a real kick out of this nonsense...what's worse, I fell for it again. I must be dreaming because D & W would not do this to their loyal fans. After all they don't partake in marketing hoaxes and cash grabs. They're all about integrity LOL! I am voting for "Smoke on the Water".

Date: Thurs, June 02, 2011, 19:17:18 ET
Posted by: A Zeppelli , AZ

Thanks - The Dean.:)

Date: Thurs, June 02, 2011, 18:35:12 ET
Posted by: Young Wu, Buffalo

So, Lurker Ray... what did you vote for?

Date: Thurs, June 02, 2011, 17:22:56 ET
Posted by: Lurker Ray, Malibu

Hey Kids,

Now you can all vote for what
ever songs you want to hear at
ANY of the "Fan Request" nights!
And you don't even have to have
a ticket.

"Thank you for submitting your request. Enjoy the show!"

Isn't that great?
In fact you can vote over and
over again. How cool.

Yet again, what a waste and what
a total joke. All put together
with a cheap Google Doc. Thanks
again for the effort Don & Walter.
Maybe a little more proactive in
your management's choices in the
future perhaps? It will be great
to hear Donald announce these "shows"
each night with that knowing laugh
as he mocks us suckers yet again just
like in 2009.

"Shuffle Diplomacy"?

"Diplomatic Immunity", is more apt.

Boston Ticket Prices For Tommorow's Pre-Sale

Nice three night bargain like in 2009 - Good for you Boston!
Buy 3 $88 tickets and you only pay for 2
And you can actually buy a seat for as little as $48
And unlike NYC, you can actually buy kick-ass seats for $200 -
Seats available to all comers without the "Platnium" or "Premium" hype

Pit, Orchestra Rows A-J: $198.00
Orchestra Rows K-P, Side Rows A-J: $128.00
Orchestra Rows Q-EE, Side Row P: $88.00
Mezzanine Rows A-D: $128.00
Mezzanine Side Rows A-D: $88.00
Balcony Rows E-S: $68.00
Balcony Rows T-FF: $48.00

All prices include a $3.00 facility fee

Date: Thurs, June 02, 2011, 13:10:14 ET
Posted by: setlist help, Boston

tommytomato, thanks!

Date: Thurs, June 02, 2011, 11:03:17 ET
Posted by: hoops, via smart phone

Fiona, Doc and Dean


Date: Wed, June 01, 2011, 20:37:11 ET
Posted by: The Dean, St. Augustine Beach


While I can't be 100% sure, my guess is Walter is playing on Haitian Divorce. It doesn't really sound like Rainey and this song is certainly in Walt's wheelhouse.

And, for what it's worth, Steely Dan Database thinks so, too:

Date: Wed, June 01, 2011, 19:04:57 ET
Posted by: Aaron Zeppelli, Aaron Zeppelli


Does anyone know who played bass on the LP/CD version of "Haitian Divorce"?

Date: Wed, June 01, 2011, 06:18:24 ET
Posted by: bassicinstinct, Nottingham UK

Here you go Peter:

Date: Wed, June 01, 2011, 03:42:25 ET
Posted by: Peter Jones, Branscombe, Devon, England

There is an excellent Roger Nichols obituary in today's Guardian (the UK national newspaper). Written by Adam Sweeting.

Sorry, not smart enough to do links here. But go to, and you'll find it there.

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