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2015/04/18 - San Diego, CA


2015/04/18 - San Diego, CA




That’s right people of San Diego. You know better than most people, the incredible legend of the Steely Dan. How we rose up here out of the Southland, playing a whole new kind of bizarre concerto music. I mean, what the hell? Our first hit, nobody even know the name of that song. Hey, play that “flapjack” song. What’s that “flapjack” song about anyway, you know? I love that “Flapjack,” you know, that’s the one. But, in the fullness of time we came to realize we’re all in this together. The most wonderful fans in all of fandom, right here.

And as always, your sweet little Steely Dan, right here, doing the very very best contemporary disco/jazz/funk /space muzak with a reggae twist. And that’s the way we like it and that’s the way you like it too. We come down to this beautiful part of the country, because we like the good weather. We like all these boats, the ocean and all this, and we like the nuclear reactor and its columns of smoke…What else do we got down here? We like the Mexican food! We like it all baby every bit of it and I’m glad that you do too.

We’ve come here to play all the hits we got. We’re gonna play ’em, everyone of them. Bam, boom, with our brand new orchestra, which is by the way the best one we’ve ever had. And I ain’t lyin’ about that either. And uh, you’re gonna dig it I 100% guarantee you’re gonna dig it, and when the whole thing is finally finished, which is quite a while from now, you’re gonna know you’ve been rode hard and put up wet by the Steely Dan Orchestra in their prime.

And then, on your way home you look at the itty bitty pretty one, she looks up on you, she’s been here all these years for you guys, you realize that, I think. Through thin and thinner, I mean. Remember those couple of years when you couldn’t drive because of all those DUIs? She stuck with you. Remember all those bankruptcies? Those weird drugs you were addicted to? Probably stopped by the drug store, like jesus where did that come from? And she’s still there and she looks up at you and says that was a pretty fucking good show wasn’t it? Baby, that was a pretty fucking good show, yes it was.

And then you think back to all the great shows you’ve seen, not just us but everybody in these wonderful lives that we’ve had in these times that are filled with music and all that and we know we had it all...every night of the week, every night of the weekend. What the hell, it’s still here we can do it anytime we want, we can have that right now just like we are now. And when it’s over, just like in the old days, we might be a little uh…frisky you know. On the way back to the condo, we might want to stop off and pick up a jug or something. Now, I don’t do that anymore for various reasons [unintelligble] But I don’t remember the name. These girls know the name, tell them what it is?”


Becker, Walter


April 18, 2015




Becker, Walter, “2015/04/18 - San Diego, CA,” Hey 19 Raps, accessed October 17, 2018, http://www.dandom.com/hey19/items/show/114.


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