Hey 19 Raps


2016/06/22 - Dallas, TX


2016/06/22 - Dallas, TX


American Airlines Center


Yeah, that’s right people. Yeah, how do you spell it? I think it’s big D, little a, double l, a…s or something like that? Big D, little a, double l, a, s. Texas. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, that’s where we are tonight, so happy to be with and amongst the very very finest Steely Dan fans in the known universe, and I’m not kidding. And I ain’t lying. And, you know, we come down here, cause we got a great band this year, I mean this is an outstanding…I’m gonna go on a limb and say this is the finest Steely Dan band we’ve ever toured with. Now I’m not kidding, I’m not lying. I ain’t drunk and I ain’t crazy. You can tell the mayor I’m not lyin' too, okay…bring him on, bring him on. And, uh, what we like to do is, uh, we come into town, we come in low over the hill, you know, we come in to town, land at the little local airport there, and we come zooming up the hill in our rented cars there, and we get to the gig and we do a little, you know, I don’t know, a little make believe soundcheck or whatever it might be, however you’d like to call it, and then you all come into the house and we slam it, we hit it hard, we come out hard, we play all your favorite tunes, we play em with the best possible grooves we can. We just play em all night long, one after the other, boom boom boom boom boom, and everybody seems to have a fucking good time. How bout that? And then when its over, I mean we all feel good, we all kinda feel like we’ve been rode hard and put up wet, you know what I mean? That’s right. And we’re walking back home to our little condos or our little apartments here in town or our little house in the country or our little campsite under the bridge by the river there, I dunno, whatever it is and it’s time, you know…at that point it’d be my great pleasure, figuratively if not literally, if I could just buy you all a drink, every single one of you, I’d like to buy you all…I dunno, I don’t think bourbon or scotch or any of that stuff..I mean, gin...uhhh…mixed drinks, you know, the Doctor Miminger’s special, you know? forget all that. Forget about anything with a parachute or, whatdya call it, an umbrella in it, or any fruit or anything like that, we don’t want that. No colored drinks, no blue drinks, no green drinks or anything like that. I want to buy you a little shot…not just one, maybe six or twelve little shots of this stuff that comes from down south of the border, down in Mexico there, and they make it out of some kind of, I don’t know, psychedelic space pumpkins or moon cactuses or whatever it is, and I can’t…you know, I haven’t had any in a while myself, but I can’t quite remember the name of this stuff, but I’m gonna go out on a limb here tonight and I’m gonna ask our girls if they can help me out just one time. Girls, if you could remember the name of that drink, what do you call it girls? What do you call it


Becker, Walter


June 22, 2016


Matthew R. Kerns



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Becker, Walter, “2016/06/22 - Dallas, TX,” Hey 19 Raps, accessed June 18, 2019, http://www.dandom.com/hey19/items/show/3.


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