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Radio Free Dandom
Jim McKay

Created: 2.6.2001

Last Update: 1.6.2006

Description: The Flagship station of The Greater World of Radio Free Dandom, featuring the music of Steely Dan, as well as solo recordings from Donald Fagen, Walter Becker and The New York Rock and Soul Revue as well as tangentially Dan recordings from everyone from Duke Ellington to Chris Potter to Rickie Lee Jones and John Tobacco.

RFD2-Musicians of the Greater Dandom
: Jim McKay
Created: 6.22.2001
Last Update:
WILL RETURN ON 1.17.2006

Description: A mix of classic Steely Dan and new music by the Loyal Dandom. Dan Fans who are struggling Musicians are encouraged to submit their music for play on this station.

See below for submitting your music to RFD2.

KKCR Kaua'i Community Radio
(Various—See Schedule)

Description: KKCR is a Real Radio Station with a Webcast via Live365. Music heard on KKCR includes a variety of Hawaiian, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Reggae, & World artists, along with many others. Public Affairs programming includes two weekly call-in talk shows, a Community Calendar, an Arts & Entertainment Calendar,& special interest programs ranging from topics of Health & Well-being to in-studio Live Music Jams.

Radio Free A&M
DJ: Neil Rudish
Last Update:

Yellowjackets' Webmaster Neil Rudish created this netcast that features music by A&M or A&M-related artists, composers and producers including those from Windham Hill, CTi, and IRS. Artists from Herb Alpert, Julius Wechter, Brasil '66 and Carpenters to other lesser-known unique A&M artists.

Mancini Moments
DJ: Neil Rudish

Created: 7.21.2001
Last Update:

Description: The official Internet broadcast of the Hank's Place website, features recordings by Henry Mancini, recordings by other artists and bands of music composed by Mancini, bands or artists who appeared on Mancini's recordings, and contemporaries who recorded for RCA during the 50's and 60's. Specificially, artists like Sarah Vaughn, Quincy Jones, and Jimmie Haskell.

Buzz Radio: The Official Yellowjackets Online Broadcast
DJ: Neil Rudish
Last Update:

Description: Among the featured artists are recordings by Yellowjackets, Jimmy Haslip's solo recordings, Bob Mintzer's small group and big band recordings, the GRP All-Star Big Band, Eric Marienthal, Michael Franks, Marc Russo, Steely Dan (with Ricky Lawson), Chaka Khan, Lori Perry, Vince Mendoza, Harvey Mason, Herb Alpert, Lee Ritenour and Gino Vannelli.


Dan-Friendly Radio:
WBWC 88.3 FM-Cleveland

Description: This Dan Friendly Radio Station, also has a webcaset. On July 18, 2002, it ran it's first of 18-hour marathons of Steely Dan music that continue to this day.

Check these Dan Fans out!

The Greater Dandom is invited to submit their Internet Radio Station for inclusion on this directory. Alternatively, you may nominate another Dan Fan's Internet radio station for inclusion. The stations do NOT have to be based at, but CANNOT feature recordings that do not comply with US and State of Illinois laws. Please email for more details. Thank you.
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• You need a Mac or PC with a live Internet connection that is a 56K modem (minimum)—or higher (DSL, Cable-modem, ISDN, T1, etc.).

For Macs, you can use iTunes, QuickTime Player, or RealPlayer Player or other similar streaming media players. For use with a web browser, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher is recommended.

For Windows, Live365 has a special custom player/tuner. It is highly recommended. If you don't have it installed, Live365 will ask if you want to install it when you tune in. Otherwise, you can also use other streaming media players. RealPlayer Player, QuickTime Player or Windows Media Player, for example, all work well. Again, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher is recommended.

If you have any advice, comments, concerns, suggestions about Radio Free Dandom, please email me personally ( or to everyone who reads the Dandom Digest ( [ Back to the Top of This Page. ]


More than a few people have kindly offered financial donations to support Radio Free Dandom and RFD2. This is very much appreciated.

Currently, RFD and RFD2, and many other stations, are hosted at in part, for exchange for the advertisements they feature during broadcasts. The Radio Stations are also paid for by their DJ's with a $5.00/month/station fee. You may wish to e-mail your favorite radio station DJ to ask if you can help out with the payments However, the following is also suggested.

In April 2001, Walter Becker appeared as a guest DJ on KKCR Kaua'i Community Radio's "Blues with Vic Barber" show. This not-for-profit radio station spins up all kinds of music that wouldn't otherwise get played and is responsive to their community. On this show, Walter asked people like us to donate money to help KKCR.

So, please spread the karma of RFD—join KKCR and help fund its operation at

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Would you like your own recordings heard on RFD or RFD2? Please send audio CDs (or MP3s on an ISO 9660 format CD for Mac and PC) to:

Jim McKay
P.O. Box 8224
Chicago, IL 60680-8224

Please indicate your email address and your preference of track(s) to be played. If you wish your media to be returned, please included self-addressed, return packaging featuring appropriate postage from Illinois, USA to your destination. Sorry, I can't be held responsible for lost or misdirected mail. You may wish to email me at so I can anticipate your CD. The right to reject recordings is reserved.

Thank you in advance for sharing your music.

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One of the many great things about STEELY DAN
is that they have always spurred me on to discover other great musical artists. It's no surprise that Steely Dan is like a gateway from pop/rock to the best Jazz and blues. Like when I first heard Fagen sing, "I hear you're mad about Brubeck," I had to check out Brubeck's stuff and that lead me to discover another genius. If it wasn't for Steely Dan and their allusions, I would have never discovered so many of these great jazz artists I love so much.

With the advent of Internet Radio, we now have the means to be free of the tyranny of radio programming directors and bean counters—at least until Microsoft takes control of it. So I want to use Internet Radio to spread the jazz and blues gospel Becker and Fagen taught me. The result—Radio Free Dandom.

Radio Free Dandom is a directory of Internet radio stations run by the Greater Dandom.'s flagship radio station is also called "Radio Free Dandom;" it features Steely Dan, solo work from Becker and Fagen, and the New York Rock and Soul Revue. On top of that, there are also covers of songs written by our favorite duo interpreted by people like Ricky Lee Jones, Joe Jackson, Joe Roccisano Orchestra, and Yellowjackets. Then there is solo material by those who have played with Steely Dan—Chuck Rainey, Chris Potter, Carolyn Leonhart, and Ricky Lawson, just to name a few. Plus, you will even find recordings from songs by up and coming artists from the SIS Guestbook (like Floridave) and the Dandom Digest (Jason Newsom's Anomalous Quintet). And to top it all off, there's other rock, jazz and pop standards by great artists of the past 80 years who may have influenced Steely Dan. Or maybe these artists' songs didn't do that, but in my mind they seemed to carry on in the spirit of Steely Dan. Currently, there is about 10 hours of music waiting for you to hear on Radio Free Dandom.

RFD2 is a second radio station sponsored by and hosted at that focuses on music of the fans of Dandom who are also up and coming artists. Their music is played alongside the classic tracks of Steely Dan on RFD2. The goal is to give these struggling Dan-inspired artists some exposure in a community that is supportive of Those Sounds.

Sure, you have heard about this Napster stuff but this is entirely different. Songs are not traded and downloaded but played like on traditional radio. It adheres to FCC/U.S. government rules and regulations and royalties are paid for the playing of songs that are registered with ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC. The songs are streamed to your computer but are protected from being copied like MP3s. You will need to have QuickTime Player, RealMedia, Windows Media Player or iTunes to listen as well as be connected to the Internet to intercept the stream. There are also some FCC rules which also impact the format of Radio Free Dandom. Specifically, in any three-hour period, no more than three or four songs can be played by the same artist. Basically, it means three or four Steely Dan songs, three or four Fagen songs and three Becker songs. The rest of the time? Other jazz, pop and tangentially Dan music will be played. I think it's a great opportunity to discuss about all sorts of music that is tangentially Dan. [See above]. Bootlegs are prohibited for airplay.

The playlist is regularly being refined; based on your input on our first months of operation, improvements and changes have already been made. Thanks to the Greater Dandom's suggestions, things keep getting better.

Thanks to Steely Dan for turning folks like me onto a world of truly great music. Thanks also to Pete and Shari for their endless encouragement and enthusiasm.

Jim McKay
aka hoops

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