Swami Pete & Shari

THERE'S MANY EXCEPTIONAL SOULS MAKING UP THE HEART OF DANDOM but the first people to meet are Pete Fogel and his Shari. Pete has carried the torch of Dandom during the dark years and, many would agree, provided immense spiritual support to the recent return of Steely Dan.

Pete and Bill Pascador were the lifeline to Dandom with their version of Metal Leg, The Steely Dan Magazine in the early 90s. When it was published, it even garnered the attention of The New York Times, which ran a Sunday feature on Metal Leg. Pete has since moved on to new ventures like photographing Donald Fagen and Walter Becker at almost of their shows from the first New York Rock and Soul Revue Shows to the recent European Leg of the 1996 Steely Dan World Tour. You've seen his work on Steely Dan-related albums like The New York Rock and Soul Revue's Live at the Beacon and Alive In America. Pete and Shari have their own "must-see" web site of Pete's photos, rare sound clips and much more. The page can be found at http://www.asan.com/users/petefogel. Visiting this page once is not enough!

Pete is also a key player in the success of the incredible club Le Bar Bat in Manhattan. If you are ever in New York City, this is an essential stop; allow an evening to enjoy the drinks, food and the live music that Pete, et. al. line up like Paul Shaeffer and the CBS Orchestra and Drew Zingg.

Master Fogel is referred to as "The Swami of Dandom" quite simply because no other fan knows more about Steely Dan. Pete and Shari's apartment in mid-town Manhattan could serve as The Major Shrine of Dandom.

Aside from his unending love for Steely Dan, Pete is a walking Baseball Encyclopedia.

Shari is Pete's lovely significant other whose beauty, smarts, and grace are a wonder to behold. Of course Pete and Shari met through their love for Steely Dan. With some couples, the math is simply " 1+ 1= 2. " But with Pete and Shari it's
"1+ 1 = Million. "

Now certainly Pete and Shari's Danaciousness would be reason enough to put them in the category of someone you must meet; but what puts Pete and Shari at the top is their huge heart, energy and generosity. Pete is the perfect embodiment of the word "gregarious."

"Bat image" Registered Trademark of Le Bar Bat

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