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The idea of the BlueBook is to have a Steely Dan Fan discussion board that stays more focussed on Steely Dan and doesn't stray as far away from Steely Dan as perhaps some other forums do. By staying more focussed, the hope is to foster more engaging and worthwhile discussion that doesn't waste readers' time. In short, maximize signal and minimize noise with a goal of no static at all.

That said, the BlueBook is not for everyone and those people are encouraged to explore the cornucopia of other SD Fan blathering outlets, blog-dispensers and yakatoriums.

That's not to say, every post has to be literally about Steely Dan—no, no, no. Sometimes posts are totally about Steely Dan, while other posts don't mention Steely Dan but carry-on in our heroes' spirit of humor, musicianship, irony and hipness. It's understood that a little off-topic personal posting is good. But chronic off-topic posting can dilute collective interest. Then we all miss out on the Steely rumors and discussion which is the main reason for this place's existence.

What is too off-topic? How much is too much? Hard to say, but ask yourself, if people will really care to read what you ate for dinner last night or hear about your uvula. (I'm sure there are exceptional times when Danfans will care.) Extensive political rantings are a no-no.

It's sorta like on the wonderful, intelligent and hip NPR radio show, "Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz," when Marian and the guest start reminiscing about old times and friends. The personal talk is great to a certain extent, but then they catch themselves and cut back to the main topic, the music, since they know the listeners will be bored.

So, the following guidelines are by no means etched in stone or rigidly enforced. However…

  • Posts should be tangentially Steely Dan-related on some level and not stray too far, whatever "too" means...
  • Historically, those who run the site, namely the person known here as "hoops," has been legally held responsible for content. As such we have policy of not offering or otherwise explaining how to listen to unreleased, unauthorized, bootleg, or otherwise illicit recordings. To be sure, there's a lot of grey areas, but the resources do not exist to verify every source on a case by case basis. Sadly, we must resort to a "black and white" policy. An exception is made for items appearing on YouTube items. This site is not responsible for YouTube content. but links can be left here to to any and all YouTube clips since they accept responsibility for the content of their links and have a method of addressing such complaints. THAT SAID... it IS OK to discuss the existence and nature of unreleased and/or unauthorized recordings, but it is completely unacceptable to tell how to get or offer them, to request them or otherwise directly, tell how and where to hear them, or indirectly post about distribution possibilities. Such posts will be removed immediately and the computer from which the post was made may be blocked from the site for a limited time or indefinitely. This policy is final. If you do not like it, please participate in a different fan forum. What is discussed via private email, from poster to poster, outside the context of this web site and server is not the business of those who run the Bluebook.
  • Please don't use the BlueBook for private communication that could and/or should be conducted via email. Please don't use the BlueBook to announce new viruses, etc since it complicates the work of sys admins and ISPs. It's not about boredom so much as about causing those with interesting rantings, tidbits and news-tips about Steely Dan to lose interest and not post.
  • Keep in mind that everyone can see what you write, so if you give too much personal information and someone abuses that knowledge, it's not the fault of those who operate this place. It happens. People can be such animals. >smack!<
  • One way or another, Please let us know your email address. That way, if there are private complements for you or a problem with your post, you definitely will be contacted. Without an email address, the facilitator cannot ask you about your posts. If there is a problem, posts without a valid email address may possibly be removed from the BlueBook at the discretion of the facilitator. If you feel uncomfortable with leaving your email address because of spam issues, at least email privately with your email for future issues. Or, enter your email such that "@" is replaced by "AT" and "." is replaced with "DOT."
  • Items violating the rights and/or privacy of Steely Dan, their associates and others are prohibited and will be removed.
    Example: Giving out a private phone number or open distribution (offering or requesting) of bootleg recordings. Items having nothing even remotely to do with Steely Dan will be removed sparingly, but at the facilitator's discretion; however, if such posts include a valid email address, then the poster will be contacted in an attempt to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Need HTML or Hyperlinks? There are much more advanced guestbook programs that allow HTML, etc but this is the one most Danfans have overwhelmingly requested for this forum. For technical reasons. posts here can only feature HTML codes and hyperlinks by request. You are encouraged to email the facilitator with requests for HTML codes (like a hyperlink, bolding, etc.) to enhance your post and, ultimately, the readers' BlueBook experience. Need a spell check? Compose your post in wordprocessor and copy-and-paste it into this page.
  • As with all webservers, records of all accesses of any page on this server are recorded, although in very verbose and tedious format for reading. Despite the tedious nature of this information, it may be accessed in cases of spamming, abusive posts or because of any reason as seen fit in an attempt to ensure the integrity and quality of site and to stop harrassment.

    Other reasonable rules and interpretations thereof made up as the facilitator goes along.


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