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Date: Sun, October 1, 2017, 11:55:33 ET
Posted by: peter_j, Branscombe, Devon

Thought some of you may find this interesting. Danny Baker is a very special english radio presenter, and a huge fan of all things Steely Dan. Note the photograph he had taken at the top of this Guardian article..

Date: Sat, September 30, 2017, 11:57:34: ET
Posted by: Don, texas

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Date: Sat, September 30, 2017, 11:19:38 ET
Posted by: Love The Dan, So. Calif

STEELY DAN all day today a fan since 1977. Still hard for me to get past Walter Becker being gone.My best to the family and friends and Donald hope he's ok

Date: Sat, September 30, 2017, 22:10:34 ET
Posted by: Lee, Tampa

A clip of Govt. Mule's tribute to Walter:

Date: Sat, September 30, 2017, 22:00:22 ET
Posted by: Lee, Tampa

I thought of a very funny memory I have of Walter and I thought I would share it. I think it was during the run up to the release of 2VN, and Walter (also possibly Donald....don't remember) was conducting an online question and answer session with fans.

One person asked "In the song Sing in Stranger, why does the character have a scar from ear to ear?"

Walter's answer: "Because shriveled little dick doesn't rhyme with disappear!"

Date: Fri, September 29, 2017, 21:23:25 ET
Posted by: Security Joan, A personal SCIF somewhere...

So I was looking at the cover of the Rolling Stone with Walter's obituary, and something struck me: At the end of the very last show they did at the Beacon in 16, which was just about a week before the election, Donald said "See you next year... if there's a U.S. next year". Who could've predicted that it would be Walter who wouldn't be here a year later...and that a magazine cover blurb on his passing would be right next to a huge caricature of *President* Trump. A little surreal. Considering his dark humor, I almost wonder if Walter would chuckle over it. (For the record, I find it beyond tragic... and profoundly depressing. We are living in an alternate universe.)

Date: Thurs, September 28, 2017, 19:11:43 ET
Posted by: hoops, chicago

The latest edition of the Dandom Digest went out about 18 hours ago (around midnight, NYC time). It covers September 5-27, 2017. (The previous Dandom Digest covered September 1-4, 2017.)

The following are the subjects/headlines of the items in the latest newsletter:


UPDATE: Walter Becker Media Project


CALLING THE GREATER DANDOM: Walter Becker "Hey 19" Raps Database Help Wanted


Variety Looks at the 40th Anniversary of Aja
Newsweek on Walter Becker & 40th Anniversary of "Aja"
Remembering Walter Becker (1950-2017)
RS: Podcast on Genius of Walter Becker
RS Article on SD's Quiet Hero...Wry Genius
Michael McDonald Remembers His Friend & Collaborator
Database of Walter Becker Memorials
Walter B
RIP Walter
Walter Becker

a d a u g h t e r ' s t r i b u t e


If you are a subscriber, you should have already received it. If you don't see it, check your spam filters first; then, if it's not there, please email me at jjmckay AT me DOT com.

As I regularly remind subscribers, some people have problems with delivery of the Dandom Digest, usually because of their spam filters, firewalls, etc. That's why this sort of notice is posted here--so you are aware that you should have received the latest edition. Heck, if you want, email me privately that you did get it. With email filters and spam what they are today, there can be some issues beyond our control. For example, many work-place email servers reject email that it scans as having a naughty word.

If you are not currently a subscriber but would like to receive the free Dandom Digest email newsletter, please email me at jjmckay AT me DOT com or see

Also, if you wrote something for this most recent Dandom Digest and it didn't appear, please email me as well.

For the record, the Dandom Digest is a fan newsletter with content written by and for the fans of Steely Dan. The newsletter and its content is independent of, nor to be confused with, the glorious and much more glamorous official newsletters from,, and other sites of Steely Dan and associates. (Please note: I have no idea if Donald Fagen's official newsletter is currently active. It's been a few years since I've received anything from it.)


Thanks to all who contributed to the latest edition of the Dandom Digest, be it through the emailing digest AT dandom DOT com or through posting to our BlueBook guestbook or Facebook page; or tweeting @dandomdotcom. Pete, DB, Ben, and Gus.

As always, thank you for your support and writings through the years, especially Pete and Shari, as well as Mr. & Mrs. Winterbottom, and especially thinking of Mark, Bill, and Fezzie, and purposely not to mention a couple of people who request anonymity. And now of course in special way, Walter.

Fly about as low, be so cool,


Date: Thurs, September 28, 2017, 19:04:52 ET
Posted by: hoops, chicago

Subject: CALLING THE GREATER DANDOM: Help with Walter Becker "Hey 19" Raps Database

As posted last week, in response to the Walter Becker Media Project, we (Matt Kerns and Jim McKay) are asking your help. Help us locate and document the beautiful, absurd, and often hilarious musings and writhings of Walter Becker.

Thanks to Matt and his talented, programming wizardry, we have a great interactive database taking shape at Our long term goal is to not only compile a collection of Hey 19 clips, but also other Walter Becker musical moments and Beckerisms.

See a Hey 19 clip out there? Anywhere?

Let us know!

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, the old BlueBook, etc.???

If you see something, say something!

Let us know by filling out this form at

If that's too complicated or techy, just email with the info. We can take it from there, maybe arrange a phone call, set up an ftp session, advise you how to get that enormous, juicy clip off your smartphone, we'll call your theapist or ex-spouses, whatever it takes...

The video clips that you suggest via the Google form at will also be made available to others as a sort of "creative commons" of sharing to facilitate the creation of Walter Becker "Hey 19 Raps" video tributes by the public at large.

Eventually, you, the devoted members of the Steely Dan/Walter Becker fan community, will be able to edit them together to make your personal tribute to Walter.

If that wasn't enough, we're also hoping to even have some sort of film fest or Danfest come February in NYC to show the clips and all-out celebrate Walter.

So far, 32 videos (with audio) and another 32 audio files (without video) have been compiled. Please keep it coming.

We're all missing Walter--and here's a way to start working through this. And while this cheers us up, we also like to think that this would put a twinkle in Walter's eyes and bring a huge smile to his face.

Another followup Dandom Digest will be coming in two or three days to "tickle" you on this and also answer any questions that you may have.

Wishing you all peace, love, and laughter.

Date: Thurs, September 28, 2017, 13:16:19 ET
Posted by: nf,

Are there any videos of Nightflyers YT vids of Twin Peaks + Third World Man online? I haven't seen any. been able to find any.

Date: Wed, September 27, 2017, 12:31:12 ET
Posted by: BenJammin, Indy

Great WB nod from the Mule:

Date: Tues, September 26, 2017, 16:26:39 ET

Doc Mu:No, it wasn't the spirit of Walter wanting part of your post erased...or was it? I went back to a backup/archive copy and saw that there were parts from Derringer/Scheiner as well as Graydon missing. Here's the corrected post for all to see. It is also corrected in your original Sunday post. Sorry about the technical issue.--Jim


Nicely constructed article culled from a number of sources, with clever absurdist point counterpoint, about finding that perfect guitar solo for Peg:


Derringer: I was one of the first guys in line to get that single when it came out. I wanted to hear the solo I played. I put it on and it wasn't me! For a couple years, I thought, �Oh man, I guess the solo wasn't what they wanted.� I spoke later to Gary Katz and Gary told me, no, nothing like that at all. What actually happened was the recording got degraded and the solo was messed up. Something screwed up technically.

Scheiner: Rick Derringer was there for about three or four hours. We got something out of him. The minute he left, Walter looked at me and said, �Erase it.� I said, �OK.� You never questioned it. You didn�t say, �Come on, really?� It was over.

Derringer: I was relieved to hear it was just a technical issue.

Scheiner: They tried to get what they wanted out of Rick. And didn't get it. So I erased it.

Jay Graydon talks strategy:

Graydon: I found out I was the seventh guy. For about an hour and a half, I�m playing my hip, melodic kind of jazz style. Then Donald says to me, �Naw, man. Try to play the blues.� I�m thinking, if I gotta play blues in this solo, I can�t use a B-flat. Because B is in that chord. I can�t use an F unless it�s running through the chord� So I can make it be a believable seventh chord by using the seventh in part of the line. I play bluesy for a while. I get melodic for a while. I get bluesy again. Then I get melodic and bluesy.

Khan: [on hearing the finished solo for the first time] I think I said to myself, �Hmm. Well, that's interesting!� An interesting approach to a tune that's kind of like a blues but with major seventh chords.

It's amusing that the session players essentially learn whether they made the cut or in the can by listening to the release! haha

Graydon: When I walked out of the studio at the end of the night, I didn't know it was a keeper. I turned the radio on one day, and there it is. I thought, Hey, I made it! I could tell my tone pretty quick. I don't play like anybody else, man.

Can you still play the solo?
I relearned it for a [documentary] movie called Hired Gun. I used the same guitar and amp and volume pedal that I used for the original. I relearn it about every two or years for everybody.

There are tons of tutorial videos on YouTube about how to play your solo. Have you seen those?
Everyone I've seen is wrong! Nobody plays it properly. I crack up when I see this stuff. [But] I can't get up in flames, putting people down. I just stay positive. It's not easy to play the first couple of bars. It's a double-stop bend.

Date: Tues, September 26, 2017, 16:14:28 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

as was Walter's deadpan response to Scheiner after Derringer left. "Erase it."

Thought that was in my last post...

Date: Tues, September 26, 2017, 12:24:36 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

Wormy - the Bids are In. So classic. So Walter. Wickedly funny.

Date: Tues, September 26, 2017, 11:55:34 ET
Posted by: Jim aka hoops,

An update on the Hey 19 Rap/Rant archive collecting.

If you know of some great video, audio, photos of Walter's "Hey 19" improvs, do feel free to fill out the info as posted at Webform at

BUT if that's all too complicated or techy for you, or whatever, just email me at jjmckay AT me DOT com It's amazing how fast all these vids come down from YouTube and the like so we're focussing on that. While eventually we will edit all these into videos, the main thing is to get the clips now before they go away.

Tell us where to get'em and we'll come and get them. Sort of like calling for a pickup from Goodwill.

Or maybe you are collecting on your own, which is of course is a great option--but if we can collaborate and share, please contact.
So far Matt and I have collected about a dozen videos each. Two dozen is a nice start but we're nowhere close to having them all collected-- having every single one would be ideal.

Some of us in the Greater Dandom (besides the voices in my head) are also chatting about the idea of having some sort of WalterFest come next February where we can have a cinematic cornucopia of Walter clips as well as other activities.

Thanks for sending us Hey 19 clip locations, etc!

Date: Tues, September 26, 2017, 11:13:12 ET
Posted by: Danfan, Toronto

Show on the 19 of next month north of Toronto @ Casino Rama is now Sold Out.

Date: Tues, September 26, 2017, 01:17:13 ET
Posted by: Wormtom, Nola

Walter is immortal and he gave it all away

Will miss him dearly

This brother is free...

Date: Mon, September 25, 2017, 19:57:12 ET
Posted by: Steve Gennarelli, Tampa, FL

Hoops, no disrespect intended.

Me, in my fanboy, still in morning state, wanted to come up with
something that would deny the obvious. That Walter is truly gone.

Thank God the music remains and is as vibrant and as important as ever.

Date: Mon, September 25, 2017, 15:04:03 ET
Posted by: Alkali, NYC

regarding the "Steely Dan-esque" tour, how sad for Walter Becker and too bad for Donald Fagen.

Date: Sun, September 24, 2017, 21:33:34 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

Nicely constructed article culled from a number of sources, with clever absurdist point counterpoint, about finding that perfect guitar solo for Peg:


Derringer: I was one of the first guys in line to get that single when it came out. I wanted to hear the solo I played. I put it on and it wasn't me! For a couple years, I thought, �Oh man, I guess the solo wasn't what they wanted.� I spoke later to Gary Katz and Gary told me, no, nothing like that at all. What actually happened was the recording got degraded and the solo was messed up. Something screwed up technically.

Scheiner: Rick Derringer was there for about three or four hours. We got something out of him. The minute he left, Walter looked at me and said, �Erase it.� I said, �OK.� You never questioned it. You didn�t say, �Come on, really?� It was over.

Derringer: I was relieved to hear it was just a technical issue.

Scheiner: They tried to get what they wanted out of Rick. And didn't get it. So I erased it.

Jay Graydon talks strategy:

Graydon: I found out I was the seventh guy. For about an hour and a half, I�m playing my hip, melodic kind of jazz style. Then Donald says to me, �Naw, man. Try to play the blues.� I�m thinking, if I gotta play blues in this solo, I can�t use a B-flat. Because B is in that chord. I can�t use an F unless it�s running through the chord� So I can make it be a believable seventh chord by using the seventh in part of the line. I play bluesy for a while. I get melodic for a while. I get bluesy again. Then I get melodic and bluesy.

Khan: [on hearing the finished solo for the first time] I think I said to myself, �Hmm. Well, that's interesting!� An interesting approach to a tune that's kind of like a blues but with major seventh chords.

It's amusing that the session players essentially learn whether they made the cut or in the can by listening to the release! haha

Graydon: When I walked out of the studio at the end of the night, I didn't know it was a keeper. I turned the radio on one day, and there it is. I thought, Hey, I made it! I could tell my tone pretty quick. I don't play like anybody else, man.

Can you still play the solo?
I relearned it for a [documentary] movie called Hired Gun. I used the same guitar and amp and volume pedal that I used for the original. I relearn it about every two or years for everybody.

There are tons of tutorial videos on YouTube about how to play your solo. Have you seen those?
Everyone I've seen is wrong! Nobody plays it properly. I crack up when I see this stuff. [But] I can't get up in flames, putting people down. I just stay positive. It's not easy to play the first couple of bars. It's a double-stop bend.

Date: Sun, September 24, 2017, 12:41:23 ET
Posted by: Johnny,

Goddamn that is rough to imagine. Our two heroes seeing each other for the last time ever.

Date: Sat, September 23, 2017, 17:47:23 ET
Posted by: hoops,


Obviously, you're not alone in wondering what's it's going to be like without Walter up there as part of Steely Dan come next month. I'm sure your suggested scenario is comforting to other fans in that respect.

At the same time, I won't even for a second begin to suggest to Donald, the band, and Walter's loved ones, among others, as to how they should pay their respects. They know way better than we do.

Date: Sat, September 23, 2017, 17:23:47 ET
Posted by: Steve G., Tampa, FL

Here's a suggestion for next year's "Steely Dan" tour.

After the first 2 or 3 songs, the video screens above start to
play Walter doing his "Hey Nineteen" wrap.

That way Walter could continue to be remembered and incorporated into the show. would spare Donald from having to eulogize his
friend every night on the tour.

I'm going to take a guess, but I think Michael Leonhart would be a good choice to introduce the band to the crowd.

Date: Sat, September 23, 2017, 03:24:34 ET
Posted by: Abu, 40 YEARS !!!

On this day, 40 years ago (September 23, 1977) the great Aja album was released. Thank you, Steely Dan, and all the musicians and people who worked on it, for forty years of excellence and enjoyment!

Date: Sat, September 23, 2017, 00:37:56 ET
Posted by: Tom,

David Crosby - "She's got to be somewhere" Glad to see his loving homage to Steely Dan is out and that he's showing all sorts of love and respect to Steely Dan in all his interviews about his new album.

Date: Fri, September 22, 2017, 18:44:54 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

Mike: I'm glad to see Pete Fogel was there in Austin and chatting with Donald. I'm pretty convinced it was the best concert in the Steely Dan family I've ever seen. Almost like Walter's spirit was there. Connor seemed absolutely possessed on Weather in My Head, Black Friday, and Bodhisattva. A special evening for sure.

Still, so weird that was their last concert. My daughter woke me up the next morning with the news, and it remains surreal...

Date: Fri, September 22, 2017, 17:32:59 ET
Posted by: Mike,

Here's another one:

Variety looks at Aja's 40th Anniversary of release which is tomorrow, September 23.

Date: Fri, September 22, 2017, 17:31:45 ET
Posted by: Mike,

An article in Rolling Stone that will probably be referenced for a long time.

Covers Walter's whole life. Features interviews with Dean Parks, Michael McDonald, Larry Klein, Da Kine Dave Russell, and Pete Fogel among others.

Steely Dan's Quiet Hero: Inside Walter Becker's Troubled Life, Wry Genius
He was a brilliant perfectionist behind one of rock's most eccentric bands � even if he preferred life in the shadows

Date: Thurs, September 21, 2017, 11:13:13 ET
Posted by: Ben Jammin (and been missin' Walter), Indy

Jon lists a new start to SD's tour:

Crosby continues giving props to our Guys:

I've enjoyed reading the heartfelt posts about Walt's impact and importance across our Dandom and beyond. One of these days I need to try to summarize the love I have for Steely, but until then, I'm cranking up those unreleased grooves like "Three Sisters Shakin'".

Humid Hugz all around!

Date: Thurs, September 21, 2017, 23:03:13 ET
Posted by: One Thing,

Why are we calling them 'raps?' He is not rapping, as a hip-hop artist would do. Monologues, rants, etc would be more fitting.

Date: Thurs, September 21, 2017, 22:02:33 ET
Posted by: Matthew & Jim, All over the Mississippi Watershed

From our Webform for the "Walter Becker Hey 19 Raps Database":
Thank you for helping us document the beautiful, absurd, and often hilarious musings and writhings of Walter Becker. The video clips submitted via this page will be made available to others as a sort of "creative commons" of sharing to facilitate the creation of Walter Becker "Hey 19 Raps" video tributes by the public at large. We will take these clips and edit them down to Walter's "Hey 19 Raps." Then you, devoted members of the Walter Becker fan community, can edit them together to make your personal tribute to Walter. --Matt & Jim

Date: Thurs, September 21, 2017, 22:02:31 ET
Posted by: Jim aka hoops, Elsewhere on the Mississippi Watershed

First, a round or two of applause to Matthew Kerns for all his Database efforts, not to mention the extensive list of shows since 2007. Regarding the Google form, please direct any slings and arrows, not to mention verbose legal clauses, towards me. We'd like the database of video to be sort of "meat counter" of different cuts of "Hey 19" that can be assembled into a video. You're the video creator. If the form doesn't suit you, please email me at jjmckay AT me DOT com or email Matthew at matthewrkerns AT gmail dot com.

Also email us if you would like to help us edit the video segments down to the Hey 19 Rap parts so other can just grab and make a video. (Don't forget to make one yourself, while you are at it.) And if you have audio or video expertise to offer, we're all eyes and ears. So we'd like to make some videos, but we're also hoping some supertalented professionals--I'm sure you are out there and are Walter Becker fans--could make something cool, trippy, surreal, whatevah. So if you are one of those types, we want to have clips ready for you to work with.


One cool thing might be if we could have all the Hey 19 raps in a shuffle mode. "The Walter Becker Random Rap Generator" could be a lot of fun and keep things fresh. Here's hoping you have your own great idea.

Stay tuned and stay in touch! And remember, the URL for submissions is

Date: Thurs, September 21, 2017, 22:02:30 ET
Posted by: Matthew, Chattanooga

Alrighty. For a long time I've been compiling a list of Steely Dan shows post 2007 (which is when I believe Walter began doing the "rant" in the middle of Hey 19. My plan right now is to build a database of Steely Dan shows (this will eventually be a full archive of all known SD shows, those with Walter doing the rant, those without, and even shows in the dark ages, prior to 1993. That being said, for right now the MAIN FOCUS is on the Walter Becker Hey 19 stories.

So now we begin gathering assets. Are there Youtube videos, audio files, etc. that pertain to this project? We want them.

The plan is to concentrate on gathering and cataloging these digital assets now, as I work on a database structure to contain them. In the interim, and to allow all of us to act while we are at our most passionate, there's a simple Google Form we've constructed that will allow anyone who wants to submit or suggest a youtube clip, file, or transcript of any show. I'm working on building a calendar or list to show which shows currently have assets (I uploaded a few audio clips and a transcript as a case study) so that we aren't duplicating effort. Hopefully that will be available shortly.

Even if you can't help us gather assets or transcribe Walter's words, we want your input. What would you like to see as the end user version of this? I've been looking through other sites (like Grateful Dead concert databases) and more often than not, they're long lists without much interaction or visual appeal. Walter Becker, in all of the ways that we as a public interacted with him, was an innovator. We'd like to keep that spirit alive by being innovative in the way we capture this small part of his legacy. That said, neither Jim nor I (or anyone else involved) wants this project to be conceived or realized in a vacuum. We want this to reflect Walter and the fandom. Please let us know what you think.

For now, the google form is available here:

And a list of shows with assets will be forthcoming.

We could have spent months setting up a site to accept files, links, and transcripts, and it would have looked a lot better than that simple form. But we want to start this project now, while Walter's memory and the request at:


Date: Thurs, September 21, 2017, 13:06:02 ET
Posted by: Kevin, Stl

At the Billy Joel concert tonight in Busch Stadium, I will be the one wearing my Shuffle Diplomacy tee in honor of Walt. It would be nice if Billy would do something to honor him also. If anybody on here will be there, wear your SD tee and find me. I will buy you a beer.

Date: Wed, September 20, 2017, 11:41:23 ET
Posted by: Abu, With Ruby and Maxine

Perhaps this has been posted here before. A certain Brian P on the dandom FB group page posted it. (Thanks Brian) Someone made the comment 'why have I never heard of this until now?'. Same. The album by the Bamboo Brothers came out in 2010, and the vid posted on Y-T in 2011. The song is called The Nightfly Album. Musically it is quite similar to Ruby Baby, and otherwise sounds very Fagenish. For all those who have never heard of it for the last 7 years, check it out:

Date: Wed, September 20, 2017, 10:48:56 ET
Posted by: hoops,

SueDave: Thanks! Sounds great! I will get in touch with you about that. BTW: Always makes my day to hear from you.


China Crisis tribute to Walter. Go to this link and scroll down a bit to read the tribute & photo captions.

"Working with Walter changed our lives forever. . . ."

Date: Wed, September 20, 2017, 07:38:54 ET
Posted by: PopeGreg, still sad in MKE

Some nice reminiscing from Elliot Randall, Lee Ritenour, Dean Parks and Steve Kahn:

Date: Wed, September 20, 2017, 01:05:09 ET
Posted by: SueDave,

Hoops - I have a 4+ minute doozy WB H19 rant from 2016 that I'd love to share, and I know I have more to discover. Looking forward to figuring out what to do with what I find.

Date: Wed, September 20, 2017, 00:13:45 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

Here's a photo I've never seen before with Walter and Roger Nichols with Michael Franks during the recording of Blue Pacific:

soundcheck from the 70s - probably the first tour:

Here's Walter producing China Crisis' Flaunt the Imperfection.

Date: Tues, September 19, 2017, 23:50:08 ET
Posted by: hoops, Chicago

Regarding the Walter Becker media project, long time fan Matt from Tennessee and I are setting up some options where like-minded fans can participate.

From our Facebook page:

Let's do this! I'm sure there's going to be multiple parties doing their own thing, reflecting the diverse talents of the different groups of people who love Walter. However, given that I have copious server space, some professional video editing tools, and what not, not to mention my experience wrangling student volunteers and overdeveloped sense of responsibility, I think we can make it where the video that shows the love for Walter. That said, I really love to collaborate with like-minded, low-drama people on labors of love.

I would like to have two separate projects. One would be the repository of clips that people could make their own videos from. The other might be some actual videos we could make it.

I'm envisioning a site where we can currate these Walter rants in multiple forms. Youtube videos are well and good, but we should be making an effort to A)have a format that isn't controlled externally (quicktime has been suggested) B)isn't subject to paywalls, etc. C)is backed up in multiple locations. I would like to see clips in both video and audio (extracting audio from the video clip where applicable). Also, I would like to see each clip with a date/Tour name, city/venue, and the ability for crowd sourced transcriptions to be added to each clip.

Anyway, so we determine the first show Walter did his Hey 19 rant at, and then we create a database of SD shows from then on, allowing users to submit videos and audio, matching their submissions to shows. This lets us see where our gaps are and fill in accordingly. Maybe we can even put "bounties" on shows that are hard to find at that point. Then once a show is is the database, it can be transcribed and verified. Thoughts?

So just an update: Matt and I have been taking steps to allow video clips be deposited at Our goal is to make them available in the same vein as "Creative Commons" so people/teams can make their own tribute vids. Also working on setting up where fans can report locations of the Hey 19 rants so we can grab them. Will report back more in a day or so as we progress.

Date: Tues, September 19, 2017, 23:18:26 ET
Posted by: hoops, Chicago

Row Jimmy, cohenj1971 at yahoo:

You sound like a new fan or someone who hasn't been reading the avalanche of stories about Walter (and for that matter Donald) over the past 2-3 weeks. Whatever the case, it's obvious to pretty much anyone who seriously follows Walter and Donald that they are private musicians. They are naturally private people (read Michael McDonald's tribute in Billboard from about ten days ago if that isn't any clearer). Donald seems even more the introvert. They're not glitterati. They aren't kardashians. Pretty much all SD fans "get" that.

Personally, until you brought it up, I haven't thought much about why Walter passed away. It's been disussed for the past 2-3 years in show reviews that Walter hasn't always looked good; moreso in the past year and recent months. If you need more support, I sincerely will be glad listen or somehow help. Just drop me an email.

Just for the record, let the personal details about Walter's passing and Donald's reactions remain personal.It's not a kind topic for armchair speculating, rumor mongering, and gossip.

Date: Tues, September 19, 2017, 20:26:22 ET
Posted by: Row Jimmy, NYC/CT

Why no comments on what's going on with Donald?

On a related note, any idea what was going on with Walter when he passed away?

Date: Tues, September 19, 2017, 14:07:19 ET
Posted by: , Nashville

Remaining DF and the Nightflyers dates in Japan also canceled. Tough times in Dandom for all...

Date: Mon, September 18, 2017, 10:23:15 ET
Posted by: Paul,

Still sad about Walter...wishing lots of love and healing for his loved ones.

Date: Sun, September 17, 2017, 02:10:25 ET
Posted by: Chris, Nh

There is a new link on the Walter Becker website:

Date: Sat, September 16, 2017, 23:53:21 ET
Posted by: HouDanFan, houston

One of favorite videos is from the Sony studios 2000 live concert when John Herrington was owning the Black Friday leads and Walter was watching him play from the side. That was the epitome of a band who wanted the best.

Date: Sat, September 16, 2017, 22:46:49 ET
Posted by: HouDanFan, houston

Walter was Steely Dan. He didn't sing the songs he was always in the background but he was the person that gave this band the edgy lyrics and quirkiness that we all love. That's what made Steely Dan a jazz rock fusion that was unparralled. Is there gas in the car?

Date: Sat, September 16, 2017, 21:27:17 ET
Posted by: The Dean, St Augustine Beach.

Jack, if Walter was still with us (damn, I'm still reeling) and active, I would certainly stand by that remark. Unfortunately, we live in a strange new world.

Date: Sat, September 16, 2017, 21:06:31 ET
Posted by: Sono Sid, South Austin

I haven't been here in a long time but know this is where true dan fans congregate. I don't really have anyone to tell my story to that understands like you guys so here goes. Not that my story is that interesting but I want to tell it. I live in Austin. My son got married in NYC on 9/1. Ordinarily, I would have gone to see Donald Fagen at ACL in Austin on 9/2 but this year I couldn't for obvious reasons. When I got the news about Walter I just went into a shock/sadness that no one around me could understand. It was so personal. Like losing a best friend or brother. I know you serious dan fans know I'm not exaggerating and at least some of you had to have felt the same. I went and hung out by Duke Ellington's statue in Central Park the next afternoon. That seemed as good a tribute as any. I grew up listening to SD and could literally go months at a time listening to nothing else. Still can for that matter. Nothing else compares. Anyway, the music will live on but my life and the world changed on 9/3/17. Thank you for the great music Walter Becker. And Donald Fagen And please may Donald Fagen have the strength to work through this. The strain on him must be really hard right now. Thank you guys here on the blue for reading this if you got this far.

Date: Sat, September 16, 2017, 17:25:06 ET
Posted by: Chris, Nh

WB's webmaster is looking for assistance:

"C a n . y o u . h e l p . u s . d o c u m e n t . m e d i a . c o v e r a g e
o f . W a l t e r . B e c k e r ' s . p a s s i n g ?
T i m e - s e n s i t i v e"

See for the link

Date: Sat, September 16, 2017, 14:23:56 ET
Posted by: stephen, london






Date: Sat, September 16, 2017, 14:42:34 ET
Posted by: Todd Gack, Chicago

hehehe, The Deanster basically repeated what I had earlier posted several times re what to call any ongoing Steely Dan efforts. Great minds think alike!
Here's hoping Donald gets through these difficult grieving times.

Date: Sat, September 16, 2017, 09:17:08 ET
Posted by: Doc, near the tower

this is on

"C a n . y o u . h e l p . u s . d o c u m e n t . m e d i a . c o v e r a g e
o f . W a l t e r . B e c k e r ' s . p a s s i n g ?
T i m e - s e n s i t i v e"

There is a link which connects you to an email address....

Date: Fri, September 15, 2017, 21:30:45 ET
Posted by: Jack, Back


Do you stand behind your stated position posted December 30, 2016, 20:49:48 ET in regards to the prospect of Don touring as Steely Dan without Walt?

Date: Fri, September 15, 2017, 18:06:56 ET
Posted by: hoops, Chicago


I get your POV, but between Donald and perhaps even some planning by Walter, I withhold judgement and wait to see what happens, giving it a chance.

Date: Fri, September 15, 2017, 17:53:08 ET
Posted by: Alkali, NYC

the Dean,
just meaning that nothing would surprise me at this point, that's all.

its just not STEELY DAN.

Date: Fri, September 15, 2017, 16:03:09 ET
Posted by: Alkali, NYC

The Dean, I simply meant that if Fagen continued to use the Steely Dan name it would be disrespectful of Becker, politically speaking.

Date: Fri, September 15, 2017, 12:01:01 ET
Posted by: KD, asdf

The Pointer Sisters' cover of Bob Welch's "Hypnotized" sounds a lot like "Miss Marlene." I love you all and hope everyone is handling this as Walter would.

Date: Fri, September 15, 2017, 12:00:03 ET
Posted by: Chris, nh

A friend of mine shared this on Facebook:

Pot legalization backers, cannabis commission chairman bond over Steely Dan

Date: Fri, September 15, 2017, 04:07:09 ET
Posted by: NYB , Becker's lyrical brilliance

Back at home the machines work hard, we folk like to take it easy, honing our awareness of the finer things of life. Here when I go down to my job, I work hard for what seems like a long time. I look at my watch: fuck... fifteen minutes... It felt like half a day! Soon enough we break for lunch, me and the boys now I'm one of the bunch, but no one wants to sit with me. Tell me what can the matter be?

The hat stays too flat?
My hat is way too flat?
My English she is much better now
But the hat is just too flat...
A little thing like that
They don't get past the hat...
My English it is more better now
But my hat remains too flat.

Date: Fri, September 15, 2017, 02:28:03 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

Dean - I agree with your POV. The Steely Dan Band harkens back to ensembles that carry on a tradition of music, much like Duke Ellington's Band.

I'm OK either way. Any new "solo" albums by Donald almost certainly will stay that way, perhaps even recorded with the Nightflyers, which has been suggested in an article.

Date: Thurs, September 14, 2017, 20:19:56 ET
Posted by: Steve Gennarelli, Tampa, FL

The tributes to Walter keep pouring in.

I'm also a fan of old school professional wrestling and a podcast called "Place to Be Nation" that focuses on WWF wrestling from the 70's and 80's paid tribute to Walter on their most recent show.

Has anyone listened to "Winwood Live", a new 2 CD set that was just released in the past month. I enjoyed him so much prior to last year's SD concert. Just wanted to hear what fellow Dan fans thought of it.

Date: Thurs, September 14, 2017, 19:15:23 ET
Posted by: Alkali, NYC

so Becker released 2 solo records, totaling 26 songs.
if someone were to ask me for an Essentials 13 song Becker CD, I would happily respond with these:

1.Down in the Bottom
2.Downtown Canon
3.Surf and/or Die
4.Paging Audrey
5.Book of Liars
6.Circus Money
7.Lucky Henry (that legato tho}
8.Selfish Gene
9.My Waterloo
10.This Moody Bastard
11.Darkling Down
12.Hat Too Flat
13.Bob Is Not Your Uncle Anymore

Thank you Walter Becker.

Date: Thurs, September 14, 2017, 17:53:09 ET
Posted by: The Dean, Manatee Bar. It's Happy Hour!

Alkali, I'm confused by this comment:

"I'll have to second the notion that if Fagen continues concerts that he not use "Steely Dan" (It'll be disappointing, but knowing his political views, maybe not so much)"

What do political views have to do with continuing to use the Steely Dan name? I can't think of any legitimate relationship.

For what it's worth (which is very little), I'm thinking Don and Walt may have some agreement in place. I don't have a problem with the touring band calling themselves "Steely Dan"---though I'd prefer something like "The Steely Dan Band". But I'd find it hard to accept any new studio recordings to be attributed to Steely Dan. Whatever happens, I expect Donald to be very respectful---irrespective of his political views, of course.

Date: Thurs, September 14, 2017, 16:06:09 ET
Posted by: hoops,

Just a reminder that when you see [null] as a poster, it means that the they used only a control character or only certain punctuation characters for a name. So a post by [null] may or may not be the same [null] that posted previously.

Back to normal programming.

Date: Thurs, September 14, 2017, 15:41:09 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

[null}: That's a great encapsulation of Walter - the "quiet" one who was really the voice/attitude of Steely Dan.

"It's the music, stupid."

Scarborough is a huge music fan, and has his own little bluesy band.

Date: Thurs, September 14, 2017, 12:48:34 ET
Posted by: Love the, So. Calif

29 shows got front row seats a few times right in front of walter.what a treat to see him play up close.Thank you Walter thanks to the the blue for the comfort.Met Hoops at a casino show up above Santa Barbara.nice man RIP Walter.still hurting inside.

Date: Thurs, September 14, 2017, 12:19:33 ET
Posted by: Alkali, Alkali

and still another one gone...

I'll have to second the notion that if Fagen continues concerts that he not use "Steely Dan" (It'll be disappointing, but knowing his political views, maybe not so much)

Date: Thurs, September 14, 2017, 09:39:37 ET
Posted by: [null],

I don't know if anyone saw this but Morning Joe, a political morning show on MSNBC, paid tribute to Walter last week. The host Joe is a huge fan.

Date: Thurs, September 14, 2017, 09:37:56 ET
Posted by: [null], Now it's ancient history

Hoops, it's interesting how different people respond to the death of a musician they love. When Leonard Cohen died I couldn't listen to his stuff for a while. But this time with Walter being who he was to me, I have gone the opposite way and been listening to more Dan than I have in a while. I don't know why... maybe it'd because it's not his actual voice I'm hearing so it's "safer" emotionally. But I'm also listening to a lot of Circus Money too so...

Either way, you take care of yourself. Grateful to have this little corner on the web to still discuss and mourn the great man.

Date: Thurs, September 14, 2017, 09:10:00 ET
Posted by: [null],

What has always made Steely Dan so special and amazing, has always been the deep and enduring friendship. It has been very inspiring to me. I cannot think of another partnership that is that close, where egos or selfishness has never gotten in the way.

Through all the ups and downs in their respective lives, they never ever said a bad word about the other to the press, they shared the writing credits every time. They supported each other personally and creatively through all the decades. In the recent Rolling Stone podcast, it was mentioned that it had become a kind of business relationship between the two. I think nothing could be further from the truth.

Now that Walter is gone, we are all grieving. To imply that Donald is somehow not grieving properly is absurd. That he would somehow become this mercenary that he has been the exact opposite of his entire life, is clearly flat-out wrong. As bad as we all feel about this right now, we cannot imagine how he feels, losing his lifelong friend.

Date: Thurs, September 14, 2017, 03:13:34 ET
Posted by: hoops, Chicago

Still Sparkin' I'm totally with you as I'm sure 99.5% of everyone here is. I sure didn't see that one did see the others that you (thanksfully) probably did not. Between "Cicero," and a few other sub-humans, the posts have been deleted. If your posts from Sep 13, 2017 have been deleted, consider yourself and any posts past and future unwelcome. You "people" may scream "freedom of speech" but refuse the responsibility that comes with that speech. You hack at Walter and Donald and come and kick grieving fans in the're inhuman. No is saying you can't express -- but please do so respectfully and humanely. "Courtesy" is no longer a concert to some of you, but fortunately a minority. And what's not to get? Oviously DF is grieving and sick, can't do shows right now, and hopes in a few weeks to get back to some semblence in order to pay tribute to his comrade.

Date: Thurs, September 14, 2017, 03:07:45 ET
Posted by: Shark DeVille, down in the bottom

I just have to say that Cicero's recent post reads to me as very insensitive and indeed rejoicing in what he thinks the loss of Walter means for the future of Steely Dan. I would like to see it removed out of respect to Walter and his many grieving loved ones and fans who might be visiting the Blue for some comfort and shared solace.

no, Walter's ad libs during Hey 19 were not rehearsed. ad libbing is by definition the opposite of rehearsing lines. Walter played more than bass in the 70s and more than rhythm guitar in the 2000's. he recorded numerous guitar solos throughout their career, and his bass playing is all over the last 2 Steely Dan albums and his and Donald's solo work also. the assertion that the recent shows without Walter were better than anything they've done in the past 17 years completely belittles Walter's participation in every show and tour since Y2K. there is no indication that Carlton will be touring with the band from now on. he was brought in as a fairly last minute replacement for two shows and although he is one of the world's greatest players, he clearly wasn't familiar with several of the songs and failed to deliver the required energy level that many of the songs beg for.

you can't just begin your post with "all due respect to Walter" and then proceed to shit all over him. I'm flabbergasted.

Date: Thurs, September 14, 2017, 01:52:56 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

I know many here are aware of Walter's prowess as a producer in the 80s and early 90s. A sample of some of his may recognize THAT sound and attitude... ;)

Date: Wed, September 13, 2017, 20:50:45 ET
Posted by: hoops, Chicago

Three or four of you just posted in such way that you act as if you know everything that is going on behind the scenes with Donald, his health, his family and Walter, etc. It's really shitty to be so presumptuous. To me it says he's hopeful hee will be healthy in five or six weeks and getting back to work ASAP will take his mind off losing his bud. Why is that so hard to grasp?

You know, Walter's been gone for 10 days and I can't even make a post more than the few words I made the day he passed away. And sorry, the closest I've been able to listen to Steely Dan, Walter or Donald's music is China Crisis and Mose the Fireman. I've only been able to read maybe seven or eight articles on the web about Walter's passing. It breaks me up. If that's what it's doing to me, I can only imagine what it might be doing to Donald, et al.

And one of you posted "will this get past the censors?"

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say I agree--go post at one of the other dozens, if not hundreds of Steely Dan forums that clearly are more to your liking, OK? Why waste your time posting at a private (not public) forum that you think is lousy and fascist ? I think this place is like a party. If you think the party sucks don't stay and complain, go to the other one down the street or something that's better.

What next? Are you going to start picking on me because I've been to overwhelmed by Walter's passing to put out a Dandom Digest in 9 days? I don't know where to begin.

Date: Wed, September 13, 2017, 18:36:35 ET
Posted by: Johnny, Still on the upside looking down...

Maybe I'm reading too much into it... but does anyone else notice that on the website it says: "Steely Dan" Live in North America. The quotation marks make me wonder if this is connected at all to Fagen saying he's gonna keep the music alive with "the Steely Dan band".

Date: Wed, September 13, 2017, 17:36:38 ET
Posted by: countdown, Michigan

Hoops I'm going to the Michigan show. What you said about the booking makes sense. I got my tickets. I know the venue and currently about 2k tickets have been sold . Reference ticket master website. I'm looking forward to the show, I think it will be a little awkward seeing the place half empty.

Date: Wed, September 13, 2017, 14:29:09 ET
Posted by: hoops, chicago


A friend of mine runs a big arena in Ohio. I don't think his arena has ever hosted Steely Dan but he explained how most all music acts plays his arena--it's not what most people think. The act generally doesn't book tour dates like planning stops on a road vacation. Instead, the act puts out that they will be in a certain region during certain dates. Then venues put out bids/proposals with guarantees of certain base amount. For some big acts, all the arenas get is the concession profits and the prestige of having had a particular artist play their venue.

I have never seen what Steely Dan's contracts are like and how their dates are selected; however, I would not be surprised if the arena in Grand Rapids bid and guaranteed a certain amount.

So if you really want Steely Dan to play such and such a town near you, don't post here, post on the website of venues in your area.

Just my 2�.

Date: Wed, September 13, 2017, 14:17:04 ET
Posted by: countdown , michigan

Anyone know why SD would book the Van Andel in Grand Rapids?
It holds about 10k . I know they are playing with the Doobie Bros. but I can't see them filling half the seats.


Date: Wed, September 13, 2017, 04:37:21 ET
Posted by: hoops,

HouDanFan: I'm with you about Paging Audrey--and for some of you, don't forget that it's co-written with the awesome Larry Klein.

Date: Wed, September 13, 2017, 03:36:52 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

I'm sorry to hear about the cancellations. I assume they are regrouping for Japan and beyond.

In the meantime, please watch The Nightfly from the Austin City Limits concert from Sept 2.

Now with more cowbell!

Date: Wed, September 13, 2017, 01:52:36 ET
Posted by: HouDanFan, Houston

I've been listening to Paging Audrey over and over. That song was Steely Dan but with Walter's twist. So fucking good.

Date: Tues, September 12, 2017, 21:42:09 ET
Posted by: Chris, Nh

Man. Sorry for all of you who had tickets to the upcoming shows. Sucks.

My thoughts are with Donald. I can't imagine what it must be like. Grief, illness, or both.

The Rolling Stone podcast posted below is a good listen. They talk about an article coming out in the next issue that sounds promising.

Date: Tues, September 12, 2017, 21:09:12 ET
Posted by: HouDanFan, Houston

I've been listening to Paging Audrey over and over. That s ong was Steely Dan but with Walter's twist. So fucking good.

Date: Tues, September 12, 2017, 20:47:54 ET
Posted by: steelydanbowler, Portland, OR

I called the number provided in the email, for the Portland, OR show, and they were happy to provide a refund. They explained that they didn't list that option due to the fact that they would lose some money because they had to pay the artist to come. Either way, I got a refund: money put back in the credit card account.

Date: Tues, September 12, 2017, 18:28:32 ET
Posted by: RS, podcast

Date: Tues, September 12, 2017, 15:57:15 ET
Posted by: Mt. Belzoni, Portland OR

The Oregon Symphony has now sent out an e-mail noting that tonight's concert will not be rescheduled, and offering ticket holders exchanges for other shows or the opportunity to donate the ticket price, but (curiously enough) not a refund.

A call to the box office clarified that ticket refunds are also available - but also that DF cancelled due to "pnuemonia." He has now also cancelled this weekend's 2 Bay Area shows.

Very sorry to miss the chance to see him with this band, but even more concerned about his health at the moment. Wishing him a speedy recovery, a return to good health, more shows with the Nightflyers, and hopefully more performances soon in the Pacific NW.

Date: Tues, September 12, 2017, 14:24:10 ET
Posted by: kzkzkz, NYCity

Just Announced: Wallingford, CT - Oct 22 at Oakdale Theatre

Date: Tues, September 12, 2017, 13:08:11 ET
Posted by: Gus Winterbottom, Torrance, CA

Ticketmaster shows that the September 16th Masonic show has also been cancelled. I just spoke with someone at the Mountain Winery who confirmed that the September 15th show is cancelled as well.

Date: Tues, September 12, 2017, 12:10:54 ET
Posted by: L.B., NY

I hope that at their next show billed as Steely Dan, they walk on sans guitar players and do an instrumental warm up before the guitarists join them on stage.

Date: Mon, September 11, 2017, 21:35:23 ET
Posted by: Todd Gack, in limbo

I know Donald can legally of course still call the band "Steely Dan", and I get why for marketing purposes the various powers that be want that Steely Dan name, but for Walter's sake, I hope the ongoing version of any Steely Dan touring band is called Donald Fagen and the Steely Dan Band, or just The Steely Dan Band. It's a small difference visually, but I think an important distinction.

Of course, I guess it's always possible that Don and Walt discussed these contingencies before and maybe even put them in writing, and maybe there is a mutual agreement on the carrying on of the name in the absence of one of them. The articles out today re the tour are all calling it Steely Dan. Food for thought.

Date: Mon, September 11, 2017, 20:45:40 ET
Posted by: Still Sparkin', Vancouver

I could see this cancellation in Seattle coming. Too late - already made the big plane trip. I come to the area at this time nearly every year though, so it's no crisis . Was just going to be so much nicer because of the show.

Date: Mon, September 11, 2017, 20:19:23 ET
Posted by: Mike A, Seattle

Seattle show cancelled "due to illness ". Very disappointing

Date: Mon, September 11, 2017, 20:19:18 ET
Posted by: CJB, YVR

Automated message from the Seattle venue minutes ago confirming the Wednesday Nightflyers date is CANCELLED due to "illness" (read: grief?)

Date: Mon, September 11, 2017, 19:47:51 ET
Posted by: Mt. Belzoni, Portland OR

I note that both the Portland and Seattle shows appear to have been wiped from DF's Facebook page.

Date: Mon, September 11, 2017, 19:42:58 ET
Posted by: Mt. Belzoni, Portland OR

Just received an e-mail from the OR Symphony (promoter) that Donald Fagen's Portland show tomorrow night has been "cancelled due to illness."

Can't tell you how much trouble we went to to get 4th row tix as soon as they went on sale, or how much we were looking forward to the show.

If it is illness, we wish Donald a very speedy recovery, and a rescheduled Portland show. If Seattle (Wed. night isn't cancelled, I may try to schlepp up there to see him.

I can understand DF not being ready to go back out on stage so soon after Walter left us. But SD did announce a tour today . . .

Date: Mon, September 11, 2017, 18:01:36 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

West Coast Nightflyers leg appears to be a GO.

September 12 � Portland, OR @ Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
September 13 � Seattle, WA @ The Paramount
September 15 � Saratoga, CA @ Mountain Winery
September 16 � San Francisco, CA @ Masonic
September 23-24 � Yokohama, Japan @ Yokohama Blue Note Jazz Fest

Check 'em out! This group of young bucks Rocks.

Date: Mon, September 11, 2017, 15:09:41 ET
Posted by: Flipkid, Red State

Date: Sun, September 10, 2017, 23:11:48 ET
Posted by: anymanleft, Rio Grande

I haven't posted here for a while and was in Duck NC for the past week on vacation, not aware Walt had passed.After seeing an article on-line describing his legacy I was swept with emotion and flashbacks to all the great songs that defined my life since hearing them for the first time in 72 during my senior year in high school. SD has been a musical portrait of my life and Walt was one of the artists. I feel empty. RIP

Date: Sun, September 10, 2017, 22:17:03 ET
Posted by: Steely Dad, Salem, Massachusetts

Thank you Walter for making my life so much better. My head swells with emotion when I think of all the wonderful days and nights that were surrounded by the music of Steely Dan. This week has brought back many of those memories and of course some tears with the knowledge that I will never see you on stage again. You would be so honored by the many recording artists that have acknowledged your greatness this week. You and Donald have touched and influenced so many people with your music.
To the many fans that share my sadness. I have an idea for a tribute to Walter and his long time friend Donald. Saturday September 23rd will be the 40th anniversary of the release date of Aja. Let's all play Aja so loud that Walter will be able to hear it.

Peace and prayers to Walter's family and friends.
Rest in Peace Walter Becker.

Date: Sun, September 10, 2017, 20:57:42 ET
Posted by: Alkali, NYC

forgive me if if this has already been posted, choir, choir, choir does a nice tribute to Walter Becker and rendition of Dirty Work, which quite frankly brought me to tears.
they also did a Leonard Cohen classic with Rufus Wainwright that's worth checking.

Date: Sun, September 10, 2017, 12:05:12 ET
Posted by: should i really be that surprised?,

Isaiah Sharkey, a 28 year-old go-to guitarist in the R&B/pop/jazz world (e.g., D'Angelo, John Mayer, Chris Dave), with a nice cover of Any Major Dude as a tribute to WB, and declares SD his favorite band. In the wake of WB's death and all the tributes, I thought it would be cool to have a running list / collect all the praise from famous/talented musicians. There are a lot, and it just reaffirms SD as the gold standard.

Date: Sun, September 10, 2017, 09:12:45 ET
Posted by: NYB,

Pretty impressive considering who the competition was at the time these recordings were made, even Mark Knopfler (a hero of mine) barely made the cut.

Date: Sat, September 09, 2017, 22:59:26 ET
Posted by: hoops, chicago

Maybe this has been mentioned, but "Family Guy" (the flagship Seth MacFarlane animated show) included during its airing this week a black frame with: "Walter Becker, 1950-2017". (Huge Family Guy" and "American Dad" fan here.)

Date: Sat, September 09, 2017, 22:05:52 ET
Posted by: mr barker, east of chicago®ion=EndOfArticle&pgtype=article

Date: Sat, September 09, 2017, 20:50:02 ET
Posted by: JimmiNu, New York


Date: Sat, September 09, 2017, 18:26:51 ET
Posted by: Gary, Atlanta

Steely Director, NOLA:

Sorry for the late reply. Yes, in Atlanta, Adron (the person) had other musicians on stage with her (bass, drums and keyboards). She played acoustic guitar. They also had the band's name on the front of the bass drum head. As someone else pointed-out from the TN show, she was/is very witty, and in ATL had quite a few great one-liners between songs. When she first came out, I remember she said something along the lines of, "Yes, sorry, but there is an opening act and I'll try not to suck. Also, I know you're a highly-sophisticated crowd, but this first song [Pyramid] is our one and only song with a curse word in it, so we�ll just get it out of the way first." The audience ate it up! After her set, I saw her walking through the theatre and several people went up to her, expressing their appreciation for her music.

Date: Sat, September 09, 2017, 17:52:30 ET
Posted by: CJB, YVR

WB in childhood, courtesy a lifelong friend.

"Walter, so wildly talented even then, embodied a deeper, more complex sensibility � and with it, the possibility of a certain dignity...."

(HT Security Joan, who found & sent this along this morning)

Date: Sat, September 09, 2017, 12:57:30 ET
Posted by: Vincent, Egan

A naughty mash-up even if without the originals:

Date: Sat, September 09, 2017, 05:03:50 ET
Posted by: Rumpus & Bud, Sun Mountain

All of a sudden we heard the sound of her voice in our minds. As if she was inviting us to please come and visit her, to help dust off what deserves heavy rotation, especially in these days. Luckily NPR kept it stored.

Date: Fri, September 08, 2017, 13:47:55 ET
Posted by: Life, The Earth

I have this feeling since Walter left us.

Date: Fri, September 08, 2017, 11:42:04 ET
Posted by: CJB, YVR

Another web remembrance; this one is good:

"Long time Hawaii resident, Walter Becker of Steely Dan died yesterday. He lived quietly in [TOWN NAME REDACTED] since the 1980's. My daughter attended [REDACTED] Waldorf School at the same time as his son. One time when I picked her up from a 7th and 8th grade Friday night dance at the school, I could hear the crystal clear sound of the dance music emanating from the small gym all the way to the parking lot. When my daughter reached the car I commented on how good the music sounded and she said, "oh yeah, that's Steely Dan's equipment."

Walter was a great musician and a generous man."

Date: Fri, September 08, 2017, 10:55:34 ET
Posted by: Mike, PA

I heard that Bonnie Tyler got hired to sing Total Eclipse of the Heart on a cruise ship during the recent eclipse. Maybe Donald can get a gig next week singing Walk Between Raindrops in Miami.

Date: Fri, September 08, 2017, 04:50:10 ET
Posted by: From Billboard, California

One of the nicest tributes I've read, from Michael McDonald:

Date: Thurs, September 07, 2017, 20:09:38 ET
Posted by: Jim Taylor, Hello, Baton Rouge

Matt: great posts, information and stories.

Date: Thurs, September 07, 2017, 19:55:35 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

technically the maj7ths are in the bridge leading to the chorus...

Date: Thurs, September 07, 2017, 19:52:52 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

Walter and Donald's rediscovery of live playing became for the benefit of the fans a real passion. It became challenging in the end, but Walter really enjoyed, ironically, the road until things became more difficult.

Ironically, while pop icons like Darryl Hall brought the road literally home...and reimagined records, arguably better than the pop originals.

I'm throwing out one of my favorites from Darryl's House because of some of the Dan-ish major 7ths in the chorus and T-Bones jazzy/blues styling on the guitar:

Date: Thurs, September 07, 2017, 19:40:25 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

A better link to The French Inhaler. To borrow from a post, the best thing the Eagles ever did was to serve as backup vocalists here in this little operetta.

Date: Thurs, September 07, 2017, 19:37:05 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

Trying to think of another songwriter with an attitude in the range of Walter.

Maybe Warren Zevon? A bit dark and biting, yet amusing and ironic.

Date: Thurs, September 07, 2017, 15:12:03 ET
Posted by: Danfan, Toronto

Thanks for the memories Walter. Rock on.

Date: Thurs, September 07, 2017, 14:16:27 ET
Posted by: RN, NJ

Boz posted a heartfelt note about Walter's passing on his Facebook page.

Date: Thurs, September 07, 2017, 13:11:39 ET
Posted by: Matthew, Chattanooga

Doc, that should be Ghost of Hipness Past. Which makes way more sense and is so typically clever Walter.

Date: Thurs, September 07, 2017, 12:15:43 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu, Medical Science is helpless in a case like this

Lies I Can Believe. Imagine Boz Scaggs covering this one:


The Ghost Of Hypno's Past - not sure how that didn't make the 11 ToW album - CD's have the room. 12 or 13 ToW!

Tangential Dan: The Bird and the Bee featuring Inara George, Lowell George's daughter.

Date: Thurs, September 07, 2017, 12:14:37 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu, Medical Science is useless i a case like this

Lies I Can Believe. Imagine Boz Scaggs covering this one:


The Ghost Of Hypno's Past - not sure how that didn't make the 11 ToW album - CD's have the room. 12 or 13 ToW!

Tangential Dan: The Bird and the Bee featuring Inara George, Lowell George's daughter.

Date: Thurs, September 07, 2017, 11:24:09 ET
Posted by: CJB, YVR

Late to the party, compared to many here. My row 10 seat, Toronto, 2003, was my first gig, something I'd never anticipated being able to do back in the 80s. & then 24 more shows over the next decade & a half. "The Bear" in Seattle & "Second Arrangement" in NYC & yakking, all too briefly, with the horns outside Arlene Schnitzer while the bus was loading.

Dropped into a small North Shore town for a few days, once, while way out in the Pacific with my sweetheart, & did not sight one particular resident, but met some friends once removed who were kind & welcoming & pointed out a few important places & things two shy Canadians might not have found on their own, including Mama's famous coconut-vanilla shrimp.

The playing, contrary to some internet dudes' opinions, was always tasty & on point in the gigs I saw. & although W. did move with difficulty in later years, his mind was sharp and his voice was loud & full of authority. Watching Big Walter, with huge beard & dressed like Neil Young, black sweats, tee, "a man about to go mow the lawn," belt out "Daddy" struck me at the time, & still does now, as punk as fuck.

"Circus Money" is a beautiful record which has only grown with age, maybe the best of the non-SD records. & the Madeleine Peyroux collaborations, which hardly anyone talks about here, are first-class.

Some people's example makes it easier to be oneself. WB was one of those people for me. Like many here, I'm moved by how he overcame significant adversity with humor & blinding intelligence intact, & that he evidently felt himself loved by those around him, not always a given.

One final anecdote: in Boise, a few years ago, there was an open-air, general admission date that I drove all the way from Vancouver to see, & because I was one of the first through the gate I ended up standing about fifteen feet from the band all night long, directly in front of Walter, where, because I'm tallish & was twenty odd years younger than most of the crowd, we had non-stop eye contact all night long. Gig was great, the equivalent of watching the band perform in your living room. Walter seemed totally blissed-out, wrestling that familiar lime-green guitar up and down all night long. Between songs I gave him a thumbs-up, and got a huge, delighted & totally unexpected smile in return. Not much, but in the end, maybe, enough.

Date: Thurs, September 07, 2017, 07:51:02 ET
Posted by: Reidar fron Norway, Oslo

My dear friends on Bluebook.
I normally don�t post here unless I�m at a concert giving my impressions and set lists.
11/3 gave me such a shock which I�m not yet over and will be in for many weeks. I�ve been blessed watching 40 shows mostly at the Beacon. I just want give my condolences to all my friends whom I made on this rollercoaster ride I have been fortunate to have with Steely Dan. So many memories that I can�t even begin telling them. The T-shirts that I brought along and gave out was me trying to give something back to the most beautiful people I know. It was a way of showing that I loved every one of you. Thank you for being my friend and those friendships will never die and thanks� Walter and Donald for making the music, May Walter rest in peace we will never forget you and maybe in near future all of us should come together and pay tribute to these fine sets of musicians somewhere.

Reidar from Norway (in tears)

Date: Thurs, September 07, 2017, 01:57:12 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu , @Brentwood

Selfish Gene

"Must every time I turn my ship around some bastard come and knock my skyline down?"

Far bette take than Richard Dawkins' best sellers.

Date: Thurs, September 07, 2017, 01:51:38 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu, mental, moral spiritual decline

hoops: I feel ya. Having the same problem. From the highest high Saturday Night to the Lowest Low.

Alone in my cave
It's corn flakes and Camels
And the long restless shadows of my life
None but the brave
Jim Beam and Jack Daniels
Channelhopping these empty days and nights
Glued to the screen
Rerun by rerun
At the dark outer limits of my soul
Stranded between
The Green Acres of my good intentions
And the Twilight Zone of zero self-control

Where does a guy live me fit in?

Doc doncha worry. Hide in here.

Date: Wed, September 06, 2017, 22:53:05 ET
Posted by: Kid Clean, Milwaukee

It's been forever since I've been here. Mostly in touch through the Dandom facebook group. I wanted to tell a Walter story and thought it might be too wordy for fb. So here goes:

Hard to know if it was late 98 or early 99 when I first found the greater Dandom. Thanks to the internet I discovered I wasn't the only one who was obsessed with these guys and all they've done. It was really exciting to get involved with 'those of my kind', especially once word of the 'new one' got out.

Once the 2000 tour was announced, talk began about having gatherings before or after the shows. The words Danfest and Wingding were spoken often. I had never heard of nor considered such a thing before but it certainly sounded appealing. There were a handful of people that began planning on attending a weekend of shows starting with Milwaukee, then Chicago and on to Detroit. I had seen them twice in 96, Chicago and East Troy, which was the first time I'd ever seen the same band twice on one tour, much less two nights in a row, but the hook was set deep.

My partner in Dan, Tony, and I decided we were gonna do it. 3 nights in a row. The weekend jaunt became know as the Midwest Trifecta and plans were being made for get togethers before and after each show. Tony and I volunteered to 'host' the Milwaukee fests, seeing as it was our home town. A gathering at a park on Lake Michigan beforehand and a pub downtown with an outdoor deck after the show. A 3rd host, Dale, joined us and it turned out that Tony already knew him. Dale had gone to school with his older brothers. One many strange coincidences though the years of danfandom.

Finally the day arrived, a bit cooler and more windy than we would have liked, but we set up shop and the danfans came. I don't recall specifically but I would say there were about 20 people there and a great time was had. We likely were the only Danfest to award a polka party VHS tape as a prize. (It is Milwaukee and Polishfest was going on at the Summerfest grounds)

Off to the show we went, salivating as we do, waiting for the opening notes. I'd seen the set lists of previous shows so I knew what to expect, The Boston Rag to open. It could not have been more glorious with Walter taking some great leads. The rest of the show kept the high standard by that song throughout. The highlight though, and the point of this rambling, came after Donald introduced Walter for the 2nd time, to sing Monkey in Your Soul. Walter said, and I quote, "midwest trifecta, you out there somewhere?" My jaw hit the floor. He had actually acknowledged our group. Walter. Becker. Knew about us. It was amazing. The show ended and we made our way to John Hawkes Pub on the river downtown. There were easily 50 or more people there for the gathering. It was there I finally got to put faces to names, like Hoops, Pete and Shari, Earthbound and many others that are still good friends today. It truly was one of the best evenings of my life. (After this, I found it odd to go to a show and NOT have some sort of gathering with a bunch of friends)

As Hoops has stated many times before, Walter was very appreciative of his fans and this story is all the proof I need of that.

There were many more great shows. (Memphis '03 being perhaps the greatest, for many reasons) Many more new friends. Many more lasting memories thanks to Don and Walt.

So many of our musical heroes have fallen recently and we all knew the day would come, just not so soon.

I found myself listening to 11 Tracks of Whack on Sunday, tears streaming, yet smiling at the joy he had brought to my life.

Thank you Walter.

Peace, love and Dan,


Date: Wed, September 06, 2017, 21:17:12 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu, Young Dizzie on the Wall

Yeah, Walter cracked the code.

Don't trade today for tomorrow
Tomorrow for tomorrow night
You chop wood, carry the water
Sometimes it be that way.

No lie, the Downtown Canon... every way this recording is a masterpiece. As good as anything on Aja or The Nightly. Walter and Carlock deliver the cleanest, most organic rhythm section you'll ever hear. Every nuance up front.

Date: Wed, September 06, 2017, 21:14:06 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu, Young Dizzie on the Wall

Yeah, Walter cracked the code.

Don't trade today for tomorrow
Tomorrow for tomorrow night
You chop wood, carry the water
Sometimes it be that way.

No lie, the Downtown Canon

Date: Wed, September 06, 2017, 20:36:12 ET
Posted by: NYB, All is forgiven

It's very nice to read all the kind things fans and musicians have said about someone who I think was a very great man, who overcame significant adversity, but always seemed to find another obstacle waiting for him up ahead...

Over the years certain fans here on the Blue (you know who you are) have said some very unkind things about Walter. It seemed like no matter what he did it wasn't good enough, it wasn't appreciated, even ridiculed by some. I found myself time again defending Walter, because after reading whatever there was to know of his past, I felt something in common with him, and I liked him.

Nobody knew who Walter was, nobody credited him for the work that he did, no one gave him credit, he was anonymous in a world he created, by a people he created. But that's frequently the case isn't it? No one knows something's missing till it's missing? Anyway, THIS is the kindness he should have received in life... May he find it where he is now.

"Nobody loves you when you're old and gray. Nobody needs you when you're upside down. Everybody's hollering about their own birthday. Everybody loves you when you're six feet in the ground." (John Lennon)

Date: Wed, September 06, 2017, 20:19:21 ET
Posted by: Alkali, NYC

sitting Shiva for a surrogate.

"Stars imploding
Time eroding
Electrons dancing..."

its not getting better, yet

Date: Wed, September 06, 2017, 15:20:13 ET
Posted by: Bookkeeper's Son, Florida

Premier Guitar magazine ran a tribute to WB:

Sorry if this link was already posted. Nice video of a Josie performance in the article.

Date: Wed, September 06, 2017, 15:01:36 ET
Posted by: bobbo, down in the bottom

Hey Kids,

You won't recall, but I remember asking about the "worth" of 11Tracks back in '03 or so, here on the Blue, as a casual follower of the mighty Dan. Response back then was near-immediate, and more than a few of you recommended the collection highly. Oh, what a rudderless craft I rode on, in those early days of my addiction to faded hipster legends and "mu" chords.

It goes without saying that I dialed up the Amazon and picked it up immediately, and journeyed into a landscape of darkish wonder and joyful, skewed revelation of self--the man we called Walter.

Pieces like "Surf And/Or Die" and "Junkie Girl" gave me license to go where I shoudn't have, and see what one mustn't...and it has become a way of life. While many would quiver at the notion, or catch a vapor upon the very examination of the idea of life down there, where the bets are never paid (but the Gold Teeth do indeed roll), I embraced the lifestyle both casually and with fervor.

And so, at this late hour, it is without regret that I note that while Steely Dan will always be a lifelong friend of mine, and Mister Donald is my favorite songsmith for these going-on thirty years, it was Uncle Walter who gave me the push. I've never been unhappy or alone here, over the edge, thanks to that guidance.

And if taking life lessons from a cat I will now regrettably get to thank personally has been my pattern? I can only say it out loud, among those of my kind: the man's message changed my life. Selah.

Yer Pal,

Date: Wed, September 06, 2017, 14:15:26 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

Gina: The autographed napkin story, from the unaware musicians to recipient is as great a story of friendship as one could imagine.

Date: Wed, September 06, 2017, 11:35:02 ET
Posted by: Todd Gack, neither here nor there

So how many Nightflyer shows are cancelled and does anyone know when Donald goes back to the stage? I'm curious as to what he'll say and how he will handle this great loss on stage.

Interestingly, I've heard reports that physical copies of Circus Money are hard to come by on Amazon.
It is such a smooth funky laid back album.

I always thought a cool but not likely pipedream Fagen/Becker tour idea would have been Don and Walt playing a whole (long) first set of only their solo album songs, backed by the Steely Dan band of course, with a second set of the obligatory SD hits to appease the casual fans. Maybe for a whole tour that's unrealistic, but for a week run at the Beacon, maybe not so far fetched? Alas, it now will forever remain a fantasy.

Date: Wed, September 06, 2017, 06:45:20 ET
Posted by: PS, Sun Mountain

Dr. John referred to that interview on his Facebook page. Here is his post:

Date: Wed, September 06, 2017, 06:43:53 ET
Posted by: Gina/Mizar6, Sun Mountain

Howdy to those familiar, whether from Yellow or this Blue. Just popped in here to leave a link to an interview which is a lengthy one to read, but a new layer emerged from it, as usually happens in situations like these. And don't scroll down to the last line which carries a transcendental message, or the new layer I felt when reading.

Date: Wed, September 06, 2017, 05:01:09 ET
Posted by: fagenism, She go (I cry)

Wonderful Walt anecdote from a fan:

Date: Wed, September 06, 2017, 03:18:06 ET
Posted by: hoops,

Billboard piece by KD:

Date: Wed, September 06, 2017, 02:59:02 ET
Posted by: hoops, chicago

It's just so hard to sleep and so hard to take in.

Date: Wed, September 06, 2017, 00:39:13 ET
Posted by: SS, HK

John Beasley interview after he heard that WB had died.

Date: Tues, September 05, 2017, 23:53:14 ET
Posted by: The Dean, St Augustine Beach. Still Very Sad

Don B, great podcast on Aja's 40th. Thanks for the link.

Matthew Kerns, great story. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

And, thanks to Jim (Hoops) for keeping this site up, running, and alive (or sometimes on an, understandable, delay) and Pete Fogel, for supplying superior information.

I'm still pretty speechless/wordless with respect to Walter's demise. But wanted to let you know, I check in regularly to read these posts. It actually helps me with the process.

Sounds pretty sappy (even to me), but it's true.

Date: Tues, September 05, 2017, 23:47:55 ET
Posted by: SS, Hong Kong

This is a pretty good piece.

It includes a reference to how the first SD album was named.

Date: Tues, September 05, 2017, 21:07:41 ET
Posted by: oleander, Forward anyway

Here's a paean many might have missed, in The Forward:

FWIW, I too love Circus Money.

Date: Tues, September 05, 2017, 18:14:04 ET
Posted by: Chris, nh

lots of people misunderstood the "George Bush and those nazis" line. The narrator is saying it, not WB.
The narrator also assumes that his ex has resorted to prostitution due to the economic downturn, and gave away his dog when his 401k crashed.

But I agree that may be why it was left off.

Becker was a genius and I always felt he was underrated. It's nice to see so many tributes to him over the past few days.

I've been posting some of his old memos on my Facebook page and people seem to be enjoying them. Both Becker and Fagen actually used to be somewhat accessible online and even comment on current events from time to time, always hilariously. Becker especially.

Of course, he stopped by the time "social media" became pervasive. Ahead of his time in yet another way.

I did a short tribute set on the local college radio station yesterday. I only had an hour and I was making adjustments to the setlist on the fly, so I didn't get much of a chance to really listen to the songs. But I'll admit that I put on the headphones in time for his solo at the end of Gaucho and got choked up for a moment.

Date: Tues, September 05, 2017, 18:05:47 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

Medical Science certainly should have been part of the non-Japanese release of 11 ToW. It's fantastic.

Date: Tues, September 05, 2017, 16:20:31 ET
Posted by: fagenism, She go (I cry)

Re: Spinal Tap.

@theharryshearer: "Holy crap, Walter Becker has died (per NYT). Half of most amazing musical duo since Lennon/McCartney. RIP."

Date: Tues, September 05, 2017, 16:05:30 ET
Posted by: Aja1, Newton

Thanks, Matt. That sounds logical. I wonder what other treasures exist in the Becker files.

Date: Tues, September 05, 2017, 15:55:42 ET
Posted by: Mike A, Seattle

One of my favorite albums of all time (any artist)is 11 TOW. Lots of moody auras within that record. Some fantastic hooks as well. So under rated....

My 24th "new era" Steely Dan show was in April at the Venetian in LV. I decided you have to live it up as you only live once. Made sure to sit up front in the 6th row. Awesome sound and great view right in front of Walter. Being a gear nut, I always made it a point to take pix of his guitars and amps before the shows. So many fantastic memories over the years!! At times like these, the memories all come flooding back in.

Date: Tues, September 05, 2017, 14:27:52 ET
Posted by: Matt, Chattanooga

If I had to guess, I'd say that the political content of Fall of '92 was just a bit too on the nose for an album release, not to mention that the mention of "George Bush and those nazis" would have dated the song quite a bit. Walter wrote way more songs for 11ToW than appeared on the album. There are demos for Medical Science, Sanpaiku, The Ghost of Hipness Past, Lies I can Believe, the Fall of '92, Three Sisters Shakin' and a couple others. My understanding is that once Walter started production work on Kamakiriad, he was inspired to write and once he started he just kept going.

Date: Tues, September 05, 2017, 14:14:47 ET
Posted by: Aja1, Newton

I'm not sure I know the story of why "The Fall of '92" didn't make it onto the 11 Tracks of Whack album. Anyone know?

Date: Tues, September 05, 2017, 11:50:13 ET
Posted by: Matthew Kerns, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Who will sing about the good, bad, and ugly, and all and everything in between?


I am honestly at a loss for words. Anyone who knows me, in any aspect of my life, will know that if I am defined by anything, it is the music of Steely Dan. Last Saturday, the day before Walter passed, was my high school reunion, and it was pointed out that in our senior class photo, I was the long haired kid in the front, wearing the Steely Dan t-shirt.

In late 1999, as Steely Dan was preparing for the release of their first album in 20 years and their first tour since 1996, my friend Amanda and I decided that we wanted to go to a show or two together. No easy feat, as she was a Los Angeles native and I was a southern boy from Chattanooga, Tennessee. There were two shows in Atlanta, but I didn't want to wait that long. One of us, I don't remember who at this point, joked that we should just start in Portland and follow the whole tour. A few days later, Amanda called and asked, if somehow such a thing were possible, could we turn that joke into our new reality. Within days I had quit my job, packed my suitcase, and boarded the first plane I had ever been on to fly to Los Angeles where we would begin our journey.

Here's what happened. Amanda had mentioned to Walter that she and I had talked about following Steely Dan on tour the way other people followed the Grateful Dead or Phish or whoever, and Walter offered us tickets to any and every show we were willing to attend. By the end of the summer, he was reserving hotel rooms and offering meals to us, hanging out with us, introducing us to the musicians in the band and to his partner Donald Fagen. He was kind, he was generous, he was funny. There is nothing I can say that hasn't otherwise been said, but I still need to say it.

I met Walter for the fist time backstage at the Gorge Amphitheater in Washington, just before the second show of the tour. Amanda and I had gone backstage to thank him for the tickets, and as we stood looking down at the Columbia River far below us, he walked out behind us. A quick hug to her and he reached out to shake my hand. I don't think I've ever been more intimidated in my life, but he immediately said something funny and clever that I can't remember, other than knowing that at that moment that I liked this guy as much as I already respected him, and that this was going to be one hell of a summer.

All summer long, Walter took care of us. He asked us often if our tickets were okay, if we needed any extras. He found out my family were fans and gave me tickets to bring them to the Atlanta shows. He was a genuinely generous and kind man. When my parents came to a show, he not only waited at the set break to meet them, but roused Donald from his dressing room to introduce him to my folks.

They say you should never meet your heroes, but I am forever grateful that I met mine, and that he turned out to be such a goddamned good dude. Walter, you'll honestly never know what your kindness meant to me, and how your music reached me. Thanks for it. Thanks for everything. you will never ever be forgotten.

Date: Tues, September 05, 2017, 11:42:40 ET
Posted by: Barbara Fearn, Sheffield,UK

Steely Dan fan-atic for 45 years , still coming trying to come to terms with this sad sad news.
I bought Can't buy a thrill on its release day in the UK, and my life was changed.
The best ever second album Countdown to ecstasy, is perhaps my favourite, but then maybe Katy Lied or ........
All I can say is I am devastated, there are tickets in my drawer for the o2 London show in October, it will be an emotional night for me ., and desolate without Walter playing and introducing the band and .......

Date: Tues, September 05, 2017, 11:39:06 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu, don't make me turn this car around again.

Metal Leg #20

Original Liner Notes for Spinal Tap. Accept no substitutes. The paragraph about Derek's brass kidney and the procedure it thus required to handle the Crosley device is priceless.


Spinal Tap Technical Notes
Remarkable as this recording may be on the esthetic level, it so happens that �Break Like the Wind� is equally notable for its breakthroughs in the state of the art of modem audio recording techniques. Let me explain.

Firstly, all of the vocals on the current album were recorded and re-mixed with the astonishing Crosley Phase Linear Ionic Induction Voice Processor System. This device was invented and first used by the late Graehham Crosley and was later perfected for studio use by producer Reg Thorpe, who had an aborted go with the Tap lads during one of their early mid-seventies comeback attempts. There were a few bugs in the system at that time (�Like, it wouldn�t fucking work. Period.� recalls Nigel Tufnel fondly) and so work with it was abandoned. In the intervening years Thorpe has managed to sort out the last remaining kinks in the system and made it available for these sessions. He himself generously offered to make the crucial fine adjustments necessary to eliminate background chatter and allow the awesome fidelity and signal to noise ratio of The System to stand out, as I believe it does, in the final mixes.

Here�s how the Crosley device works: when a vocalist sings, a stream of accelerated air particles issue from his vocal chords, out his mouth and out into the room where there is waiting, we hope, the diaphragm of an expensive tube mic. This diaphragm does a passable job of imitating the vibration of the air molecules by twitching in its little suspension, which movements are we hope turned into a low level electrical flux in the tiny wires attached to the diaphragm assembly. But wait! For there are many problems inherent in a device of this sort, including mechanical resonances in the diaphragm itself, variations in the temperature and humidity of the air in the room, foreign particles issuing from the gaping maw of the vocalist himself (a particular problem for the Tap lads � corrosive smoke particles and bits of mango pickle from cheap Indian takeaways) and so on, all of which result in reduced fidelity for you, the listener. However, the Crosley device does not care one whit about all of these things, for it measures only the flow of ionic muons (small charged particles with an atomic weight of between 1.699669 x 10 -17 Electron Units and roughly twice that much, give or take a teenie bit here and there) past a negatively charged grid, itself roughly the size of, say, a gnat�s cock (to use a comparison to which most of us can relate). The resulting current is used to modulate a constant voltage which is self-referenced to the known inductance of the system itself and to the body capacitance of The Artist. For in order for the system to work, the vocalist must wear on his person a number of small balance plates which will offset the fields created by various inanimate objects on his body at the time of the recording (afterwards he may wear what he likes). In the case of David St. Hubbins for example, after much experimentation the correct voltages were found to be applied to these small balancing plates when attached to his billfold, to his wristwatch (a fake Rolex which he evidently took for the real thing), and to the Raybans that he habitually wore in the studio (�Me lucky shades�). It was also necessary to put a plate in his groin region to offset the charge produced by, of all things, a roll of quarters tucked into his shorts. This combination � spectacles, testicles, wallet, watch � seemed to do the trick and soon enough a frighteningly realistic and three dimensional vocal image was suspended in space between the nearfields mounted on the console (Wombat G 7�s and Holographe 96/96, respectively).

Derek Small presented a somewhat more difficult challenge. After several failed attempts to get the system to work, Derek recalled that he had had a kidney operation back in the mid-sixties which had resulted in the installation of a brass kidney. This was evidently an experimental treatment which the national health abandoned after only a few tries, Derek being one of the unfortunate guinea pigs. It was necessary to install a plate, therefore, in one of Derek�s body cavities. Ears, nose and throat were obviously not available, Derek adamantly� refused to accept catheterization, and in the end the necessary balance plate had to be installed � rectally. Derek resisted this onerous procedure at first and the whole Crosley gambit seemed as though it might fail, but like a true Englishman, Derek eventually agreed to compromise his personal comfort somewhat so that the team effort might succeed. I can only add that Derek ultimately came to tolerate well, if not actually enjoy, the daily installation and retrieval of the balance plate, and that in the process it was discovered by Ronnie, one of the second engineers at the studio and the individual charged with performing these delicate operations, that a) Derek�s prostate was enlarged to the approximate size of a grapefruit, and b) Ronnie�s engagement to Kimberly, the studio receptionist, was perhaps a bit premature.

The feed from the Crosley system was now presenting us with a glorious soundstage recreation of the band�s vocals. This was mixed in with the roar of the band�s amps and drums (so loud that mic�s were not necessary) and fed to the inputs of the huge BBC 16 channel cassette recorder which the band had schlepped over from David�s home studio. This machine (affectionately nick-named �The Beast�) was based on a design found in Hitler�s bunker at the end of the war and its sound quality, in the opinion of many recording artists, has never been equaled. This was then mixed down to acetate and bunged over to the digital (phooey!) mastering format for cassettes and CDs, in which form it is currently gracing your living room or, more likely, your car, as the case may be.

Date: Tues, September 05, 2017, 10:57:21 ET
Posted by: Michael, .

Saw this on facebook this morning. Not sure if it was posted here. It's from Pete Fogel. Great stuff!

Walter Becker was asked to write the liner notes for Spinal Tap's 1992 album, "Break Like the Wind". Needless to say, he wasn't exactly thrilled with their editing job. He sent the original notes to me for publication in my Steely Dan fanzine, Metal Leg (issue #20). This is the letter that accompanied them, and was the beginning of our friendship.

Dear Pete,
Just because I pretend not to know who you are as often as not on those rare occasions when I see you, usually in New York at a Rock and Soul gig or some such thing, or because I have not in the past responded to certain requests that have been received by me however indirectly, from you or from your pal Brian Sweet, who it must be admitted was most accommodating in sending me all those years� worth of clippings from his copious Steely Dan scrapbook; this does not mean that I am in any way unaware or even perhaps unappreciative of your splendid efforts through the years on behalf of the loyal fandom of the mighty Steely Dan, particularly of your extraordinary tact and discretion in not contacting me or mailing material to me at my home in Hawaii or for that matter anywhere else, considering that my address and my whereabouts at any given time are surely known to you and your confederates � for all of this and for other considerations which I won�t go into at this time, I say �thanks� and hold out to you, symbolically as it were, the hearty handclasp of friendship. And as a token of my not-unappreciativeness I am offering you for publication in your little mag the complete unedited version of the liner notes which I wrote for the late Spinal Tap �Break Like the Wind� album. As you will I am sure agree, even a casual comparison with the original reveals that the version which appears in the CD itself has been edited to remove all of the good parts � and why such a thing has come to pass, I myself cannot say. When I was approached by Mike McKeon, he told me that the notes would be used in a throwaway fashion, more as a design element than anything else, and that their legibility would perhaps be nil; I told him I would try to make them amusing nonetheless and that he would be free to edit them as necessary to conform to their layout. By putting my trust in the Tap gang�s innate sense of what was amusing and what would work best for their overall concept I was perhaps erring on the optimistic side insofar as a good outcome was concerned; this lesson has not been lost on me and, what is more, by availing myself of your good offices so as to set the record straight, I feel that I may yet snatch victory from the clutches of disaster, especially since your circulation may well exceed the sales of the doleful Tap disc, once we correct for the high percentage of non-readers or remedial readers in the ranks of Tap purchasers, many of whom bought the CD by mistake anyway, thinking it was either a) an actual heavy metal album, or b) funny.

In any event, I am hoping that the publication of the original (unedited, and in conjunction with this note) will serve to educate and entertain your readers in a way that meets with your editorial approval. If not, feel free to toss the whole enchilada into the trash � in which case it may well end up in close physical juxtaposition to one of the countless Tap CDs or cassettes that are currently clogging up landfills all over this great nation of ours.

Walter Becker

Date: Tues, September 05, 2017, 10:37:27 ET
Posted by: Jim Taylor, Baton Rouge

I was visiting a friend in his dorm in 1973. As we were sitting there chatting, the opening riff to Reelin' came blasting from down the hall. I blurted out, "who the fuck is that?!" And literally ran down the hall to discover Steely Dan for the first time. Of course, I was aware of Walter and Donald as the Songwriters, but it was a band. And it confused me that the lead guitar player on Reelin' was not a member of the band.

I immediately knew they were different. I just didn't know why.

My dad is a jazz fan and audiophile. He built an elaborate sound system out of a closet off of the living room. I remember coming in from Friday choir practice (my mom was the director) and dad would be in the living room with a beer and crackers and cheese listening to Miles, Parker, Keanton or Dixieland.

My dad had a strange habit of packing up the family and making the trek from Baton Rouge down to Bourbon Street and listening to to jazz out in the street. I was 7-9 at this time, so the only place we could go into was a Preservation Hall. Other than church, it was the first live music I had ever heard. Mostly in the street. It began a journey of going out of my way to attend live music events. The best of those were Steely Dan shows.

Fast forward to September, 1977. I was living in Nashville, and again, I literally ran down to a record store on 21st and bought Aja before it was even on the rack. This moment, hearing Black Cow and Aja for the first time, made me really aware of Walter for the first time. He wasn't just the anonymous bass player. I just didn't understand what they were trying to do. But Aja changed all that. An aha moment.

Now I understood why the lead guitar player on Reelin' wasn't a member of the band. Because it wasn't a band. It was an idea, a concept that Walter and Donald conceived and executed.

September 17, 1993, I was practicing law in hMemphis. We were in trial, and during a break, the lead attorney said that I needed to get on the road if I was going to make it to the Steely Dan Show.

I walked in just as the overture started, and saw Walter and Donald walk across the stage and shake hands.

What a moment.

Walter will always be in my mind and heart. All of the shows that I have seen since that moment when Walter and Donald shook hands, and all of the friends that I have made because of this remarkable idea...all will go with me as long as I breathe.

Thanks to Joan, Gail, Pete, Shari, Jim, Roger, Jon, La Tonya, Catherine, Keith, Lynne, Don, Dan, Gus, Sandy, and especially to my wife Sandra for putting up with my SD obsession.

It's sad that I will never again witness Walter's Hey 19 Rap. But, sadder is the recognition that this is the end of this idea. The music lives forever, but the collaboration, the hand shake, is over.

My condolences to Walter's family, to Donald and Libby, and to Pete.

Date: Tues, September 05, 2017, 08:20:19 ET
Posted by: Nicholas Urfe, Phraxos

"who saw themselves and former band-mates
each go on to something bigger and better
the doobie brothers, boz scaggs, a season in hell,
the computer business, yuppie manhattan,
hawaii, the big roundup, whatever-"

Date: Tues, September 05, 2017, 08:18:00 ET
Posted by: Earl, Delaware

RIP Walter. The music will live on, but it will suck not getting to see you noodling away live again. You brought us a lot of joy, and put into words and melody the observations of an outsider - something we all are in one way or another. And I wouldn't have learned those flatted fifth chords without your music. Thanks for your inspiring work, but nobody will ever fill your shoes completely, and that's a great legacy to have.

Date: Tues, September 05, 2017, 07:55:17 ET
Posted by: Daddy G in 18A, Dublin

Too numb on Sunday. Too tearful on Monday. On auto-pilot today but posting now for the first time ever, despite being a lurker for many years. I feel like I have lost a big brother. I grew up loving your music. Thanks for everything, Walter. R.I.P.
Condolences to your family and friends, especially Donald, and thanks to you, Hoops, also.

Date: Tues, September 05, 2017, 03:40:42 ET
Posted by: SS, HK

I found my Walter Becker music in the strangest places.

My first copy of 11 Tracks I bought in Indonesia in 1994. It was on casette. The next copy,, the one I have on CD, I bought on a visit to NYC in 2004.

And Circus Money I bought in Munich in 2008. It has Dark Horse Dub, the bonus track.

Lots of memories are being stirred up these last couple days. Thanks to all the people who have been telling stories here - I find them comforting to read.

I have tickets for DF in Seattle next week. I hope that goes ahead.

Date: Tues, September 05, 2017, 03:20:32 ET
Posted by: Steely Director, On the water down in New Orleans

Haven't gotten much sleep the last couple of nights, thanks to WWOZ-FMs own versions of Lester the Nightfly spinning many tracks in memory of Walter in the littlest hours between dusk and dawn. If there's any consolation to come from all of this, it's the knowledge that Walter's genius is getting increased exposure, and hopefully reeling in a new generation of fans to keep the music alive.

Date: Tues, September 05, 2017, 00:19:50 ET
Posted by: Mike A, Seattle

Well I had a very close relative pass the same day as Walter. The process sucks. I wish middle age was 150. Anyway, I thank Walter for all the great stuff he gave me and everyone else. I will hopefully see Donald on the 13th out here in Seattle. Looking forward to remembering Walter through Donald. Take care all.

Date: Mon, September 04, 2017, 23:24:49 ET
Posted by: Tom. W, CT

I've only posted on here twice, both talking about Fagen's new show, though I've lurked on here for over a year or so, checking up every day. Yesterday morning, my father came and woke me up (I'm only 17, not old enough to move out yet), looking quite sad. He said "I have some bad news", as he knows Steely Dan is my absolute favorite band of all time. I wasn't sure what happened, so I asked "what happened? something serious?". "Guess who died?" "Who?" I asked. "Walter Becker". Having not hit me fully yet, I said "well, it didn't look like he was doing too well the last time we saw him (2nd show in Port Chester last year, also where we say Fagen this year), so I hope he's in a better place, where his (undisclosed) sickness can flush away".

As the day went on, it started hitting me, as I realized we'd never see Steely Dan as a whole play again. I mean, an entire half of the driving force behind my favorite band of all time is just... gone. I was really hoping for a new album, as I already have all of them (multiple formats as well, records, CDs, the "Plush" dvd they put out in 2000, the Aja doc., etc...), and just want more. I don't think there's a song in the entirety of the SD/DF/WB catalog that I dislike/have mixed feeling about, and I frankly think, along with many other people, that really all of their unreleased material is just as good as the released material.

I'm not sure what else to say other than the fact that ever since I was 14, Steely Dan have been my favorite band of all time, and will continue to be until my death (whenever that should happen). I'll continue going to DF (if there's any more in the future) and SD shows, but it'll feel a little different. I'm also curious as to if DF will have someone take his place, or give all of the guitar work to Herington. Anyways, I'm sorry for rambling, but it's just so saddening to know he's just gone...

Alright, take care, all.

Date: Mon, September 04, 2017, 23:04:16 ET
Posted by: Tom, CT

Date: Mon, September 04, 2017, 22:04:16 ET
Posted by: Mister Fugazi, Service Elevator

Wasn't going to post because really, what can be said that hasn't been said already? And I'm more of a lurker around here anyway. But with everyone sharing their personal stories...

My dad turned me on to Steely Dan when I was a kid in the late 80s/early 90s. I was instantly hooked and my dad told me "cherish it, because this is all the Steely Dan you'll ever have." After all - they'd been broken up for over a decade, Donald had put out solo stuff...

Little did I know my heroes would get back together and I'd be lucky enough to see them live 9 times (with 2 more Fagen-related shows) PLUS I'd get 2 SD albums, and more DF albums, and another WB album...

When I was younger I was kind of embarrassed to tell people my favorite band was Steely Dan because what 8, 10, 15 year old has a favorite band singing about New Orleans hookers and drug-dealing basketball players? As I got older it was kind of a badge of honor because it made me feel cool. But it always felt like I was part of a secret club - like I was in on a huge secret not a whole lot of people knew. After the news broke I found out my secret club wasn't so secret. People, both famous and personal acquaintances, who I never thought would have been influenced by Steely Dan have been posting heartfelt tributes. I got personal messages of sympathy from friends who know what SD means to me. And two of my friends used this as an opportunity to dive into the SD discography and now I think they're hooked, too.

It's hard to believe that now I truly have gotten all the Steely Dan I'll ever get. Donald is wonderful, and his tour this year has been phenomenal, but Steely Dan is not Steely Dan without Walter. And I'm forever grateful that I got to consume Walter's music and see him live so many times.

Thanks, Walt, for everything.

Date: Mon, September 04, 2017, 20:39:25 ET
Posted by: The other Kid Charlemagne, East Coast

I am struggling for the words to write because I truly cant believe you are gone. There is a hole in the world and a hole in my heart- the music you wrote with Donald has and will forever touch my soul. I want you to know it was one of the best moments of my life finally meeting you and am so grateful for all the contributions you have made to the music world and for touching my life personally. You will be sorely missed.


your friend always, in this life and the next....

Date: Mon, September 04, 2017, 20:11:31 ET
Posted by: Becker Fan, here

The thing I appreciated most about Walter (and the SD partnership of course), was his sardonic wit, his irreverent sense of humor, his sarcasm, his understanding of irony, paradox, and his recognition of the tendency of much of humanity to be shallow and oblivious. I get the feeling that despite his troubles, he could look at the world with that irreverent biting humor, which probably made life difficult at times, but also helped him through it.
It would be a sad world if that kind of ability to observe and comment on the human condition disappears or is stifled with the passing of great writers and wry observers like Walter. It would also be truly ironic. I hope WB is in a world now where more people get it and appreciate it.

Date: Mon, September 04, 2017, 19:16:59 ET
Posted by: Greg B., Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

A farewell tribute from Elliot Randall:

Date: Mon, September 04, 2017, 17:25:25 ET
Posted by: Jimbo, PA

On my previous post it was ET or Entertainment Tonight that was playing Peg. Sorry for the misspell.

Date: Mon, September 04, 2017, 16:38:30 ET
Posted by: D.Jay, The Land of Oz

All I can say with the very sad and numbing passage of Mr Becker is when it comes to attending concerts of your beloved bands, buy the best seats you can, sit up front, watch them work, perform, sweat, laugh, jam with their band mates and leave with a buzz no licit or illicit drug can deliver. Because they may never pass your way again, and life's too short to be stuck behind a riser. Thank you, Mr Becker...those Gold Seats were worth every penny. Long live The Dan.

Date: Mon, September 04, 2017, 16:26:09 ET
Posted by: Lee, Tampa

Here is a tremendous article from NPR that gives great insight into Walter's contributions to Steely Dan music. I am confident that you will enjoy reading it. Here are two key passages:

Referring to one aspect of Walter's contributions to SD music...."Investigate any of the Steely Dan songs that became earworms, and somewhere in the vicinity of the vocal hook, you will find a slight, seemingly insignificant instrumental gesture, a morsel that lifts the music higher."


"And though he took his share of solos (for ear-stretching delirium in a blues context, check out his romp on 'Black Friday' from 1975's Katy Lied), some of his most intriguing work is embedded in the background � the architectural arpeggios of 'Aja', or the wry, blues-tinged asides that dot the margins of 'Hey Nineteen'."

This guy gets it!

Date: Mon, September 04, 2017, 16:00:25 ET
Posted by: Dirk, Duesseldorf / Germany

wonderful tribute by Raul Mid�n" target="_blank">

Date: Mon, September 04, 2017, 15:58:50 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

Yeah, mythical loserdom paradigms were so prevalent and Walter and Donald answered their own question of belonging from Any World in Sign in Stranger:

Have you heard about the boom on Mizar Five
People got to shout to stay alive
They don't even have policeman one
Doesn't matter where you been or what you've done
Do you have a dark spot on your past
Leave it to my man he'll fix it fast
Pepe has a scar from ear to ear
He will make your mug shots disappear

You zombie
Be born again my friend
Won't you sign in stranger

Do you like to take a yo-yo for a ride
Zombie I can see you're qualified
Walk around collecting Turkish union dues
They will call you sir and shine your shoes
Or maybe you would like to see the show
You'll enjoy the Cafe D'Escargot
Folks are in a line around the block
Just to see her do the can-can-Jacques


Love or leave her, yellow fever
Sure, it's all in the game
And who are you
Just another scurvy brother


It's still so surreal. After delivering possibly the best Dan/Fagen concert in the existence of their troubadorship...Walter skips dimensions almost as if an ironic tribute to Donald and the Nightslayers.

Date: Mon, September 04, 2017, 15:37:01 ET
Posted by: Jimbo, PA

The first time I ever heard Steely Dan was when ST used to play Leg during the celebrity photo segments in the early 80's. Yes, I remember the 80's, kids. I got to listen to the song when my older brother played And on his boombox. He also told me who Steely Dan was along with Donald Fagen. First time I ever heard of Walter. In time I accumulated all of these including the last two from this century. Such good times and good music. Planning to watch the 2 against Nature concert and the Aja doc on YouTube tonight. Glad to see that CBS news have a moment for him. I can only hope the late show hosts do the same.

Date: Mon, September 04, 2017, 14:15:33 ET
Posted by: hoops, chicago

Below is a link to's 2000 amateur video short, "Gearslut". It features dozens of Dan fans sharing the love with Walter.


I don't know if Walter ever saw the video, but if he did, I hope it made him laugh, especially considering all the laughter (and music) he brought us.

Date: Mon, September 04, 2017, 13:37:20 ET
Posted by: Jon, NY

Date: Mon, September 04, 2017, 13:20:07 ET
Posted by: Lutz, SF

I took my 15 year old daughter on a little road trip in April to her first and sadly last real SD concert in LV.
While she likely would have preferred Rihanna, she enjoyed the musicianship, knew quite a few of the songs and was entertained.
Had a hard time keeping it together yesterday and she wondered what's up so I told her.
She asked me ' which one - the guy that cracked all the jokes?'
The encore that night was Pretzel Logic and Walter didn't come all the way back out to his spot but stayed behind the speaker on the left, we could see a the guitar and hands playing it but not him.
He was really loud in the mix and it was a fantastic, extended solo.
What a helluva memory and last impression...

Date: Mon, September 04, 2017, 13:10:11 ET
Posted by: Lurker Ray, SoBe

Heard the news on my way into the
Green Day show last night.
I really needed a cathartic evening
after that and Billie Joe & the Boys
gave it to me and even brought along
a sax solo or two. I think Billie Joe
& Walter would have hit it off. Their
politics and mine are of the same world.

Really nice tribute from Chris Douridas
on KCRW this morning and if you have not
read Walter's daughter Sayan's tribute
yet, bring a tissue. Going to listen to
Circus Money for the zillionth time today
and still pissed off that we will never
get to hear any thing from that stroke of
genius live. But I will get over it.
Walter will always be my Major Dude.

"Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road
Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go
So make the best of this test, and don't ask why
It's not a question, but a lesson learned in time
It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right
I hope you had the time of your life."

So take the photographs, and still-frames in your mind
Hang them on a shelf in good health and good time
Tattoo's of memories and dead skin on trial
For what it's worth, it was worth all the while
It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right
I hope you had the time of your life."

Thanks Walter. I had the time of my life.

Date: Mon, September 04, 2017, 12:29:40 ET
Posted by: jtpsat, San Antonio

Date: Mon, September 04, 2017, 12:08:25 ET
Posted by: Todd Gack, Daddy don't live in that NYC no more

Had to watch the great Plush TV Jazz Rock Party DVD last night. The little interview snippets in that crack me up, showing the sarcastic and acerbic wit and humor. Like when he asks that Metal Leg Fanzine guy how old he was when he got into SDan, and the guy says "16". Walter dryly says they don't allow people that young anymore to listen to SD, they require more maturity and at least a high school diploma...worth some bittersweet and nostalgic smiles.

My lingering and lasting image of Walter will always be hearing and seeing him on the many concert nights where he was on and fully engaged, with a good concert mix and sound, delving into those solos in that laid back fashion, the bluesy notes cascading out of his guitar as he swayed and slightly bobbed his head like the old bluesman playing in a dingy basement blues club like I'm sure he pictured himself to be.

Date: Mon, September 04, 2017, 12:01:15 ET
Posted by: jtpsat, San Antonio

Such a profound loss.
�With only you and what I found; we�ll wear the weary hours down�

Date: Mon, September 04, 2017, 11:38:16 ET
Posted by: peterj, Devonshire, England

One of the best reads over these difficult last 24 hours - the Guardian.

They have posted a couple of articles, and both have attracted loads of comments.

All are positive; some are extremely moving.

Well worth checking out...

Date: Mon, September 04, 2017, 11:16:39 ET
Posted by: Heymike, Chicago

I woke up this morning and cried. That's all I have to say.

Date: Mon, September 04, 2017, 10:53:06 ET
Posted by: Johnny,

Very nice write up on Rolling Stone.

Still can't believe it...

Date: Mon, September 04, 2017, 07:09:23 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, met the dawn with sleepless eyes

How I whish there was som deities listening, I'm calling them all in fury to please stop this terrible tasteless joke, we're sick of it and we've had enough, so just stop it ok, just shut the fuck up and bring him back because he is still our uncle, and don't ever dare doing this to us again. I can hear the voices of a thousand hearts torn to pieces adding up to this distorted choir of insanity and disbelief, enough, enough!, because as you can see, we can not sleep and we will not sleep, and we're crying rivers normally exclusively reserved for the departure of those with whom we share a few selfish genes, rivers of tears we hardly knew we had in stock for anyone who touched us from a distance, but it was the touch of the golden boy, and here we are, a shitty pile of discontent enough for a never ending winter, because it's just too unfair, and we hate it, hate it, and just look for yourself, this is what we've become down here, Walter; a bunch of whimpering, snotty-faced kids who'd give anything for someone to come up with the one witty remark that would turn darkness into light, make us all laugh in the face of doom and demise, but woe to us, the one that was supposed to utter the secret mantra of healing irony is now the one that has exited our blacked-out stage and left behind no copy of the manuscript, so what the fuck can we do but sob and cry some more, because we still can't sleep, and it's the saddest wake ever to overwhelm us with its ability to let us feel the strength of unity in the darkest hour. Reading here is torture, yet I wouldn't dare being anywhere else right now.

Someone please say some more nice things about Circus Money, because it's so unbelievably fucking brilliant and it needs to be praised a lot more.

And Walter ... The Cuervo and the Colombian is behind door number two.

Date: Mon, September 04, 2017, 06:46:53 ET
Posted by: ebg, nyc

Extraordinary tribute by guitarist Jason Vieaux

Date: Mon, September 04, 2017, 04:05:06 ET
Posted by: Danfan55, Magill, SA

Can't quite take in the news about Walter. Have been listening to the Dan since my mid teens (back in the Jurassic period). There was no other band or artist to come close musically and lyrically.
Farewell and Vale Lucky Henry and thankyou

Date: Mon, September 04, 2017, 02:40:08 ET
Posted by: Earthbound, Laughalot, Indiana

Life is fleeting, eh?
Hard, deepening loss here, as with you, all.
Searing love for Walt's fam, yo.
How to hug you, now, as we trusted to engage
one another on the road at the internet's inception.
Thanks for all the kind sentiments today, it helps.
All along the way, esp Hoops!, Pete&Shari, StAl,
RRHoF crew, and...y'know, ain't leaving anyone out!
Glad I chose the moniker I did. It was hard as hell picking
some shite out of the ether back then!

Date: Mon, September 04, 2017, 01:19:26 ET
Posted by: far arcturus, big Island

Let the heavens crack � let the day go black
I�d give anything

Date: Mon, September 04, 2017, 00:50:24 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

Green Flower Street:

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 23:41:49 ET
Posted by: Don Patrol, Mtl

@Abu. What is there to say. I think you said it quite eloquently. Well said!

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 23:31:56 ET
Posted by: Abu, Dynamic Duo Minus One

What is there to say? What a shock to hear this news today. Without Walter there would have never been Steely Dan. Without Walter there would not be this great Bluebook run by Hoops. Without Walter the world would not have known the greatest Dynamic Duo since John & Paul from across the Atlantic. My condolences to all of us Dan Fans, and friends and family of Mr. Becker. I can't imagine how Donald feels right now. Without Walter most of us would never know so many wonderful people that we have come to know here in this forum. I know there will eventually be some very nice covers of some of Walter's tunes. It will be great to to hear them, as tribute to one of the best songwriters and musicians the world has known for almost 50 years.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 23:30:02 ET
Posted by: Johnny,

Still can't really believe he's gone and it's over, but reading all the fans pour out their love for this great man is very helpful.

This is a tough one for all of us. It's great to have a place like this.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 23:25:55 ET
Posted by: Deacon Steve, Chicago

I am shocked and stunned. The following is my most fond memory of the few times I�ve spent with Walter.

I had the pleasure of spending some time with him in 2000 and again in 2003. In 2003, my son Michael was backstage with my family as we were having dinner with the band as guests of Don & Walt at the United Center in Chicago. My son (who is 19 years old today) was only 6 years old on that day in 2003. My son had been playing the drums since the age of 4, and would rather watch SD videos and study Peter Erskine, Ricky Lawson, and Keith Carlock than watch Sesame Street.

So on that day when we stepped into the hallway near the green room areas in the bowels of the United Center, my son immediately notices Walter just sort of leaning up against the wall. Michael excitedly pulled me closer to him as he said to me (and well within the earshot of Walter) �Hey Dad, I think that's Walter Becker standing over there!" The look on Walter's face was priceless. We had known Walter since 2000, although he had never met young Michael's acquaintance. He shuffled over to us, all the while in complete disbelief that anyone 6 years old would know who he was (!)! We exchanged greetings, and then, as he could see that my son was "seeing stars" ... picked him up, said "Hi, I'm Walter, you must be Michael," and proceeded to kiss him on the forehead (alright, fatherly bias aside, he was damn cute then, as he still is today).

Walter Becker kissing my son on the forehead. That is a memory that I hold so dear, as does Michael! Not to mention that when Donald found out he was a drummer, he personally introduced him to Keith Carlock, who proceeded to give my son �Keith Carlock� signature drum sticks that he still has to this day. He actually got to play for Keith, who said to him �Wow, Michael, you sound great � I started when I was 4 years old as well!� Now off to find the pictures of said event.

Fast-forward to today. I am the bandleader and guitarist of Deacon Blues, The All-Star Tribute to Steely Dan. We have several Grammy� winners and Hall of Famers who perform with us as guest soloists that include Howard Levy, Bernard Purdie, Paul Wertico, Corky Siegel, Sugar Blue, Billy Branch, and others. We are now honored more than ever to carry on the legacy of Walter Becker, and honor his and Donald�s genius at every theatre that we play. Rest In Peace Walter, my family and I are better people for knowing you.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 23:20:49 ET
Posted by: oleander, epitaph

Many years ago informed my family that this is my epitaph. Always thought that he'd outlast me, live forever, etc., and never thought I'd be intoning this for him:

All the jiveasses and the true believers
The bullshit givers and receivers
Here today, tomorrow gone
To the triage tent in the great beyond
Wherein the angel tangoes with the infidel

Thank you, Dr. B.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 22:53:24 ET
Posted by: TO Danfan, feeling so sad

Shocking news this morning.

RIP Walt.Thanks for making my life better.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 22:10:06 ET
Posted by: SteelyDon, Haymarket VA

No words...haven't posted in a while. This is sad. Steely Dan is one of the first loves I can remember. I remember being 5 years old and my dad putting a white cassette into his 1979 ford bronco at the time. It was 1990 and I, being african american, kept asking my dad "are these guys black?". The cassette tape, of course, was Aja. They had so much soul, so much originality. I will also judge all other music against Steely Dan. Few artist pass the test but when they do I know that they are worthy. We will miss you WB. I hope DF can last a little longer :(

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 22:04:32 ET
Posted by: M/O/D/P, Toronto, feeling hollowed out right now


I can't believe it's true. I just can't get it through my brain right now.

I have tickets for the Steely Dan show at Casino Rama in Orillia, Ontario on October 19th, and I was really, really looking forward to seeing Walter back in the saddle again. Hell, I was still holding out hope ("against hope") for a follow-up to Circus Money - one of my all time favorite things ever created by human hands. We'll never know what could have been.

I can't even listen to anything SD-related tonight. There's an old 1937 Emerson tube radio a couple of rooms away, playing AM 740's Sunday night big band/jazz program. It sounds good. You things used to be?

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 20:58:01 ET
Posted by: WhackedBy11Trax, Brooklyn, OTC

It boils down to this. Once upon a time, I was Whacked by 11 Tracks. It'll never be the same without Walter's presence in the world. Gone too soon.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 20:43:10 ET
Posted by: NYB, Lost

My eyes are burning. My ears ringing in silence. I hate the dark... I hate it.

Goodbye Brother. Goodbye way too soon...

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 20:02:30 ET
Posted by: Steelyfez, CT

Rest easy great one. All of us SD fans are heart brioken

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 19:39:40 ET
Posted by: Greg B., Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Haven't posted here in over a decade. Needed to express my sadness and shock about the passing of WB. I knew thanks to the Digest that he wasn't on the current tour due to illness but figured it was something fairly innocuous. Clearly not. My condolences to his family, friends, and the collective Dandom. What a loss.

PS: Thanks to Jim for the ongoing effort in keeping the light burning.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 19:37:03 ET
Posted by: GirlFred (Mindy), Nashville

just needed a dan space for a spell.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 19:30:14 ET
Posted by: Flatbush Chuck, That NYC


Maybe that's the paradox for me. I mourn the Artist who could with such grace and humor negotiate (and often inhabit) a world of cynicism, dark ironies and cosmic absurdities; and the Man who for all of that-- and without compromising the penetrating hard-won hipness of it all-- seemed from my vantage point as sane and (forgive the bourgeois ring of the word) decent as almost any artist as I can think of offhand.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 19:25:21 ET
Posted by: Mr LaPage, den

They got a name for the winners in the world
I want a name when I lose.....

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 19:03:38 ET
Posted by: A fan, So. Calif

My wife and I first saw STEELY DAN In 1993.29 times through the years we were lucky enough to see them.I have been a fan since 1977.My of my memories with my wife were on the way to see them from So.Calif to NYC,and that hot night at Soboba.Thank you Walter so much and Donald.Walter I'll miss you.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 18:57:23 ET
Posted by: Marc With a C, Orlando

Just read that San Antonio is cancelled. Not a shock.

Wonder how much of the tour will need to be postponed? Poor Donald. Can't imagine how he must be feeling.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 18:48:19 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

The Nightly from last night in Austin.

I'm really sorry I didn't get Black Friday and Bodhisattva - they were absolutely SMOKIN' PBS missed out on a great opportunity...smdh

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 18:39:26 ET
Posted by: Flatbush Chuck, That NYC

Obviously no need to make the case for Walter Becker's distinctive and immense talents on this page. Here's hoping that the usual-- sigh-- spike in interest in an artist's work upon his/her death proves especially sharp in this instance: a MUCH bigger swath of the world needs to know songs like Downtown Canon, Selfish Gene, Hat's Too Flat...fill in your twenty other favorites. He shouldn't remain just Steely Dan's Silent Partner in posterity.

But I must add my voice to mourn a man who-- at least as glimpsed through his public (such as it was) persona-- always seemed to me a genuinely Good Guy. Whatever his demons-- and everybody has some or others-- he radiated intelligent good cheer, unfailing humor, a generosity of spirit, and a frame of mind devoid of grandiosity and self-pity.

I am so glad to hear Jim say that the fandom meant a lot to Walter. It means that people like me put down at least something toward a debt we know we will never repay.

If there be a hereafter side, may he be covered in glory there.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 18:32:45 ET
Posted by: Santa's Little Helper, Here

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 18:28:10 ET

I apologize for being a Luddite and not knowing how to put a link up, I am sure someone here will do so shortly, Rickie Lee Jones has written a fantastic piece on Rolling Stone.A must read.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 18:12:54 ET
Posted by: Security Joan, Devastated

Beautifully put, Jazzassin. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it... haven't pulled myself together to write anything about this yet.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 18:04:15 ET
Posted by: Jazzassin, moving slowly out of denial

One of the sharpest, wittiest and most disillusioned minds of his era is not here anymore, and I'm not able to get his voice out of my mind for a second. Certain people's shoes just won't ever be filled properly again, and Walter Becker left behind what today seems like the black void of space.

Walter Becker was a brilliant philosopher, who beheld life and mankind with a crystal clarity that likely never allowed him the comfort and luxury of self-deception, without which most of us would not be able to get by. I really hope he found it all amusing enough to be worthwhile.

Thanks for all the goosebumps and all the laughs.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 17:57:31 ET
Posted by: Gabe, PA

I honestly think Walter would want Donald to continue touring under the Steely Dan billing. If for no other reason, he knows Donald's plight and what his limited options are for a viable stream of income.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 17:51:23 ET
Posted by: Dan, Brisbane, Australia

I was hooked the first time I heard "Reelin' In The Years" and discovered a fandom I have never felt for any other musicians over the past decades. The quirky lyrics, melodious arrangements and top gun musicians on all of their work was, and remains, intoxicating, The first time I saw them in Australia was surreal, never expecting them to tour here, and I was in too much awe to truly enjoy it. On their second tour, the last with Becker, I was more emotionally prepared and enjoyed every note played. Plus, they had Steve Winwood as an opening act and he was fabulous, and I'm so glad I ponied-up the extra bucks for front row seats. We'll never see Mr Becker on stage live again but his musical talent and memory will be evoked each time the opening chords of "Slang of Ages" and others ring out. I feel like driving west on sunset to the sea....

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 17:50:41 ET
Posted by: fagenism, She go (I cry)

The Becker/Fagen partnership was perfection and grace.

This is what sadness feels like.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 17:48:33 ET
Posted by: Steve Gennarelli, Tampa, FL

Last year, my wife surprised me and got me "Steely Dan"
tickets for my birthday and we went to the show in late June here in Tampa.
I was so delighted to get them and she said to me "I know how badly you want to go and they won't be around for ever."
I thanked her and agreed with her sentiments.
That night Walter was in fine form. Very talkative and he promised us we would have a great time and we would enjoy "the Greatest Hits of Steely Dan" and it turned out he was right. I'll never forget that night.
I will also fondly remember the first time I ever saw "Steely Dan" and that was also in Tampa in 2000. Walter's vocals on "Daddy Don't Live.." and also "Monkey in your Soul" were a true highlight of the show.
His cover of "Midnight Cruiser" is a fun highlight of the 1996 tour.
Today, we've lost a major part of our favorite band but as clich�d as it sounds, his music and contributions will live on as long as music is played and remembered.
Gods speed Walt and thanks for the countless memories.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 17:38:04 ET
Posted by: Michael,

My condolences to all of Becker's family and friends. May God bless them all. Keep Walter in your prayers and hope for the best in the life to come.

Don & Walt's music made a huge impact on myself and countless others. Some of my fondest memories are attached to their music. Very few artists have achieved their caliber of songwriting and performance.

I'm struggling for words. The news hit seemingly out of nowhere and it's really sad.

Thanks for everything. Farewell.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 17:33:11 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

Donald alluded to this, I think the SD ensemble will be called the Steely Dan Band, instead of just Steely Dan.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 17:27:11 ET
Posted by: Todd Gack, wishin I could reel in a few more years for Walter

The last few years have been brutal for music fans of my era, and I suspect most of this board. I have lost a number of my musical icons and writers/singers/musicians of the soundtrack to my life. Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, Chris Squire, John Wetton, Rick Wright. Bowie, Allman. And now Walter. I've been an avid listener and fan for about 44 years, and gratefully and thankfully a participant in the live experience of Walter and Steely Dan 23 times since 1993. It will never be quite the same.

I remember that 1st concerts I saw of the reformed SDan in 1992 (Rock and Soul Revue) and for real on the 1993 tour. I couldn't believe I was seeing these recording and writing icons of mine playing live in the flesh, finally bringing all that great music I had listened to for decades to life.

The acerbic wit and sarcastic humor of the writing and performing partnership of Walter and Donald is truly unique and will be sorely missed. Nothing quite like it in popular music history. RIP Walter. I know Donald will take good care of your legacy and my condolences to him and the extended SD family.

I saw that Fagen said something about carrying on with the playing of SD music. I suspect that may have been one of the reasons for the Nightflyers formation. Does that mean he will continue to call the band Steely Dan and tour under that name, or does he retire the Steely Dan name while continuing to play the music out of respect for Walter?

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 17:13:05 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

Walter is Home at Last. His immense talent will be missed, but the spirit and music live on!

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 16:43:46 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

Weather in My Head from last night up.

More to come.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 16:41:57 ET
Posted by: Bookkeeper's Son, Florida

I am away on vacation. Heard the new via a text from my son. Jumped straight on the Blue. With his missing shows this year I was worried. Those fears unfortunately became reality today. Half of one of the greatest musical partnerships in my lifetime is gone. God bless you Walter Becker. Your talent will be missed.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 16:33:52 ET

The tributes and outpouring continue: WXPN in Philadelphia has been playing both Steely Dan and solo Walter most of the day and NBC's coverage of the PGA Tour Play-off event has been playing Steely Dan going into commercials just to name a few. Hoops this place is a Godsend.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 16:32:22 ET
Posted by: Eleventh Track, .

A tribute on a student station

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 16:24:11 ET
Posted by: Marc, Montreal

I just learned of Walter's passing a few moments ago.

He will be missed by all of us who have been a kindred spirit for the beautiful ride while it lasted. So many wonderful memories from the Beacon runs and the friends we met along the way.

My sincere condolences to Walter's children and family, to Donald, and to the many talented artists who have worked alongside Walter over the years.

Walter was a hero for me and this is truly the end of a special era. Although my heart is heavy beyond words, I am grateful that in my lifetime I had the opportunity to be a part of this incredible voyage.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 16:17:49 ET
Posted by: OrangeTom, stranded at the zero crossing

I got nothin'. Will continue my lifelong wish to be at least a tenth as cool as Walter, and my firm conviction that Book of Liars is both brilliant lyrically and performed live.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 15:59:03 ET
Posted by: Alkali, NYC

RIP Walt and thank you.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 15:46:12 ET
Posted by: Steve M, Scotland

Quite surprised that Walter's passing was the lead story on the BBC Radio news earlier this evening. Also, my eldest daughter phoned to inform me that BBC Radio 6 music did a 90 min Becker/Dan tribute show at short notice tonight. Some small comfort that the man's significance is recognized. Book of Liars seems to be my 'go to' Becker tune at the moment, God it's good!

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 15:44:20 ET
Posted by: Michael,

Long-time lurker, first-time poster here on this sad day. I wrote up some thoughts on Walter's passing on my blog, if you're interested in them:

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 15:39:12 ET
Posted by: Marc With a C, Orlando

Someone. Anyone.

PLEASE record tonight's show in San Antonio. It might be the catharsis we all need.

RIP Walter. :(

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 15:34:50 ET
Posted by: Jaydee, England

Sad day, ameliorated by Donald's superb (and suberbly brief) tribute. Hope that I will still be seeing the continuing Dan at London's O2 in October. I think I will. Thanks Walter.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 15:32:01 ET
Posted by: Dirk, Duesseldorf / Germany

What a sad day ... memories rush over me ... 2000 D�sseldorf,
2007 Bonn ... RIP Walter

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 15:29:29 ET
Posted by: Jimbo, PA

I haven't been on this site in over a decade but I wanted to express my shock and hurt over the loss of one of my musical heroes. I have been a Fan can since 1983 after listening to Aja. As a matter of fact Aja is the only album I have on cd, tape, l.p. and mp3. I also had the honor of attending 2 Steely Dan concerts once in 93 and in 2000. To me Walter and Don were to music what David Lynch is to movies and tv. I plan to listen nothing but Steely Dan over the holiday. Once again another part of my youth has died. And I feel just sick about this.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 15:26:39 ET
Posted by: Gabe, PA

According to their website, tomorrow is the first day of classes at Bard College, which would mark the 50th anniversary of the semester when Donald and Walter met there.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 15:15:59 ET
Posted by: Lee, Tampa

I certainly expect that there will be many Walter Becker/SD tribute performances and compilations on TV, radio, the Net, etc. It would be nice if, when any of us finds out about one, to post it here. Some will be immediately aired, while some will come in the days and weeks just ahead.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 15:15:52 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

HDF: How is everything? I wish you could have joined us in Austin last night. T&P to everyone in the Houston area as well as the Dandom family...

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 15:14:24 ET
Posted by: Gino F., feeling lost

Absolutely heartbreaking news.

Condolences to Walter's family & his close friends, and condolences to all of Dandom.

I'm at a loss for more words...

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 15:08:50 ET
Posted by: HouDanFan, houston

Gosh I was just about to leave my home in Houston to see DF tonight. Pulled up Bluebook and saw the news. This is heartbreaking.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 14:46:29 ET
Posted by: Lutz, SF

Donald cancelled his show tonight.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 14:45:48 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu, @rising from the rubble and ruin in Texas

It is with great sadness and deep irony that I attempted to convey the incredible spirit and the EPIC proportion of last night's spectacle that not only brought down the house, but alloyed a fusion of band and music and fans I don't think I've never witnessed...or perhaps sits alone in right mind in the annals of the rock era.

Maybe a Doors concert in 1967 with Morrison half sober...maybe the Police fire hosing a set with aplomb in a dive bar in 1979...but it was more. Because it was about *that music, that sound* and translating it in a live setting. *So that all could feel it.* Not in a nostalgic sense, tweaking past memories and pictures, but about here and NOW. Living these great tunes and arrangements on HIGH OCTANE. My gawd, they just Burned Down the House last night, and the crowd was whipped into a frenzy before the middle of the set and beyond.

The spirit was the highest of highs last night. I've never seen Donald so animated, energetic, chatty, positive, just feeling' the vibe. This was NO TRIBUTE BAND CONCERT, like Chicago has largely turned into.

Not even a rebirth or passing the torch, but heavily fanning the flames of a fire already there.

It felt as if each song had just been written, and the NightSLAYERS perhaps a re-imagining of what the original band could have been live, if you could do concerts Right back in the Jurassic 70s. Walter would have been incredibly Proud! His spirit seemed there - perhaps he skipped dimensions and WAS THERE last night. It was something to behold. After a stellar opening act, Donald and the band were the Vikings crashing the shore and pillaging the village taking the wives and daughters - with the citizens enthusiastic consent!! it almost seems a metaphysical Viking funeral for Walter.

This was no hermetically sealed Preservation Hall event. Organic, wired, polished, but kinetically explosive instead. The best way to describe the sounds of Donald with the Nightflyers is to take a few semi-live tracked performances on Morph the Cat: H-Gang, Brite Nightgown, Great Pagoda of Funn and INJECT with a HEAVY DOSE of hGH, steroids, B-vitamins, the kitchen sink that would crush 100 HRs in an MLB season... No freakin' lounge act fern adorned, grocery store speaker background muzak allowed. The historic event was IN YOUR FACE Steeled Dan and Fagen.

My millennial son was considerably skeptical of the price of admission beforehand, even as a fan of SD and Fagen's albums, and after a great opening act we thought we were poised. He is a young musician of his own rite in HS, college marching, and jazz bands, but is of festival bargain mindedness (or was)...

however, after emerging from the ashes: "yeah, that was worth it..." Even I underestimate the primal rite we were beholding:

Donald Fagen: vocals, keyboards, Keytar thingy The host of the incendiary set was so animated, enthralled at it all. More alive and energetic than ever...and keenly aware of the communion with the crowd. "We've gotta come back to this town!" "Yeah, baby!!" Aside jokes fly here and there throughout the night.

The band lived but didn't recapitulate the recordings. They BELIEVED and BREATHED them instead.

Will Bryant - keyboards, vocals (background vocals were superb, high harmonies flawless)
Zach Djankian - guitar, sax, vocals (stellar sax, dueling guitars on Bodi, Black Friday)
Lee Falco - drums, vocals (completely in sync last night and powerful - outstanding fills and groove)
Connor Kennedy - guitar, vocals Set the Nigh on FIYAH!! The crowd went absolutely bezerk over his take across the Fagen and Dan
Brandon Morrison - bass, vocals Brandon and Lee listen and delivered. My lord, he was channeling Rainey on The Nightly.

ACL Moody Theater. The host of the Austin City limits, and this venue deserves major props. This mostly full site featured incredible immediacy and acoustics to absorb the reality of a show massively delivered. A Frenzied, and appreciative through responsive to the music, spirit, and Connor Kennedy's might riffs. When the band cranked it up past 11! all the way to 12 the surrounds responded and every note and snare whack resounded in crescendo. Only a small handful slipped in and out for a bathroom or beverage break. A crowd looking for relief after a terrible, horrific week in Texas. They understood that after a fab opening act...that they were on the receiving end of a 96 minutes Epic, historic event. WOW is WOW - and they got it.

***PBS made a Huge Error in Judgement in not filming last night for posterity and broadcast!!***

1. Green Flower Street - Donald with his trusty keytar and the NightSLAYERS are taking no prisoners early in this flawless, but white hot rendition of the classic Nightfly tune. So organic and palpable in energy. Connor gives the crow a taste of things to come. Donald is engaged and chatty before and after - throws the state condolences as we arise from our own tragedy with Harvey.

2. New Frontier - all the cowbell you'd ever need and more. A wave of energy is rising and the crowd is starting to feel it. "Well I can't wait 'till I move to the city."...and I did it would be HERE. The harmonies are superb and fill the theater.

This Austin crowd - they were enraptured and engaged. The Emotion is there on stage and in the crowd, and a bonding is being forged that will never be forgotten. Connor is cranking up his blistering attack - in an energized Larry Carlton tone. He is able to convey great emotion and belief while shredding through classic solos...never note for note, but capturing the sprit and essence of studio and live performances, while adding his immediate take and making it NEW and NOW - much like Herrington. with an added bolus of youthfulness and spirit of a buck with a brand new toy.

3. Hey 19 - From the opening Rhodes, the crowd is nearly apoplectic. They are into the festivities, singing along - it was a passive absorbance. CK increasingly recognized real time for his wizardry.

4. Shakedown Street - the Dead cover commences steady relishing the cool jazzy chords in the verses...then builds, and builds and builds...until the entire throng is raised up...Connor wielding more and more muscle the capability of the Nightflyers to play as a until was truly compelling last night.

5. The Nighfly - it's amazing to hear and see this incredibly complex piece translated to adroitly into and energetic live performance. Donald joked that he had nearly forgotten some of those complex chord progressions after the number. Brandon Morrison reveling down at the bottom. They just KILLED it!

6. Kid Charlemagne - The crowds begging for some Royal Scam material - and they get it! Connor Kennedy is just pwning the material, the solos...and the band and audience are one, lifting ever higher.

7. Time Out of Mind - but now, the entire theater is one singing (and well too), bobbing, feeling every note in its immediacy. Donald nearly ecstatic up there, throwing his arm and towel around. Lee

8. Weather in My Head - if you thought the live performance on Letterman was epic (and it was), the band just Destroys on this Sunken Condos blueser. Donald quips about Connor channeling Albert King after a sweltering solo run. The crowd is showing their love and appreciation to CK rising and whooping.

9. Dirty Work - No royalties! Connor delivers a vocal far more poignant and interesting than the original. The band sounds like they've played and lived this music for years.

10. Black Friday - Connor with a rusty stringed assault weapon in hand just TORE a NEW ONE. I though the crowd and band and playing could not become more excitable louder and emotional. I WAS WRONG! I hope someone out in the crowd tape this - I have a few which may make an appearance...but *&%^$#$! my aching shoulders took this one out. My gawd, they were rocking' the joint down. It was a towering, pulsating INFERNO of hot playing. Everyone, including Donald, is in near disbelief and ecstasy. "What just happened?!!!!" THIS IS NOT YOUR FATHER'S STEELY DAN

11. Green Earrings - This has now become like a revved up Apollo Theater event - I swear Connor and Will with just brilliant solos. How does Zach sound like an entire show section??? OMG.

12. Home At Last - Sing a long and unification where theater, citizens, band, and Donald are riding the crest of a wave. An unbelievable experience. Many the LIFE in the music and performances revealed a permanence I never new or I had questions could exist.

13. My Old School - the entire theater is bouncing and dancing. Connor - another transformational performance.

14. I.G.Y. - Flawless. Just flawless...riding the incredible momentum. Donald with a sparkling, inspired ketyar solo. Every note struck is GOLD!!

15. Bodhisattva - JUST BURNED The Fucking MUTHA DOWN!!!! Just when I though Donald, band, crowd could crank it any higher - THEY DID!!!!!!!!!

... and somewhere out there I think Walter knew it! Just amazing.

16. Reelin' in the Years (Encore) You know it, you love it. It's everything they say, the end of a perfect night.

Austin was absolutely BURNED DOWN TO THE GROUND last night!! 1993, 2006, 2007 got nuthin' on what went down in Austin last night.

Steely Dan was Hot, hip, youthful, edgy, robust, and elegant again. Honey let me tell you...

Even in this sad, sad ironic morning - there is only ONE TRUTH: Steely Dan and its music and spirit LIVES!!

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 14:32:33 ET
Posted by: oleander, over now

Good night, sweet prince.

My heartsick love and deepest condolences to family, friends, and all close ones.

And to the Dandom community.


Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 14:17:17 ET
Posted by: Jtpsat, San Antonio

I have tickets to Donald here tonight. Hard to imagine what this is going to be like for him.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 14:17:13 ET
Posted by: Don Patrol, Mtl


Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 14:09:51 ET
Posted by: Jane Lightning, Boston

Half of my favorite band is gone. Act natural like you don't care. My heart aches for all those of my kind.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 14:08:33 ET
Posted by: Statement from Donald Fagen, (But this is not posted by Donald Fagen.)

Statement by Donald Fagen:

Walter Becker was my friend, my writing partner and my bandmate since we met as students at Bard College in 1967. We started writing nutty little tunes on an upright piano in a small sitting room in the lobby of Ward Manor, a mouldering old mansion on the Hudson River that the college used as a dorm.

We liked a lot of the same things: jazz (from the twenties through the mid-sixties), W.C. Fields, the Marx Brothers, science fiction, Nabokov, Kurt Vonnegut, Thomas Berger, and Robert Altman films come to mind. Also soul music and Chicago blues.

Walter had a very rough childhood � I�ll spare you the details. Luckily, he was smart as a whip, an excellent guitarist and a great songwriter. He was cynical about human nature, including his own, and hysterically funny. Like a lot of kids from fractured families, he had the knack of creative mimicry, reading people�s hidden psychology and transforming what he saw into bubbly, incisive art. He used to write letters (never meant to be sent) in my wife Libby�s singular voice that made the three of us collapse with laughter.
His habits got the best of him by the end of the seventies, and we lost touch for a while. In the eighties, when I was putting together the NY Rock and Soul Review with Libby, we hooked up again, revived the Steely Dan concept and developed another terrific band.

I intend to keep the music we created together alive as long as I can with the Steely Dan band.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 13:23:37 ET
Posted by: popegreg, In mourning

I'm gutted. RIP Walter. May there be plenty of Cuervo Gold and Fine Columbian waiting for you wherever your soul lands.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 13:20:27 ET
Posted by: Johnny, Reelin'

Wow. Fucking shit. What a shock. Feel gutted.

Truly the end of an era. Don will keep the legacy going but that's it. Fade to black on Steely Dan.

I don't feel the need to wax poetically about what a genius Walter was, that goes without saying here.

I hope this gets the attention he deserves. I want to see an outpouring of love and tributes similar to other giants we've lost. Steely Dan and Walter Becker are both the top trending things on twitter so it's nice to see that people care.

Walter left behind a collection of music that rivals any discography since the Beatles. Truly one of the greatest partnerships of all time.

Thanks for everything, Walter. Spinning Circus Money today. Still can't believe it...

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 13:18:13 ET
Posted by: Mark B, London

The loss of a mastermind.

Thank you Walter, thank you.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 13:16:50 ET
Posted by: kuleebaba, West Coast

Sad, sad news. It hasn't fully hit me yet. Walter was the soul of Steely Dan.

11TOW helped me through some rough times. Not Walter Becker-level rough times, but still.


Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 13:13:06 ET
Posted by: Steve M, Scotland

Well that was a genuinely surreal way to find out about Walter's passing. We were driving northbound on the Queensferry Road in Edinburgh when The Queen passed in the opposite direction being driven in a maroon Roller (she's opening the new bridge tomorrow). Just at that moment the Veteran Radio 2 DJ Johnnie Walker announced Walter's death (and payed a really nice tribute). So one second it's 'oooh look...there's The Queen', the next, utter shock and heart sink at such sad news.

Thank you Walter for being 50% responsible for the music that has enriched the last 37 years of my life more that any other. RIP to a master bassist, guitarist, producer, songwriter and gentleman avocado farmer.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 13:12:20 ET
Posted by: Q,

God Bless Walter Becker

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 13:11:32 ET
Posted by: Steely Director, NOLA

"There was never any was all or nothin' and/or die."

RIP, Walter. At least you did some magnificent surfing during your life, and were generous enough to bring us all along for the ride.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 12:59:46 ET
Posted by: kzkzkz, NYCity

Heartbroken. Speechless.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 12:56:50 ET
Posted by: DollarBill, SE,Pa.

"Now we fade to black"

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 12:47:27 ET
Posted by: Doctor Mu,

What horrific and shocking news. From the spectacle of perhaps the best concert I've seen in the SD family to this - mind shattering.

The words of Donald speak best to this tremendous loss, this hole in the lives of the Dan family of musicians and fans.

"Walter Becker was my friend, my writing partner and my bandmate since we met as students at Bard College in 1967," Donald Fagen wrote in a tribute to Becker. "He was smart as a whip, an excellent guitarist and a great songwriter. He was cynical about human nature, including his own, and hysterically funny."

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 12:47:17 ET
Posted by: Dovtor Mu,

What horrific and shocking news. From the spectacle of perhaps the best concert I've seen in the SD family to this - mind shattering.

The words of Donald speak best to this tremendous loss, this hole in the lives of the Dan family of musicians and fans.

"Walter Becker was my friend, my writing partner and my bandmate since we met as students at Bard College in 1967," Donald Fagen wrote in a tribute to Becker. "He was smart as a whip, an excellent guitarist and a great songwriter. He was cynical about human nature, including his own, and hysterically funny."

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 12:43:49 ET
Posted by: Lee, Tampa

I know a lot of us bitched about Walter's mid-song running commentaries during Hey Nineteen, but damn it, I sure as hell will miss them! Brilliant man......great song writer.....totally unique guitar player.....funny as hell! DAMN! RIP.....

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 12:36:28 ET
Posted by: Lutz, SF

R.I.P Walter. Thanks for the great times and positive impact you had on my life. This will hurt for a long time.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 12:35:09 ET
Posted by: Still Sparkin', Hong Kong

I have nothing in my music collection like 11 Tracks. It's what I will always think of first when WB comes up.

What a day. Everything just changed.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 12:28:35 ET
Posted by: Vincent, UK

Goddamn it. Cthulu bless his dark heart. Time for Michael McDonald to join the band and share some duties.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 12:25:36 ET
Posted by: Gabe, PA

NY Times. Using tinyurl.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 12:24:47 ET
Posted by: Flipkid, Red State (for now)

I think what hit us Dan Fans hardest is the sudden realization that there will now never be another new "Steely Dan" record. The band may continue touring, and Donald may write new stuff (with Connor Kennedy, it sounds like), but without the Becker/Fagen writing collaboration, it just wouldn't be SD.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 12:20:08 ET
Posted by: Ports, Minnepolis

Goodbye Walter, thank you for the music of my life.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 12:16:12 ET
Posted by: Gary, So. Calif

I have been away from this site for awhile but returned. RIP Walter Becker,thank you for your music and humour on stage. I was lucky enough to enjoy you 29 times in concert. I will miss you.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 12:16:05 ET
Posted by: Gary, So. Calif

I have been away from this site for awhile but returned. RIP Walter Becker,thank you for your music and humour on stage. I was lucky enough to enjoy you 29 times in concert. I will miss you.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 12:06:26 ET
Posted by: Stevie Dan, Phila

Oh my, so very sad...Walter was a true genius. His artistic talents seemed endless and his humor always provided wonderful laughs at every show (or interview). I just thank my lucky stars that he and Donald thought it was good idea to tour again in 1993 and continue to the end. Good show Walter!

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 12:05:15 ET
Posted by: Dan, Brighton

RIP Walter. Saw this picture and was immediately taken by Donald's look of affection for his friend.

This is how I will always remember them both.


Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 11:58:40 ET
Posted by: Casual fan, Orlando

Nice comments from Fagen.

Creative genius. Such a big part of my life growing up. I'm glad we all got to enjoy him a bit more these last 20 years or so.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 11:55:56 ET
Posted by: BadSneakers, NYC

RIP Walter Becker...
I am speechless.
Thank you SO MUCH for your brilliant music!


Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 11:54:08 ET
Posted by: The Dean, State of Shock

RIP, Walt.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 11:5x:00 ET

I am gutted like everyone else here. Donald statement/tribute up now on

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 11:50:00 ET
Posted by: Denise, Hinktown

Walter was brilliant. Will miss his music immensely. Goodbye and thank you, Walter.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 11:39:24 ET
Posted by: Kalvin, Portsmouth, UK

Just so so many happy memories of unforgettable nights involving the incorrigible Mr Becker, but ultimately speechless at this sad sad loss.

Thoughts are with his family and close friends,

RIP Walter.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 11:30:05 ET
Posted by: JoeM, CT

Utterly devastated. Thanks Walter, for all the fond memories, good times and great music.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 11:18:26 ET
Posted by: Mer., Boston

I haven't been on this site in years, but used to post regularly.
I'm looking for solace among other diehard fans...from those of our kind.
Thank you Walter for my musical peace during times of growth , joy and many milestones since I was I turn 57. I'm so sad but am so grateful to you and Steely Dan. You taught me the barometer by which to measure great music.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 11:05:42 ET
Posted by: Speechless,

Hard to imagine what my life would have been like without Steely Dan and Walter Becker's contributions. Eternally grateful for all his music. RIP.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 10:52:48 ET
Posted by: bluprintblu, Just out of town

My heart is broken. RIP Walter, there's golf at noon for free...

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 10:48:15 ET
Posted by: hoops, chicago

Sorry that I'm still at a loss of words.� I'm in a bit of a fog about all this, as I'm sure most all of you are as well.

One thing I insist everybody know:

I don't think people realize how much Walter appreciated the fans. I can't begin to express that enough...

Aka hoops

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 10:44:23 ET
Posted by: Lewis, /

So very sad yet I raise a tall glass to Walter for all the joy he brought us.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 10:43:23 ET
Posted by: LisaG, NJ

Devastated to hear the news. Haven't been to a concert since I had a little one a few years ago, but I always peep tour dates with the hopes of seeing them again. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, associates and fellow fans.

RIP, WB. Thank you for your gifts all these years. :-(

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 10:42:17 ET
Posted by: Crowd Pleaser Man, UK

Inevitable that our heroes pass, but it's truly a sad day. RIp Walt.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 10:24:44 ET
Posted by: Flipkid, Very Blue State

Gutted. Truly the end of an era. Although the news can't really be that big of a shock. I'm just really glad I got to see the Dan as many times as I did.

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 10:08:45 ET
Posted by: Josey, Mass

One of my good friends called me earlier this morning to pass on the very sad news. What an incredibly sad day!! I will spend some time today re-reading some of Walter's postings on from the 90's touring. What a hilarious sense of humor that man had!

Date: Sun, September 03, 2017, 10:03:51 ET
Posted by: Randy Reichardt, Edmonton AB

.: Just learned the news about Walter. I'm devastated. I am so thankful that I was able to see The Dan perform on 21 occasions. Rest peacefully, Walter.

Date: Sun, Sept 3, 2017, 08:10 ET
Posted by: hoops , Chicago, IL.

Dear Dandom:

Very, very sad news to report.


Walter Becker passed away this morning.

Blessings and love to Walter and his loved ones.

Otherwise, I'm speechless.

--Jim McKay

Date: Sun, Sept 3, 2017, 06:27 ET
Posted by: Vincent , UK

Re the London O2 gig. Do we know if Michael McDonald will be in both bands? Does anyone know how Walter Becker is? Will Don be able to play 'the Nightfly' as a solo track? Also, is the show totally sold out bar scalpers?

Date: Sun, Sept 3, 2017, 2:28 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu ,
I'll have a full report sometime tomorrow...but just returned from a Night with Donald and the NightSLAYERS...and they absolutely lit Austin City Limits and Moody Theater ON FIYAH!!!! This was no freakin' Nostalgia Tour. Adrenaline and mastery were pumpin' and the crowd was jumpin.'

Donald, band, and crowd's energy levels were off the charts... I have to imagine remaining draining water in Texas completely evaporated last night. Holy fuck.

I'm e-mailing because I am headed to Yokohama, Japan for the Blue Note Jazz Fest on t

Date: Sat, Sept 2, 2017, 12:14 ET
Posted by: Doc Kelley , Here at the dude ranch... Kansas

A most enjoyable show in flyover land... the crowd was into it and the band was feeling it! A really small venue seating 1265... not a bad seat in the joint!!

Green Flower Street
New Frontier
Hey 19
Shakedown Street
Kid Charlemagne
Time Out Of Mind
Weather In My Head
Dirty Work
Black Friday
Don't Take Me Alive
My Old School
Reelin' In The Years (enc.)

I saw the last two Dan shows in Vegas... enjoyed them immensely... the Nightfly show was every bit as enjoyable... but for different reasons.

I'm looking forward to several more annual treks to see Donald regardless of who is in the band!!!

Date: Sat, Sept 2, 2017, 12:31 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu ,

Pulling for the Chattanooga setlist tomorrow!

1. Green Flower Street
2. New Frontier
3. Hey 19
4. The Nightfly
5. Bad Sneakers
6. Kid Charlemagne
7. FM
8. Time out of Mind
9. Shakedown Street
10. Dirty Work
11. Countermoon
12. Twin Peaks theme>>>Third World Man
13. Black Friday
14. Peg
15. Josie
16. I.G.Y.
17. Bodhisattva
19. Reelin in the Years
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Date: Fri, September 01, 2017, 17:09:56 ET
Posted by: hoops, chicago

The latest edition of the Dandom Digest went out in the past hour. It covers August 21-31, 2017. (The previous Dandom Digest covered Aug 1-20, 2017.)

The following are the subjects/headlines of the items in the latest newsletter:

Nashville Review
Adron Opened for DF
Another New SD Book
Catherine Russell in the Jerusalem Post
Nightfly Voted Top 10 Vinyl
New Special Limited Edition Nightfly Album
The Royal Dutch Scam


SPOILEResque: Nightflyers Drummer Lee Falco Interview
SPOILEResque: Modern Drummer: Lee Falco Interview
SPOILEResque: Preview of Cleveland
SPOILER: Chattanooga, 8/19
SPOILER: Chattanooga, 8/19
SPOILER: Louisville, 8/22
SPOILER: Northfield, OH 8/25
SPOILER: New Buffalo, MI 8/26
SPOILER: Indy, 8/28
SPOILER: Indy, 8/28
SPOILER: Milwaukee, 8/29
SPOILER: Milwaukee 8/29
SPOILER: Salinas, 8/31

If you are a subscriber, you should receive it within the hour, if you haven't already. If you don't see it, check your spam filters first; then, if it's not there, please email me at jjmckay AT me DOT com.

As I regularly remind subscribers, some people have problems with delivery of the Dandom Digest, usually because of their spam filters, firewalls, etc. That's why this sort of notice is posted here--so you are aware that you should have received the latest edition. Heck, if you want, email me privately that you did get it. With email filters and spam what they are today, there can be some issues beyond our control. For example, many work-place email servers reject email that it scans as having a naughty word.

If you are not currently a subscriber but would like to receive the free Dandom Digest email newsletter, please email me at jjmckay AT me DOT com or see

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Thanks to all who contributed to the latest edition of the Dandom Digest, be it through the emailing digest AT dandom DOT com or through posting to our BlueBook guestbook or Facebook page; or tweeting @dandomdotcom. Pete, DB, Ben, and Gus.

As always, thank you for your support and writings through the years, especially Pete and Shari, as well as Mr. & Mrs. Winterbottom, and especially thinking of Mark, Bill, and Fezzie, and purposely not to mention a couple of people who request anonymity.

Fly about as low, be so cool,


Date: Thurs, August 31, 2017, 17:14 ET
Posted by: Home@last , Back from MKE

Agree with Ports and Hoops re: Milwaukee show blurbs. Really fun show, and the band really gives a different feel/flavor for songs many of us fanatics have seen numerous times live. In fact, if I had just read the setlist, I would have been disappointed and not wanted to go. But the band breathed great new life into such common SD live tunes as Kid C, TOOM, Bodhi, Hey 19 (nice Don solo on outro) and even My Old School. They really sounded quite different than hearing SD do them.

Highlights of the show for me were New Frontier and Nightfly, the amazing Shakedown Street jam, and Don't Take me Alive. Oh, and Third World Man! So great to hear that one.

I did not particularly like the altered key/arrangements for Greenflower Street and Countermoon - and Don's vox seemed to struggle on both. And of course, would have liked to hear some Sunken Condos tunes, and Bad Sneaks and IGY.

But, we can't have everything, can we? I never thought I'd see Donald solo again, and am just thankful for that. I hope he tours some more!

Date: Thurs, August 31, 2017, 00:02 ET
Posted by: see , somewhere btw Indianapolis and Salina KS

Odd that DF + band are going from Milwaukee to tiny Salina KS in the middle of the Kansas prairie to play next--skipping both St.Louis and Kansas City. Only reason I can possibly think of is that it shortens the bus ride to Denver. Or maybe Donald had a hankering to visit the old Clutter farmhouse...

Date: Wed, August 30, 2017, 22:57 ET
Posted by: Steve "Pudgey" De Rose , Chicago, IL. [U.S.A.]

I'm e-mailing because I am headed to Yokohama, Japan for the Blue Note Jazz Fest on 23-24 September. I was attempting to help people find a cheap airfare deal from where they are to Tokyo.

Email pudgym29 AT xoxy DOT net

Date: Wed, August 30, 2017, 10:29 ET
Posted by: hoops , Chicago

Another outstanding show last night in Milwaukee. I was in a weird place in the audience so maybe that influenced my opinion, but I think Saturday's show in Southwest Michigan was more engergized. I know Saturday night's audience was much more energized, on it's feet for half the show. Part of this was in no doubt due to the security at Milwaukee as well as being a weeknight after a day of work.

Major props, kudos and love to Joan & Kathy, Dino & Mike, Dale, Chris & Tony, and whomever was sitting in Row A, Left Center, seats 10 & 11--model Steely Dan audience members.

Date: Tues, August 29, 2017, 23:20 ET
Posted by: Ports , Milwaukee

Great show in Milwaukee, I've seen numerous Dan shows since 1996. This band really brings something new out of the songs and Donald. Same set list as Indy except

Fm, Green Earings, Peg out...Countermoon, Don't Take Me Alive, Josie in.

Date: Tues, August 29, 2017, 16:45 ET
Posted by: Abu , Behind you 100 %

Hoops... Understood! Too bad there are a few complete morons out there that screw things up for the rest of us. I have been on and off of the Blue for possibly 15+ years. It is a great forum, where most of the posters are really good people, as we all know. Hopefully it will live on indefinitely. Thanks for your painful work of removing the junk posts. I, for one, appreciate it very much!

Date: Tues, August 29, 2017, 16:03 ET
Posted by: Todd Gack , home at last

Indy Closes at 9 pm!

I'm kind of half kidding there, but also half serious.
Somewhat of a bizarre show in Indy last night, logistically speaking.
This goes to the whole show opener issue which someone just asked about. This was my 2nd show of the tour (saw the Nashville show also) and determining if there is a show opener is somewhat of a mystery. The Nashville ticket and website said nothing about an opener, yet there was the female solo singer Adron, who played for about 40 minutes. Fagen and Nightflyers thus did not begin until 8:20.

The Indy ticket and website also said nothing about an opening act, but since there has been an opener for every show of the tour so far I believe, including the one I went to, I figured there would be. But not knowing for sure does affect timing and dinner plans etc, and I did not want to risk being late for the Nightflyers, so I figured I better get there by 7:30. Sure enough, much to my surprise, there was NO opening act, and not only that, DF and the band came out at 7:30 literally on the dot! I have been to hundreds and hundreds of shows and very rarely if ever does the main band come out right at the minute the ticket time is listed.

The problem with that at a venue like the Murat is that people were still filtering in, probably also thinking there would be some lag time to let people settle in, which means that for the first 2 songs were disrupted by hundreds of people trying to find their seats forcing everyone in the rows to stand up etc. The Murat is an old theater with no center aisle down the middle, which means getting to the middle of the center sections is a major trek, and on top of that there is almost no leg room in that theater, which means we had to stand every time some latecomer came in. That kind of stuff just kills the vibe and is very frustrating for those of us trying to enjoy the show. So if in doubt, get there early!

The show itself like Frank said was very energetic and enthusiastic, and this band is amazingly adept and tight given that this was probably all material they learned just in the last year. But given the lack of an opening act, the fact that DF+band came out right at 7:30, and the breakneck speed tempos the band was playing most of the tunes at, I had to wonder whether the band had a plane to catch to Milwaukee or something. The band zipped through the setlist. again playing energetically and tightly, but very "fast".

I did greatly enjoy New Frontier and Nightfly again,as well as a nice punchy funked up FM and another very nice Twin Peaks into Third World Man, which they slowed down on and played with more subtlety. Black Friday and Old School really kicked some tail and the crowd was really into it. I moved back from my almost too close 5th row seat about halfway into the show because there were some incredibly empty rows about halfway back dead center, and the sound mix was better and more balanced there. Soundwise I think the mix was better at the Murat than in Nashville---the bass sounded much more punchy and defined..

I was hoping that the lack of an opening act and the fact that it was only about 9 pm after Bodh might mean we would get treated to a few more tunes, or more encores. Alas, only Reelin and the show was amazingly over shortly after 9 pm! I don't think I've ever gotten out of a big name concert so early. Unfortunately, absolutely no Sunken Condos tunes, which means I struck out in that dept for both my shows. Also no IGY, which amazes me since that is the signature tune off that album, and the band is called the Nightflyers...... I surely would have traded Peg and Green Earrings for IGY and Weather in My Head...oh well.

Figuring it was still early, headed to the nearby Rathskellar across the street for a brew, only to find----they closed at 9 pm!! You've got to be kidding me. Directly across from a major concert venue and you close early on the night of a show??

Luckily found a neat little dive bar nearby called the ChatterBox, which just happened to have a very slick and cool 4 piece jazz quartet playing, including a very good trombonist. There were a few other Nightflyer concert goers in there, and we all raved about how good these guys were and how they would have been perfect for an opening band that night. We told the band that and tipped them accordingly. Oh the irony!

(PS, I hereby certify I have never posted about Barry Manilow or made false posts about the band or Fagen being hit by a car or arrested etc!)

Date: Tues, August 29, 2017, 13:51 ET
Posted by: popegreg , MKE

Super excited for tonight's show! Good to hear some BBers will be there.

I'm having a hard time determining if there is going to be an opener or not. My source can't confirm yet, but I do have the set times. If there's a support act they will play from 8-8:30, and DF & TNF will play from 9-10:40. Otherwise DF & TNF will be on from 8-9:40. I'm hoping that the Pabst Theater Group will post something on their Twitter or FB. Not that I would deliberately miss the opener, but I'd like to know if I have the leeway or not with my dinner plans.

The Riverside recently started wanding everyone and searching bags (only small purses allowed). They've been pretty efficient, and I've never had to wait more than a minute or two, but please plan accordingly.

I see some good seats have been released, including 8th row center on the aisle. Those are great seats. Front row is awesome too, I sat there for Wilco back in June. You will get more sound off of whatever monitors are closest to you, and that does skew the mix a bit. That said, I'm still tempted to upgrade to those seats on Craigslist that SJ mentioned. But ...

I'll be 4th row center on the aisle, left side if anyone wants to say hello. I'm a big guy with long red hair. I'm probably going to be wearing a plaid shirt with a black The Mountain Goats t-shirt. Hoops, I'd love to buy you a beverage in appreciation of your dedication to the BB, so please say hello if you spot me!

Date: Tues, August 29, 2017, 10:09 ET
Posted by: Frank , Balt DC/Indy

Amazing show last night! Flew in from the East coast while visiting friends.

Connor really killed it in Indy. And BTW, Donald was there and great too, but I think it's become about this band.

Bodhisattva was a real highlight as was the whole show. Never a dull moment.

Would love to hear others' thoughts on the show if you were there.

Here's the set from Indy as I remember........

Green Flower
New Frontier
Hey 19
Shakedowm St
Kid C
Time Out of Mind
Twin Peaks/3rd World Man
Dirty Work (Connor)
Black Friday
Green Earrings
My Old School
Reelin' In the Years as encore.

Date: Mon, August 28, 2017, 18:36 ET
Posted by: hoops , Chicago

Just a clarification because of some really dumb comments I've been sent:

Moderation of the BlueBook is a pain in the ass. The reason it's done is not out of political correctness but because maybe three posters are too irrespobnsilble if not complete assholes, insisting that something along the lines of making days and even weeks of multiple, in-depth posts on the likes of say Barry Manilow, not to mention their Barry Manilow cover band--which wouldn't push me in to moderating all posts.

BUT HERE'S WHY I've had to moderate since the end of March: people like those described above have retaliated by posting crap such as "Donald Fagen was hit by a car and is dead" or "(Insert SD band member name) was arrested five minutes ago for such and such crime against another band member."

Because of THAT sort of stuff, the BlueBook has to be moderated. And when there's moderation, I end up responsible for content. It's not about Political Correctness. It's that people are stupid assholes and narcisists. So when someone posts stuff that to me is factually questionable, even if you rightfully believe it, then I have the right to withhold. You still think this place sucks? Then fine, I agree and insist you find a different SD forum that is more suitable to you.

Next year, Dandom turns 25 years old. I plan to dowsize after that and will open some discussion on the various Dandom forums. For nowm the Blue will stay as is.

Thanks again to so many of you who offer support.

aka hoops

Date: Mon, August 28, 2017, 18:06 ET
Posted by: Security Joan , Milwaukee - bound

Alert: Hey, anyone looking to score Milwaukee tickets - there is a guy on craigslist selling two front row tickets at only about $10 over face value. I almost got them, but then my local friend was able to procure front row via the theatre mgmt (!!) I did check out the craigslist dude, and he is legit... thought I'd pass on to people who would appreciate this! As of Saturday morning the ad is still up, so they are probably available:

Note from hoops:
I also looked into this offer, talked to the seller on the phone, and concur that he seems legit, although he's not anyone I know. Good luck.

Date: Mon, August 28, 2017, 14:29 ET
Posted by: Christian , CVR

Really enjoyed the show in Northfield Park.
That band is really good. Don seemed to really dig playing with them. Sound was good too.

However I noticed one thing. The stage lighting was not up to the meticulous Steely Dan standard. Seemed like it was attempting to replicate the intricacies of SD but ended up looking a bit like Star Search. It didn't bother me too much as the band and our fearless leader was tremendous.

Date: Mon, August 28, 2017, 10:11 ET
Posted by: The Dean , St Augustine Beach.

Look Out Cleveland? Wow! I'd love to hear that one.

Date: Mon, August 28, 2017, 10:09 ET
Posted by: Frank ,

It means Donald hates it when fans scream song requests, be quiet.

Date: Mon, August 28, 2017, 06:12 ET
Posted by: Steve Gennarelli , Tampa, FL

I think he wanted to answer your request with a humorous comeback, but like any group...they're not out there to do requests...they have a set format that I doubt they want to deviate from.

Date: Sun, August 27, 2017, 22:15 ET
Posted by: hoops , chicago


Through the years, it's become clear that Donald really hates it when audience members shout out requests. He's has said that he doesn't like it.

I wasn't in the room, but I think his response was the best comeback he could improvise as an expression of his irritation at your shout out request.

Date: Sun, August 27, 2017, 13:05 ET
Posted by: Lou Garou , NYC

I called out for Miss Marlene, and Donald responded, "it's too close to the eclipse to play a song about a bowling alley."

Interesting... What do you think Donald meant by this comment?

Date: Sat, August 26, 2017, 23:59 ET
Posted by: hoops , New Buffalo, MI


New Buffalo, MI, 8/26/17

Green Flower Street
New Frontier
Hey 19
Shakedown Street
The Nigh
Kid Charlemagne
Bad Sneakers
Time Out of Mind
Third World Man
Dirty Work
Black Friday
Green Earrings
My Old School
Encore: Reelin' In The Years

Date: Sat, August 26, 2017, 14:29 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu , @any man left of the Rio Grande

I was thinking about Donald's comment about recording albums the way he used to...Neil Finn recorded an entire album yesterday on the internet.

There had been 3 previous practice sessions all live on youtube.

It's Brilliant.

It will never happen...but Donald should do the same thing with his new album with the Nightflyers. This of it like a one day Rudy Van Gelder session.

Date: Fri, August 25, 2017, 23:00 ET
Posted by: Setlist FM , --


Northfield, OH, 8/25/17

Green Flower Street
New Frontier
Hey 19
Shakedown Street (Grateful Dead cover)
The Nightfly
Look Out Cleveland (The Band cover)
Kid Charlemagne
Bad Sneakers
Time Out of Mind
Weather In My Head
Dirty Work
Black Friday
Home At Last
Encore: Reelin' In The Years

Date: Fri, August 25, 2017, 20:53 ET
Posted by: Abu , Struttin' Their Stuff

If anyone wants their own copy of Canadian Star by Dr. Strut (an instrumental from 1979 written by Fagen & Becker), it has recently been made available as a MP3 download on Amazon for $1.29 U.S. I say recently because YouTube just took down the video that had been around for a couple of years. And, now "provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group North America", is their posting of the entire album there. Coincidence? I think not.

Date: Fri, August 25, 2017, 18:26 ET
Posted by: Dan Belcher , Louisville, KY

Gotta agree with SoulMonkey on his evaluation of the Louisville show. That was phenomenal. There was so much energy in this show, and the band was crazy tight. You could tell Donald was having a blast up there playing with those kids, and equally they were all having a blast getting to play with Donald! Connor Kennedy's solos were a particular treat, and I really enjoyed hearing him sing on Dirty Work. Weather In My Head ended up being a bathroom/beer break for a lot of people, but damn did they miss out. That was one of the highlights of the night. My wife wasn't familiar with the song, but she was blown away by it too.

Date: Thurs, August 24, 2017, 21:31 ET
Posted by: Chris , Nh

Every time I listen to a soundboard from the past decade or so (some may or may not be available on a popular video sharing website) I'm struck by how dope Freddie Washington's playing is, and reminded that I can never hear him with any definition live. What gives? I can usually hear everyone else pretty well, but the bass is muddy. Might be a limitation of live sound in general these days - everything has gotten better in large venues, to my ears, except bass. Bass was muddy when I saw The Nightflyers too. Any experts care to weigh in?

Date: Thurs, August 24, 2017, 18:56 ET
Posted by: Gil , DE

Don't forget that Fagen also composed the score for Bright Lights Big City.

Date: Thurs, August 24, 2017, 16:04 ET
Posted by: Praguepolo , Praha

What's up with the after seller bots sucking up all the London and Dublin tickets? Stub Hub has front row for Dublin listed at 689 USD (plus services charges and shipping for a whopping total of 775 USD)! Does anyone have the pre sale code? Thanks.

Date: Wed, August 23, 2017, 19:01 ET
Posted by: Lutz , SF

Fall tour is 10 shows by now incl Europe.

No word on SD website yet, if there were any NY dates, 10/21-23 seems most likely.

Response from hoops:
There will be no Beacon or other NYC dates this October. Maybe in the new year--February?

Date: Wed, August 23, 2017,  17:27 ET
Posted by: SS , Hong Kong

My dream opening remains the band playing the opening vamp on Confide in Me...just noodling away until DF comes on stage.

Then they play it. I don't think it would matter that most of the crowd doesn't know the tune. It just has so much going for it. Room for a great guitar solo. No horns. Sweet changes.

Date: Wed, August 23, 2017, 10:14 ET
Posted by: DeaconBlues16 ,

Bookkeeper's Son - that was a typo; I typed New Frontier twice. The Nightfly should have been fourth and Countermoon should have been fifth. My bad.

- Donald is still doing a lot of gesturing with his right arm while playing the rhodes (or was in Chattanooga but I assume it's still going on. If you seek out some videos on YouTube of DF and the Nightflyers, you'll notice it here as well).

- Speaking of YouTube videos, on most of them, Will Bryant is NOT wearing shades... so must have been a recent wardrobe addition.

- Also one thing I forgot to mention. After Shakedown Street at Chatt show, DF said "that's a really fun tune to play."

- Lastly, here's a great interview with Nightflyers drummer Lee Falco. Whole thing is great but main DF and The Nightflyers discussion is from about 38-57 minutes:

Date: Tues, August 22, 2017,  23:10 ET
Posted by: SoulMonkey , Louisville, Ky

Louisville, Ky 8/22

I've see the Dan 24 times and Donald twice. This band has revitalized whatever we have come to hold as just another SD show. We are spoiled. Go see this show.

Green Flower St
New Frontier
Hey 19
Shakedown Street
The Nightfly
Kid Charlemagne
Weather In My head
Time Out Of Mind
Can't Catch Me
Dirty Work
Black Friday
Reeling In The Years

Band was TIGHT
Harmonies were RIGHT

Since 93 I've had multiple opportunities to see various incarnations of this band. This comes close to taking the cake. Sitting with our closest SD friends, we were also sitting directly next to post college roommate fans by sure luck. It was surreal. I called out for Miss Marlene, and Donald responded, "it's too close to the eclipse to play a song about a bowling alley."

Frankly, I'm too hammered to continue except to say that Pete Fogel told me that of all the tour stops so far, this show had received the most fanfare in his eyes.

Long live the Dan.

Date: Tues, August 22, 2017,  22:00 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu ,

Abu - yeah, the sound track for Bright Lights, Big City wasn't a real soundtrack, as it only included Fagen's outstanding Century's End, but not this swingin' cover nor the incidental music. Donald and I assume Mousey wrote up a really nice brassy horn chart.

Date: Tues, August 22, 2017, 19:01 ET

Adron sounded like Joni Mitchell? Wowsie, doesn't get much better than that IMHO. Must check her out ASAFP. Thx for the heads-up.

Date: Tues, August 22, 2017, 19:00 ET
Posted by: hoops , chicago


Many of your posts are of a dubious nature. As I have previously said, you need to furnish me with a privte phone and email if I'm even going to consider posting some of the dubious.

Date: Tues, August 22, 2017, 18:07 ET
Posted by: Tony Gunk , On the case

Now that I am fully recovered from both the Nashville DF+Nighflyers show and the total eclipse, I am finally ready to post about my observations. Hopefully this post will make it to the Bluebook (many of mine don't for some reason).

First the setlist (which I nabbed a copy of!):
1. Green Flower Street
2. New Frontier
3. Hey 19
4. The Nightfly
5. Bad Sneakers
6. Kid Charlemagne
7. FM
8. Time out of Mind
9. Shakedown Street
10. Dirty Work
11. Countermoon
12. Twin Peaks theme>>>Third World Man
13. Black Friday
14. Peg
15. Josie
16. I.G.Y.
17. Bodhisattva
19. Reelin in the Years

Drove about 4 hours to go to this Nashville show at the beautiful Schemerhorn Symphony Theater where they usually host the symphony playing classical music. Its a gorgeous theater, with a huge pipe organ behind the very open stage setup as a backdrop. I had been to one concert there before to see the latest version of Yes, (Anderson Rabin and Wakeman) so I was familiar with the place. Its about a block away from Music Row and the bar district in downtown Nashville.

With Nashville being in the path of totality, and one day away from the big event, the town was hopping and buzzing with people from all over, a real kooky and interesting festival atmosphere as I found a good pub to eat some chow and imbibe a few hours before showtime. Nashville is a great place to go see a concert with all its music venues all close by the watering holes (famous Ryman Theater also right off the bar district).

Was having too much fun so I was a bit late for the opener, although a solo guitarist is not my cup o tea, so I only caught a few tunes as she wound up. Pleasant enough voice, as someone said a kind of Norah Jones vibe, but didn't do much for me. I was too amped up to see The Nightflyers!

DF and the band came out about 8:20, which worried me a bit because of Nashville on a Sun night, didn't know if there was a curfew cutoff. Thankfully they did play almost a full 2 hour set, but laughably the venue cut off all alcohol sales within 30 minutes of SD playing---to a crowd of almost all 45+ somethings. The crowd by the way was mostly dressed up and looked very upscale, higher end then the typical outdoor shed SD show, which might be explained by people having symphony seat subscriptions. And I was pleasantly surprised to see the venue almost completely full, including the plethora of luxury boxes along the sides.

Weird to see Donald surrounded by all this new young blood, have to admit. I had a great center aisle floor seat basically even with the sax guy, and could see Donald and everyone perfectly. Also almost immediately noticed the Laura Palmer pic in front of the other keyboardist. Having seen SD about 16 times since 1993, but not having seen DF on his solo tours (not counting Dukes of S), I was very interested to see how they would sound.

First, it was a great show, and I was very pleased with what I heard and saw overall. Any criticisms/observations here should be in the context of I had a great time and it was well worth the trip. I won't go song by song, but the band was definitely a rock band, and yes, the arrangements of the tunes were more reminiscent of the early days of SD before the lush horn arrangements. As a result, it felt like the tempos of most tunes were faster. I was surprised how good the band sang the background vocal parts---I thought I would miss the girls filling those vocals in more. Connor Kennedy is indeed a very good guitarist, and pulled off some of the signature SD riffs, especially in KC, FM, Josie, Bod, and Reelin very admirably. He was allowed room to solo but kept it pretty close and 'reeled in' without straying too far. I was also very impressed with the sax player who added the essential horn parts nicely in the absence of a full horn section. The bass player and other keyboardist didn't really stand out for me, and quite frankly, while the drummer was certainly good (Josie), I did miss Carlock, who lets face it, is on another level.

It was clear throughout the show that DF seemed more upbeat and engaged than in many SD shows, and he was clearly enjoying himself. He did speak more and give more song intros. Said something about the big event coming tomorrow before they launched into Countermoon. Did have a few funny retorts after a few shouted out requests but kept it lighthearted. While the band was good, and it was interesting hearing a more rock oriented selection of SD songs, I found that I did miss some of the laid back jazzy sophistication of regular SD musicians, which give the songs more room to breathe and stretch out at a more leisurely pace. And yes, it was weird not seeing and hearing those horns up on the back left, and did miss the jazzy soloing that goes with those horn arrangements. But it was fine--this was a different show with a more direct and faster tempo rock approach (especially Bod--my gosh). I thought going in that this band might be more bluesy, but that is not the case.

Finally, what a setlist! I was overjoyed with hearing all 3 signature Nightfly tunes, which was essential for me. Add in Bad Sneakers, FM, Countermoon and Third World Man, and I will take that any day of the week. I think that may be only the 2nd or 3rd time I heard Bad Sneakers and FM, and first time hearing Countermoon live. The ONLY real disappointment was not getting any Sunken Condos tunes, but hard to complain if Bad Sneakers is the tradeoff. I would have traded a SC tune for Peg, and would have preferred a Beatles or Chuck Berry cover instead of Shakedown St, but again, I was very pleasantly surprised and happy with the selection of songs.

Can't wait to see them again next week in Indy, where I am hoping for a few Sunken Condos tunes. If this is what it takes to get DF's blood flowing again, so be it. I'm along for the ride.

Date: Tues, August 22, 2017, 16:07 ET
Posted by: Tommy ,

conor kennedy sings backruond like mike mc d on kid and peg

Date: Tues, August 22, 2017, 12:26 ET
Posted by: Arnie , yeehaw

Pier Six Pavilion
Baltimore, MD

Date: Tues, August 22, 2017, 09:00 ET
Posted by: Bookkeeper's Son , Florida

Deacon Blues16:

Thanks for the review. You mentioned Donald's introduction of Countermoon, but it is not in the set list you provided. Not picking, just looking for clarification.

Placement of IGY near the end of the set is interesting. From recent SD tours and how the set list was evolving on this DF tour, I thought that he likes to go out rocking it hard with the last three or four songs.

In the Clearwater show Donald was doing quite a bit of gesturing with his right hand during several songs. Something I do not recall from past SD shows. Was that an anomaly, or is he still as animated?

Date: Tues, August 22, 2017, 06:05 ET
Posted by: Bren , Dublin Presale

kzkzkz....can you DM regarding Dublin presale please...need some help!

quince3759 AT

Date: Tues, August 22, 2017, 05:01 ET
Posted by: Bren , Dublin Presale Code?

Does anyone have a 3 mobile code for the newly announced date in Dublin...goes on sale tomorrow but you have to be a 3 mobile user in Ireland in order to access it...its been 8 years since Walt and Don have been over the pond....and the last date sold out pretty darn quick...

Date: Tues, August 22, 2017, 00:23 ET
Posted by: Abu , Under the Bright Lights

Someone posted Donald Fagen's cover of the tune Bright Lights Big City, from the 1988 film. Sadly, it was not included on the movie soundtrack album. The original song was performed and written by Jimmy Reed in 1961. Ten years later country artist Sonny James covered it. Others, too have recorded it, including Neil Young and Eric Clapton. Fagen's cover is at a slower tempo than all the versions that I have heard. The YouTube poster took it right from the movie, so it has a little dialogue & Michael J Fox monologue on top. It times out at only 2:49. Likely, Fagen recorded a longer version. Nice horns, typical of DF can be heard. Oh, for the original DF probably recorded. Too bad they can't re-release the soundtrack with a couple of bonus tracks. Here is the all-too-short cover:

Date: Mon, August 21, 2017, 23:46 ET
Posted by: kzkzkz , Getting close

Oct 25 @ The Theater at MGM National Harbor, National Harbor, Maryland
General public onsale starts on Fri 08/25/17 @ 10:00 am EDT

Date: Mon, August 21, 2017, 18:38 ET
Posted by: dee gee em pee at mail dot, s.e. US of A

Adron was by herself in Nashville and was well received.

She sounded sort of like Joni Mitchell.

Date: Mon, August 21, 2017, 18:35 ET
Posted by: dee gee em pee at mail dot, s.e. US of A

The good news and the bad news. Weekend before last I missed the Keith Carlock/Bottom 40 gig at Rudy's but did get to see Santana at the Ascend Amphitheater in Nashville followed by Umphrey's McGee this weekend and Don/Nightflyers last night at the symphony center.

High points of the Don/NF show...

Connor Kennedy on guitar all night
Dirty Work, Bad Sneakers, Third World Man (!)
That drummer on Bodhisattva (slammin' dude!)
Surprisingly good sax solo work from the 2nd guitarist
The mix got louder and stronger as the night went on (the mix started out rather flimsy and that is not uncommon for rock music in that hall)
Nice cover of Grateful Dead

By the way, Santana is still great and Umphrey's McGee was way better than I thought they would be. I would go back to all three concerts next weekend in a heartbeat.

Date: Mon, August 21, 2017, 16:55 ET
Posted by: Ben Jammin, Indy, and ready for some Midwest shows!

If your peepers are still functioning, and you'd like an in-depth article about calculating what our Guys may, or may not be rollin' in, check this out:

I'm ready to take flight with fellow Night Flyers this week, and if you're catching the Indy show, and you'd like to browse the hot spots near the lovely Murat, hit this:

I can't click submit without sending healthy, happy, and healing vibes to Capt. Becker: Rest up, Sir, and we'll see you in October!

Date: Mon, August 21, 2017, 14:40 ET
Posted by: hoops, chicago


DF is a fan of "Twin Peaks" and he says this tour is "noirish".

Date: Mon, August 21, 2017, 14:35 ET
Posted by: The Dean, St Augustine Beach. Eclipse Time

Ah, thanks Hoops. Any info on why that's there (other than the report they played the Theme)?

Date: Mon, August 21, 2017, 14:26 ET
Posted by: kzkzkz, This side o'the pond

2nd Dublin show

Date: Mon, August 21, 2017, 11:55 ET
Posted by: hoops, chicago


I believe you are talking about the photo of "Laura Palmer" from "Twin Peaks".

Date: Mon, August 21, 2017, 11:49 ET
Posted by: The Dean , St Augustine Beach.

DB16, terrific review. Thanks.

BTW, anyone able to identify the photo on stage, behind Kennedy and in front of Bryant's keyboard?

Date: Mon, August 21, 2017, 01:37 ET
Posted by: Steely Director, NOLA


Thanks for the info re: Adron. Thought maybe she said "Adrian" when she introduced herself. I was waiting for her to say it again when she finished, but it never happened. Nor did Donald make any kind of reference to her later on.

So if I read your post correctly, in Atlanta Adron (the person) had other musicians onstage with her, thereby comprising Adron (the band)? I ask because in Chattanooga she was onstage by herself.

Date: Sun, August 20, 2017, 23:03 ET
Posted by: DeaconBlues16,

Donald Fagen and the Nightflyers Chattanooga, TN, Tivoli Theatre, 08/19/2017

Setlist correct below but just so interested readers can reference in this post:

1. Green Flower Street
2. New Frontier
3. Hey Nineteen
4. New Frontier
5. The Nightfly
6. Kid Charlemagne/Band Intros
7. FM
8. Time Out of Mind
9. Shakedown Street
10. Dirty Work
11. Green Earrings
12. Home At Last
13. Black Friday
14. Josie
15. I.G.Y.
16. Bodhisattva
17. Reelin' in the Years (Encore)

- Opener was named Adron. As stated below, she was by herself on acoustic guitar and vocals and played for about 30 minutes and did the Doobie Brothers cover. Very, very talented and somewhat surprising opener for Donald. Witty; most of her songs - which she explained the lyrics prior to performing - seemed to be about breakups and hookups. Reminded me of a scaled down Norah Jones on acoustic guitar.

- Had really good seats - about fifth row from the stage on Connor Kennedy's side. However, angle partially obscured view of drummer and Connor stood in front of the keyboard player, making it difficult to see him when he was playing the keys to the sides (which I believe are piano and clavinet). Not complaining and could see Donald fine. Sound was good but probably would have been the same anywhere in the theatre.

- The show was PHENOMENAL, even without any Sunken Condos tunes in the set. It's difficult to choose highlights because it was so uniformly awesome, but I'd argue that the drum solo in Josie (which was removed in the SD version prior to my SD concert-going prime), the outro to FM with Zach Djanikian doubling the bass-line on saxophone and hearing the formerly oft-played turned into relative-rarity FM played in general, and all of the solo tunes are worth mentioning. Cool solos in Green Earrings, including synth. Donald's gone back to the original "nice. sure looks good. skate a little lower now" during the break in Hey Nineteen, which is fun. Cool rhodes solo in outro to that tune as well.

- Background vocals are amazing! One of my favorite things to pay attention to during the show was watching which of The Nightflyers sang which background parts.

- Went to the show with an acquaintance of mine who lives in Chattanooga. He doesn't listen to a lot of SD/Fagen but said he knew some of the songs. He seemed to really, really enjoy the show and specifically mentioned the drum solo as a highlight. Even though he enjoyed it, I don't see him as a convert to the Church of SD because I don't see him as someone who goes out of his way to get into music. But I'm glad he enjoyed it in the moment.

- More subtle things I noticed:

On some of the YouTube videos of Kid Charlemagne, Donald basically shouts without singing "You're Obsolete." At the Chatt show, he sang the line and did the full "You are obsolete."

On at least one YouTube video of Time Out of Mind, during the outro, when Donald, Zach, and Connor are playing the main horn riff together, Donald and Zach both do this little head/shoulder shaking dance. It didn't look like they did it last night.

Donald explained and introduced songs more than he has at any SD shows I've seen. He explained Countermoon as (paraphrasing) "a song from Kamakiriad about a moon that has the opposite effect as a normal moon. Which is - like - really bad for people - you know - in love." Something like that. For Home at Last, " Let's see, what should we play? Oh I know - something from the Aja album." Made some Bronze Age/Stone Age jokes about Dirty Work, and it sounded like Lee Falco did some semi-rimshot drum rolls - like he wanted to do them but was afraid of offending Donald. Even introduced Bodhisattva in as much detail as ever - explained it was not only on Countdown but also the leadoff tune to that album. Also, when he introduced the band, he introduced Will Bryant as the keyboardist for the "immediate future," which seemed to garner some chuckles/smiles from the band, so maybe an inside joke?

- Speaking of Will Bryant, he was the only Nightflyer to wear shades. I guess that's the case on the YouTube videos I've been watching, but I didn't notice until the show. Don't know if it's completely aesthetic/trying to emulate Donald or has some actual utility for him.

- Donald said the word "copacetic" a few times... also, he at one point did indeed say "Ah-ooga, Chattanooga."

- Audience was interesting. There were a smattering of empty seats, but venue was largely full and the audience gave what seemed to be a very enthusiastic response (acoustics might have helped emphasize audience response). A little too much getting up out of seats for my liking, and specifically in my section, there was some weird distracting stuff - I think a guy lost his cell phone for a minute and people were helping look for it?? People at this show were a lot more cavalier about getting their cell phones out to record. During Shakedown Street, a lady stood in the aisle - pretty near the stage - and recorded it. During The Nightfly, a guy a few rows in front of me took out the record of that album he must have purchased with merchandise and included it in the frame of his recording of that song during the first verse. I think all these cell phones being out are more of a sign of the times than anything.

-Forgot to mention chronologically (but mentioning now so I technically didn't forget), during the day, my friend (wife of person I went to concert with) and I went to downtown Chattanooga Saturday afternoon. While we were driving, from the passenger's seat, I saw Lee Falco and one of the other Nightflyers (who I didn't get quite as good of a glimpse at) sitting in front of a venue. At my friend's urging, after we parked, we spent a few minutes looking for them, but unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), we couldn't find them.

- Probably forgetting some stuff, but all I can say is wow, and I wish I could attend more than just one show!

Date: Sun, August 20, 2017, 22:43:39 ET
Posted by: hoops, chicago

FYI: I updated my post from yesterday about China Crisis' "Flaunt The Imperfection" :

Subject: James McKay shared a link.
Date: August 11 at 12:52pm
Subject: "Flaunt The Imperfection" Even More

On casual listen , China Crisis' 1985 album Flaunt the Imperfection sounds like some sort of Thompson Twins wannabe record. Thanks in no doubt to Walter Becker's involvement and influence, under that surface are more than a few aspects that are very Steely Dan-like. Tracks like "Gift of Freedom" and "You Did Cut Me" has those Steely Dan-like "horn arrangements", musical snark on tracks like "Wall of God" (think "Green Earrings" and "The Fez"), and subversive attention to detail and smooth ("Bigger The Punch I'm Feeling"). And on and on... A really enjoyable album that after a few listens and some familiarity underscores what Walter brings to Steely Dan. I don't know that everyone needs an expanded version--haven't heard the bonus disc yet--but you can still get the standard single disc that came out 32 years ago. (Already?!)

China Crisis: Expanded Album Re-issues
Pre-order "Difficult Shapes ..", "Flaunt the Imperfection" & "Working with Fire & Steel..." Deluxe CD's & more!

Date: Sun, August 20, 2017, 22:40:00 ET
Posted by: hoops , chicago

The latest edition of the Dandom Digest went out in the past hour. It covers August 1-20, 2017. (The previous Dandom Digest covered June 10-July 31, 2017.)

The following are the subjects/headlines of the items in the latest newsletter:

MUST READ: BILLBOARD: DF Updates on the WB, Solo Shows & Maybe New Solo Album
Rolling Stone: Fagen Tour One of the Hottest of the Summer 2017
"Flaunt The Imperfection" Even More


SPOILEResque: More from the Writer of the WSJ story on Nightflyers
SPOILEResque: "Nightflyers re-energize Steely Dan's Donald Fagen"
SPOILER: 'What a night' would be an understatement.
SPOILEResque: DF Talks "noir"
SPOILEResque: NC Promo Story
REDUX: SPOILER : 7/31-Marlboro, NY, DF+Nightfliers Private Show
SPOILER: 8/3-Port Chester
SPOILER: RE: 8/3-Port Chester
SPOILER: RE: 8/3-Port Chester
SPOILER: RE: 8/4-Port Chester
SPOILER: 8/3 & 8/4-Port Chester
SPOILER: 8/3 & 8/4-Port Chester
SPOILER: RE: 8/4-Port Chester
SPOILEResque: Article in Tampa Trib
SPOILER: 8/8-Miami
SPOILER: 8/9-Clearwater
SPOILER: Re: 8/9-Clearwater
SPOILER: 8/11-Orlando
SPOILER: 8/11-Orlando
SPOILER: 8/12-St. Augustine
SPOILER: 8/12-St. Augustine
SPOILER: 8/14-Montgomery, AL
SPOILER: 8/16-Atlanta
SPOILER: 8/17-Wilmington NC
SPOILER: 8/19-Chattanooga


If you are a subscriber, you should receive it within the hour, if you haven't already. If you don't see it, check your spam filters first; then, if it's not there, please email me at jjmckay AT me DOT com.

As I regularly remind subscribers, some people have problems with delivery of the Dandom Digest, usually because of their spam filters, firewalls, etc. That's why this sort of notice is posted here--so you are aware that you should have received the latest edition. Heck, if you want, email me privately that you did get it. With email filters and spam what they are today, there can be some issues beyond our control. For example, many work-place email servers reject email that it scans as having a naughty word.

If you are not currently a subscriber but would like to receive the free Dandom Digest email newsletter, please email me at jjmckay AT me DOT com or see

Also, if you wrote something for this most recent Dandom Digest and it didn't appear, please email me as well. It's been ages since the last edition so perhaps something slipped through the cracks.

For the record, the Dandom Digest is a fan newsletter with content written by and for the fans of Steely Dan. The newsletter and its content is independent of, nor to be confused with, the glorious and much more glamorous official newsletters from,, and other sites of Steely Dan and associates. (Please note: I have no idea if Donald Fagen's official newsletter is currently active. It's been a few years since I've received anything from it.)


Thanks to all who contributed to the latest edition of the Dandom Digest, be it through the emailing digest AT dandom DOT com or through posting to our BlueBook guestbook or Facebook page; or tweeting @dandomdotcom. Pete, DB, Ben, and Gus.

As always, thank you for your support and writings through the years, especially Pete and Shari, as well as Mr. & Mrs. Winterbottom, and especially thinking of Mark, Bill, and Fezzie, and purposely not to mention a couple of people who request anonymity.

Fly about as low, be so cool,


Date: Sun, August 20, 2017, 21:32 ET
Posted by: The Dean, St Augustine Beach.

Kevin, you are correct. The song was NOT written about Ferguson. Mike basically said so himself. He said he was SHOCKED to see this happen in the town he grew up in, as it was a quiet suburban town.

With that said, the song is a good anthem for present-day Ferguson. Perhaps that's what Mu meant. But I, too, was confused by that post.

And. theme to Twin Peaks? Did I get that right?

Date: Sun, August 20, 2017, 13:04 ET
Posted by: Kevin, STL

Doc Mu: I meant no disrespect to you. I have enjoyed your posts for years now. My beef is with the man himself. I realize that he still wants to sell his albums and tickets to his shows and he is just reaching his target demographic with that interview. I know for a fact that he was not raised in a "living hell" as the song goes. Ferguson in the 60's and 70's was one of the havens in the suburbs for those escaping the problems of the city of St. Louis. He even attended a private Catholic high school in Florissant before transferring and graduating from a public school.

Date: Sun, August 20, 2017, 09:32 ET
Posted by: Gabe, PA

I remember when the Hoops McCann Band CD of instrumental SD covers came out in 1988. A less than enthusiastic review of it in a music magazine suggested that SD fanatics would be much better off instead searching out the Becker produced China Crisis album, citing some of its SD qualities.

Date: Sun, August 20, 2017, 08:00 ET
Posted by: Gary, Atlanta

The opening band in Atlanta was Adron (also, the female singer/guitarist/songwriter's name). Most popular song is called 'Pyramids' and is what she/they opened with.

Date: Sat, August 19, 2017, 23:26 ET
Posted by: Steely Director, Ahh-ooga, Chattanooga

30-minute 6-song opening act, singer/guitarist...didn't catch her name, but she also opened for them in Atlanta, and she was very good. She covered a Doobies song, "Nothin' But A Heartache".

2-hour set from the Nightflyers:
Green Flower Street
New Frontier
Hey 19
The Nightfly
Kid Charlemagne
Time Out Of Mind
Shakedown Street
Dirty Work
Green Earrings
Home At Last
Black Friday
Reelin' In The Years (encore)

Date: Sat, August 19, 2017, 22:03:44 ET
Posted by: Gary,

** Atlanta Set List **
Green Flower Street
New Frontier
Hey 19
The Nightfly
Kid Charlemagne
Twin Peaks Theme
Third World Man
Time Out Of Mind
Shakedown Street
Dirty Work
I�m Not The Same Without You
I�ll Cry Instead
Black Friday
Reelin� In The Years

Date: Sat, August 19, 2017, 22:03:26 ET
Posted by: F, M

Subject: SPOILER: 8/14-Montgomery, AL

Green Flower Street
New Frontier
Hey Nineteen
The Nightfly
Weather In My Head
Time Out of Mind
Shakedown Street
Dirty Work
You Can't Catch Me
Deacon Blues (in Alabama, of course)
Home At Last
Black Friday

Reelin' In The Years

Date: Sat, August 19, 2017, 22:01:50 ET
Posted by: F, M

Subject: SPOILER: 8/17-Wilmington NC

Green Flower Street
New Frontier
Hey 19
The Nightfly
Kid Charlemagne
Weather In My Head
Time Out Of Mind
Shakedown Street
Dirty Work
Viva Viva Rock and Roll
Home At Last
Black Friday
Reelin� In The Years

Date: Sat, August 19, 2017, 21:53:59 ET
Posted by: P, NYC

Rolling Stone: Fagen solo tour one of the hottest tours of summer 2017

Summer 2017's Hottest Tours: Kendrick Lamar, Lady Gaga and More
August 8th�September 24th Tickets $45�$80 Given the name of his new band, longtime Donald Fagen fans might assume his upcoming tour will focus on�

Date: Sat, August 19, 2017, 21:52:15 ET
Posted by: hoops, chicago

On casual listen , Flaunt the Imperfection sounds like some sort of Thompson Twins wannabe record. Thanks to Walter Becker's involvement, under that surface are more than a few aspects that are very Steely Dan-like. Some great Steely Dan-like horns, musical humor and hyperbole (think Green Earrings and The Fez), and subversive attention to detail. A really enjoyable album that after a few listens and some familiarity underscores what Walter brings to Steely Dan. I don't know that you need an expanded version, but you can still get the standard single disc that came out 32 years ago. (Already?!)

China Crisis: Expanded Album Reissues

Date: Sat, August 19, 2017, 21:45:10 ET
Posted by: P, NC

North Carolina Promo interview

Steely Dan's Donald Fagen revisits classic and solo material with new band
Fagen plays with The Nightflyers Aug. 17 at CFCC's Wilson Center.


Date: Sat, August 19, 2017, 21:37:38 ET
Posted by: Hans,

Connor KennedyLike Page
Date: August 18, 2017 at 12:46pm

DF talks "noir" - CK talks Woodstock, 'Somewhere', Jenny Lewis and mild high club - all here in this interview with The Vinyl District.

Donald Fagen and The Nightflyers, The TVD Interview - The Vinyl District
�I wish I had a heart like ice,� Donald Fagen�or rather his character, uber-hip yet lovelorn jazz DJ Lester�yearns in �The Nightfly.� The track is a�

Full interview at...

Date: Sat, August 19, 2017, 21:34:43 ET
Posted by: Preston, Atlanta

AUGUST 18, 2017
Donald Fagen and the Nightflyers, Aug. 16, 2017: Shows I�ll Never Forget

Atlanta Symphony Hall, Atlanta, Ga.: Donald Fagen has an obvious problem. His solo catalogue spans from the classic 1982 release The Nightfly to the sublime Sunken Condos in 2012. Then there�s the issue of Steely Dan � the band he cofounded and helms with Walter Becker. On and off, they produced classic albums starting with 1972 Can�t Buy a Thrill to 1980�s Gaucho. Then there was a great resumption of recordings with the Grammy-winning Two Against Nature and my personal favorite, Everything Must Go.

Now on tour with a crack band called the Nightflyers, Fagen must confront the issue of choosing which songs to perform from that excellent catalog. Unfortunately, there�s no easy...

Continues at...

Date: Sat, August 19, 2017, 18:00 ET
Posted by: Steely Director, Gig City

Getting ready for the Nightflyers show at the Tivoli in Chattanooga...should be worth the 7 hour drive! Glad I booked my room early...didn't count on Eclipse Fever hitting this area, so close to the path of totality. "Countermoon" would be very apropos tonight...can't think of a moon much more "counter" than one that casts darkness instead of light. Watch this space for a set list later tonight.

Date: Sat, August 19, 2017, 13:21 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

To be clear, socioeconomic decides existed in the 70s and exist now. In the St. Louis area and across the nation - MM's message then, and pertains today.

Date: Sat, August 19, 2017, 13:15 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

Kevin: You better take up your argument with the man himself.

Michael McDonald Mourns Old Hometown

"She worked in a Green Stamps store, and we all worked as soon as we could. I started playing in bands in high school to bring some money home. Ferguson was the same place then as it is now, except the African-American population obviously has gotten bigger.

McDonald says regardless of who was right or wrong in the Brown tragedy, Ferguson's unrest is rooted in the desperation of poverty and how society treats its poor. And the problem is everywhere.

"In this country, we've taken a position where very poor people are 'contained' by law enforcement and not served by law enforcement. Poor people are treated differently by police. Being poor is like being a prisoner in America. You're enslaved by your poverty. We don't do enough to ease the burden of the less fortunate."

Date: Fri, August 18, 2017, 20:09 ET
Posted by: Pope Greg, MKE

This might get posted too late to be of any use but tickets for the Milwaukee show are buy one get one free through midnight tonight (Friday the 18th) with promo code FAGEN

It looks like sales have picked up so it's definitely more than half sold. 10 days! Can't hardly wait!

Date: Fri, August 18, 2017, 11:56 ET
Posted by: Kevin, FL

Doc Mu:
I lived in Ferguson in the Seventies. MMcD moved to LA in 1970. Ferguson then was a sleepy little Suburb, nothing like it is now. Takin' it to the Streets came out in 1976. No amount of revision can connect the song to the city.

Date: Thurs, August 17, 2017, 18:17 ET
Posted by: Aja1, Newton

Nice post Doc, thanks for the reminder.

Date: Thurs, August 17, 2017, 14:59 ET
Posted by: Bobby, Oakland CA

Looks like IGY is back in the setlist. According to, Donald played it at Alabama and Atlanta, GA. The Alabama crowd got a real treat. Donald sang Deacon Blues for them. I'm very pleased Beast of Burden seems to have been removed. Really don't care for that Stones song. Can't wait to see the shows next month.

By the way, does anybody have opinions on the two new Michael McDonald songs "Half Truth" and "Find It in your Heart" from his upcoming new album? They are on YouTube. "Half Truth" is a hard blues rocker and a departure from the Michael McDonald sound. I think it's quite good. Give it a listen.

Date: Thurs, August 17, 2017, 00:01 ET
Posted by: ..., Hey Now!

Dean, I'm just assuming of course. But most of the times when they drop a song after the first few shows, it stays out of the setlist for the rest of the tour (maybe coming back once or twice at a special show or something).

Glad people are liking the shows. I shouldn't complain about the setlist because I'm not seeing it and if people are liking it, hey, who am I to try and show why you shouldn't?

I see the boys are coming to town in October! I've always thought Shea's was the perfect venue for them and they've never played it... they're always either at the outdoor venue in Rochester or the horrible show room at the Niagara casino.

If the setlist is identical to the last few I might have to sit it out. Then again, I could hear Time Out of Mind and My Old School every day of my life so who knows...

Date: Wed, August 16, 2017, 19:43 ET
Posted by: The Dean, Manatee Bar. It's Happy Hour!

Johnny, are we assuming IGY has been dropped from the setlist permanently? Perhaps it has been, and I just missed the confirmation. But from what I've seen, they are trading a song or two, from night to night. But it wouldn't surprise me, at all, if Don decided not to play the song. There could be several reasons, or no real reason whatsoever.

Again, I didn't hear one grumble about the setlist, from the crowd on the way out. Typically you hear people complaining, or at least surprised, by what the band DIDN'T play. I only heard praise about what they actually played---which is the way it should be, IMO.

Date: Wed, August 16, 2017, 15:18 ET
Posted by: Doc Kelly, Here at the Dude Ranch (in Kansas)

Anybody here at the Bluebook coming to the Salina, Kansas show? (suh-lye-nuh)

Date: Wed, August 16, 2017, 14:22 ET
Posted by: Johnny, Hey Now!

Excellent point, Hoops!

Gotta love these guys... even when their decisions baffle ya!

Date: Wed, August 16, 2017, 13:05 ET
Posted by: hoops, Chicago

Johnny: I wondered the same thing--after all, IGY was a well-received, great performnace at the first show on 8/3. That said, unless DF volunteers his opinion, we'll all still be guessing. From not touring after 2vN won the Grammy to not frequently playing their highest-charting single, "Rikki," to not having Mike McDonald perform the album version of his vocals on "Peg"--just to name a few examples-- they defy the default expectations. That's not necessarily bad.

Date: Wed, August 16, 2017, 12:45 ET
Posted by: Johnny, Hey Now!

Good to hear you had a good time, Dean.

I'm just curious... why do you guys think he dropped IGY? I'm not criticizing or trying to complain or anything, I just think it's curious that he's not playing what is inarguably his most well known (and most loved?) solo song.

Date: Wed, August 16, 2017, 11:29 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

Recent days are a reminder of the first song Michael McDonald wrote and recorded with the Doobie Brothers after leaving Steely Dan. It's about Ferguson, his hometown. Nothing has changed.

You don't know me but I'm your brother
I was raised here in this living hell
You don't know my kind in your world
Fairly soon the time will tell

You telling me the things you're gonna do for me
I ain't blind and I don't like what I think I see
Takin' it to the streets
Takin' it to the streets
Takin' it to the streets
Takin' it to the streets

Take this message to my brother
You will find him everywhere
Wherever people live together
Tied in poverty's despair

Oh, You telling me the things you're gonna do for me
I ain't blind and I don't like what I think I see

Takin' it to the streets
Takin' it to the streets
Takin' it to the streets

Date: Wed, August 16, 2017, 08:15 ET
Posted by: The Dean, Manatee Bar. It's Happy Hour!

Sorry for the delay, I caught a bug on Sunday and was totally out of commission yesterday. Also, I figure it's probably a bit choppy--and I haven't edited it, at all. But here's what you get:

Saturday, August 12th, St Augustine Amphitheatre.

Greenflower Street
New Frontier
Hey 19
Kid C
Band Intro
Weather in My Head
Time Out of Mind
Shakedown Street
Dirty Work
Green Earrings
Home At Last
Black Friday
Encore: Reelin

90 minute show.

Well, that should be enough for those who judge a show solely by the setlist, so no need for you guys to finish the rest of this TL:DR ramble. But for a couple of the rest of you, here are my thoughts on a wonderful night of music.

The band came onto the stage together--no play-on for Donald, and started right into Greenflower Street, Donald playing the melodica. Don had his Duke Ellington poster and there looked to be another small photo on the stage. Not sure what/who the heck that was.

Right off the bat, the tone was set for this show. A solid performance of New Frontier..

I was really paying attention to the music, so I didn't bother to write too much, except for the setlist, and the occasional odd mark--an attempt to note something particularly interesting at the moment. It was dark, and my pen had some issues---so interpreting these marks today is a bit of a challenge. I'll do my best.

On "Hey 19", I don't believe they ever sang the words "Hey 19". Don might have sung them once, "Hey 19, that's 'Reatha Franklin". But they were never sung during the chorus. That's pretty much been the way SD has done it live, for the more recent shows I've seen, I believe. But it seemed to be more noticeable, Saturday night.--Just an observation, not a criticism nor compliment.

Nightfly kicked ass. Very energetic. Kennedy started showing his chops. Kid C was also done very well. A perfect song for Kennedy to show his SD guitar work, and he did. Some nice 2nd guitar work by Zach, too.

Weather in my Head was notable, IMO. Great rendition, terrific guitar work. The crowd seemed relatively unfamiliar with it judging by what I could hear amid the whispers, but caught on to the groove, pretty fast.

I've mentioned several times, Shakedown Street is not one of my favorite Dead tunes. "Disco Dead" we called it, when it came out. But it was one of the real highlights of the show. And it was perfect for this crowd of old hippies. They just ate up the jamband version the Nightflyers delivered.

Josie gave drummer Lee Falco a chance to stretch out. He was solid the entire night, but didn't get the number of spotlight opportunities given to Carlock, in recent years. It was more in line with what SD and DF have done over the years, though. And, if I was going to nit-pick, I'd point out the vocals on Josie did lack a bit for the extra punch provided by the traditional backup singers. But unless you have been spoiled by those performances, I can't imagine you would have noticed.

I had great seats, dead-center, several rows in front of the mixing board, so the sound was very good, all night (at least for me). There was one anomaly, though. While the performance of Bodi was simply fabulous (very energetic, for sure), the sound was extremely bass-heavy. Almost as if they lost the high-end at some point. But a bit muddy, as it might sound like if a woofer blew in a home speaker system. I suppose it could have been purposeful, but it was mixed unlike any other song in the performance. I'm thinking it may have been a planned swell, but the sound mixer got out of hand. Has anyone else noticed that from previous shows? Anyway, the sound was fine for the next song, which was the encore.

As another poster mentioned, the house was only about half-full, but it was VERY enthusiastic. In my experience, St Augustine crowds are usually fantastic. Don mentioned the crowd in his book, and he clearly was appreciative on Saturday. He made several references to it,, including "It takes two to tango." (Apparently, he didn't listen to Monkey House's "Left".) I didn't hear any "they didn't play this..." bullshit on the way out, either.

I guess now is as good a time as any to say, as much as I loved this show (and this band), one thing I missed a bit, was the dueling guitars, and solo exchanges with the horn section. It isn't as if there were some gaping hole, that was left unfilled. Not by any means. But the larger band allowed the flexibility for more variety in the interpretations of the songs. And there just is no way to replace the low end Rosenberg brings to the SD shows. Likewise the vocals were, as many have pointed out, spot on and very full. That's isn’t to say there wasn't a time or two I wouldn't have preferred the Dannettes adding some heavy soul, to the mix.

There isn't a whole lot of visual stimulation, here. Not that it makes much of a difference, to me. The focus is on the music, where it should be. I'm just pointing it out to those who are attracted to more visual shows. While SD shows aren't gimmicky, the large band, the girls, the horns coming up the mic, the lighting, do add some interest for many.

With all that said, this could be the start of something really special. Will this group of musicians move forward together? Can we expect Don to record with them? Perhaps every start writing together or separately? Maybe they spend a few years in Don's tutelage, and move on to other projects--or become studio musicians. It's way too early to tell. But there is a nucleus of something special here.

Date: Wed, August 16, 2017, 07:17 ET
Posted by: Jon, NJ

Fagen can now fire his accountant.

Date: Tues, August 15, 2017, 22:14 ET
Posted by: hoops, Chicago

Thanks for the awesome, as always, review, Dean.

Surprised he's dropped IGY. But really, it's hard to go wrong with these guys

Looking forward to hitting some more shows later this month in SW Michigan and Milwaukee.

Thanks again to Dean and everuone else who has been posting reviews.

Date: Tues, August 15, 2017, 19:04 ET
Posted by: The Dean, Manatee Bar. It's Happy Hour!

[ 08:15, 8/16/17: See the corrected, updated review above wit time/date of 08:15 on Wed, August 16, 2017

My apologies to Dean for the technical issue. Thanks for your patience.

aka hoops ]

Date: Mon, August 14, 2017, 13:17 ET
Posted by: kzkzkz, NYC

2 more SD shows listed on TM:

Buffalo, NY- Oct. 17 @ Shea's Performing Arts Center
Rama, Ont- Oct. 19 @ Casino Rama Resort

Date: Sun, August 13, 2017, 00:20 ET
Posted by: The Dean, State of Bliss

Great Show. Report tomorrow. The Dean is a very happy dude, this evening.

Date: Sat, August 12, 2017, 22:40 ET
Posted by: Row Jimmy, CT/NYC

Someone was complaining recently about, "With a Gun", saying it was not a good song. I love it! Don't know why. Just is a great song that is put together well and has a great feel. Makes you feel like you are in a different era too.

Date: Sat, August 12, 2017, 22:34 ET
Posted by: Kevin, St. Augustine

Just returned from the St. Augustine amphitheater. There were a number of empty seats, I would guess it was about 50% of capacity. The set list was very similar to Orlando, I think the only difference was that Weather in my Head from Sunken Condos replaced their cover of You Can't Catch Me, I was glad to hear more solo work. The band was very good, I was impressed with the sound they produced for being about half the size of a typical Steely Dan ensemble. The crowd really got into it and seemed to really enjoy what Fagan has put together. I know I did, and would not hesitate to see them again.

Date: Sat, August 12, 2017, 18:22 ET
Posted by: Don Patrol, Mtl

Can't wait to hear about the August scene,

from St Augustine!

Date: Sat, August 12, 2017, 17:20 ET
Posted by: hoops,

Luke and Johnny: You both have really strong opinions but I don't see anyone saying "you can't say things." No snowflakes.

BTW: The part I agreed with Luke is wondering how do you know Donald doesn't have confidence in his solo material?

Also: Both of you, please contact me at jjmckay at me dot com. Thanks.

Date: Sat, August 12, 2017, 17:04 ET
Posted by: Steve G, Tampa, FL

I can see why they dusted off "Don't Take Me Alive". Great
rockin' song with an edge that shows a different side to the Yacht Rock perception of "Steely Dan".
By the way, one album I haven't seen mentioned on here but
one that is one of my favorite "SD" related albums if the "Tribute to Jeff" CD- David Garfield and Friends Play Tribute to Jeff Porcaro.
There's a great acoustic version of "Babylon Sisters". Michael McDonald, Don Henley, Richard Marx are among those doing a great cover of "Let's Stay Together" and there's a whole lot more.
Veteran SD players like Larry Carlton, Denny Dias, Bernard
Purdie, Bob Sheppard and Freddie Washington are among those who contributed to the album.


Maybe Johnny's right.

Date: Sat, August 12, 2017, 16:24 ET
Posted by: Johnny,

Luke... chillaxs. There's no reason why a criticism of a musician's current setlist should bother you so much.

In fact I posted a few days ago (it never showed up for whatever reason - no biggie) that even though I think it's a pretty bad setlist the band sounds great and Fagen is killing it on the vocals.

But I expect that. I expect great playing from Steely Dan (or solo Donald). That is the basis, the bare minimum that we should get when we see these guys live. I just think that Fagen finally having a chance to play his incredible solo work is being somewhat wasted. I mean how can he not play IGY every night? In what world does that make sense? I think the setlist is being poorly picked and that's my right to think as a loyal fan of this band and of Fagen's solo work. And your overreaction to that criticism is strange.

If we can't discuss and compliment and criticize this band without other people jumping down our throat, what's the point of this site? It's not praise all the time.


Date: Sat, August 12, 2017, 13:54 ET
Posted by: Luke,

"Johnny wrote"

> Why can't he do that now? Why doesn't he have confidence in his solo work? I mean,
> my god, he's even dropping IGY and The Goodbye Look from his set to play more Steely
> Dan songs that he's played 6 years straight.

Who says he doesn't have confidence? Moreover, why is Johnny so arrogant to climb in Donald's head about motives? Read some of the earlier posts below. It doesn't sound like Johnny has. Maybe he's playing what he feels. Maybe he's playing to accomodate some of the fans who want to hear Steely Dan chestnuts--his solo stuff isn't as well know. There are all sorts of reasons...but stop the assumptions of what he is thinking.

Date: Sat, August 12, 2017, 11:36 ET
Posted by: Johnny, Hey Now!

I get that Donald has to play some Steely Dan songs, but look at his setlists from 2006. It was usually only 5 Steely Dan songs each show, including the almost-never-played Here at the Western World and Third World Man, a song that only the diehards would know (and care about). The others ones were Pretzel Logic, Home at Last, and FM (or Black Cow). Barely any Steely Dan hits at all.

Why can't he do that now? Why doesn't he have confidence in his solo work? I mean, my god, he's even dropping IGY and The Goodbye Look from his set to play more Steely Dan songs that he's played 6 years straight.

Date: Sat, August 12, 2017, 11:07 ET
Posted by: Casual Fan, Orlando

The show last night was we simply outstanding. They had an opening act, which I believe is the first time on the tour. A duo, one on keyboards one on drums, no vocals. Did not catch the name. Don't know if that is going to be part of the show moving forward or if that was a one off. They were very good, set a nice tone for the main act.

It did mean that Fagen and his band went on a bit later than usual, I'd say about 845 or so. The hits for me were FM, the Nightfly, Bhodi, Green Flower Street. I also enjoyed shakedown Street more than I thought I would.

Donald was in high spirits. Lots of banter with the audience, which looked to me to have maybe 100 empty seats out of 3000. Pretty much sold out. Donald seemed very animated and in touch with what was going on. I think he is very pleased with his selection of musicians. What can you say about them? Just amazing up there next to someone with the experience of Fagen, more than holding their own. They had a day off yesterday, and Fagan joked that all of them had spent 13 hours at Harry Potter part of Universal and he couldn't understand how. Pretty funny.

They are all excellent, but it is definitely the case that Connor Kennedy has that it factor. We will be seeing a lot more of him, and I hope the others, as the years go by. If they are coming to a venue near you, you're really owe it to yourself to find a way to go. I envy you later in the tour as I am sure they are going to get better and better.


Date: Fri, August 11, 2017, 23:58 ET
Posted by: marc with a c, orlando

Orlando set:

Green Flower Street
New Frontier
Hey 19
Shakedown Street
Kid C
Time Out of Mind
You Can't Catch Me
Dirty Work
Green Earrings
Black Friday

I had a better time at this show than the SD show I saw in Tampa last year. These kids are bringing unexpected fire, the main guitarist brought the house down with his runs on Bodhi, and the audience went nutso for the solo stuff. I knew I'd enjoy the gig, but I wasn't expecting to leave thinking "I hope that this is Donald's touring future".

Opening act was Meiuuswe. Look 'em up. Groovy jazz-funk duo!

Date: Fri, August 11, 2017, 19:02 ET
Posted by: marc with a c, Orlando

According to the printed set list? All of the songs from Sunken Condos have been dropped. That's a real bummer, and were the things I was most excited to hear tonight.

Date: Fri, August 11, 2017, 17:10 ET
Posted by: marc with a c, orlando

Can verify that Donald just soundchecked with "FM" in Orlando.

Date: Fri, August 11, 2017, 15:15 ET
Posted by: Lutz, SF

The Colosseum at Caesars Windsor in Windsor, Ontario

Nothing on SD site yet but it's 3 shows now and shaping up nicely into a little fall tour!

Date: Fri, August 11, 2017, 15:11 ET
Posted by: Bill from Pgh,

Re: the promotion of the SD songs DF has been performing - I don't blame the promoters, since it's hard to get people who like DF and SD out to live shows anymore. We're no spring chickens. I wouldn't miss him, but some people who only know IGY from his solo repertoire might pass if they thought they weren't going to hear anything they knew.

I saw John Fogerty during the period he was refusing to play any Creedence material due to protracted litigation with Fantasy Records. He was promoting Eye of the Zombie, his follow up to his huge comeback album Centerfield, and I enjoyed the show, but clearly most of the audience was there expecting CCR tunes and got pretty restless. There aren't many artists who can get away with not playing their best known material these days. Neil Young used to play whole unreleased albums live but he doesn't even try that anymore.

Date: Fri, August 11, 2017, 13:06 ET
Posted by: Bookkeeper's Son, Florida

Still replaying moments of the Wednesday night show in my head...and that is absolutely a good thing. Waking up in the morning with "I'm Lester the Nightfly...." and other songs rattling around in the old noggin has been great.

Going into the night I was hoping to hear either Weather or I'm Not the Same from Sunken Condos. To get both was sweeeet.

Doubtful Donald will ever be able to get away from playing SD songs on a solo tour based on crowd reaction the other night. There simply aren't enough hard core devotees to expect otherwise. Predictably, SD songs had the biggest reaction from the people. Surprisingly Weather In My Head had possibly the best response of the solo tunes. I found some comfort hearing a few people around me singing along to solo songs, not just the SD material.

The only time I noticed a jail break type bathroom run was during You Can't Catch Me. And it wasn't a huge number exiting the seats at that.

One last thing I forgot to mention was how amazing it was in an acoustically optimal room instead of the outdoor sheds/barns of the recent past. Makes a huge difference.

Date: Fri, August 11, 2017, 11:11 ET
Posted by: Bill from Pgh, Maruca

I second Abu's rave review of Anthony Robustelli's CD Steely Dan Sessions: Interpretations of Unrealized Classics. Got my copy yesterday. You may have seen him perform some of these songs (plus some SD standards) with the King of the World Band at the CD release party - the whole show is on YouTube. This CD is fantastic. To my surprise, A.R. plays all the drums and bass and much of the guitar as well as contributing keys and vocals. (Paging Earl Cooke Jr. and Harlan Post) Excellent horn arrangements and solos. Several guest guitar solos that nail the sounds and styles of various SD players (Let George Do It gets the gritty tone WB got on Black Friday). Even some pedal steel in a nod to Skunk on Talkin' Bout My Home. Anthony literally "wrote the book" on SD and you can tell he has done his research.

I've never been all that fond of The Second Arrangement, despite its legendary status and D&F's opinion that it would have been the standout track on Gaucho, but this is the best version I've heard, including Rarities Night. The talkbox guitar a la Haitian Divorce gives it the boost it needed.

Donald says he can't afford to make records the way he wants to anymore. Wonder what this one cost? Proves it can be done IMO.

Date: Fri, August 11, 2017, 10:59 ET
Posted by: Bill from Pgh,

[Null message.]

Date: Fri, August 11, 2017, 05:49 ET
Posted by: popegreg, MKE

I'm loving the show reports and accurate setlists, keep 'em coming please!

I'm Not The Same Without You?!? Freaking awesome!

The Pabst Theater Group has been mentioning the Riverside show at least once a week in their emails. The show still looks to be maybe a bit more than half sold. The emails always say "Steely Dan's Donald Fagen" and the last one was kind of funny as it said:

"Here's a few of the Steely Dan songs Donald Fagen is playing on this tour!

. Time Out Of Mind
. Black Friday
. The Nightfly
. Green Earings
. Josie
. Dirty Work
. Kid Charlemagne
. Bodhisattva"

Besides the obvious mistake, it's pretty clear that the fact that he's doing Steely Dan material is critical to their promotion of the show, and I'm sure other venues/promoters feel the same way. Hopefully that gets more people in the seats. Name recognition is everything in that business and if I had to bet, DF would not have been able to do this large of a tour without assurances that SD stuff would be played.

Also, I am, sadly, done with reading any of back2bass6's posts evah!!! :)

Date: Thurs, August 10, 2017, 19:24 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu, Deacon St. Blues

More of the tix in Austin appear to have been sold - still a few on the primary market. Good floor seats like our in the secondary market are going for $200-$750 apiece!

Looking forward to it. Not sure if the concert will be recorded for future Austin City Limits broadcasting - it's possible.

I guess I'll have to record that Florida State - Crimson Tide game!

Date: Thurs, August 10, 2017, 15:21 ET
Posted by: Emily Litella, SNL

Glad to hear that they are playing Shakedown Cruise. There ain't no victory at sea, unless it's mutiny. I'll be they could rock Thunder Island, too.

Date: Thurs, August 10, 2017, 10:29 ET
Posted by: hoops, chicago

Bobby. It's all live. Not Memorex.

Date: Thurs, August 10, 2017, 09:40 ET
Posted by: Bookkeeper's Son, Florida

Random thoughts, comments and observations about the Clearwater show last night. Venue was about 3/4 full. First impression when they took the stage was how frickin' young they look. Donald's voice seemed to take a couple of tunes before he hit his stride. Falco on drums and Morrison on bass were a solid rhythm section. Nice mini solo for Falco in Josie. Djanikian on sax & guitar was a great addition. Really rounded out the sound. Did not know what to expect from Connor Kennedy on guitar. His play was impressive. Less nuanced possibly than Jon Herington, but he tackled some legendary guitar pieces/solos without breaking a sweat. Referenced the recorded solo in most cases then did a job to make his own statement. KC was an outstanding example of this interpretation of the main solo, then played the outro very much like the record. Had one obvious clam near the beginning of the Peg solo but recovered nicely. Burned the Weather In My Head solo with an extended blues tinged riff fest. Background vocals worked very well with the material. Band was generally tight all night although they did seem to limp through the early portion of Shakedown Street.

Great hearing stripped down versions of these songs as compared to the full SD treatment in recent years. Reelin', with dual guitars on the signature lick reminded me of seeing them live May 1973 with Skunk & Denny being channeled by Kennedy & Djanikian. Twice last night (Hey 19 & Not The Same Without You) Donald vamped and soloed on the keys which I do not recall him doing with SD.

Donald appeared to be in really good spirits. The crowd was energetic which DF seemed to appreciate with more banter than in recent shows I attended. A few examples of that: during the intro to Dirty Work he described it as a "hit in 1903". After Weather In My Head he said "oh so you like the blues" and after Josie he asked "wonder what you guys are like on a Saturday night". Even joked with a fellow in the front row calling him the "popcorn guy" and ordering a hot dog.

You are doing yourself a disservice if you skip DF & the NF because of too many SD songs, stale set list etc., etc.. Of course that is only my very humble opinion. I definitely enjoyed the hell out of it.

Date: Thurs, August 10, 2017, 01:00 ET
Posted by: Bobby, Oakland CA

Good setlist. Bad Sneakers is back in and no Beast of Burden. Surprised they haven't played IGY for two nights though. The vocal harmonies sound almost too perfect on the YouTube clips. Do you think the band is using pre-recorded background vocals on tape to enhance the songs? I'm going to pay close attention to that when I see Donald's Nightflyers next month in San Francisco and Saratoga.

Date: Wed, August 09, 2017, 23:33 ET
Posted by: G Updraught, West of Philly


If you have a chance to see Keith's show at a club, go for it. He is an excellent musician, a showman, and plays with others of the same standard.

I have attended a number of Keith's club shows (with many different combinations of players), and have always enjoyed the music.

Date: Wed, August 09, 2017, 22:39 ET
Posted by: Bookkeeper's Son, Florida

Back from the Clearwater DF & the NF show. KILLER!! I will post tomorrow observations about the show, but be advised there was NO OPENING ACT. DF and the guys hit the stage a little after 8:00.

Dead on balls accurate set list:

1. Green Flower Street
2. New Frontier
3. Hey 19
4. Shakedown Street
5. The Nightfly
6. KC
Band intros, no musical backing
7. Bad Sneakers
8. Time Out Of Mind
9. You Can't Catch Me
10. Dirty Work
11. Green Earrings
12. Weather In My Head
13. Not The Same Without You
14. Peg
15. Josie
16. Bodi
17. Reelin' In The Years

Date: Wed, August 09, 2017, 21:57 ET
Posted by: Johnny, Hey Now!

No IGY last night??

Date: Wed, August 09, 2017, 20:17 ET
Posted by: dee gee em pee at mail dot, se u s of a

Anybody have a setlist for Keith Carlock's Bottom 40 group? I might have a chance to see them do a club gig this weekend.

Date: Wed, August 09, 2017, 16:47 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu, Left of the Rio Grande

Jack: INTSWY is a very nice addition, although I'd trade Beast or Dirty Work in for Green Earrings and Countermoon. They should sprinkle in a little Mona or Funn. Who knows? Young 'uns get bored easily.

But props to Donald and the band for finding THAT SOUND with their ensemble. As mentioned, they're certainly true to basic structure. Harmonies sound great. They stretch out a bit on Green Earrings. I think they continue to stray a bit as the tour moves on...and that's a good thing.

Date: Wed, August 09, 2017, 13:34 ET
Posted by: Bookkeeper's Son, Florida

Looking forward to seeing DF tonight! Will do my best to report a set list tomorrow. I say "best" because writing down each song title is forgotten when in the moment!!

Date: Wed, August 09, 2017, 04:59 ET
Posted by: Jack,

Pete Fogel posted on the Facenbook that Donald and the Nightflyers played I'm Not The Same Without You in Miami tonight. ( is wrong.)

Correcting, here's the setlist--more corrections?

Green Flower Street
New Frontier
Hey Nineteen
Shakedown Street
The Nightfly
Kid Charlemagne
Beast of Burden
Time Out Of Mind
You Can't Catch Me
Dirty Work
Home at Last
I'm Not The Same Without You
Third World Man

Reelin' In The Years

Date: Tues, August 08, 2017, 15:15 ET
Posted by: casual fan, casual fan

Here's an article from the Tampa Trib, appears to be based on the same conference call that article from last week might have been based on, with just a few more parts picked up on by this particular writer.

Found this part an interesting insight into the literary mindset Fagen has always had:

/This tour allows Fagen to dip into his solo works live, something that doesn't happen often when touring with Steely Dan or on Dukes of September tours alongside Boz Scaggs and Michael McDonald.

With noir qualities, a questioner proposes. Fagen calls it fair.

Date: Tues, August 08, 2017, 14:36 ET
Posted by: Chris, nh

I listened to the first show. Twin Peaks theme was played as an intro to Third World Man. At the end of the theme they added a couple chords from TWM, then counted off the song. Worked really well.

Date: Tues, August 08, 2017, 13:08 ET
Posted by: hoops, chicago


I really like the paragraph in your commentary beginning, "Donald's band is a refreshing change to..." Also, I referred to the Who's 1990 tour as "The New Who Revue".

Date: Tues, August 08, 2017, 12:50 ET
Posted by: casual fan, orlando

SIAP, Dan has added another concert date, Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids Mich on 10/16.

Date: Tues, August 08, 2017, 05:25 ET
Posted by: Beast w/o A Name, Joeybagodonuts, NJ

Saw the show on Friday. What a difference having a decent seat makes. The Capitol Theater was very cool with all the Grateful Dead history and vibe. It was fitting to see the band do Shakedown Street. Looser version than the Dukes, though they did a great job too.

I had to miss seeing Donald Fagen 11 years ago at Westbury. I had the flu and missed Misery and the Blues, maybe the coolest of all the live covers he's done. There are many other songs by the Rolling Stones I would have liked to see the band do other than Beast of Burden.

Donald's band is a refreshing change to the safety of an orchestra. Pete Townshend once commented on how the bands The Who had on their 1989 and 96-97 tours were like "The Who on Ice," what with all the backing singers and horn section. Steely Dan and Donald Fagen have also used large bands to bring their songs to life. So in this case, it was great to see DF utilize a young group of guys - all from the same part of NY and who are all quite capable, soulful musicians. I think it's awesome. And Yes, much preferable version of Dirty Work.

Nice to see the setlist vary from night to night. I hope some great recordings surface from this tour, as is happen after the Morph tour.


Date: Tues, August 08, 2017,  01:07 ET
Posted by: SS, Hong Kong

My dream opening remains the band playing the opening vamp on Confide in Me...just noodling away until DF comes on stage.

Then they play it. I don't think it would matter that most of the crowd doesn't know the tune. It just has so much going for it. Room for a great guitar solo. No horns. Sweet changes.

Date: Mon, August 07, 2017, 20:18 ET
Posted by: DeaconBlues16,

TomW - the first night show was about 1 hr 46 minutes, including banter. So it does indeed sound like the second night show was a few minutes shorter.

Aja1 - in one of the SD groups on Facebook (not the Dandom group but another one), a member (of both that group and Dandom) posted a picture of the typed setlist the band used. Reelin' in the Years indeed was NOT on the typed out setlist, so I'm assuming it was a deliberate exclusion as opposed to Donald Fagen having a spur-of-the-moment decision not to play it because he got mad that someone yelled out for My Old School. I guess it's possible that he didn't love the energy of the night one crowd - though from what I've heard, that shouldn't be the case - and decided to give the night two crowd a little bit less. Or maybe he felt the slightly longer set was a little too much. Or maybe he just had less allotted time night two, and I'm really hoping that's the case, and he plays the maximum amount of songs at the rest of the shows.

And the Twin Peaks theme was NOT on the typed out setlist either, but I was wondering if it was just an interlude type thing that they didn't type out on the typed out setlist. Apparently, there was a picture of a character from Twin Peaks in front of Will Bryant's keyboard set.

On the private show, there were 17 songs played. So far: 17, 19 (including the Twin Peaks theme/18 without), & 16 songs have been played at each show. Here's hoping for a (sorry... Hey) 19 song set for everybody!

Date: Mon, August 07, 2017, 17:14 ET
Posted by: Aja1, ...

Thanks for reminding me about Dirty Work, that was a highlight and I much preferred it to the usual backup singers version. I too wished for more solos, and maybe at least one bone from Morph the Cat! Oh well.

Casual Fan, I suspect you are exactly right. This band clearly has talent and potential. Enjoy your show!


Date: Mon, August 07, 2017, 17:09 ET
Posted by: BadSneakers, ...

Dirty Work - Port Chester - 8/4/2017

Date: Mon, August 07, 2017, 14:00 ET
Posted by: casual fan, orlando

Re Aja1,

One possibility is that the new group of young musicians is trying really hard to play the songs as they were recorded or have been rearranged, more or less note for note. I recall an interview with Herington on playing as part of SD in which he talked about trying to find a way to stay faithful to the tune and the overall sound of a solo in KC or Peg, but also trying to make it his. And that's a guy with considerably more experience than these young men, so you can imagine how difficult it might be for these guys to team up with such an icon in the music world as DF to go play live. My guess is that they really do not have the confidence yet to step too far out past how they've rehearsed.

Seeing them Friday night. Can't wait. I especially like the idea that DF is even more animated in this context than with SD. I'm bringing a date and she is not a huge SD fan. In years past, I've converted more than one young lady to becoming such a fan when they've seen his somewhat eccentric personality shine through on stage. I'm betting he has figured out that his slightly stooped over saunter, together with his nasally twang, somehow works for him like no other. Maybe its his "I know I'm not the rock star type, but f*** it, I'm going to jam anyway" persona and everyman quality that is so endearing

Date: Mon, August 07, 2017, 13:57 ET
Posted by: Chris, nh

I saw the Nightflyers on Friday and I thought the show was fantastic. Below are a handful of notes/observations, full of spoilers (and, inevitably, typos):

- Jon Herrington and Jim Beard got their tickets checked just before I did. They had much better seats than I did.

- Cool venue, sound was pretty solid. Bass was pretty muddy, everything else mixed pretty clearly. Intimate room, maybe 70% full.

- The band is tight and polished, to the point where a couple songs - TOOM especially - didn't sound all that different than the Steely Dan band's version. Their backup vocals were a highlight. In some cases they sounded better than SD's backup vocalists, especially in NIghtfly songs where Fagen harmonizes with himself on the recording. Will Bryant slayed the high notes all night.

- Bodhisattva, although it's played to death, was a highlight for me. Zach Djanikian busted out guitar for this one and the opening theme was arranged the same way as the live 70s version, with the two guitar harmonies and a synth providing the 3rd. Connor Kennedy's solos were on the Skunk side of the spectrum, blusier with sharper edges than Herrington's crisp SD solo.

- Similarly, Dirty Work was a revelation. Connor sounds like David Palmer with (a) soul.

- Yep, I would have swapped out some of the Steely Dan songs for more solo material. Countermoon and Weather In My Head were the only non-Nightfly solo tunes. Both were great. Countermoon stuck pretty close to the Kama arrangement, with the band extending the sax solo at the end (thankfully played on a real sax) and emphasizing the hits during that solo. Weather In My Head had a new breakdown in the middle with an extended Connor Kennedy solo that brought the house down.

- Some other arrangement changes: Green Earrings had a an absolutely killer Will Bryant synth solo in place of the guitar solo. Josie had the drum solo reinstated (!) and the hits during the coda taken away. Black Friday stuck closer to the original than the Chicago Blues version that they switched to a couple years ago, plus an extended intro.

- There was a great moment before the encore where someone yelled out "My Old School." Fagen responded: "Nah, I'm not gonna do that. I'm sick of fuckin' My Old School." Then added, "...well, we do that one sometimes."

- Only somewhat negative things I have to say about the show, from a nitpicky long-time fan: as I already mentioned, would have liked to have heard more solo stuff. Especially in place of Shakedown Street, a song I've never particularly liked (but it seems like I'm alone with that one), or a song like TOOM that just sounded like Steely Dan minus a couple horns. Also, the show was a little short - just over 90 minute, 10-15 minutes shorter than the night before. But any length would have been too short for me, and anything minus all four solo albums played front-to-back, with B-sides, would have been too little solo material. This was the best SD-related show I've seen in years.

Also, I peaked at the night one setlist before the show and I was pretty bummed the Twin Peaks theme didn't get played.

Date: Mon, August 07, 2017, 13:25 ET
Posted by: hoops,

With Donald's new solo shows, some of you are returning after a several months hiatus. Some housekeeping issues:

In order to prevent some over-the-top trolling issues, your post may not appear for several hours or even q day. Please don't post the same thing over and over again.

Because we are in moderated mode and other factors, certain posts may not appear until the poster at least furnishes a fuctional, permanent email address, name, and in some cases, phone number. This is at the moderator's descretion.

Your post may, at the moderator's discretion, not appear, although if contact information is provided, an attempt will usually be made to inform the poster.

I preferred it much more when people behaved better. This way is more effort, but it's the way it has to be because of a very few.



Date: Mon, August 07, 2017, 11:46 ET
Posted by: Aja1, Newton

Night #2 in NY was a treat for sure. I enjoyed the new and enthusiastic band, and Don seemed to be having fun. but I must admit there were a few aspects of the show that continue to bug me:

-Song arrangements. I had hoped that we'd hear some new, or at least retro-arrangements to the songs. But, IMO they were pretty standard fare. With the new young band, I thought we'd get a new take. IGY was the same as on my bootleg from the mid-90's.

-While the new band sounded very good, I thought that only the drummer was either comfortable or allowed to really cut loose. He was excellent. Conner Kennedy on guitar seemed restrained and sometimes only moderately comfortable, especially with the SD songs. This could be from a number of things, such as the fact that this was only their third show, or that DF was still running things, or that playing SD songs ain't easy, etc.

-Viva Viva R&R was the only encore?? Was DF mad at the crowd? Someone had called for My Old School and he told them he wasn't "fucking playing that song." So I wondered if he was pissed off and didn't give us Reelin'. But to me, that was a sour way to end the show.

Those are my gripes. The Capital Theater was really cool and the set list was good by me (other than the encore). I was impressed with the drummer and the rest of the band too, overall.

I'd love to see this group again later in the tour to see if they loosen up some.


Date: Mon, August 07, 2017, 05:27 ET
Posted by: Tom W, CT


I was there night 2, and I can confirm that the Twin Peaks theme was not performed. Also, I heard that the first night lasted a little over 2 hours, while the second night lasted around 1 hour and 40 minutes.

As a side note, there was a trio that played before-hand which started at 8, and they played about 45 minutes. Donald & the band came out around 9.

Date: Mon, August 07, 2017, 05:01 ET
Posted by: Phred, -

Amazing two shows in Westchester. If these don't make you happy, nothing will.

Date: Sun, August 06, 2017, 19:00 ET
Posted by: Abu, Unrealized Dan Realized

All I can say is, Wow. Great album, this Steely Dan Sessions: Interpretations of Unrealized Classics. As the album title continues, it is truly "A Tribute to Walter Becker and Donald Fagen". All ten tunes are top notch, handled very well by Mr. Robustelli's band of players. They make these songs come alive, and IMHO they sound as if DF and WB had finished the tunes themselves. Very nice horn charts are in place to spice up the music, even as the dynamic duo would have included on final cuts of these songs. The guitar work is also very good. Warmly recommended! Check out the entire album on The Tube. Download it or get a copy of the CD!

Date: Sun, August 06, 2017, 15:30 ET
Posted by: Johnny, Hey Now!

Saw some of the videos on youtube. The setlist might kinda suck but Don and the boys sound great. Love how Donald handles the keys during Shakedown Street. Always love watching his hands during the show.

Date: Sun, August 06, 2017, 11:07 ET
Posted by: DeaconBlues16,


I did not go to either of the shows - and I'm not anywhere geographically close to Port Chester, NY - but I do feel compelled to post about them. (And I'd love to hear more reports from folks who actually attended).

As we know, several YouTube clips have appeared for the second night show. The entire first night show can be found, if you know where to look. So I've heard most of the songs played for the first and second night shows... and even though I wasn't anywhere near, WOW... just WOW.

The vocal harmonies were astounding. Just listen to the "Tonight, you're still on my mind" line from The Nightfly. Incredible. One thing I'll look forward to at the concert itself is seeing which of "The Nightflyers" sing background vocals on any given song. As you might be able to tell from the videos, they aren't necessarily all singing background vocals during a given part. So I'm just curious about that.

Shakedown Street - in my opinion, with the added coda section, blows away what Donald did with the Dukes and the Levon Helm midnight rambles.

Weather in My Head - I do like this song, but if I could - on paper - choose other Sunken Condos songs, this would probably be my 4th or 5th choice from the album. However, the arrangement/performance is AMAZING and one of the highlights of the set.

Green Flower Street - really cool opening number that sets the tone. Donald Fagen on melodica

Dirty Work - normally not one of the highlights of a general SD show for me (or at least one I don't look forward to that much); however, Connor Kennedy on lead vocals breathes new life into this, and I can't wait to hear it live.

Love the addition of the new sax/guitar/cowbell player Zach Djanikian. Adds a lot, especially on sax.

I don't want to talk much more about the individual songs - considering I wasn't even there and would rather let actual attendees talk about it - but I'm even more excited for the Chattanooga show in 13 days, and I was already pretty f'ing pumped...

Now, i do want to talk about the setlists. Not complain - I feel like I've always been one of the bigger defenders of the SD setlists and will continue to do so. But I do like to analyze and speculate. Setlist spoilers to follow:

Night 1

1. Green Flower Street
2. New Frontier
3. Hey Nineteen
4. Shakedown Street
5. The Nightfly
6. Kid Charlemagne
7. Beast of Burden
8. Bad Sneakers
9. You Can't Catch Me
10. Dirty Work
11. Home At Last
12. Twin Peaks Theme
13. Third World Man
14. Bodhisattva
15. Weather in My Head
16. Peg
17. IGY
18. Viva Via Rock N Roll
19. Reelin' in the Years

Night 2

1. Green Flower Street
2. Countermoon
3. Time Out of Mind
4. New Frontier
5. Shakedown Street
6. Black Friday
7. The Nightfly
8. Green Earrings
9. I'll Cry Instead
10. Josie
11. Dirty Work
12. Weather in My Head
13. Kid Charlemagne
14. Bodhisattva
15. IGY
16. Viva Viva Rock N Roll

So you get 19 songs on night 1 but we won't count the Twin Peaks Theme because that was really short (and maybe it was also played on night 2 but wasn't reported???). So 18 vs 16. I'll Cry Instead was added and Beast of Burden/You Can't Catch Me were replaced, and it's shorter. I know Josie had an amazing drum solo, so it was longer than the '06 and after SD version. But still, it seems like they would have had to play for less time on night 2... any attendees of both shows care to share if that was the case? Or did they fill the same amount of time by jamming on the songs more/bantering more?

In terms of covers, I'd rank:

1. Shakedown Street
2. Beast of Burden
T3. You Can't Catch Me (way different arrangement than Chuck Berry's version/amazing harmonies on the chorus)/ Viva Viva Rock N Roll
5. I'll Cry Instead

So night 1 definitely wins the covers war. And you got some rarer SD tunes (Third World Man, Bad Sneakers, to a lesser extent Home At Last) on night 1 as well. In terms of pure setlist (not performance), I might trade Countermoon for Peg on night 1 and that might be the most ideal set of the group on songs they played of the two nights.

Here's what I could see shaking out for the rest of the tour...

Songs played at every show:

- Green Flower Street
- New Frontier
- The Nightfly
- Dirty Work
- Shakedown Street
- Viva Via Rock N Roll
- Bodhisattva
- Weather in My Head
- Kid Charlemagne (maybe)

So that's 10 songs that I think have a really good chance to be at every show. Which leaves 6-9 interchangeable songs, some of which will be reserved for SD hits (Peg, Josie, Hey 19 - of those, Peg is probably my favorite studio song but the one I'd least like to hear. Hey 19 on night 1 was really cool, loved the "cuervo gold" section with the vocal harmonies. And Josie beats Peg because of the re-addition of the drum solo). I'm sure if they play the maximum amount of songs they're willing/have time to play in a set, Reelin' will probably make the cut.

For the rest of the "variable" songs, I'd obviously love to hear more DF solo songs - Maxine would be great with the harmony abilities of the band, The Goodbye Look, Miss Marlene, Snowbound, What I Do. I can't see them breaking out Slinky Thing, I'm Not the Same Without You, The Night Belongs to Mona, or The Great Pagoda of Funn with this band, but a man can dream! Donald also mentioned some new songs he was working on that he might debut with this band in an interview with the Wall Street Journal... so it would be cool to hear those as well!

I would think SD concert staples like Black Cow and Aja might be out due to them being on the more jazz end of the scale, but after hearing Lee Falco (the drummer) on Josie and hearing Home At Last night 1, maybe these make two make a show somehow. I wonder if they'll dust off Deacon Blues for the Montgomery, AL show. They've played it at every SD in Alabama show I believe but didn't play it at the Dukes of September show in Tuscaloosa, as was colorfully noted in the tour diary section of Eminent Hipsters.

Anyway, this was way too long of a post, but I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it!

Date: Sat, August 05, 2017, 23:02 ET

Just for the record: that wasn't a dig at the Mt., one of the best posters here. Just wanted to clarify that seeing as my post followed his.

Date: Sat, August 05, 2017, 22:57 ET

Anyone bitching about these set list is clearly trolling, this is exactly what many on here have been waiting for. I cannot wait for my turn to see this. # Amazing

Date: Sat, August 05, 2017, 17:18 ET
Posted by: Mt. Belzoni, Portland OR

Great to learn and hear so much about the Nightflyer shows so quickly.

The band sounds great - I wouldn't have thought a 5-piece band could handle Time Out of Mind, especially so deftly. Really looking forward to seeing them out west.

I stand corrected re my earlier post, and am delighted that the set list includes half the Nightfly album.

Were I calling the shots, I might drop 1-2 of the oft-performed Steely Dan numbers in favor of some others. Surely there are a couple of SD cuts that Donald loves and Walter vetoes? (And likely vice versa?)

Donald often puts his own spin on covers, which thus often become tour highlights. As a non-fan of the Grateful Dead, I admit that the Nightflyers did a dandy job with Shakedown St. But I'll Cry Instead is a pretty straightforward Beatles cover, wish he'd put more of his own spin on it.

Hey, if they're looking for another great cover to add to the set, I have the perfect suggestion for this tour: Leiber & Stoller's Ruby Baby. Another marvelous Nightfly track, and (if memory serves) a song that Donald has performed fewer than a handful of times at SD shows, all more than 20 years ago.

Very impressed to see Donald branching out - and succeeding so well at it.

Date: Sat, August 05, 2017, 15:45 ET
Posted by: tommy,

the keyboard cat will bryant has nice backup vocals

Date: Sat, August 05, 2017,  15:41 ET
Posted by: Barney Beacon, NJ

Lutz: No need to hope for something that DF doesn't need for this tour. That would be the female back up singers. You'll know what I mean if you go to a show.

Date: Sat, August 05, 2017, 10:46 ET
Posted by: Greg M, ny

Yes Shakedown Street was played I forgot to add it to the list. Stones, no.

Date: Sat, August 05, 2017, 02:58:01 ET
Posted by: Bobby, Oakland, CA

Video clips of Donald & The Nightflyers at Port Chester are starting to appear on YouTube now. Band sounds really good. They have that jazz-funk sound just like Steely Dan. I definitely have to attend two shows now!

Date: Sat, August 05, 2017, 01:26:22 ET
Posted by: Abu, Spot On Spotify

Anthony Robustelli's SD Unrealized Classics is now on Spotify. It sounds great!

Date: Sat, August 05, 2017, 00:54:45 ET
Posted by: tact, poise and reason, where nights are bright and joy is complete

Wow, great show, great band! Most of the setlist has already been provided. DF definitely appears to be inspired by this new project. He played the Rhodes with massive energy and enthusiasm. Attendance- if the place holds 1800, 1000-1200. Just a guess. I didn't get a real good look at the balcony. Wonderful old theater, great sound, intimate.

DF played melodica on Green Flower Street and again on Time Out Of Mind. Both songs were excellent. I was a little concerned about how Countermoon would be received, but the band rocked it pretty good and the response was outstanding. DF explained that he played Shakedown Street several times at Levon Helm's Rambles and apparently he gained some affection for it. They rocked the bleep out of that song for about 8 minutes. It was phenomenal and the crowd loved it. Also rocked Black Friday big time, especially Mr. Kennedy. He is a fantastic guitarist and did a great job singing Dirty Work as well. New Frontier got a standing ovation and deservedly so. Green Earrings was great but Bodi brought the house down. All 5 guys sing backup vocals at various times and do so quite well. I saw Jon Herington in the house. Did anyone else see him?

I'm tiring. Overall a fantastic show. I drove 4 1/2 hoiurs from Maryland and it was well worth it. Do not miss this band. I suspect they will get even better as they go. The crowd was enthusiastic as hell, exceeding my expectations. My only concern would be DF's vocal workload. All the singing, aside from Dirty Work, plus all the talking between songs and band intros might be a bit much over time. Hopefully not. He certainly sounded good tonight.

Date: Sat, August 05, 2017, 00:42:23 ET
Posted by: Tom. W, CT

Hi there, new poster. I just wanted to mention that Shakedown St. was played, but I can't recall when in the set. Beast of Burden, however, was not played.

I hoped something from Morph would be played, but I'm just happy I got to see Countermoon and Weather in My Head.

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 23:43:46 ET
Posted by: Vin, NY

" Nothing from Kamakiriad or Morph?

Wow. Fagen just couldn't give less of a shit could he?"

He conceded that he's touring for the money, so it follows that he's going to play what's going to appeal to the most people. And he figures it's not Kamakiriad (which was ignored completely on some '06 dates) and especially not the DOA Morph.

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 23:27:03 ET
Posted by: Abu, The Story is Told

Nice! Countermoon was performed. Good to see that. One would assume the Stones and Grateful Dead covers were done? I'm sure they will likely do something from Morph eventually, or another from Condos.

Sept 15 in Saratoga, CA. I'll be there!

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 23:05:25 ET
Posted by: SS, HK

FormerlyorangeTom, I've seen DF do the Nightfly (2006). It was a highlight of the show imo.

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 22:38:33 ET
Posted by: Greg M , Pc ny

Encore break
Viva rock n roll

Show over

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 22:22:19 ET
Posted by: Greg M, Pc

(Weather in my head containing extended solos)
Kid C (with new outtro)

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 22:11:16 ET
Posted by: Greg M, Pc ny

Drum solo out of Josie (like the old times)
Dirty work
Weather in my head (and yes he sings Katrina and not karina)

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 21:56:55 ET
Posted by: Greg M, Port chester

I'll cry instead (Beatles)

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 21:51:23 ET
Posted by: Greg M, Port chester

So far

Green flower street
time out of mind
New frontier
Black Friday
The nightfly
Green earrings

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 20:34:53 ET
Posted by: Johnny, Hey Now!

Only 5 solo songs? 4 covers? Usual Steely Dan songs (Bad Sneakers and Home at Last are cool at least). Nothing from Kamakiriad or Morph?

Wow. Fagen just couldn't give less of a shit could he?

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 19:39:25 ET
Posted by: Lutz, SF

Thanks for the reports everyone - sounds exciting!
What's not to like about a fresh approach, hat's off to Donald.
Good analysis Jim, about hopefully getting some younger faces (girls)? in there as well.
Hopefully full house tonight.
Setlist looks fine, he won't play Mona or Kulee Baba, let's get over it.
How were the cover songs received and how did they come over?

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 19:22:06 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

Given the spirit of the band and Billboard article, the connotation is that a few more songs could see some air, including from All Four solo albums, and maybe a new tune or two.

I personally love to hear reworked recordings: HATTW, 1993 Reelin', TWM as a dirge, Dirty Work (although I've heard the new version enough now), Sign in Stranger, Green Earrings, etc. Most Dan and Fagen tunes are super sophisticated enough to bear the calculus of many different solutions.

Really looking forward to the Austin gig. The 2006 solo tour is a high bar to far, so good.

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 18:40:57 ET
Posted by: Beaubo, Cleve

Pardon my analysis about sunken condos
3 great pre show margaritas at bar taco restaurant

The crux of what I said stands. Enjoyed being there
Unconditionally and happily

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 18:36:49 ET
Posted by: FormerlyOrangeTom, BriefExile

Really wish DF's tour had found its way to Virginia. Can't believe Kansas gets a gig and the Commonwealth does not.

Set list is intriguing. Might be a fever dream but I think he's done "Beast of Burden" before live. Not so sure about "The Nightfly".

Would be tempted to fly to Kansas if "Night Belongs to Mona" was added.

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 18:17 ET
Posted by: hoops, chicago

"Not your father's Steely Dan"

That night be one way to consider the Nightflyers tour 2017.

The young band and their way of playing rock and roll seems really appeaing to a new generation of fans as Walter and Donald (and all of us Baby Boomer Dan Fans) fade into the sunset.

Or more out on a limb, while other Baby Boomer rock and rollers continue on by having a Broadway musical based on their catalog, Donald has a new generation performing Steely Dan. Spartan, a little more jangly, and less gloss, they appeal to the next generation. Does this generatuion even care about the latest SD remasters or DVD-A vs SACD vs DTS vs QuadraPhonic vs...?????

Just thoughts--not fact, as far as I know.

[Separate item, personal to Bookkeeper's Son: I sent a private email responding to your post about videos. Please respond if I'm misunderstanding or you need further explanation.]

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 15:12 ET
Posted by: The Truth, Port Chester

"The two sunken condos songs were met with tepid response and bathroom/beer breaks"

Beaubo, Cleveland- Excuse my French but what the fuck are you talking about? First off, they only played 1 song from Sunken Condos. Secondly, NOBODY got up to go to the bathroom during it! So, stop starting this bullshit rumors! Idiot.

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 14:41 ET
Posted by: Tony Gunk PQ, here

Still befuddled as to why Fagen wouldn't want to do more Sunken Condos tunes on a solo tour with a new band. You'd think he'd want to spotlight that album more since he didn't tour on it. Nice to see the Nightfly tunes and Bad Sneakers, Third World Man for some change of pace, looking forward to hearing how this band sounds.

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 13:14 ET
Posted by: Mike in NYC, NYC

Only Weather in my head. Thanks Hoops. Here's hoping tonight he does Miss Marlene or Good Stuff (I know, dreaming).

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 12:34:00 ET
Posted by: hoops, lga

Only Weather in my head.

Saw NO potty run segments at all.

Awesome show Some saying the best in years.


Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 12:29:40 ET
Posted by: Mike in NYC, NYC

Did Donald do two songs from Sunken Condos? I believe he only did Weather In My Head.

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 12:06:26 ET
Posted by: EC, NY

Thanks to everyone for the Port Chester reports. Wish I'd been able to make it. Sounds like it was a great time for all, except for the guy who says he'll never see DF again. That's definitely not an irrational over-reaction. Frankly, I'm surprised that the shows weren't sold out by show time. These are the shows that fans have been begging for, no? Also glad to hear M/O/D/P is above ground. Last time I heard, he was sequestered away in his subterranean bunker/laboratory deep in the Canadian Boreal Forest diligently working on a cure for pancakes. At least, that's what he told me...

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 10:59:02 ET
Posted by: ugh,

"The two sunken condos songs were met with tepid response and bathroom/beer breaks"

this is why we can't have nice things. the world is cruel.

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 10:44:46 ET
Posted by: JoeM, CT

Great show last night... Fresh versions of Bodi, Reelin, Home At Last, Bad Sneakers, Fagen solo stuff! Great band, new approach... What more could you ask for?

Great seeing old friends Jim, Pete, Sherri!

Carole and I looking forward to tonight!

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 10:04:22 ET
Posted by: The Dean, St Augustine Beach.

So, back2bass6 is done seeing Fagen FOREVER, because the band played one song he didn't like. Do I have that right?

I have to admit, I don't get Beast of Burden on this setlist either, (never been a fan of the song), but I don't understand overreactions like that. Like others have said, I go to this concert with few expectations (although now I have a few, thanks to these reports). The one expectation I have is Donald Fagen is performing. Donald is a brilliant artist, with great taste, and he's never let me down before. He even helped make Shakedown Street sound good (and that's a song I can do without, too).

The SOS for M/O/D/P has been lifted. He has been located. Flowers will not be necessary.

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 09:41:18 ET
Posted by: back2bass6, NY

SURE...It "sounded" good. Real Good. Magnificent at times. Fresh take with the new band. Like Samuel L. Jackson at the end of PULP FICTION---he says.."Im tryin real hard....." I was tryin' REAL hard to be totally immersed in the show, but failed miserably. In fact, Beast of Burden put me in a bad mood, and from then on, except for IGY, it was yawnsville for me. I couldn't help but wonder where the brilliant DF songs were. Happy for the kids, they have a great gig they'll never forget, but for me, I'm sadly done seeing DF forever. Best to remember him spiking the drink with Dilaudid, sitting on a beach pondering about tomorrow's girls, seeing a cat in the sky over "uppah" Broadway, that blood orange sky, (i could go on for a long time) instead of hearing him cover a mediocre Rolling Stones tune. Donald, my hero, no-you're not "tough enough" I am sorry to say. Really sorry.

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 08:59:51 ET
Posted by: Amy, NYC

CCW: They took the stage a little after 9 pm

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 08:59:19 ET
Posted by: Amy, NYC

I agree with most of the comments, except I think the sax guy was amazing not only because he also played bass, keys, etc. He really captured the essence in one sax rather than a squadron of horns.

I don't think these shows are about the set lists, although I was satisfied. Rather, it was about the incredible playing, the youthful vitality, and the relatively stripped down nature of the performance. Even Hey 19 sounded fresh which I didn't expect.

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 08:55:25 ET
Posted by: ccw, ny

What time did they take the stage?

Twin Peaks theme sounds like a fun out-of-left-field move. I don't think I've heard Bad Sneakers live in many years. Very excited for tonight's show.

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 08:20:48 ET
Posted by: Beaubo, Cleveland

The venue was maybe 3/5 full
Last 10 rows on the floor were empty
And the the two side sections on the balcony were sparse

The two sunken condos songs were met with tepid response and bathroom/beer breaks
Definitely not the same energy as steely dan at port Chester as set list had more slow tempo tunes like home at last third world man beast of burden as opposed to steely live staples like high energy my old school Josie and Black Friday so not really a fair comparison

The band sounded really tight Only the sax guy seemed out of his league. He hit all the notes but clearly tentative performance

Donald seemed happy and as usual minimally chatty

I can't say that the set list will create a vuralbsenstuon to help other show arrrndance down the line.

I'm always happy to see and hear any permutation live and this show was no exception for me

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 06:59:30 ET
Posted by: Jimmie, R

This is worth it for the pictures. Gotta love Walter's sweater in slide #2.

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 01:59:10 ET
Posted by: BadSneakers, Troubled

Green Flower Street
New Frontier
Hey Nineteen
Shakedown Street
The Nightfly
Kid Charlemagne
Beast Of Burden
Bad Sneakers
You Can't Catch Me
Dirty Work
Home At Last
Twin Peaks Theme segue to ...
Third World Man
Weather In My Head
Viva Viva Rock n Roll
Encore: band intros
Reelin' In The Years

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 01:12:54 ET
Posted by: Don Patrol, Mtl

Hey suedave!

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 00:16:28 ET
Posted by: Suedave, Sounds good

Better than 2006? Those shows were over the top! We

Date: Fri, August 04, 2017, 00:03:21 ET
Posted by: The Dean, St Augustine Beach.

Great reports, Hoops and Beaubo.

Was the place reasonably full? What was the reaction of the audience to this new band? Any more details would be greatly appreciated.

Getting more stoked by the day.

Date: Thurs, August 03, 2017, 23:41:05 ET
Posted by: Beaubo, Port Chester heading back to Cleveland

Third World Man was a nice surprise

Date: Thurs, August 03, 2017, 22:49:46 ET
Posted by: Hoops, Port chester.

Weather in my head -- a wing guitar, drums, & organ

Peg amazing guitar, drums.

IGY Again, awesome

Encore (sorta--didn't leave stage but announced sorta) Viva Viva rock n roll (Chuck Berry) Much better than 2006


Band intro.

Reelin, 72 version.

Very. Hot

Date: Thurs, August 03, 2017, 22:22:59 ET
Posted by: Hoops, Port chester.

Bodhisattva. Draw dropping guita & drums

Weather in my head

Date: Thurs, August 03, 2017, 21:59:46 ET
Posted by: Hoops, Port chester

Hey 19 with amazing keyboard solo

Then Shakesown Street. Incredible organ solo and interlude. Incredible guitar solo by Connor. He has the Jerry. Wah wah going. And ending with drums never heard before even on Dead version.

The Nightfly title track.

Beast of Burden

Bad Sneaks

You Can't catch me(?) Chuck Berry song

Dirty Work. (Awesomely sung by Connor )

Date: Thurs, August 03, 2017, 21:30:22 ET
Posted by: Hoops, Port chester

Hey 19 with amazing keyboard solo

Then Shakesown Street. Incredible organ solo and interlude. Incredible guitar solo by Connor. He has the Jerry. Wah wah going. And ending with drums never heard before even on Dead version.

The Nightfly title track.

Date: Thurs, August 03, 2017, 21:11:22 ET
Posted by: Hoops, Port chester

New Frontier.

Date: Thurs, August 03, 2017, 21:05:59 ET
Posted by: Hoops, Port chester

Open with Grenflowe St

Date: Thurs, August 03, 2017, 20:39:43 ET
Posted by: Abu, CD Baby!

Anthony Robustelli's CD of Steely Dan Unrealized Classics is now on CDBaby, both in the CD version or as MP3, MP3 320, or FLAC files.

Date: Thurs, August 03, 2017, 20:25:44 ET
Posted by: Vincent, Uk

It looks like the London O2 gig is sold out (unless scampers have all the tix). Not a problem to me, as I already have tix, but did hope the chaps would have a warm welcome.

If Don wants to blow the roof off the place, he needs to have a solo spot playing "the Nightfly". Just sayin'.

Date: Thurs, August 03, 2017, 20:10:05 ET
Posted by: The Dean, St Augustine Beach.

Looking forward to tonight's reports.

Check out this nice behing-the-scenes piece by the guy who wrote the WSJ article posted earlier:

Sending out another SOS to M/O/P/D. I'm very worried about him. If anyone can contact him, please ask him to get in touch with me. I'm sending out good vibes.

Date: Thurs, August 03, 2017, 19:50:37 ET
Posted by: hoops, port chester

For those so inclined, check out the Twitter feed in the upper left in corner, scroll down, check out some photos from tonight's show. Right now there's photos of the swag, as well as other deets. Nice to see Joy and Murtha, the Academy Awards winning creator of the Steely Dan Reader.

Date: Thurs, August 03, 2017, 17:40:54 ET
Posted by: Beaubo, Cleveland

Well, decided to be spontaneous and burn some airline miles for opening night

No expectations so no disappointments just soak in whatever DF chooses to deliver

Date: Thurs, August 03, 2017, 16:50:13 ET
Posted by: Bobby, Oakland CA

I'm very anxious to read the reviews & setlist of Donald's opening show in Port Chester tonight. Hoops..
Please post them on the board as quickly as possible. Thanks!

Date: Thurs, August 03, 2017, 16:48:18 ET
Posted by: Hank, NJ

Why is it always about The Nightfly? The Nightfly Triology, The Nightflyers. Why not Donald Fagen and the Sunken Condos?

Date: Thurs, August 03, 2017, 15:21:22 ET
Posted by: Beaubo, Cleveland

Well, decided to be spontaneous and burn some airline miles for opening night

No expectations so no disappointments just soak in whatever DF chooses to deliver

Date: Thurs, Aug 03, 2017,  11:01 ET
Posted by: casual fan, orlando

I am happy to report that ticket sales for the Orlando show seem to have really picked up. I'd say that it went from about 30 % sold a week ago to 70 % now. Admit I was worried but perhaps word leaking out about how funky this group might be is spurring more interest.

Really looking forward to it.

Date: Wed, Aug 02, 2017,  18:35 ET
Posted by: Napoleon, NYC

Hi everybody,

Date: Wed, Aug 02, 2017,  21:48 ET
Posted by: BadSneakers, okay

"Nightflyers" not "Nightfliers"

Date: Wed, Aug 02, 2017,  20:22 ET
Posted by: The Dean, St Augustine Beach.

Napoleon, thanks for the link. Good to get an update and some confirmation.

Date: Wed, Aug 02, 2017,  20:15 ET
Posted by: Tony Gunk, a new frontier?

Sounds like Fagen is following a little bit of the Neil Young playbook with the Nightflyers.
Young would periodically change or collaborate with different backing bands throughout his career, several times with much younger ones (see The Alarm, Devo, The Ducks, Pearl Jam, The Restless and recently Promise of the Real) when he felt he was in a rut or simply to change things up a bit and retool some of the old warhorses. The youngins, especially in periods where he took things in a heavier direction, seemed to inspire him.

Date: Wed, Aug 02, 2017,  20:18 ET
Posted by: Denise, Hinktown

Best wishes to Walter for a speedy recovery.

Date: Wed, Aug 02, 2017,  18:35 ET
Posted by: Napoleon, NYC

Hi everybody,

Not sure if this has already been shared. An interview with Donald Fagen including updates on Walter Becker, touring solo and writing for a potential new solo album.



Date: Wed, Aug 02, 2017,  16:16 ET
Posted by: pfogelATNnycDOTrrDot, NYC

Relax with the set list. When I first saw it, I wasn't thrilled either. Though, when I heard this new band playing the same tunes we've all heard a million times, I changed my mind! These kids are fantastic! When they were playing Bodhisattva, it sounded like the 1974 SD band! This is a real rock band without the slickness of the session cats that SD has be using on their tours since 1993. Also, this set up is the way to see Donald Fagen. His brilliance as a player is front and center. Don't miss this show! I don't care how may times you've seen Josie live! If you love the SD sound pre Aja,you guys are going to have a good time!

Date: Wed, Aug 02, 2017,  14:01 ET
Posted by: Don Patrol, Mtl

Windsor Ont. Casino show?

Oct 20th. Any takers?


Date: Wed, Aug 02, 2017,  13:15 ET
Posted by: Hutch, CT

Here's the entire Massey Hall DF show from 2006.
Soundboard audio.Not a bootleg. Readily available on You Tube.

Date: Wed, Aug 02, 2017,  09:39 ET
Posted by: hoops, Get Better Soon, Walter!

The latest edition of the Dandom Digest went out yesterday afternoon. It covered June 10-July 31, 2017. The previous Dandom Digest covered May 11-June 9, 2017.

The following are the subjects/headlines of the items in the latest newsletter:

NEW! SD Oklahoma Tix on Sale This Week
REDUX: Steely Dan To Play Dublin & London, UK
REDUX: Official Donald Fagen & The Nightflys Tour Announced
REDUX: 2 more DF Japanese Dates
Story: DF & Nightfliers play Ruth Eckerd Hall
John Mulaney Gets SD
A Close Read of Kid C
Herington discusses Coltrane
REVIEW: Herington/Beard at Iridium
Robustelli & Co. on YouTube, more
RE: Robustelli & Co. on YouTube, more
How Good Are Youre Headphones?
2011: DF & Oh Whitney in Mexico
Jay Graydon Discusses "Peg"
SPOILER: 7/15-Classic West, LA
SPOILER: Review of 7/15 SD at Classic West
SPOILER: 7/29-Classic East, NYC
SPOILER: RE: 7/29-Classic East, NYC
SPOILER: DF Rehearses for Nightfliers Tour
SPOILER: WSJ Interview with DF
SPOILER: Re: WSJ Interview with DF
SPOILER : 7/31-Marlboro, NY, DF+Nightfliers Private Show

I f you are a subscriber, you should already have received it. If you don't see it, check your spam filters first; then, if it's not there, please email me at jjmckay AT me DOT com.

As I regularly remind subscribers, some people have problems with delivery of the Dandom Digest, usually because of their spam filters, firewalls, etc. That's why this sort of notice is posted here--so you are aware that you should have received the latest edition. Heck, if you want, email me privately that you did get it. WIth email filters and spam what they are today, there can be some issues beyond our control. For example, many work-place email servers reject email that it scans as having a naughty word.

If you are not currently a subscriber but would like to receive the free Dandom Digest email newsletter, please email me at jjmckay AT me DOT com or see

Also, if you wrote something for this most recent Dandom Digest and it didn't appear, please email me as well. It's been ages since the last edition so perhaps something slipped through the cracks.

For the record, the Dandom Digest is a fan newsletter with content written by and for the fans of Steely Dan. The newsletter and its content is independent of, nor to be confused with, the glorious and much more glamorous official newsletters from,, and other sites of Steely Dan and associates. (Please note: I have no idea if Donald Fagen's official newsletter is currently active. It's been a few years since I've received anything from it.)


Thanks to all who contributed to the latest edition of the Dandom Digest, be it through the emailing digest AT dandom DOT com or through posting to our BlueBook guestbook or Facebook page; or tweeting @dandomdotcom. Pete, DB, Ben, and Gus.

As always, thank you for your support and writings through the years, especially Pete and Shari, as well as Mr. & Mrs. Winterbottom, and especially thinking of Mark, Bill, and Fezzie, and purposely not to mention a couple of people who request anonymity.

Fly about as low, be so cool,


Date: Wed, Aug 02, 2017,  08:43 ET
Posted by: stephen, london



Date: Wed, Aug 02, 2017,  00:14 ET
Posted by: Aaron, CT

There hasn't even been an official show. Already people bitching about the shows. Would they be so nasty in person?


Looking forward to these shows. Even the songs we've heard before are bound to be different. I bet the first two shows at the Cap will have some unique gems at each.

And get well Walter!

Over and out.......

Date: Wed, Aug 02, 2017,  17:19 ET
Posted by: Mt. Belzoni, Portland OR

Happy to see the setlist and know that the tour is getting closer. I too wish it

Date: Tues, Aug 01, 2017,  19:29 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

Mt. Belzoni,

I don't know what it is, but Dirty Work and Brooklyn are 2 of the least interesting songs in the canon. They're not bad. Straightforward. Just not very interesting.

Am Dm G C F Bb D chords - may have missed some. Just OK for me. A few minor 7th in Brooklyn

Century's End has more interesting progressions and voicings with more satisfying effect.

D#maj7 D#7sus4 Am7/A Cm7/C G#maj7 Gmaj13/A

or True Companion. the suspended chords at the end of lines:

...companion Bbmaj7sus4

...action Emaj13

...twilight F#aug, B4m

...own green world

are just killers, especially with those super tight harmonies.

and the resolution at "...spacetime" and ending. Just Amazing.

Could CRAMP a few hands but worth playing live!!!
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Date: Tues, Aug 01, 2017,  18:06 ET
Posted by: here we go again,

I'm in the 'stop with the same stuff' camp. The question is why he continues to play the same tunes. (It's clear why he's doing the covers: he said in interviews he simply enjoys it.) Theories:

1. Feels the obligation in order to maintain attendance for future shows. I don't find this a very compelling reason, given he does not do solo tours often, the last being 2006. (Although, he may have different plans in the future.) In addition, fans attending a Fagen show will be more diehard than SD fans. The poor ticket sales for this tour to date are evidence of this. Additionally, it could hurt sales. If fans think a Fagen show will be similar to an SD show, it has less appeal.

2. Likes the songs, esp how they sound and evoke audience response in the live setting. Possible. Although I could swear he hasn't expressed the most enthusiasm for many of the older or more straight-forward pop ditties in the press.

3. They're easier and thoroughly rehearsed. DF's a perfectionist and he doesn't want to play something if it's going to sound like crap. And he has a new band, with a bunch of guys without jazz chops (which they've admitted).

For me, I'd throw out the covers, but happy to throw DF that bone. I'll take GFS, Nightfly, NF, IGY. Weather in my Head is the Reelin/MOS/Josie/Hey 19/TOOM of SC IMO, but would be interested bc of the novelty, and I could see this specific band rocking hard on it. The rest, I could do without. Would be excited to hear Bad Sneakers and Miss Marlene. Hope they work those in. If he wants to play SD, there's a bunch of more folksy/bluesy sans horns deep cuts from the early years that would work great with this band. .

Date: Tues, Aug 01, 2017,  17:19 ET
Posted by: Mt. Belzoni, Portland OR

Happy to see the setlist and know that the tour is getting closer. I too wish it featured a few more DF or SD tunes unlikely to be heard at SD shows (Confide in Me, Century's End, Raindrops, Goodbye Look), but a few rare one-ofs popped up during 2006 as well.

Interesting that DF definitely finds Dirty Work worth presenting, but always seems to have someone else sing it (SD's backup singers, Phoebe Snow, Bonnie Raitt, etc.) - wonder why he doesn't give it a shot?

And shouldn't a Nightflyers' show have more than 2 Nightfly songs?

Not a big fan of either Shakedown St or Beast of Burden, but I'll reserve judgment until I hear his interpretation, noting that his covers have often been tour highlights (Misery & the Blues, Viva RnR).

Date: Tues, Aug 01, 2017,  16:41 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

Hey, it's a start. The Nightflyers iteration might add a little more variety - Morph (Funn or Mona) and Condos (Slinky thing, Miss Marlene, Good Stuff!!!!) as the tour starts but the setlist isn't that much different than the 2006 solo tour... that I would rank up there with 1993 and 200 Dan tours. Need a HATWW thrown in

Add 2-3 songs: see above + Goodbye Look and or Tomorrow's Girls. Remove Beast. Clock about 1 hr 50 min. 18-19 songs

I know there are varied responses to the 2006 HATWW. 'Bout the greatest thing I've heard through.

2006 Tour - Beacon
1. Here At The Western World
2 The Nightfly
3. Green Flower Street
4. New Frontier
5. Third World Man
6. Band introduction
7. Home At Last
8. Brite Nitegown
9. Year Of The Dragon ft. Martha Wainwright
10. FM (No Static At All)
11. H Gang
12. What I Do
13. The Goodbye Look
14. I.G.Y. (What A Beautiful World)
15. Pretzel Logic
16. Viva Rock 'N' Roll

Date: Tues, Aug 01, 2017,  16:34 ET
Posted by: CJ,

Like many, I've been a diehard fan Steely Dan fan for decades. Donald Fan too. After years of putting up with greatest hits tours, we loyal fans deserve a tour that is completely fresh. Donald should not be playing ANY Steely Dan songs at all, or at least none that Steely Dan has played in the past 7-8 years. If he absolutely must play something from Steely Dan, he should play something that's not been played live since the 1970s. Maybe Brooklyn or Fire In the Hole. But Josie? Hey 19? Fricking Really????? How many more times? We fans deserve better. And I didn't come to hear the Grateful Dead or Rolling Stones, two bands that really suck!

Date: Tues, Aug 01, 2017,  15:35 ET
Posted by: Flipkid, Red State

Countermoon? The Nightfly? New Frontier?? Man, I would KILL to hear that setlist performed by Donald's hand-picked band of youngsters. I think Donald touring with a brand-new cast of characters is going to breathe new life into the Old Man... and his music. Can't wait to see reviews from Blue Bookers once the tour gets underway. .

Date: Tues, Aug 01, 2017,  15:19 ET
Posted by: back2bass6, NY

no one is "dissing" anything. as a matter of fact, a buddy of mine was there last night, and recorded it, and sent to me...listening as we sound tight of course...coulda gone to a Phish show to hear SHAKEDOWN STREET. Since when are we not allowed to be critical of the song writer who we've held in the highest regard for 40 years, and have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars buying LP's, CD'S, AND CONCERT TICKETS?.

Date: Tues, Aug 01, 2017,  13:59 ET
Posted by: Steve Z,

Let me get this straight..........people are dissing shows by a band they've never seen live before, except the vocalist, performing songs they've never heard performed in just this way for the first time. All based on a private practice session they read about.
Who needs the Trump Administration? The Blue Book has just as big assholes.

This is about as good as it gets. Donald will have to play a few songs Steely Dan "Decade" CD owners know or the tour will go broke. If the diehards bitch and whine (even before the shows start) and the casual fans are bored because there are few hits, I fully expect Donald to hang it up for good. I just think back to rarities night in 2011 and how many people still bitched and moaned afterwards.

I pitty the spouses of such whiners, if they still have them.

You would think people would give the shows a listen first so they know exactly what they are talking about before complaining. That's open-minded.

Date: Tues, Aug 01, 2017,  13:45 ET
Posted by: back2bass6, NYC

Hoops....with all due respect..YOU might be missing the point. Go ahead and defend the utter repetition of (basically) the same songs played live for the last few decades. Greatest hit shows are for the Eagles, Fleetwod Mac, etc....Our love of Fagan's material, and our desire to hear him (with whatever band he is using) break out some gems is not too much to ask.

Date: Tues, Aug 01, 2017,  13:23 ET
Posted by: dippin, on the case

Not missing the point at all. I specifically qualified my comments with "know there will be different arrangements with a different band." I simply expressed my PREFERENCE for hearing some different SD tunes, ie deeper in the catalog, than what the typical SD setlist has been the last few tours, and more from solo albums like Sunken Condos. That's not a federal crime I hope.

Date: Tues, Aug 01, 2017,  13:04 ET
Posted by: hoops, chicago

Remember folks: Last night's show was an exhibition. Moreover, different musicians, different sound. If you are simply doing book keeping on how many times they have played a song before, you are missing the point.

Looking forward to premier night on Thursday.

Date: Tues, Aug 01, 2017,  11:57 ET
Posted by: yubba dubba, on the case

Hmmm, re the Fagen setlist, while I am very excited to hear solo album tunes, especially from Nightfly, having never seen a Fagen solo tour, have to admit that selection of Dan tunes is a bit disappointing, in that I was hoping he'd be more eclectic and off the beaten path with those on this tour. I figured he would change that up a bit more and not just recreate a huge swath of the typical SD setlist. I'd also like to hear a lot more from Sunken Condos. I'm sure the arrangements will be interesting with the different band, but here's hoping he gets a bit more adventurous as they move forward.

Date: Tues, Aug 01, 2017,  11:29 ET
Posted by: ccw, ny

These shows should be a blast, I'm excited for Friday. "Weather In My Head" live!?! New song(s)!?! (A little sad nothing from Morph the Cat may emerge, though, I love that album.)

Date: Tues, Aug 01, 2017,  10:00 ET
Posted by: hoops, Chicago

In cased you missed it in our Twitter feed at the upper left corner of this page, Donald Fagen and The Nightflyers had a special invitation-only, private show last night at The Falcon in Marlboro, upstate New York . Here's a story about it from this morning's Poughkeepsie Journal. It includes the complete setlist. (As always, set lists are fine here on the BlueBook--SPOILER designation is only for the Dandom Digest.)

Steely Dan's Donald Fagen plays secret show in Marlboro

Donald Fagen and the Nightflyers set list 7/31/2017
  • Green Flower Street
  • Countermoon
  • Hey Nineteen
  • Shakedown Street
  • The Nightfly
  • Time Out of Mind
  • New Frontier
  • Beast of Burden
  • You Can't Catch Me
  • Weather in My Head
  • Josie
  • Dirty Work
  • Bodhisattva
  • Kid Charlemagne
  • I.G.Y.
  • Viva Viva
  • Reelin' in the Years

Date: Tues, Aug 01, 2017,  09:02 ET
Posted by: Nicholas Urfe, Phraxos

Multiple thumbs up on the Anthony Robustelli album. Great treatment of the songs. Cool cover art, too.

Date: Tues, Aug 01, 2017,  06:17 ET
Posted by: popegreg AT gmail DOT, MKE

Wow, that Oklahoma show has to give us hope that WB's illness is not too serious. And maybe there will still be some Beacon shows as it's right before that October 15-27 window. Better yet, maybe they'll do a run of shows closer to the middle of the country? A Chicago Theater run would be awesome!

Wow, "Shakedown Street" has me really excited. I've never been the biggest Grateful Dead fan, saw them once back in 1986, but I do love that song. I saw Ryan Adams last night at the Riverside and he was channeling his inner Jerry Garcia with very long guitar solo/jams for the second half of the set. I hope that DF and the Nightflyers are going to leave some room for improvisation and noodling when they play the very same venue. My tolerance/appreciation for that kind of stuff is at a high point for me personally.

Roger W - I sure hope I.G.Y is in the cards since it was a huge radio hit and a personal fave.

Tony Gunk - I actually counted the unsold seats for the Riverside (Milwaukee) show and the show is just a bit over half sold.

Walter Becker - get well soon!

Date: Mon, July 31, 2017,  19:27 ET
Posted by: Greg M,

[From hoops to Greg M.: Thanks for the offer; please contact me offline at jjmckay AT me DOT com. Thanks.}

Date: Mon, July 31, 2017,  18:55 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

This one's for The Mooch!

Date: Mon, July 31, 2017,  18:39 ET
Posted by: Lutz, SF


thanks for giving us some clarity and hopefully put an end to assumptions, however well intended.

Best to Walter - we need you out there!

Casual Fan, great update which makes one hopeful first about Walter being back on stage this fall and possibly more dates to follow on a little fall tour...

Date: Mon, July 31, 2017,  12:30 ET
Posted by: stephen , london

A Dyslexic computer!!

Date: Mon, July 31, 2017,  12:09 ET
Posted by: casual fan , orlando

Interesting, SD on Facebook has added a new show for 10/13 at Winstar Casino in Oklahoma. Kind of random.

Details from the venue:

Date: Mon, July 31, 2017,  09:20 ET
Posted by: Bobbo, regarding ye olde glass teat

After watching for nigh on a year to the first one-and-a-half seasons, it occurs to me that Brother Rogen's series PREACHER could very well be the closest to having a "Godwhacker" scenario adapted for teleplay. Outrageously irreverent, gritty and cool.

I wouldn't be surprised in the least to see a character by the name of Mr. Slinky Redfoot introduced on this kinky little program, almost any time at all. And one little trusty angel girl has sufficed for me, thus far...

Date: Sun, July 30, 2017,  23:31 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

All the best to Walter for a speedy recovery.

Stumbled across Jarrod Lawson on a Cape Jazz iStation. This kid is the Freakin' TRUTH! Stevie Wonder, Latin jazz, R&B, with killer harmonies and ridiculous chord progressions that would keep Howard Wright busy for months.

Date: Sun, July 30, 2017,  21:49 ET
Posted by: Pete Evans, Manchester UK

Walt still ill? Anyone have an info on this? Jake hopes Walt's illness is an "embellishment"--I certainly get that. Obviously I think we all hope Walt isn't seriously ill. But I also really hope this isn't something that spells the end of Steely Dan. All things (good and bad) come to an end, though.
A brilliant post, Jim. Our heroes keep it close to their chest and will let us know any news. From all the Dan freaks in the UK ( and believe me there are many thousands ) we look forward to seeing Walter in October headlining at the Blues Fest where we shall give him the loudest cheer he's ever received.

Date: Sun, July 30, 2017,  16:11 ET
Posted by: hoops, Chicago

Steve Gennarelli: thanks for bringing up the "Tribute to Jeff". It's was discussed a lot when it came out some 25 years ago and sporadically since. We have even given away a few copies as prizes in our contests. Thanks for bringing it up again.


I received a few "odd" posts about Walter's illness. Some inquiries about Walter and his health are understandable, especially if you purchased a ticket hoping to see both members of Our Favorite Duo. But I've also received some posts where people speculate in ways that are out of bounds.

Our rock and roll, jazz, and other music genre heroes are getting old and their health isn't what it used to be. Not everyone is Tony Bennett, Paul Simon, or Paul McCartney who tour well past age 70. And look at Leonard Cohen who toured into his 80s with shows almost three hours long, recording a new album and then quickly declining to pass away last fall at--what?--age 82. Elton John (age 70) recently contracted a sudden, life-threatening infection; was hospitalized in intensive care for a time, cancelled a month or two of shows, and now is back on the road--but he and his management didn't fill in the public until after he was "through the woods".

I will simply say that I know it to be true that Walter is sick. Moeover, Donald and Walter shy from the limelight. That's just how they are and it's clear that's the way they're going to be.

The best karma is to send good vibes and take a pass on the extreme, fake news-inspiring speculations. Not much else is productive or supportive.

Fly low and be cool.


P.S. I have a vision impairment and in the past few days I now have a different computer and keyboard. While I get used it, sometimes my cursor jumps and words accidently get typed in the wrong place. If you see a few stray words or characters in anyone's post, please don't worry that the BlueBook is being hacked with someone inserting secret messages. I know most of you immediately "get that" but it's amazing how that sort of thing inspires a handful to engage in conspiracy theories. Thanks for your patience and reason.

Date: Sun, July 30, 2017,  10:02 ET
Posted by: Ernie, TX

Rikki from Citifield.

Date: Sun, July 30, 2017, 08:19 ET
Posted by: Steve Gennarelli, Tampa, FL

I can see why they dusted off "Don't Take Me Alive". Great
rockin' song with an edge that shows a different side to the Yacht Rock perception of "Steely Dan".
By the way, one album I haven't seen mentioned on here but
one that is one of my favorite "SD" related albums if the "Tribute to Jeff" CD- David Garfield and Friends Play Tribute to Jeff Porcaro.
There's a great acoustic version of "Babylon Sisters". Michael McDonald, Don Henley, Richard Marx are among those doing a great cover of "Let's Stay Together" and there's a whole lot more.
Veteran SD players like Larry Carlton, Denny Dias, Bernard
Purdie, Bob Sheppard and Freddie Washington are among those who contributed to the album.

Date: Sat, July 29, 2017, 21:55 ET
Posted by: Tony Gunk, not at Classic

Don't Take Me Alive is bigger surprise than Rikki given recent history.
Looking forward to 2 Fagen shows in mid- America. Wondering how ticket sales are going in Nville, Lville, Indy, Milwaukee etc, especially the odd stop they are making in the middle of Kansas somewhere instead of playing in StL or KC.

Date: Sat, July 29, 2017, 21:32 ET
Posted by: The Dean, St Augustine Beach.

Walt still ill? Anyone have an info on this? Jake hopes Walt's illness is an "embellishment"--I certainly get that. Obviously I think we all hope Walt isn't seriously ill. But I also really hope this isn't something that spells the end of Steely Dan. All things (good and bad) come to an end, though.

Getting stoked for Fagen on August 12th.

MODP, get in touch, please. I'm getting a bit worried about you.

Date: Sat, July 29, 2017, 21:07 ET
Posted by: Chris , Nh

Herington was there.

Date: Sat, July 29, 2017, 21:04 ET
Posted by: Jake, DE

I really hope it's an embellishment that Walter is ill.

Date: Sat, July 29, 2017, 21:00 ET
Posted by: Viper, Carolina

I'm new to the touring Dan this year. But where is Jon Herrington?

Date: Sat, July 29, 2017, 20:58 ET
Posted by: BadSneakers, home


Date: Sat, July 29, 2017, 20:32 ET
Posted by: Scott,

Well looky! They did stick to the set list.

DId they announce who the band was? At what point?

Date: Sat, July 29, 2017, 20:31 ET
Posted by: Scott, with thanks to Larry Carlton: "And So It Begins..."

Donald announced that Walter is still recovering from his illness. Get well wishes to Walter!

If you are looking at the Blue, you probably aren't at Citi Field so here's the spoiler set list from Larry Carlton who posted it. Let's see if they stuck to it. I bet that they did.

1. Bodhisattva
2. Hey Nineteen
3. Aja
4. Time Out of Mind
5. Rikki Don't Lose That Number
6. Black Friday
7. Dirty Work
8. Peg
9. Don't Take Me Alive
10. My Old School
11. Josie
14. Kid Charlemagne
15. Reelin' In The Years.

Date: Sat, July 29, 2017, 20:24 ET
Posted by: Mike mjoho, Queens

They played Ricki!
Hey 19
Ricki @@
Black Friday
Danettes- Dirty Work
Don't take me alive
My old school
Kid Char
Reeling in the Years

Date: Sat, July 29, 2017,  14:07
Posted by:Doc Mu ,

Roger - Sounds like a more organic Tango in the Night

In My World and Carnival Begin are channeling Neil Finn, a master of minor key colors with major key attitude.

Here's what I mean by a Finn template - -really builds like, too. Kinda folk, kinda rock, a touch of jazz and classical:

The ironic thing about Sunken Condos, even though it's a DIY mostly with Donald and Michael Leonhard, it has an organic spirit.

Date: Sat, July 29, 2017,  13:49
Posted by:CJB , YVR

Front row seat(s) in Mexico, late December 2011, some older gent sitting in on melodica:

Date: Sat, July 29, 2017,  13:31
Posted by:Doc Mu ,

The chord progressions in Miss Marlene are far closer to the intro of Your Gold Teeth II than IGY. Both IGY and Miss Marlene are mid tempo shuffles, but IGY is a reggae hybrid shuffle. They don't really sound alike to me...besides for clearly being from the same artist.

Classic East is in Queens. The weather looks ideal.

Date: Sat, July 29, 2017,  13:27
Posted by:mjoho at , Reelin' in Medford

Going to the classic! I can believe it! Does anyone know if Walter is better to play tonight? Looking forward to seeing Steely Dan's set!

Date: Sat, July 29, 2017,  00:12
Posted by:Roger W ,

Bad Sneaks: I am surprised. I thought Port Chester was sold out. Suprised that there are still hundreds of seats still available. I don't think Donald would promote a solo show at tonight's Classic East. I think the vast majority of typical fans (meaning not us) just want to hear Steely Dan classic hits. Saw Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie recently. Incredible new album, the most consistently listenable since Fleetwood Mac Rumours. Best show I have seen this year. Yet, the audience was half-empty. Same sort of thing here.

Fagenism: I don't think there's any way how much Sunken Condos made is public. In fact, it could very well be confidential information. Still, if you check RIAA or Billboard, maybe there is some indication of how much it sold. I'm sure it didn't go gold. I bet it didn't even sell 250,000. Also a consideration: I think Donald was saying when Sunken Condos that the album was recorded on a limited budget, already a victim of when the bottom fell out of the record business. All this "free" music really is costing us more frequent recordings from our best artists in the twilight of their careers. No way Gaucho, Aja, or Nightfly would get made today. My kids don't even fully understand the concept of an album. They just download the tracks they like without giving other more sophisticated tracks time to grow on them.

If Donald is playing Miss Marlene, I wonder if it means that he won't play IGY since they are so similar sounding????????

One thing I can say for all Steely Dan, Fagen and Becker albums. There's never any filler on their albums. No throwaways. Never a song I skip over.

Date: Fri, July 28, 2017,  12:03
Posted by:BadSneakers , enroute

Capitol Theater shows are both around 60% of capacity as of Friday 7/28.
Theater has 1,800 seats... Around 700 tickets left for either show. Hopefully Donald will do a bit of self-promotion at the Classic East show this weekend.

Speaking of the Classic East show ...
Is there a possibility of a Steely Dan Trifecta of guitarists? -- Becker, Herington, and Carlton. That would be the *only* thing that would get me to consider going.

Date: Fri, July 28, 2017,  10:45
Posted by:fagenism , She go (I cry)

Re: the WSJ article.

Could anyone with insight into this sort of thing run a back-of-the-envelope calculation on how much Sunken Condos may have cost to create, start to finish? And how much dough it may have brought in?

Date: Thurs, July 27, 2017,  20:06
Posted by:The Dean , St Augustine Beach.

Countdown to Fagen and the Nightflyers. Can barely wait.

It was interesting to hear he is adding a player who can play sax. I suspected something like that might happen, when the band was announced. I wouldn't be surprised if some special guests show up, from time to time, to add to the band. I have absolutely NO inside info. Just a hunch.

M/O/D/P please email or call me. I called twice (from two different 904 area code numbers) this evening and sent several emails. I want to know your plans for coming down here. If you are not, I have some tickets I need to get rid of. Of course, I hope you and your better half will make the show.

Date: Thurs, July 27, 2017,  10:05
Posted by:hoops ,

Personal to Nicholas Urfe:

You're very gracious to be concerned about what's appropriate to be here on the bluebook. I'm very grateful for your respect and concern for our community. That said, I don't think there's anything for you to be sorry. Thank you so much for reporting and thank for your contributions.


Date: Wed, July 26, 2017,  19:33
Posted by:Abu , Making a Living

Well, Donald confirms what many, or most of us have been saying for several years now. Making records is not what it used to be. Basically, making a living is more important than making records for the benefit of the fans. Makes sense. At least we have some new material that Don wrote, and a couple of covers, for his solo tour for the next couple of months. Hopefully these new songs will appear on another solo album in the future.

Date: Wed, July 26, 2017,  17:53
Posted by:Sammy , F

Access the story here to get around the paywall. [But you may need a Facebook account.]

Date: Wed, July 26, 2017,  15:40
Posted by:From WSJ Interview , Excerpts Presented under Fair Use

When you see a good story, please include the link. Thank you.

"When the bottom fell out of the record business a buech of years ago, it deprived me of the luxury of earning a living from records," he said. "I don't sell enough albums to cover the cost of recording them the way I like to. For me, touring is the only way to make a living."

Mr. Fagen also will perform new songs. "One is a noir thing I wrote recently called 'Hardboiled Life.' Another is about '50s film creeps—guys who only went to see foreign films. People who now go to film school, I guess."

As the idea of a late-summer tour took hold, Mr. Fagen decided to add a fifth Nightflyer--Zach Djanikian, a friend of the other band members who sings harmony and plays saxophone and guitar.

"As a kid, I had what they now call ADHD and a bit of dyslexia, so I had trouble reading music. I learned the way most jazz musicians have since the 1940s--by imitating records."

Several weeks ago at Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock, Mr. Fagen and the Nightflyers rehearsed several songs from Mr. Fagen's solo albums (Miss Marlene, Green Flower Street, Countermoon and New Frontier). The band also took on Steely Dan songs (Green Earrings, Bad Sneakers, Home at Last and Dirty Work) and covers of the Rolling Stones' Beast of Burden and the Beatles' I'll Cry Instead.

Other cover songs are planned for the tour. "I put Chuck Berry's You Can't Catch Me in a minor key and changed the feel," Mr. Fagen said. "We're also doing the Grateful Dead's Shakedown Street. It's a really nice, funky tune."

Date: Wed, July 26, 2017,  14:12
Posted by:Nicholas Urfe , Phraxos

Fagen and the Nightflyers from today's WSJ:

Donald Fagen, in green chair, with the Nightflyers, from left, Will Bryant, Lee Falco, Brandon Morrison and Connor Kennedy. The group also includes Zach Djanikian, who plays saxophone and guitar.
Donald Fagen, in green chair, with the Nightflyers, from left, Will Bryant, Lee Falco, Brandon Morrison and Connor Kennedy. The group also includes Zach Djanikian, who plays saxophone and guitar. Photo: BON JANE

Date: Wed, July 26, 2017,  11:06
Posted by:ccw , ny

Wall Street Journal has a Donald Fagen article that looks like it might be interesting/substantive, but it's behind a paywall. Anything good in it? Thanks.

Date: Mon, July 24, 2017,  17:08
Posted by:Abu , Not Bitter At All

From Anthony Robustelli's Fakebook:

"Signed copies of The Steely Dan Sessions: Interpretations of Unrealized Classics are currently available on my website and will be available on CD Baby, Amazon, ITunes, Spotify, etc. in the coming weeks. The full show with King Of The World at The Bitter End is also up on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!"

The Bitter End concert is quite good, but is minus five tunes that are only to be found on the album: A Little with Sugar, Mr. Sam, Yellow Peril, Talkin' 'Bout My Home, and I Can't Write Home about You.

Date: Mon, July 24, 2017,  11:03
Posted by:Steve M , City of Brotherly Love

@ Don B.

Your so right! Had the same thought many times while staying somewhere I didn't necessarily want to be. Life is always good when listing to the Dan, especially when stuck in a hotel in Grand Rapids, Council Bluffs, Springfield, NYC - well really anywhere, anytime!! cheers!!

Date: Sun, July 23, 2017,  18:02
Posted by:Steve M , Scotland

I can only echo Steven D's comments. Our heroes are both pushing 70 and neither are immune to life's vicissitudes. They have each enhanced my life immeasurably over the past 37 years (I bought a 2nd hand copy of CBAT from a local record exchange in 1980).

I wish them both well.

oh! and guys, if you could see your way to recording one more Steely Dan record before you succumb to the fella in the Brite Nitegown that would be just peachy....thanks!

Date: Sun, July 23, 2017,  12:46
Posted by:Steve R ,

KD wrote:

> In the famed re-release liner notes for Scam the guys mention the "LA cats" from Katy Lied "making us sound like a couple of
> goddamn pussies," so that may have had something to do with keeping the wonderful yet at times delicate Here at the Western World.

See, now I always interpretted this, perhaps incorrectly, that simply the LA Cats are simply hot shit and made their playing seem like they were realtively "pussies"-- not as slick or technically competent. I don't think it was about the song writing or HATWW being a soft or less agressive ballad.

I heard Donald perform the fast version of HATWW. Was the slow version only at a subsequent Steely Dan concert or did the Donald Fagen Bane ever play the slow version during spring 2006?

I do remember a lot of people bitching in SD forums that they wanted to hear the studio/slow version. I like both but the ballad version is sublime, especialy with the guitar solo and the elegant piano playing.

I'm not a musician so someone needs to explain to me how HATWW is "too similar" to The Fez. I don't understand or hear it but......

I'm with those who know HATWW was recorded as part of The Royal Scam, but it sure does sound like a track off of Katy Lied, my favorite SD album.


Date: Sun, July 23, 2017,  11:43
Posted by:BillfromPgh , Pittsburgh

Anthony Robustelli's CD release show is on YouTube in full. Very impressive. Can't wait for the CD itself!

Date: Sat, July 22, 2017,  13:46
Posted by:Steven D , Jamestown NY

I sure hope that Walter is OK, or will be OK. We all know he's had his share of health problems.

Jambase has a short article about the "West" concert:

Date: Fri, July 21, 2017,  18:19
Posted by:Lutz , SF

HATTWW for all of it's glory and complexity might have been a better fit on Katy Lied (vocals, acoustic piano and overall sound) or even Pretzel Logic (guitar sound) imo.
Where would they have put it on Royal Scam?
The flow of RS is so homogenous and the sound generally a little more amplified / technologically advanced than on the previous 2.
Hence HATTWW is discussed here as the stand out/ stand alone gem it is.

Date: Fri, July 21, 2017,  01:02
Posted by: KD , asdf

The Fez idea is interesting, good call.

I've listened to Royal Scam a lot this month, a byproduct of falling into an obsession with the Scam demos and outtakes that are available on a very popular internet flash video website. I understand if this is pushing it with "unofficial" talk and the post doesn't make it live.

The tracks are astounding. The instrumental Green Earrings, with Carlton, Grolnick, Griffin (and especially) Purdie and Rainey giving the performances of their lives, is an event like few others.

Hearing the performance of 'Don't Take Me Alive,' which Rick Marotta detailed in the Sweet book, genuinely amazes. Hearing Donald's single-tracked vocals are always a huge thrill.

The quick shots of the 2009 (?) Dan lineup preparing to play the original version of Here at the Western World (on that dumb Irving Azoff special on MSG Network) was a major highlight, I suppose Walter and Donald just agree (not with me!) that the original just doesn't work live.

Donald's update in 2006 certainly did. Add me to the list of those that can't wait to see him and the kids take a shot at it later this summer.

Date: Fri, July 21, 2017,  12:21
Posted by: Tony Gunk , LA

Huh, funny, I was in my hotel room in Los Angeles last night with my special date Rose Darling, and it was grand!

Date: Fri, July 21, 2017,  08:13
Posted by: Roy , Maine

One reason I might speculate that HAWW didn't make the cut for Royal Scam: too similar to The Fez.

Date: Fri, July 21, 2017,  07:25
Posted by:Chris , nh

according to the Dandom facebook, JH will be on the gig this weekend (along with LC), whether or not Walter is. LC sounds best on the songs he originally soloed on, of course, and JH sounds great on everything - so this could be a cool show.

Date: Thurs, July 20, 2017,  15:20
Posted by: Don Breithaupt, Los Angeles

Sitting in my hotel room in Grand Rapids listening to "Rose Darling." Life is good.

Date: Thurs, July 20, 2017,  14:52
Posted by: Nicholas Urfe, Phraxos

"Good luck on the rest of your fact-finding mission! You've made it a joy, so far!"

KD, every so often there is a line that embodies the spirit of the Blue. This is one of them.

Date: Thurs, July 20, 2017,  14:04
Posted by: Bobby, Oakland, CA

I really hope Donald plays "Western World" on his upcoming solo tour with the Nightflyers just like he did on the 2006 Morph solo tour. I prefer the juiced up funky fast version of "Western World". I think Donald intended it to be played fast but it wound up becoming a ballad on the recording.

Date: Thurs, July 20, 2017,  01:11
Posted by: DocMu,

Given that Jim Gordon was on drums (and Omartian on piano) and Royal Scam is about the time gordon's productivity tailed off due to bouts of schizophrenia, I suspect that HATWW was recorded very, very early in the RS sessions, and as KD implies they ditched this approach, spearheaded by Walter, for something with more aural attitude.

Steely Dan Here At The Western World

Backing Vocals - Casey Syszik, Florence Warner, Leslie Miller
Bass - Chuck Rainey
Drums - Jim Gordon
Guitar - Dean Parks
Piano - Michael Omartian

Also, Carlton is nary to be found. He was the "musical director" for the bulk of the Scam sessions, just as Omartian was for Katy Lied, Victor Feldman on Countdown and probably Pretzel Logic, Tom Scott with W&D on Aja... Fagen with Rob Mousey on Gaucho, and Fagen after that on Nightly, Kama, 11 ToW, TvN, EMG, Morph, with Michael Leonhard on Condos.

Another Scam outtake became Third World Man, which retains the original Larry Carlton solo.

Date: Wed, July 19, 2017,  21:05
Posted by: KD , asdf

Sid, thank you for your descriptions!

This is sort of my point. Omartian dominated the album, and wasn't anywhere near to be found the next time around with Grolnick and Griffin moving things around. That a dip back into the toe with Omartian and that acoustic piano -- whether it came before the move back to A&R during recording sessions or during the mixdown back in LA -- may have been a step backward in (thankfully) increasingly funkier.

I'm sorry that nobody here was able to find first person sources to your liking. It's been a bit of a rough go with the band "Steely Dan," as they often aren't keen to explain their Working Process in genuine detail, something that was ever more so the case in the 1970s!

Good luck on the rest of your fact-finding mission! You've made it a joy, so far!

Date: Wed, July 19, 2017,  18:51
Posted by:Steve Gennarelli, Tampa, FL

"Here at the Western World" is one of those rare, rare songs that even though I've heard it likely 200 times or more...I just find it moving, emotional, touching and it makes me feel better about life in general. There's some magic in that tune.
Hard to believe anyone, especially Donald & Walt, would think any less of it because its not exactly a "Hard Rockin" tune.

Date: Wed, July 19, 2017,  18:01
Posted by:Sid, -

That's tenuous and subjective. Not buying it. They had L.A. cats on H@TWW as well. Michael Omartian for starters.

Date: Wed, July 19, 2017,  17:24
Posted by: KD, asdf

In the famed re-release liner notes for Scam the guys mention the "LA cats" from Katy Lied "making us sound like a couple of goddamn pussies," so that may have had something to do with keeping the wonderful yet at times delicate Here at the Western World.

Date: Wed, July 19, 2017,  14:55
Posted by:Sid, -


We know that part already since we all own Gold EE. But why was it left off of The Royal Scam? That's the original question. No opinions, just facts wanted with citations to back it up.

Date: Wed, July 19, 2017,  14:45
Posted by:Joel, PA

The Gold CD credits confirm that Western World is from the Royal Scam sessions. Originally included on the 2 LP Greatest Hits, I can see why they felt a bonus track was good marketing for it. SD had a strong cult following of fans who already had all the regular albums and otherwise wouldn't need it.

Date: Wed, July 19, 2017,  09:30
Posted by:SS, Hong Kong

Re: Here At The Western World (HATWW).

If I recall, the song was from the Royal Scam sessions. And was this not the track deemed to have a pace too much like the others on the album?

Date: Tues, July 18, 2017,  16:04
Posted by:stephen, london

people talk about, and rightly so, of the great guiter solos on sd albums, but lets not forget walter's contribution. the last three tunes on aja come to mind, home at last, I got the news and Josie. Beat that. and that's just half of one album!!!!!!!!! I really hope he can make it to Dublin and London. Get well soon mate.

Date: Tues, July 18, 2017,  19:00
Posted by: Steve Gennarelli, Tampa, FL

I've been a Steely Dan fan since the early 80's, but here's a question that I really don't know the answer for.
If any of you know the answer, please share it.
What's the origin story of "Here at the Western World".
Why was it not on any of the classic "SD" original albums.
Was it a decision made by one of the Record Companies back in the day
to release a "Steely Dan" Greatest Hits Album with a new single tagged along just for fun. What is the real answer ?

Date: Tues, July 18, 2017,  13:55
Posted by:horn time,

By far the best solo I've heard Leonhart take on "Dirty Work" (from the West Coast show). Great stuff, though I find the endings usually don't bring it totally home. Maybe they're hard changes to solo over.

Date: Tues, July 18, 2017,  11:49
Posted by:KD, asdf

There is, frankly, quite a bit to be uneasy about regarding this particular Steely Summer. Fagen's voice is in fantastic form, though, and this summer's tour seems like the perfect extension and also reaction to the warm puddle that must have been those Dukes tours. put it here

Date: Tues, July 18, 2017,  10:04
Posted by:casual fan, orlando

Apologies if it was discussed before, or even far in advance, but why didn't Herrington play with the band in LA?

hoops responds:
It may have been mentioned before but bears answering again. Jon Herington was already booked on tour in Europe with Madeleine Peyroux.

Date: Mon, July 17, 2017,  21:00
Posted by:Abu, Visiting Spanish Island

Nice Steely-like tune here by Eric Block, aka Eric & The Wabe. It is called Spanish Island. John Tabacco was enlisted as the lead vocalist for this tune. Cool lyrics and decent groove.

Date: Mon, July 17, 2017,  16:18
Posted by:Geo, VA

As to why we didn't get any first hand accounts of the performance? I know you have to leave Dodger Stadium by the 7th inning to beat the traffic. Maybe all the SD fans had to leave before SD's set, even though that's the only reason they went in the first place. Crazy LA logic.

On an unrelated note, the youtube videos are getting taken down real fast.

Date: Mon, July 17, 2017,  13:20
Posted by:Lutz, SF

Great to have Larry Carlton back again, I have a feeling this might become somewhat of a more regular occurrence.
No Walter and no Jon is hard to overcome however and I hope this will not become a regular thing..
Speedy recovery, Walter!

Date: Mon, July 17, 2017,  12:55
Posted by:Tony Gunk, not in LA

I'm curious as to why there are not more show reviews from this Classic West SD concert. No west coasters that frequent this board went? I'd love to hear more about the whole concert itself as well as how into SD the crowd was. Only a 12 song set though---yikes.

I am also curious if there was any promotion or marketing of Fagen's solo tour at the show. Prime opportunities to reach a large audience at once.

Too bad Becker was ill, but having Carlton as your stand in is pretty sweet.

Date: Mon, July 17, 2017,  11:34
Posted by:Rosetti,

Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie talk about Classic West and Classic East in the L.A. Times: christine mcvie buckingham may 2017

"You ever get people screaming out for Fleetwood Mac songs?" McVie asked.

"No, never," he replied. "The people that come to see me -- all 12 of them -- they appreciate not only what I'm doing but why I'm doing it."

Still, the requests for "Landslide" and "Don't Stop" are sure to come when Buckingham and McVie team with their old bandmates for the Classic West and Classic East festivals: a pair of two-day concerts - July 15 and 16 at Dodger Stadium and July 29 and 30 at New York's Citi Field - with Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles, Steely Dan, Journey, the Doobie Brothers and Earth Wind & Fire. (Think of the event as music-industry veteran Irving Azoff's response to last year's super-successful Desert Trip festival in Indio.)

Asked how he felt about playing a show explicitly geared to evoke memories of the old days, Buckingham cringed.

"It doesn't necessarily speak of the aspiration to present anything in the way that Fleetwood Mac would want to present it on its own terms," he said. "But we're all very close to Irving, so it was just sort of a 'Why not?'"

Pretty diplomatic for a rock star.

"I was going to put it less diplomatically, but I stopped myself," he said.

"Do the undiplomatic version," McVie chimed in. "What were you going to say?"

"I was going to say, 'Just close your eyes and take the money,'" Buckingham answered, and the soundstage rippled with laughter again.

Date: Sun, July 16, 2017,  15:13
Posted by:popegreg AT gmail DOT, MKE

Here's hoping WB gets well soon!

And DF gets to his dentist!

Date: Sun, July 16, 2017,  13:00
Posted by:Vinny, VT

re: The Hey 19 video. The stage backdrop decor reminds me if this early years compilation cover art.

Date: Sun, July 16, 2017,  12:01
Posted by:drewslo, San Luis Obispo

Very nice version of Hey 19. Even has the "Skate A Little Lower" part . Great to have Larry Carlton on guitar.

Date: Sun, July 16, 2017,  10:55
Posted by:hoops, Chicago


Thanks for posting. Personally, I wouldn't make that very specific association or post that specific photo--whenever a baseball stadium hosta rock concert with the stage in an outfield, they always post that kind of photo. When I saw Dead and Company at Wrigley Field a few weeks ago, they tweeted almost exactly the same photo. Same from Tom Petty the night before. Just sayin'...

Date: Sun, July 16, 2017,  10:33
Posted by:Twistin' Harry, tweeted via ML

Hey 19 from last night in LA.

Date: Sun, July 16, 2017,  07:36
Posted by:Jake, California

Carlock's picture from behind the drums is reminiscent of this iconic photo.

Date: Sun, July 16, 2017,  05:06
Posted by:Oscar, tweeted NY

They left out Peg?

Date: Sun, July 16, 2017,  00:33
Posted by:kzkzkz,

Black Cow
Hey Nineteen
Time Out of Mind
Green Earrings
Dirty Work
Babylon Sisters
My Old School
Reelin' in the Years
Kid Charlemagne

Date: Sat, July 15, 2017,  23:59
Posted by:The Greater Dandom, Everywhere

Get Well Soon, Walter!

Date: Sat, July 15, 2017,  23:24
Posted by:Steely Doc at Mac dot, Havertown

Walter was not onstage tonight. Word on the internet is that he was ill

Feel better WB !!

Date: Sat, July 15, 2017,  23:11
Posted by:Surf or Die, Here

No Walter at tonight's show.

He is apparently ill.

Date: Sat, July 15, 2017,  22:54
Posted by:Chris, Nh

The word from Twitter is WB is not on stage tonight - DF announced he was sick.

Date: Sat, July 15, 2017,  15:57
Posted by:Jim, Wishing I was in L.A.

Keith Carlock reported on Twitter that Steely Dan finished its sound check around 1 pm today.

If you are so inclined, you can look in our Twitter feed at the upper left corner of this page and see Keith's photo of his view at Dodger stadium.

Looking forward to reports from this evening.

Date: Fri, July 14, 2017,  13:23
Posted by:casual fan, orlando

I checked Orlando venue again and its still 75 % empty at this point, just a few weeks out. The lack of promotion is odd to me, but I'm sure that the powers that be have thought out an approach they think will work.

Like Dean, I'm very excited to see what DF does with these young guns, and figure he'll re-arrange a lot of his own hits, plus a few SD songs, plus deliver some other covers, maybe even an original or two.

DF is not one to sit still. I'm sure it will be great.

Date: Fri, July 14, 2017, 09:47
Posted by:Tony Gunk, middle America

Nashville is hardly the "east coast". In fact it's not even in the eastern time zone. Central time zone, middle America.

I'm somewhat surprised Fagen is booking many of the same size theaters as SD did on the 2013 tour (Murat in Indy, Palace in Louisville etc). The crowd that won't show up to these shows is Casual SD Fan who wants to hear the hits. That lops off a big percentage of the audience. Many of those fans if you stopped them in the street and asked them "who are the core members of Steely Dan?" wouldn't even be able to name Fagen. This tour doesn't even have the Dukes of September name recognition factor. So I'm going to 2 shows, but it wouldn't surprise me to see half empty arenas at some of these.

Date: Thurs, July 13, 2017, 22:02
Posted by:The Dean, St Augustine Beach.

My contact at the St Augustine Amphitheatre said the show isn't selling too well, so far. Not terribly, but not great. He wondered why there is, basically, zero promotion for it.

This show is early in the tour, so it might not benefit much from any positive reviews from previous shows. But one can hope.

I'm excited as hell to see WTF this new lineup will do, and how they will sound.

Date: Thurs, July 13, 2017, 21:04
Posted by:Kenny, R

Surprised watching this documentary on the crash of TWA flight 800. Someone named Walter Becker (but ***NOT*** OUR Steely Dan Walter Becker) lost a loved one on the flight. Of course, Wayne Shorter very sadly lost his wife and another relative, I believe his neice. RIP. I am inspired how our music heroes endure speakless tragedy and carry on.

Date: Thurs, July 13, 2017, 20:09
Posted by:Ralph, J

First time I've read speculation that this may be SD's Peg. Check under the "In Popular Culture" section.

That leads to the entry on "Peg"...

...where reference 9 leads to the transcripts of the "Steely Dan Q & A" that St Al and hoops arranged:

Date: Thurs, July 13, 2017, 13:05
Posted by:sdv, up on the hill

Fagen tour seems to be selling well on the east coast anyway. there are hardly any seats left for Nashville among others

Date: Thurs, July 13, 2017, 12:00
Posted by:Chris, nh

I saw a great 7-piece group at the Blue Whale when I was visiting LA a couple months ago. It's a terrific venue hidden away in a shopping center - very intimate with great sound. Just in case anyone is on the fence!

Date: Thurs, July 13, 2017, 00:49
Posted by:Gus Winterbottom, Torrance, CA

Some Dangential news:

On Wednesday, July 19th, Roger Rosenberg will be performing at the bluewhale club in downtown Los Angeles, as part of a quartet:

Roger Rosenberg - baritone sax

Alan Pasqua - piano

Darek Oles - bass

Joe Labarbera - drums

$20 general admission

$15 students (21+)

Here is a link:

The club calendar also shows that the Bob Sheppard group will be performing on Friday, July 21st.

Date: Thurs, July 13, 2017, 00:38
Posted by:Jeff, DE

If there was a critique of SD music in American Psycho, any idea what it may have been like?

Maybe someone can get it a shot.

Date: Wed, July 12, 2017, 20:37
Posted by:The Dean, St Augustine Beach.

Nice work, Abu

Date: Wed, July 12, 2017, 01:56
Posted by:Abu, Unrealized Release

Anthony Robustelli's release of his Steely Dan Sessions: Interpretations of Unrealized Classics has been delayed for a week. Tentative release is now scheduled for next Tuesday, July 18th. My inquiry to him on FB was answered with this info. So, we all can hold on another week or so.

Date: Tues, July 11, 2017, 17:00
Posted by:KD, asdf

Jerry -- one six month span in the late 1980s in Manchester has more musical history than 99 percent of just about every town I ever been in.

The Fagen tour is a hard sell. The gimmick of him bashing away with the young band, taking chances and all, will be lapped up by those who know what they're looking for. There's not a lot of us out there, though. 2006 saw a NYT feature for Don, this one seems like it's heading to a feature on Rolling Stone's website.

Cannot wait to see the show, though.

Date: Tues, July 11, 2017, 16:30
Posted by:Jerry, Manchester

Cut the crap. If I could get a ticket to a DF show east coast I would get the ferry from Liverpool now. I would buy everyone on this forum a drink if they were there too. The only caveat is verification from Hoops. Looking forward to it. Failing that any future SD shows which pops up Ill be right over.

In return.. if any of you guys wanna see something / one over here like Thundercat in November gimmee a shout.

As a side issue.. despite the rain and the drab everydayness of Manchester do you realise how musical this place is?

Bee Gees to start you off.. Graham Nash, 10cc oh it goes on and on and on.

Just get me on the Ferry and I dont mean Bryan he was Newcastle I think ha ha

Date: Tues, July 11, 2017, 10:19
Posted by:casual fan, orlando

As I said the other day, it sure seems like there is a need for some more promotion for the DF tour. Maybe its coming down the pike. A friend said he was out at the Hard Rock for another show recently and it came up on the banner of coming events, but that literally seems to be it so far, other than an initial facebook blast a couple of months ago. Surprised not seeing anything on local tv, yet, especially is sales are sluggish.

Date: Mon, July 10, 2017, 16:55
Posted by:Clark, PA

Whatever the demand was for a Fagen tour in '06, it obviously has to be much less in 2017. Aside from the core audience having aged another decade, in '06 there hadn't been an SD tour in three years and he had a new album to promote.

Date: Mon, July 10, 2017, 15:07
Posted by:Lutz, SF

Sam, I was wondering the same thing and am guessing it will be close to what the Coachella set list looked like.

Ticket sales for Donald out west here actually look ok, but maybe those f@#king resellers bought up a bunch to sell them at inflated prices on their own sites.

Date: Mon, July 10, 2017, 11:35
Posted by:Bookkeeper's Son, Florida

Last week I looked at the tickets available for the August date in Clearwater and found a significant number of unsold seats. Hope that things pick up so shows are not cancelled.

Date: Mon, July 10, 2017, 09:32
Posted by:Sam,

Woke up wondering what Steely Dan will play this Saturday in L.A.

Any thoughts if this will be a full SD set/show or a shorter show like when they play a truncated version like when they have played the New Orleans Jazz Fest?

Date: Sun, July 9, 2017, 02:22
Posted by:sdv, up on the hill

Close To You is a Bacharach/David tune.

Nichols*/Williams wrote We've Only Just Begun originally as a bank commercial beofre the Carpenters made it a hit.

*Not The Immortal Roger Nichols of SD fame.

Date: Sat, July 8, 2017, 18:22
Posted by:Me,

Mt. Belzoni:

I used to wonder the same thing.

Two different Roger Nichols. One was the recording engineer most associated with Steely Dan and then John Denver.

Roger Nichols the songwriter is a different person who co-wrote many other songs including "Close To You" with Paul Williams. That was the song made famous by Carpenters.

Date: Sat, July 8, 2017, 13:43
Posted by:Mt. Belzoni, Portland OR

Looking at old sheet music in a used bookstore, and the Three Dog Night track "Out in the Country" ('69) caught my eye. It's writing credits are "Words by Paul Williams, Music by Roger Nichols." Could this be the immortal one?

Date: Sat, July 8, 2017, 03:43
Posted by:Doc Mu,

There are still some tickets left on the side, mezzanine, and balcony for the Austin City Limits show. I'd be surprised if the show did not sell out @ 2700 seats. Moody Theater is a state of the art venue. The acoustics should be stellar..

Date: Fri, July 7, 2017, 22:25
Posted by:Charles, making sure info is right

The Fagen gigs are in Port Chester, NY. Port Washington, NY is somewhere else.

Date: Fri, July 7, 2017, 16:25
Posted by:Sean, WI

Date: Fri, July 7, 2017, 21:08
Posted by:FRC, nowhere

An SD cover worth getting some ink here.

Date: Thurs, July 6, 2017, 15:54
Posted by:Casual Fan, orlando

Not to be an alarmist, or a Debbie Downer, but checking online at the venues that let you see empty seats for the upcoming Fagen/Nightlfyers tour, sales look kind of worrisome. I'm going to Hard Rock here in Orlando, on a Friday night, in just over a month and I'd say maybe 15 to 20 % of seats are sold.

Not sure what to make of that, and perhaps I am worrying about nothing, but maybe some more publicity called for at this point.

Date: Wed, July 5, 2017, 13:27
Posted by:Chris, nh

Re: I Got the News - "See it glisten" always conjures a particular image in my mind ...

Date: Wed, July 5, 2017, 12:40
Posted by:Rebecca Linares,

Urban Dictionary on Spanish Kiss, note two definitions.

Only tangential but you may want to check out Spanish Hot Dog while you are there:

Date: Wed, July 5, 2017, 12:39
Posted by:igtn,

re lyric in I Got The News - there are many references to sexual activity - screamer, slow down, love rampagin etc etc

Date: Wed, July 5, 2017, 09:15 ET
Posted by:The Dean, St Augustine Beach.

Don, that's great. I love the way you two take care of each other's head (among other things, I'm sure). And thanks for the report. Fagen, here, in just over a month!

Date: Wed, July 5, 2017, 01:11 ET
Posted by:SS, Hong Kong

Ben Folds Covered I think it was Barrytown. Might have been for Me, Myself and Irene.

I think he somehow has a lot in common with SD. His comic take on things is a lot more overt. He certainly has a cast of compromised characters. And there is some pretty dark material. Musically, it's all over the block but always with a piano and there are lots of rich, jazzy chords. He's got songs that could be show tunes (The Secret Life of Morgan Davis) a long list of covers turned upside down (Bitches Ain't Shit) and plenty of twisted relationship songs (Bitch Went Nuts).

Where he really diverges from SD is what he does live. I saw him solo one night and he was basically playing requests and even had a couple people on stage singing his stuff, one flawlessly. Imagine that.

Date: Tues, July 4, 2017, 20:54 ET
Posted by:Abu, Covered Up

John Pizzarelli does a couple of nice covers of Walk Between Raindrops and Ruby Baby, fyi. (Raindrops) (Ruby)

Date: Tues, July 4, 2017, 19:21 ET
Posted by:Asking, Q

Re: the Aja liner notes. What is the "pointlessly obscene lyric" in I Got The News?

Date: Tues, July 4, 2017, 13:24 ET
Posted by:Don Patrol, Mtl

Went to see Cat Russell(my wife's fave vocalist)last night at Mtl Jazzfest.she was with the John Pizzarelli Quartet,doing Billie and Blue Eyes.Great venue,seats 425,very intimate! Front row, maybe 15 feet away,right in front of her. My wife got the setlist,and afterwards Cat was kind enough to sign it for her! A beautiful lady,in full control of her instrument. Needless to say,a great night!
Oh yeah,John Pizzarelli was great too.

Date: Tues, July 4, 2017, 10:58 ET
Posted by:Chris, nh

Becker does play on I Got The News according to this reproduction of the liner notes:

Date: Tues, July 4, 2017, 09:03 ET
Posted by:Napoleon, UK

Doc Mu,

I'm glad you mentioned Ben Folds. He gets a bit of recognition on here from time to time and he's definitely worth a listen from anyone who's maybe getting in to SD for the first time too. I didn't tune in to him until I caught a video for Battle of Who Could Care Less. I would guess that he's a fan of Don and Walt but doesn't fully replicate that in his own music (Maybe he sees the ironic, slick, yacht rock image).

I still can't think of many current acts that are obviously influenced by the Dan. I only ever look at John Mayer (when he's in the mood, plays with the dead - still waiting for him to drop on a Dan live show) White Denim and some of Thundercat's output.

It's a shame cos Steely Dan aren't going to produce new music and it feels like we've run out of subjects to cover on here!


Date: Tues, July 4, 2017, 03:27 ET
Posted by: Fred Herbert, Upland

walter plays the solo on "news"...

Date: Sat, July 1, 2017, 16:06 ET
Posted by:Doc Mu ,

Mike - don't believe Walter plays on I Got the News. Dean Parks can be heard on rhythm guitar in the left channel during the Spanish kissin' bridge. That's Carlton in the outro - center/right

Date: Sat, July 1, 2017, 15:54 ET
Posted by:Doc Mu,

If you enjoy those SD chord progression found on the Joel trilogy, you might also go for

Ben Folds: Philosophy, Army, Boxing

Boxing is tagged onto the end of the first Ben Folds Five album, about Ali and Howard of the great songs of the rock era no one's ever heard of. JMO.

Date: Sat, July 1, 2017, 15:54 ET
Posted by:Doc Mu,

Quick: In an interview. Billy Joel cited SD as an influence on Zanzibar. That was long before the Interwebz, so not sure it can be found today. 9ths and major 7ths all over. Rosalinda's Eyes has a mu there ya go.


I should mention that Stiletto (7ths, CMaj7) as part of that trio: Zanzibar, Rosalinda's Eyes, Stiletto are the peak of Joel's sophistication and songwriting, though part of The Nylon Curtain rises close to this level.

Date: Sat, July 1, 2017, 15:17 ET
Posted by:Don Patrol, Mtl

Happy Canada Day to all the Canuck Bbookers,and an early Happy 4th to my US pals! And have a great day the rest of the world!

Date: Fri, June 30, 2017, 17:58:01 ET
Posted by:Trey, PA

"You know, there's been an evolution in my music. For instance, 52nd Street was a much different album than The Stranger. It had a harder edge, although there was still orchestration on it. But I think people thought we were going to go into a jazz vein in, say, a Steely Dan sense. I was getting hung up on public reaction to my work."

Date: Fri, June 30, 2017, 15:20:10 ET
Posted by: on the quick,

Doc Mu:

Billy Joel has said that he intended "52nd Street" to be an homage to the jazz of 52nd Street. Was Steely Dan also inspired by similar jazz? Obviously yes. Do I think Billy Joel liked Steely Dan, at least then in the 1970s? Yes. But those two songs and any on "52nd Street" could have happened even if there was never a Steely Dan. That said, I think Billy appreciates Steely Dan, I hope he appreciates Steely Dan, but I also have never seen where he has said that.

Date: Fri, June 30, 2017, 02:34 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

Was Billy Joel a fan of Steely Dan? Listen to Zanzibar and Rosalinda's Eyes, and you'll have your answer.

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