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Date: Fri, January 17, 2020, 16:57:57 ET
Posted by: The Dean, St. Augustine Beach. It's Happy Hour

Casual, do you think that's the extent of the tour? In the past newer dates have been released well after the initial tour was announced. I'd hate to think they are skipping Florida again. I'm holding out some hope.

Date: Fri, January 17, 2020, 12:38:12 ET
Posted by: Casual Fan, Orlando

Second SD tour in a row with no Florida stops.

Starting to get a complex down here.

Date: Thurs, January 16, 2020, 22:58:18 ET
Posted by: CJB, YVR

Booked tix for Jon & Jim in Toronto, February 2020:

Obviously excited for Donald, the SD Orchestra, & Steve Winwood in the summer, but much more stoked by this show.

Date: Thurs, January 16, 2020, 15:27:39 ET
Posted by: Paul,

Congratulations to Michael McDonald & Jeff Baxter being inducted into the rock 'n' roll Hall of Fame as part of the Doobie Brothers. No word on whether Cornelius Bumpus will also be included, although I think he was only on the last album or two.

Date: Wed, January 15, 2020, 12:52:44 ET
Posted by: Yep., Yee-haw!

"Earth After Hours"

Jun. 2 -- Portland, Ore. -- Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Jun. 4 -- Auburn, Wash. -- White River Amphitheatre
Jun. 6 -- Concord, Calif. -- Concord Pavilion
Jun. 8 -- Los Angeles, Calif.vHollywood Bowl
Jun. 9 -- Chula Vista, Calif. -- North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre
Jun. 11 -- Phoenix, Ariz. -- Ak-Chin Pavilion
Jun. 13 -- Fort Worth, Texas -- Dickies Arena
Jun. 14 -- Woodlands, Texas -- The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
Jun. 17 -- Rogers, Ark. -- Walmart AMP
Jun. 19 -- Atlanta, Ga. -- Cadence Bank Amphitheatre at Chastain Park
Jun. 20 -- Memphis, Tenn. -- TBA
Jun. 23 -- Toronto, Ontario -- Budweiser Stage
Jun. 24 -- Clarkston, Mich. -- DTE Energy Music Theatre
Jun. 26 -- Tinley Park, Ill. -- Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre
Jun. 28 -- Cincinnati, Ohio -- Riverbend Music Center
Jun. 30 -- Saratoga Springs, N.Y. -- Saratoga Performing Arts Center
Jul. 1 -- Mansfield, Mass. -- Xfinity Center
Jul. 3 -- Syracuse, N.Y. -- St. Joseph's Health Amphitheater at Lakeview
Jul. 5 -- Wantagh, N.Y. -- Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater
Jul. 7 -- Vienna, Va. -- Wolf Trap*
Jul. 8 -- Vienna, Va. -- Wolf Trap*
Jul. 10 -- Holmdel, N.J. -- PNC Bank Arts Center
Jul. 11 -- Bethel, N.Y. -- Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

Date: Wed, January 15, 2020, 12:40:46 ET
Posted by: Woo-hoo!!!!!!!!!!!, USA, USA, USA

TOUR ANNOUNCED w/Steve Winwood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!/events?page=1

Date: Wed, January 15, 2020, 00:35:25 ET
Posted by: suedave, wherever

I can't listen to this again after yesterday. It was so hauntingly beautiful (yes, better than the released version) I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't get it out if my head! Kept me awake for too long. Ah, first world problems.

Date: Mon, January 13, 2020, 17:56:11 ET
Posted by: Doc Mu,

Yeah, here's the next layer of "Lies I Can Believe."

One of the best that ended up in the can.

Date: Mon, January 13, 2020, 05:06:12 ET
Posted by: hoops, Chicago

Early tracking session for Love In The Fourth/Lies I Can Believe from 11 Tracks of Whack sessions.

More details at

There was some sort of demo put out briefly by invitation to Walter Becker newsletter subscribers on Friday. I didn't find it in my spam filter until Sat night when I guess it was over. My impression is that it was a variation on a demo that used to circulate maybe 20 years ago. when I heard that version some years back, I found it interesting to hear strip down. Hopefully you got a chance to hear.

Date: Sat, January 11, 2020, 11:56:37 ET
Posted by: R.I.P. Neil, TO


Devastated. HUGE influence on me as a player- as he was for so many. Such a Massive loss to the drumming community and music world. Thank you Neil Peart, my hero. RIP

Date: Sat, January 11, 2020, 08:12:46 ET
Posted by: Dan, Flintshire

Well, there we go then. We know that Third World Man was recorded for Aja - Larry Carlton did not play at any Gaucho session and was confused to read reviews of his work on the album. Therefore, if a brand new song was indeed started from scratch, it wasn't Third World Man. Like I said, there was more than one hole in the album when Walter had to bow out.

Date: Fri, January 10, 2020, 12:41:04 ET
Posted by: Whitney, UT

Happy Birthday Donald Fagen !!!

Date: Fri, January 10, 2020, 00:59:13 ET
Posted by: Rolling Stone, 1981

Katz listened for a while and then sat down to talk. "I would like to think the next album won't take this long," he said. "Donald and I depend on Walter to do some things that we've had to do and that slowed us down. There were other factors that delayed us. An engineer accidentally erased a completed track. That was one of the most serious emotional setbacks we've had in the studio. At the time, it was my favorite tune on the album. We started it again from scratch, building up the rhythm arrangement, the guitars, the voices and, when that didn't pan out, we had to start another tune from scratch." The new number turned out to be "Third World Man", perhaps Gaucho's most striking piece of music.

Date: Wed, January 08, 2020, 11:30:36 ET
Posted by: Dan, Flintshire


I know that's the prevalent story, but at the Rarities night, DF couldn't even remember if The Bear was meant to be on Aja or Gaucho, so these things are all up in the air. Ultimately, I think it comes down to how 'complete' these songs sound. Third World Man sounds like a Steely Dan song. Yes, we know it's from the Aja can, but the lyrics were rewritten, and it may only have not been on Aja due to space. Hey Nineteen sounds rushed. It comes across, on the album, as an afterthought, or even just a demo that was built upon to an acceptable level. We all know Third World Man was added to fill a gap, but we also know there was more than one gap. Kulee Baba, Can't Write Home About You, Thinkin' 'Bout My Home and more could have been there too, but weren't. Indeed, even The Bear had been recorded and not used. I'm just suggesting that Hey Nineteen is the crack in Gaucho revealing the problems beneath. Still a great album though.

Date: Tues, January 07, 2020, 17:11:09 ET
Posted by: Gabe, PA

Third World Man replaced 2A.

They probably made some concessions on Hey 19 (musically and lyrically) to make sure it went over as radio fodder.

Date: Tues, January 07, 2020, 14:58:22 ET
Posted by: Dan, Flintshire

RE Hey 19

I agree. In fact, I'd go further and say that, upon many listenings over the years, I almost feel Hey 19 to be unfinished. It feels lacking in a way that almost no other SD song ever does. This is especially true if you listen to a good live version where the horn parts and a solo at the end -- usually Jim Pugh on the 'bone -- seems to complete what was left incomplete on Gaucho. The fact too that it comes from Gaucho -- an album noted in its issues -- does suggest that maybe, just maybe Hey 19 was added to fill the hole of, say Second Arrangement, and, despite not being finished, DF -- who was left to complete the album on his own in WB's absence -- felt it was the best of the bunch that he could have chosen. The more I listen, the more the spaces scream out. Why no guitar solo after the bridge? Why nothing to note at the end, once the squeaky synth has finished? Perhaps we are spoilt by live versions that correct this, but I do feel, on balance, that Hey 19 is NOT complete as it appears on Gaucho.

Date: Tues, January 07, 2020, 06:17:26 ET
Posted by: Steve M, Scotland

Re Burt's comment

One of the things that I find unique about Steely Dan is just how well the music stands up to repetition, I've listened to those first 7 albums more than any other music over the past 40 years and they still delight and inspire. I'm guessing it's mainly because the core songs are just so damm good, the lyrics suggest mini movies but are open to interpretation and of course the number of layers of 'good things' in the music, a horn chart, a backing voc, a guitar solo, a particular chord progression or voicing, a drum track, a subtle little hidden acoustic guitar goes on!

I would have to agree with Burt though that Hey 19 is not a track that I find myself actively seeking out. Equally 'Reelin'' leaves me cold although having said that, the live reworking from the 90's really freshend it up which I guess was the whole point (the same trick also worked with the more recent live take on Show Biz Kids).

Date: Tues, January 07, 2020, 01:00:26 ET
Posted by: Burt, "On location"

Any SD songs that you've just heard enough of for a lifetime and can no longer rejuvenate any freshness even after having not heard them in a while?

Topping my list is Hey Nineteen. Gaucho will always be a fresh listen for me every now and again, but Hey 19 is too careful and mechanical. It's all used up for me.

Date: Thurs, January 02, 2020, 23:53:36 ET
Posted by: hoops, chicago




Be sure to vote for Catherine Russell, Michael Leonhart, Herington + Beard, Jon Herington, Jim Beard, LaTanya Hall, Roger Rosenberg, Walt Weiskopf, Jim Pugh, Freddie Washington, as well as "Dangential Talent" like Don Breithaupt & Monkey House, and all of our other favorite Steely Dan Orchestra players.

In some cases, the aforementioned are named on the ballot (Example: Cartherine Russell for Best Vocal Release category, Michael Leonhart Orchestra for Best Big Band/Large Ensemble, etc), while others may not be listed but you can write in a name (Example: Roger Rosenberg in Baritone Sax category, Jim Pugh in Trombone category, etc.).

And don't forget Best Record Label category with the likes of Sunnyside, Alma, Dot Time, and several others distributing our favorite SD Orchestra member recordings.

SPECIAL NOTE: Please vote only once. Ballot stuffing can result in disqualifications; see the online ballot for voting rules.


Let's support our friends in the Steely Dan Orchestra as they make great music for us!

Date: Wed, January 01, 2020, 23:45:42 ET
Posted by: hoops, chicago



December 12-31, 2019

Yr. 27, No. 13



Listen Again! Michael Leonhart on NPR "Toast of the Town 2020"
Joe Jackson's Cover of Night By Night now on Apple Music
Beard + Herington Perform 2/23/20 in Toronto
Connor Kennedy Guests with Gov't Mule
Catherine Russell on NPR "'Fresh Air' Favorites"!
Jeff Baxter Guitar Player Magazine Redux
REDUX: December Shows Rescheduled For May
REDUX: Latest WB Demo, Newsletter
Calling All Current SD Orchestra Members & Alums
RIP, Michael Lamper of Steely Jam

Subject: Listen Again! Michael Leonhart on NPR "Toast of the Town 2020"

Even if you missed it, you can still hear Michael Leonhart Orchestra (MSO) performance from NYC's Jazz Standard. The "Toast of the Town" airedd WBGO and many other NPR stations right after midnight. Special guest, trumpeter Keyon Harrold, was also featured.

If you missed it, you can still listen (as of 1/1/2020) at (Scroll down a bit on the page for the description of the MSO performance.)

Subject: Joe Jackson's Cover of Night By Night now on Apple Music

Last winter, Joe Jackson released his cover of "Night By Night" in a special vinyl edition. It's now available at Apple Music (and probably other services as well). Check it out.�/�/night-by-night-single/1492016028

Subject: Beard + Herington Perform 2/23/20 in Toronto, Paris

Jim Beard and Jon Herington of Steely Dan at Hugh's Room Live
Public � Hosted by Hugh's Room Live and Jon Herington
Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 8:30 PM � 11 PM EST
Hugh's Room Live
2261 Dundas St W, Toronto, Ontario M6R1X6

More details on the Toronto show at

For additional dates, including a likely Paris show in early March, stay tuned to

Subject: Connor Kennedy Guests with Gov't Mule

Connor Kennedy guested with Government Mule for their shows December 30 & 31, 2019 at NYC's Beacon. Gov't Mule's Warren Haynes* is a huge SD fan, sighted more than few times in the audience and backstage at Steely Dan shows.

(Yes, there was a typo I missed in the Digest mailing; I corrected here.)
Subject: Catherine Russell on NPR "'Fresh Air' Favorites"!

Encore presentation of Catherine Russell's NPR Fresh Air interview.

Catherine's latest. "Alone Together," is up for Best Jazz Vocal Album at the Grammys this year.

Buy at:

From: <dannyfisher AT>
Subject: Jeff Baxter Guitar Player Magazine Redux
Date: December 15, 2019 at 8:57:14 PM CST

Here's a great article to share with the community. I've been a subscriber to GP for long enough to remember this article when it originally ran, and specifically recall the part about JSB's percussionist-like approach to the guitar.

Here it is:

An amazing read about one of the most innovative ax-slingers, ever! Enjoy!

Danny Fisher

Subject: REDUX: December Shows Rescheduled For May

The Steely Dan shows scheduled for the end of December have been rescheduled for late May 2020. Will that mean an early summer tour in 2020? Only Donald's hairdresser knows for sure.

More details:!/events?page=1

Subject: REDUX: Latest WB Demo, Newsletter

The latest Walter Becker is out...with the added bonus of an "11 Tracks of Whack"-era demo, "War."

The link to "War" is at

To sign up for the Official Walter Becker newsletter or to change your subscription info,

While we're at it, the Official Walter Becker website is at

Subject: Calling All Current SD Orchestra Members & Alums

The Dandom Digest would like to support your new album release by sending a special edition of the Dandom Digest. The Dandom Digest wants to do its part to help get the word out about your labor of love. The Dandom Digest goes to approximately 1,750 hardcore Steely Dan fans. Email jjmckay at for info when the release is approaching. Thank you!

Subject: RIP, Michael Lamper of Steely Jam

Condolences to Michael Lamper and Steely Jam, the SD tribute band. Lamper recently passed away right after one the Steely Jam's shows.


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Re-Hear Michael Leonhart on NPR "Toast of the Town 2020"
Joe Jackson's Cover of Night By Night now on Apple Music
Beard + Herington Perform 2/23/20 in Toronto
Connor Kennedy Guests with Gov't Mule
Catherine Russell on NPR "'Fresh Air' Favorites"!
Jeff Baxter Guitar Player Magazine Redux
REDUX: December Shows Rescheduled For May
REDUX: Latest WB Demo, Newsletter
Calling All Current SD Orchestra Members & Alumns
RIP, Michael Lamper of Steely Jam

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Date: Mon, December 30, 2019, 21:45:59 ET
Posted by: The Dean, St. Augustine. Uptown, Baby!

What's the hubub, bub?

I have been absent for a few days as I'm trying to finish up a (local) move, and keep my business going through the holidays. Such joy!

Clifford is correct. I was wrong. I admit I haven't been keeping a real close eye on Van's tours lately as he doesn't seem to be ever be performing anywhere where I'm likely to attend. It seems his US venues seem to avoid northeast Florida.

But I was recalling what I remembered from earlier this century. According to fmsetlist: 19 shows in 2010, 5 shows in 2011, for example. I mistakenly concluded he was keeping the same sort of schedule. I know fmsetlist makes a lot of mistakes, but I'm going to assume it's close enough on this sort of info.

I've been wrong before and I'm sure this won't be the last time.

With that said, I'll get back to my thankless fucking moving nightmare.

Happy New Year to everyone in the greater Dandom universe.

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